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Ivf treatment in Ukraine: Ivf in Ukraine has become a famous spot to solve the infertility cases of couples, who have been trying to have a baby for more than a year. Infertility can be solved using some basic medication too such as giving the medication that stimulates the ovary of the woman or by the procedure of Intra Uterine Insemination method, one can conceive. But again there are some requirements, when a couple undergoes basic remedy for the conception like – the woman must have a healthy eggs or say her AMH level required to be average or more than the average, and so the male needs to have motile and more than the average sperm count for these procedure.

When a couple faces advanced level of infertility issue such as the woman has damaged or blocked fallopian tube, facing with endometriosisPCOS, ovulation issues and so on; a man facing with less motility of the sperm, low count of the sperm or may be no sperm – these issues can be solved using the advanced procedure of Assisted Reproductive Technology – ART technique. One of the best treatments ever known is of course the IVF Treatment. IVF in Ukraine is the most preferred treatment to eradicate the tag of the childlessness from the couples’ lives. IVF follows four to five steps, where the couple needs to visit the best IVF center in Ukraine for their procedure.

IVF Treatment in Ukraine Let’s learn the basic concept of the IVF Treatment

IVF treatment in Ukraine is one of the most selected fertility treatment of an ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology, used to treat advanced fertility issue in people. IVF treatment has become the most ideal approach to evacuate the tag of barrenness in one’s life. In spite of the fact that this issue (infertility) can’t be killed from a person’s life yet it very well may be overseen in the wake of rewarding with a suitable treatment under the veteran direction of the best IVF clinic in Ukraine. IVF treatment in Ukraine is the propelled strategy for best treating the fertility case of the couple and follows various strides to finish a solitary cycle. Starting with the ovulation incitement, a lady experiences the process of egg-pick up technique, once the eggs are retrieved from the ovary, the very next process is taking the semen sample from the partner (sterile container provided by the fertility center) for the fertilization. IVF fertilization in Ukraine is finished by consolidating the recovered eggs and sperm on dish in the fertility laboratory. The fertility master at that point examines the dish and if all works out in a good way, arrangement of the fertilized egg – which later is known as embryo, happens.

IVF treatment in Ukraine goes very well just if the eggs and sperm are of acceptable quality, why so? This is on the grounds that, on the off chance that the eggs comes up not up to the quality nature (or sperm), at that point there may be the chance of not getting a sound fertilized egg or embryo and if this cases happens and fertilization attained, there might be less chance for the successful embryo implantation due to poor quality of the embryo. Along these lines, it is required to have a fine nature of eggs and motile (with a sound number of sperm tally) sperm to make the quality and the best embryo for the implantation procedure.

In short in the event that we inspect the IVF in detail, IVF in Ukraine could be categorize into two parts – the first is the strategy of the standard IVF, where the couple undergoes with each step providing own eggs and sperms for the procedure and the other form of IVF is advanced IVF, where the couple requires other ART technique for the accomplishment of their IVF cycle.

IVF in standard method, goes straightforward where after the formation of an embryo, the doctor puts the embryo into the uterus of the woman. After getting placed, if the embryo gets connected well and in the opportune spot into the uterine lining, at that point the chance of hearing the most awaited news – pregnancy, soon going to takes place. This is said as the standard procedure of IVF in Ukraine.

IVF treatment at the best IVF clinic in Ukraine is entirely sensible simultaneously; it furnishes the best fertility treatment giving the couple decent success rate at much more affordable cost. On the off chance that you are anticipating this treatment, it is proposed to do look before you pay for the treatment; search implies do appropriate exploration while going for the treatment such as the success rate of the center, the experience count of the doctor, birth-rate of the center via IVF and so on.

We at the We Care IVF Surrogacy, the couple finds the best IVF treatment in Ukraine giving all the essential to cutting edge fertility treatment to the couple at a moderate expense. We are one of the leading fertility agency serving the best IVF treatment over the Ukraine and furthermore in some different nations, for example, India, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Kenya, and so on.

IVF Treatment in Ukraine –  More about the IVF in Ukraine – Step by Step Procedure  

As mentioned above, the IVF strategy follows five steps and the conventional or standard IVF procedure is chosen or recommended to those who have tried basic option and have advanced fertility issue such as ovulation disorder, fallopian tubal issues and so on.

IVF in Ukraine begins with the lady’s IVF fertility medicine (ovary incitement) and ending up with the step of transferring the healthy and quality embryo. When other treatment is used with the IVF such as ICSIIMSI, Donors, LAH and etc. then the IVF method could be said as the advanced procedure.

Be that as it may, propelled strategy of IVF follows extra system of ART method. The advanced IVF process is done by the expert for those couples who as of now have experienced conventional IVF or have been determined to choose the advanced art technique with the IVF in Ukraine.

IVF Treatment in Ukraine follows

  • Woman takes the fertility medicine and hormonal injections in order to stimulate the ovaries for the procedure of egg-retrieval method
  • Once the eggs become fully matured appropriately, the following procedure is to pick the eggs from the ovary of the woman
  • Retrieving the eggs from the woman’s ovary is one of the minor surgical step and thus the woman is given local anesthesia for this step of IVF Ukraine
  • Once the eggs are picked by the fertility expert, the eggs are kept with the sperm on the dish for the natural fertilization (where the motile sperm penetrates the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm for the cell division)
  • Once the IVF fertilization procedure starts, the formation of the egg and sperm or the combination now onward is referred as Embryo.
  • Embryo is then selected by the fertility expert and then placed into the lady’s uterus for the implantation

Closing Lines 

IVF Treatment in Ukraine is a procedure of an ART strategy where a man’s sperm and a woman’s eggs are joined outside of the body in a lab dish at the best IVF clinic Ukraine. IVF is a straightforward and trouble-free procedure especially when performed under the experience and proficient fertility team. IVF is one of the best procedure when the couple faces advanced fertility issue attaining the pregnancy.

The more embryos that are moved into the uterus at the hour of placing the embryo during the IVF procedure, the more risk of multiple pregnancy can occur. At the best IVF clinics in Ukraine, the fertility expert incline toward a single (or by the couple’s desire two) embryo is transferred.

IVF treatment success rate relies upon various factors and one amongst the most important factor is the age of the woman- whether it is IVF or other advanced IVF process or even if the couple is trying to have a baby by the natural  way. Following the age of 35, the egg quality drops hugely making the woman less fertile and thus the success rate of the fertilization goes down. In this manner, it is proposed by the doctors to have a child by the reasonable age so as not to confront any hiccup during the pregnancy.

Summary –

Ivf treatment in Ukraine incorporates formation or preparation of the embryo from the eggs recovered from the lady’s ovary and the sperm gave by the male accomplice on the day of the retrieval of the eggs during the IVF treatment in Ukraine. During the IVF treatment, eggs must be of acceptable quality to get fertilized with the sperm and sperm must be of motile nature for self entrance into the egg for further cell division. IVF process can be performed either using self- eggs and sperm and if the case comes where the eggs are not at all fertile, then the treatment is accomplished using the donor eggs and sperms (if male has no sperm count or very less motility).

At We Care IVF Surrogacy, a couple gets all the basic to advanced fertility treatment across the globe focusing the quality treatment and giving the best IVF clinic in Ukraine to the couple during the treatment. If the couple gets befuddled about this treatment or which treatment would be best for their fertility case, don’t stress! You can contact our support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy and fix a meeting with our senior doctor. We would be happy to support you!



IVF Cost in Gurgaon : ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology helps the couple to attain pregnancy when they are unable to have baby via natural procedure. This methodology incorporates several advanced treatments such as IVF – In Vitro Fertilization, GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Tube), zygote intrafallopian move (ZIFT), frozen embryo transfer – FET. These methods also have more advanced procedure such as gestational surrogacy. Around 99 percent of ART cycles performed are IVF Treatment in Gurgaon. IVF treatment is one of the forms of ART and has helped numerous couples to attain pregnancy.

IVF treatment is usually be suggested when the basic medication such as Intra Uterine Insemination, or other fertility medication, have not been productive for the couple to achieve conception or when there is extreme male factor fertility, serious endometriosis issue or tubal check.

Fertility Treatment Cost in Gurugram also is dependent on the type of fertility treatment the couple has been suggested by the fertility specialist but at the same time, the fertility treatment produces a wide scope of feelings as well because deciding the exact treatment sometimes gets confusing.

We – The We Care IVF Surrogacy provides you the best fertility treatment, especially when it comes to the advanced fertility issues of the individual seeking for the best solution to conceive. Our fertility team believes that the more you have the relevant information about the tests and medications, the less nervousness and concern you will feel about the treatment. If you are planning for an IVF treatment, then you need to gather the fundamental detail before undergoing the medication in order to be familiar with the treatment. If we talk about the price of the fertility treatment, then you need not to be worried about because IVF Cost in Gurgaon is entirely reasonable and under in your pocket-book.

Under the best fertility centers provided by We Care IVF Surrogacy, a multi-disciplinary expert group and skilled fertility team is unified. During the fertility treatment cycle, advanced equipment, lab techniques, junior fertility expert and senior fertility doctor, embryologist and lab technicians all are involved. IVF treatment in Gurgaon requires time and patience of the couple and must seek the best platform to undergo the IVF treatment.

A Brief Information about IVF in Gurgaon

IVF – also known as test-tube baby treatment, it follows four to five stages completing a single cycle, where the initial step is incitement of the ovary of the female – this is the absolute initial step of IVF treatment in Gurgaon; the richness drugs invigorate the ovary to make more eggs (rather than a solitary) so as to have a decent rate of successful fertilization. At the point when the eggs are developed, at that point HCG injection – trigger shot is given, this infusion encourages all the eggs to be totally developed; inside 32-34 hours of the trigger-shot, and the eggs are gathered by the female’s ovaries.

Egg-pick up is a minor surgical procedure where the lady is held under the sedation. When the eggs are gathered, accomplice’s sperm is blended in with the eggs on the petri dish for the fertilization. In the event that the sperm is seen as latent, at that point by ICSI (a motile and dynamic sperm is straightforwardly infused into the egg) a solitary sperm is embedded into each egg. This methodology is known as IVF fertilization. The exceptionally following stage of IVF is embryo move. Embryo – is the mix of the eggs and sperm when they are combined totally and cell division occurs successfully. Embryo is picked by the senior embryologist and embedded into the uterus of the lady.

Why Choose Gurgaon for an IVF?

Gurgaon has been improving in many sectors, MNCs, famed companies, and the best IVF Centers that provide the best and most affordable IVF Cost in Gurgaon, India. India – the most popular country, that has been serving the best treatments for any of the issue. Gurgaon has been emerged as number one place for its far affordable IVF Cost in Gurgaon. Taking everything into account, best IVF centers in Gurgaon for the past few years have been giving the best IVF treatment at a genuinely reasonable expense. In the best IVF center in Gurugram, a couple gets all the facilities and the most advanced  methodology for the treatment that gives progressively extra purpose that makes the treatment totally inspiring and excellent.

Giving the most decent success rate, the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy has reached the zenith level serving the best Fertility Treatment Cost in Gurugram by the best and top most fertility centers of Gurgaon

On the off chance that the couple has been found more advanced fertility issues and traditional IVF technique couldn’t work, at that point there are many more choices of ART technique as well –for example, IVF treatment with the third-party of the state-of-the-art technique, IVF treatment Gurgaon with the ICSI or IMSI technique, IVF treatment with Surgical Sperm Retrieval procedure, IVF with embryo donor and some more. These Fertility Treatment Cost in Gurugram is higher than the basic IVF treatment and thus these advanced IVF courses have varied IVF cost in Gurgaon. Given below, cost of the IVF treatment has been given. There we go!

IVF Treatment Cost in Gurgaon – Approximate Pricing of an IVF Gurgaon

Saying this will be incorrect that IVF or other advanced fertility procedure are not that under thousands, on the grounds that it isn’t. IVF and other Art strategies extend in Lakhs; this is basically a result of multiple procedure, advanced apparatuses and senior expert’s charges, the fertility and hormonal medications gave at starting strides of IVF. IVF isn’t at all a complicated or tedious system however this treatment ought to consistently be performed under the direction of veterans and experienced fertility team in order to attain a decent success rate.

There are a few factors that impact IVF Cost in Gurgaon; we will experience a portion of these significant focuses later on this page.

IVF Cost in Gurgaon ranges in between INR 1,75,000 to 2,00,000; this bundle incorporates
  • Initial consultation charges
  • Medication cost
  • Fertility drugs
  • Blood work
  • Ultrasounds INR 1,75,000 to INR 2,00,000
  • Collection of eggs
  • Fertilization
  • Placing of the embryo
  • Lab charges
  • Equipment charges

NOTE: Complete medication, ultrasounds and hormonal Injection are includedin this Fertility Treatment Cost in Gurugram. Before settling any of the IVF centre in Gurgaon, ensure you select the best and certified fertility centre for your IVF treatment.

Things which you have to consider before picking the best fertility centre
  • Since how many years, the clinic is running at its peak
  • Warm welcoming by the fertility team
  • Is the specialist focusing on your case
  • What is the success rate or live delivery rate via IVF
  • Success live birth check by means of IVF
  • Education and experience of the senior expert
  • Ask about the IVF Cost in Gurgaon (if advanced then ask for complete breakdown)

So, these were some portion of the crucial variables that ought to be asked and check by the patient to make sure that their money is going to a right place for the treatment.

The Bottom Line –

We Care IVF Surrogacy gives out inimitable IVF treatment to the couples giving access to live their life as a parent of a cute and sweet toddler.

Most significant factor to consider about the treatment is to have all the relevant information about IVF COST IN GURGAON. Whoever is wanting to undergo the IVF treatment in Gurgaon, must solicit total separate bundle from it. This data let the couple break down profoundly about the cost structure of IVF.

If you have been diagnosed with certain level of fertility issue, or you are trying for at least six month to a year to conceive naturally, then it is the time to meet with the fertility expert. For more information about the fertility treatment cost in Gurugram, you can reach to us. We would be pleased to assist you if you are facing any challenges in the way to have your baby.


IVF Probability – What is Infertility and ivf treatment? To put it plainly, we can characterize Infertility as the inability to get a baby even after doing one year of unprotected intercourse. On the off chance that you are attempting to get pregnant and befuddled what to do, where to go, what not to do! At that point you are on the correct snap, here you can get the whole data before going for any infertility treatment.

And on this page, we will know some crucial aspects of IVF treatment and its probability to get an accomplished result.

Starting with IVF – IVF is one of the commonly used infertility treatment and is recommended when the couple failed to have a kid even after trying several attempts. IVF follows four to five steps for a single cycle, where the woman is required to undergo fertility medication for the ovary stimulation, and then egg-pick up, final is transferring the embryo (after fertilization) into the female’s uterus for the implantation.

IVF is although the best treatment to solve any infertility cases, but at the same time, this treatment won’t guarantee the couple to have a baby for their first try. Many couples undergo second or sometimes third cycle of IVF to conceive; on the other hand, some couples are so lucky that they for the first time hear a good news.

Is it all about luck? No, it’s not! There are certain perspectives that bother IVF to have a successful outcome and we really need to focus on all these factors before you plan for the treatment.

Factors that affect the success rate of an IVF treatment 

As per the specialists at IVF Clinic coming up next are the elements which can influence the success rate of an IVF treatment –

  1. Age: – Yes, age is one of the important aspects that really matters attaining a positive pregnancy test in IVF treatment, if the age of the female is more than the best conceptive age considered by the specialists then the specialists should best guide the patient and helps the patient in accomplishing pregnancy with the more advanced procedure (or advanced IVF).
  2. Body Weight: – Well, bodyweight is a significant factor to be dealt with that the female’s body weight ought to be neither underweight nor overweight and must be appropriately fit and fine to get the best result during the IVF treatment.
  3. Changes in Lifestyle: – Lifestyle ought to be changed in order to get the ideal result of IVF treatment. For instance, if you have been in the addiction of alcohol, drugs or caffeine – then you should as soon drop it for the sake of your baby.

The success rate of an IVF Treatment 

As referenced over, IVF success rate relies on the age of the couple and lady’s egg quality. We Care IVF Surrogacy confers with the most elevated achievement rate in IVF treatment

  • Women who are younger than 35 have the success rate of IVF is 60-64%
  • Women who are younger than 35 and unable to conceive by own eggs, and taking the assistance of donor egg to accomplish parenthood, has the success rate 65-70%
  • Women who are in the middle of 35-37 and utilize self-eggs – 55%
  • Women who are in the age of 37-40 – 30-40% success rate (self-egg)

Components influencing IVF Success rate

There are different components that increments or diminishes the achievement pace of IVF Treatment, out of them some are –

  • Couple’s age
  • Egg’s quality
  • Semen quality (sperms motility)
  • What is the success rate of the IVF clinic
  • Experience of the authority and group

Important points before undergoing for IVF treatment 

Following are a portion of the significant focuses, which one ought to go for before bridging IVF treatment. We should begin –

  • Seek the best option before undergoing any fertility treatment

When you get to know that you are unable to have own kid by natural method, at that point you can have the option to ponder around and take time to gather all the relevant information on yourself related with your fertility issue. There comes the most vital person’s role and that is the fertility specialist, nobody can all the more likely assistance you than the senior fertility authority. The fertility experts realize how to determine any issue with your infertility disorder.

  • Before going for IVF treatment, think about your age

Age comes as a fundamental factor to get successful outcome from any of the IVF treatment. If you want to have a high IVF probability, you need to make sure you are on the right age. Also, if you are above 35, and needs to conceive there are other options (advanced IVF procedure). Measurements shows that now the couples plan for their family or having a kid at the age close by 28-30, because of certain reason or financially not agreed to the baby. These reasons are by one way or another justifiable, however each couple should realize that age assumes a significant job in the whole story of pregnancy. On the off chance that you are postponing the family making arrangements for any explanation, at that point you ought not to surpass your age more than 35 and in the event that you do you might require fertility option to have a baby.

It has been demonstrated that those couples who are on their age of 35 and experience conventional IVF treatment, at that point IVF probability is lesser than those couples who have experienced their treatment underneath the age of 35. Thus, it is recommended to all the childless couple, who are planning for IVF treatment, need not to delay much and must meet with the specialist for the process.

  • Take it simple and keep yourself fit

A balanced or healthy eating routine is all the couple needs. Truly! For going IVF treatment, medical procedure, prescription, you truly must be healthy and fit enough and on the off chance that you have made arrangements for infertility treatment, at that point at that point you need to keep your body in a sound psyche and great position.

You realize what, the eating regimen can make you or annihilate you. How? Our whole body runs easily on the off chance that we drink a lot of water for each day and eat well adjusted eating regimen and on the off chance that we become reckless with our food plan, at that point step by step inside we get week and later on we will most likely be unable to represent any of the difficult errand.

To have a decent IVF probability, one should have 

In this manner, to have a high IVF probability, one must need to deal with these things like –

  1. Try to incorporate taking sufficient water so as to enable your hormone to adjust and blood stream.
  2. Add green vegetables, servings of mixed greens in your every day schedule
  3. Reduce in taking of the sugar
  4. Just dispense with caffeine, tea and liquor
  5. If you are in the compulsion of liquor, drugs or smoking then you need to stop before you go for the IVF treatment since it is obligatory to get powerful result for the IVF treatment.
  6. Increase the measure of fiber
  7. Exercise daily (not extreme, but a moderate)
  8. Choose the right IVF centre with a decent success rate

Take it easy and plan for the right fertility center for the treatment

IVF is not at all troublesome procedure, just a single thing you have to convey consistently, Guess what? Persistence and Believe. Try not to cover the veil of strain all through the excursion of your course of IVF procedure. Before you plan for an IVF, make sure you are going for the right clinic. Don’t blame any of the partner-here the matter of being together. Simply recall you are not at all alone, our team – We Care IVF Surrogacy is there with you at each step throughout the treatment.

Who we are – we are one of the leading fertility agency providing the best IVF centers serving all the – basic and advanced fertility treatments across the world. Eat healthy, be fit and fine and if you are facing any issue in the way of your pregnancy, we are there for your help.


IVF in Thailand: Infertility is defined as – inability to conceive. When a couple tries for a kid but unable to make it happen even after several attempts, then they might need the solution or medication to have a kid. IVF – In Vitro Fertilization additionally as test-tube baby program, is recommended for those couples who have been trying to accomplish pregnancy for as far back as a year however unable to have a child by normal way. IVF is the best system to have own youngster when conventional procedure becomes come up short. IVF in Thailand has been the best choice for the couples, which works best with other propelled procedure as well.

IVF with other strategy, (for example, ICSI, IMSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval, PICSI, and some more) is known as cutting edge IVF method. In the event that you have been prescribed to experience IVF, at that point the primary thing you ought to do is to look for the best IVF clinic Thailand. Try not to stress you are not the only one in this excursion, the group of We Care IVF Surrogacy is consistently there for you giving the best clinical consideration and direction at each progression of the treatment.

Some vital aspects that need to be considered of IVF in Thailand 

IVF in Thailand, requires three essential necessities, an egg, a sperm, and uterus which can pass on the pregnancy. The success rate may fundamentally subordinate upon the situation that depends on the variables which evaluated that age, the state of being incorporates the wellbeing of the female and furthermore the hereditary issue looked by the female which is essentially surveyed with the acquisitions that the ability treatment ought to be flied also in the accomplishment of the IVF treatment in the event that all the above conditions are charged, at that point the Success Rate of IVF treatment in Thailand also depends on the world-class medications that Success rate with We Care IVF Surrogacy ought to be pretty much surveyed that we have a triumph pace of around 65-67% which denounced to be expanded with each expanding day.

The procedure that involve in IVF in Thailand 

  • You will initially be given a course of hormonal meds to help your ovaries to convey more (follicles contain eggs). These hormones are generally FSH analogs and they energize the ovaries to convey between 50-60 such follicles. The improvement of these follicles will be checked almost by testing for hormones and sequential ultrasound channels. On around the tenth day a fix of implanting – Trigger shot HCG is given which makes these follicles grow further. These follicles are then suctioned by a needle experienced the vagina and around 30 of these follicles will be suctioned at once. This step of IVF in Thailand takes around 20 min to complete this framework and in the midst of this time women will either be under sedation or general sedation.
  • Once these follicles are suctioned, they are sent to the lab where they will be fertilized with the partner’s sperms. The eggs are cleaned of their incorporating cells and the best eggs for arrangement are picked. Then these eggs are kept together with the sperm given by the partner (on the day of egg-retrieval). The most motile and dynamic sperm penetrates into the wall of the egg for cell division.
  • In circumstances where the sperm encounters issues going inside the egg’s wall, it tends to be explicitly imbued into the egg by a technique called Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection.
  • Once the eggs are dealt with the sperm successfully, they are kept under the observation of skilled specialist 3-5 days before being implanted in the female. When the specialist confirms the right time to place the embryo into the uterus, the next procedure of IVF in Thailand is embryo transfer.
  • Once the embryo gets put into the uterus of the lady, inside seven days, she needs to go to the middle for pregnancy test. This test analyzes whether the fertilized egg or embryohas embedded inside the uterus or not. On the off chance that the embryo has effectively connected into the Endometrium, at that point normal pregnancy before long happens.

The Closing Lines 

We Care IVF Surrogacy is the best and driving IVF clinic that surfaces with the decent achievement rate and supreme IVF treatment in Thailand. Giving a sensible IVF cost in Thailand with all the development pleasantries and supplies, We Care IVF Surrogacygroup has gotten one of the preferred fertility agency everywhere throughout the world. We wish you best of luck in the way of having your own child.

Feel free to contact our support team or if you want to fix an appointment with our senior fertility specialist, then you can call our administrators.



IVF treatment in Hyderabad : IVF is categorized as one of the advanced assisted reproductive techniques to eradicate fertility issues; this treatment is recommended to those individuals who have been experiencing pregnancy or childlessness issues for the last few months (six to twelve months). IVF is always be performed when the couple has already been undergone IUI or basic medication to try for a successful pregnancy but unable to make that happen or when the couple has been diagnosed (fertility assessment) of that problem that could be eliminated by IVF – by  that time the couple can plan for the IVF treatment. But before starting with the definition and procedure of IVF, let’s start with some basic conception about this treatment.

IVF in Hyderabad is not just a one-way treatment for the couple’s infertility issue; rather this treatment can be performed in different ways (introducing advanced or additional techniques during the fertilization, before the implantation process and so on) on the basis of the couple’s infertility case. Hence there gets this treatment a bit intricate and complex for the couple. We can group IVF treatment as conventional or basic one and the advanced one. One must have sound information of both these two IVF concepts.

When the couple’s own medical component (eggs and sperms) is good enough to be fertilized with other and of course the uterine receptivity of the woman is capable of a decent implantation, then there won’t be any necessity of using other advanced technique during the IVF treatment – and here what it goes IVF as a basic or standard one.

The conventional IVF Treatment in Hyderabad follows four to five steps beginning with the stimulation of the woman’s ovaries and ending up with the embryo transfer, while advanced technique of IVF depends upon the requirement of the need of an hour. The success rate of advanced IVF is always higher than the basic IVF method but that doesn’t mean the basic IVF won’t work, of course it works well but again there are certain aspects that need to be fulfilled such as egg quality, age of the woman (should be under 35 in general), quality of the embryo must be good, uterine receptivity of the woman must be fine for the implantation, number of sperm count must be above than the average and motility of the sperms must be active. When these benchmarks are on the track, there goes a decent success rate of the IVF in Hyderabad.

Advanced IVF treatment Hyderabad, although has a greater success rate of live birth, but for it, again there is a challenge – cost issues. Yes, advanced IVF treatment cost is much more expansive than the basic IVF. When the specialist sees the couple’s case or the case couldn’t resolve using IVF, and then the fertility expert will let the couple know about the case in deep in order to have the full and clear idea about the treatment. It is generally suggested for the couples who are going for the very first time for IVF, must go for the basic one because IVF sometimes can become first try with the biggest surprise for you!

A Brief Info about the IVF Treatment in Hyderabad 

IVF in Hyderabad : Hence, the very initial step of IVF treatment in Hyderabad is to give the medication that stimulates the woman’s ovaries to create multiple eggs to have a decent success rate at the time of fertilization. During the progression of fertilization, various eggs are required to have the sound achievement rate in the IVF fertilization process. By the strategy of ultrasounds and blood hormonal test, the development and the growth of the follicles are examined. At the point when the growth of the egg is done and assured by the specialist, the process of egg-pickup or retrieval process is begun. When the eggs are retrieved, sperms (collected by the male partner) is kept on the nutrient culture dish to let the fertilization happens. The most motile sperm infiltrates with the egg and once the sperm reaches into the cytoplasm of the egg, cell division starts to take place.

After the sperm has gone into the egg, soon preparation – implies cell division happens. Setting the best embryo into the female uterus is the last and a crucial process of IVF in Hyderabad. If the embryo gets attached successfully implanted in the endometrium or into the uterine wall, by then the possibility of pregnancy is about expected to be there normally as the woman experiences in a natural pregnancy. Inside a week or inside ten days of moving the embryo, pregnancy test is done. This is all about the IVF treatment and procedure of IVF in Hyderabad.

IVF Treatment in Hyderabad is suitable for 

IVF treatment in Hyderabad, as mentioned above is performed in two ways, hence this treatment is beneficial for numerous individuals facing challenges in their way of attaining parenthood. IVF process is appropriate for –

  • Couples (any of the partner) having a genetic disorder or chromosomal sicknesses and wanting to avoid to pass it on to their own infant, can choose IVF (with PGD technique)
  • Women with menstruation issues (delayed menstruation, irregular or painful)
  • Women with PCOS issue
  • Endometriosis
  • Women who experiences premature ovarian failure
  • Women who are above 35 and have lost her egg quality can go with the procedure of IVF with donor eggs (if she is willing to)
  • Men with poor sperm motility
  • Men with low sperm count or no sperm count (IVFI-ICSI with SSR)

IVF treatment in Hyderabad – Step by Step guidance 

IVF Treatment in Hyderabad is requested into four straightforward ways. Let’s learn the basic principles of how IVF treatment goes in one cycle –

·         Ovary stimulation medication

This process is the very first step of IVF in Hyderabad, here fertility prescription and medications supported by the fertility authority. These drugs are given in order to invigorate the ovaries of the lady to create numerous eggs rather than a solitary. This is the procedure, which is mandatory and essential for the IVF treatment in Hyderabad. The fertility medicine and hormonal infusions need to take by the female for ten to twelve days under the help of the fertility doctor of the best IVF centre in Hyderabad. The woman can also take these injections at her home, or at the centre (whichever is comfortable for her). Proper assistance is provided by the expert to the couple about these medications.

·         Egg- Retrieval procedure

Female needs to visit to the centre for the assessment test for her developing follicles; when the fertility expert states about the growing and the development of the eggs by using out the blood hormonal test and transvaginal ultrasounds, at that point there the infusion known as – trigger shot, is given around the end time of recovery of eggs. This trigger shot is given to make all the eggs matured properly. Inside 24-34 hours of this injection, technique of follicular-aspiration is performed by the fertility group. With the help of a vacant needle, eggs are recuperated by the group of fertility authorities. Around a similar time, semen is accumulated from the male by the normal ejaculation method.

·         Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the vital aspects to have a successful result of IVF Treatment in Hyderabad. So now once subsequent to collection of the eggs and sperms from the infertile couple, the eggs and sperms are kept on the Petri dish (these all process must be performed under the senior fertility guidance) so as to achieve the fertilization procedure of IVF.

The rate of fertilization rate relies on the exact quality of the eggs and sperm motility. When the sperm self-penetrates into the egg, fertilization soon going to happen, but when the sperm lacks the motility of self-penetrating nature, then IVF with ICSI technique is done when the sperm is unfit to infiltrate into the eggs. Once, the eggs are fertilized with the sperm and cell division starts happening then the fertility specialist analyses the fertilized embryo during the cell division and plans for the day for the embryo transfer.

·         Transfer of the Embryo

3-4 days of the successful fertilization of IVF in Hyderabad, embryo is placed into the female uterus by using a catheter under the direction of ultrasound. This is an easy strategy and effortless where no sedation is required or given to the female; uncommon women have experienced delicate issue. Following 10-14 days of embryo transfer, pregnancy test is finished by the fertility team of the best IVF center in Hyderabad.

IVF in Hyderabad – Certain things that a couple needs to know 

Now the question comes, what is the approx. IVF success rate, and does IVF success rate depends on some aspects? Well, a big yes, the IVF Treatment in Hyderabad relies upon specific components like-the quality of the eggs and embryo, the age of the woman, and the quantity of sperm (or sperm count) and its motility.

Female’s age in IVF treatment conveys a significant job all through the whole procedure. If the age of the female is underneath 35, the achievement pace of the IVF Treatment in Hyderabad goes between 60-63% under the focuses gave by the We Care IVF Surrogacy.

Less the age of the woman in the IVF treatment, the more chances of progress rate in the IVF treatment in Hyderabad. So, if you are experiencing any issues with your fertility or child-bearing, then you and your partner need to have first fertility assessment test to know the cause. And if the issue can be treated with IVF in Hyderabad (either basic treatment or basic), then you need to plan it accordingly without much delay.

The Bottom Line 

IVF treatment has helped so many couples to conceive globally. Our team understand that childlessness issue is one of the worst case a couple could ever have or face in the life and so we are here for you to help, to provide you with the best guidance during your pregnancy journey. IVF treatment in Hyderabad is a definitive ticket of your most awaited dream, to have a baby of your own, spending time with your baby, playing and so on – it’s not at all hard. You just need patience and a strong will.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is the leading medical tourism company serving fertility treatments across the world providing the best IVF centers to the couples (with skilled fertility team and experienced fertility specialist) at a reasonable cost.

For further info, you can talk with our support team; you either can fix an appointment with the fertility specialist of the best IVF centers of We Care IVF Surrogacy.



At whatever point we tune in about fertility issues, what the first and viable treatment comes in our brain? IVF? Well Yes, IVF is the most functional procedure, which snares any issue of fertility in men and women. It is one of the most adequate courses of ART technique to eradicate of either male or female fertility issue. Kolkata is one of the spots, which gives unique IVF treatment all over India. Infertility, as we know, can’t be wiped out from its root yet it can manage utilizing other ART methods; one of the procedures we are going to gather is all about is In Vitro Fertilization, in short – IVF. There are five-six stage of IVF Treatment in Kolkata and is performed by We Care IVF Surrogacy crackerjack and skilled authority of fertility division.

Infertility in India has gotten a regular issue subject these days; but no matter what the type of infertility issue a couple has, IVF (basic or advanced – as per the couple’s infertility case) is the ultimate solution compared to other treatments to decode the matter of barrenness. Infertility in a brief can be described as the incapability of attaining a parenthood. When the female or man not ready to accomplish the methodology of common cycle to being pregnant then IVF is a definitive answer for dispose of this issue.

IVF treatment in Kolkata is extraordinary compared to other fertility medicines and is the most wanted course of methods accessible to decipher impotency issue. ART – Assisted Reproductive technology is the method to get rid of any issue identified with the fertility. IVF in Kolkata comes in top of the rundown to perform IVF course of medicine around the world.

IVF in Kolkata is the best fertility treatment to explain a few issue identified with common pregnancy. Fertility issues for the past few year has been increasingly in females however these days the males are additionally affected from this issue similarly. IVF represents In Vitro Fertilization; this is, where sperms and eggs are gathered from the couple and afterward subsequent to accomplishing preparation, kept in the uterus of the female for conveying the pregnancy. This treatment is the process, which happens outside the human body rather than the female uterus. Let’s gather all the relevant information associated with the IVF Treatment in Kolkata.

Brief Information about IVF Treatment in Kolkata 

IVF treatment in Kolkata isn’t that straightforward methodology to be performed however fertility specialists of the best IVF clinic in Kolkata give their 100% to make the whole process of IVF smooth and simple to perform in order to have a pleasant experience by the couple. Best IVF centers provided by the We Care IVF Surrogacy is the best center to have a soothing experience which fulfills every patient by giving the best fertility treatment and serving the advanced amenities throughout the process of an IVF in Kolkata.

The underlying phase of IVF treatment in Kolkata is to give fertility medications and fertility related drug to the female so as to get numerous eggs at the hour of assortment of the eggs. During the step of fertilization, different eggs are required to have a decent success rate in treatment. By the method of blood hormonal tests and ultrasounds, the growth of the eggs are checked. When the development of the egg is affirmed, the step of egg-pickup process is started. With the assistance of an empty needle, (medical specialized), the eggs are pulled carefully; around the same time of egg recovery process, semen test assortment is finished. Presently, the egg and sperm are kept on the way of the culture dish so as to encourage normal fertilization. Dynamic and motile sperm penetrates with the egg and in this way insemination process is done.

After the sperm has entered into the egg, soon fertilization – means cell division takes place. Setting the best embryo (a couple) into the female uterus is the last advance of IVF in Kolkata. In the event that the embryo is effectively embedded in the lining of the uterus, at that point the chance of pregnancy is nearly expected to be there. Inside a week or within ten days of moving the embryo, pregnancy test is done, where the female has to come to the centre for the test.

Steps that are incorporated in the IVF Treatment Kolkata 

IVF in Kolkata is ordered into four simple ways. Bit by bit, the footsteps are given underneath

1) Starting of the fertility medicine

This is the initial step of IVF process in Kolkata, here fertility medication and drugs endorsed by the fertility authority. These medications are provided so as to animate the ovaries of the woman to produce multiple eggs instead of a single. This is the process, which is mandatory during the IVF treatment in Kolkata. Fertility medication and hormonal injections need to take by the female for ten to twelve days under the assistance of the fertility expert.

2) Retrieval of the eggs and collection of the semen sample

Female needs to visit center consistently for the check-up; when the specialist affirm about the development of the eggs by performing the blood hormonal test and transvaginal ultrasounds, then there the injection known as – trigger shot, is given toward the end period of retrieval of eggs. This trigger shot infusion is given to make all the eggs developed appropriately. Inside 24-34 hours of this infusion, method of egg collection is arranged by the fertility team. With the assistance of an empty needle, eggs are recovered by the team of fertility specialists. Around the same time, semen is gathered from the male accomplice by normal ejaculation.

3) Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the significant phases of IVF in Kolkata. So now once after gathering the eggs and sperms from the intended couple, the eggs and sperms are kept on the nutrient culture dish in order to accomplish the fertilization procedure. Fertilization rate depends upon the quality of the eggs and sperm motility. IVF with ICSI method is done when male accomplice sperm is unfit to penetrate into the eggs. Once, the eggs are fertilized with the sperm and cell division begins occurring then at this stage the fertilized egg is known as embryo.

4) Embryo transfer

3-4 days of the fertilization of IVF in Kolkata, embryo is put into the female uterus by utilizing a catheter under the guidance of ultrasound. This is an effortless technique and painless where no sedation is needed or given to the female; rare ladies have encountered gentle issue. Following 10-14 days of embryo transfer, pregnancy test is done by your fertility doctor.


The Success Rate of an IVF Treatment in Kolkata 

The success rate depends on certain elements like-the age of the couple (especially the woman’s age), embryo quality, eggs quality and the number of sperm count and its motility. Female’s age in IVF treatment carries a major role throughout the entire process. In the event that the age of the female is underneath 35, the success rate of the IVF Treatment in Kolkata ranges between 60-63% under the centres provided by the We Care IVF Surrogacy. Less the age of the lady in IVF, high odds of success rate in the IVF treatment in Kolkata. IVF with ICSI method is chosen by those males who are unfit to deliver sound and motile sperms during the progression of preparation – there are other advanced techniques too that has been used to resolve males’ fertility problem like IMSI, Surgical Sperm Aspiration and so on. During ICSI, single sperm (dynamic and motile) is picked by the specialists and afterward legitimately infused into the egg. ICSI treatment is likewise accomplished by IVF, ICSI has a bit higher success rate than the conventional IVF process because of soon fertilization

Closing Lines 

We understand that fertility problem is the dark spot of each childless couple’s life however IVF treatment is the ultimate ticket of your joy, getting out from this issue and playing with your own kid. You just need to make sure certain aspects such as – your fertility issue (undergoing fertility investigation), choose the clinic carefully, ask for the success rate and most important gather the info about the breakdown of the IVF cost. IVF treatment is the best way for those couples who have been trying regularly (unprotected intercourse) for twelve months.

For more info or detail about IVF Treatment in Kolkata and the Best IVF Centre’s in Kolkata, you can contact our support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy.


IVF Basics treatment is famously known as test-tube baby program – used to solve the infertility cases of the couples. Infertility cases are emerging day by day due to several reasons such as urban lifestyle, irregular routine, unhealthy diet and excessive consumption of drugs, liquor and smoke – these are some elements that directly impacts on the reproductive system in the individuals resulting them suffer from pregnancy or childbirth issues. Infertility is not just a women’s issue but ratio depicts that the males are equally unable to impregnate their partner due to certain cause of medical hiccups such as obstruction of sperm production, motility issues and etc.

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization is one of the advance procedures of Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) at the same time, is the most preferred option to treat infertility issue for both – men and women. In short, IVF treatment is the procedure where the embryo is created outside of the human body. The entire process is accomplished under the guidance of skilled fertility team and a senior fertility specialist who must have a decent experience in resolving the infertility cases. If the couple has been recommended for an IVF to conceive, they must seek the suitable and appropriate fertility clinic for the treatment because IVF follows multiple steps to accomplish and thus it needs proper guidance and assistance. Let’s understand some of the basic principles of IVF –

Who can use IVF to treat infertility issues?

Numerous ladies with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes have accomplishment with the IVF treatment if wanting a child. Ladies who have fertility related issues, as endometriosis polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS) are likewise acceptable possibility for IVF as it assists with treating their barrenness side effects. Ladies with unpredictable ovulation or irregular menstruation cycles also achieve a sound result by IVF, as the treatment stimulates the ovulation to deliver multiple and matured eggs. On the off chance that the women unable to produce healthy eggs, there are advanced procedures of ART that could be fruitful for them to attain pregnancy. Males who have fertility issue can likewise be treated with IVF. Men who have low sperm tally may go to the technique referred as ICSI, where the fertility expert picks out a single sperm for the infusion into the egg.

IVF is basically categorize into two parts – basic/standard or conventional procedure and advanced procedure. If the woman’s ovaries don’t create quality eggs, then she can opt for advanced IVF because at that point, standard IVF might not give sound result. They can choose IVF treatment with donor egg, where the fit and screened donor provides her eggs to the infertile couple and donated eggs are combined with the partner’s sperm for fertilization. If the woman is not keen on getting a donor egg, she may need to investigate different alternatives outside of IVF such as IVF with LAH, IVF with PGD, IVF with blastocyst transfer – the best option can be given after knowing the exact cause of your infertility case by the doctor. Additionally, in the event that you are beyond 37 years old, it is increasingly hard to get pregnant with IVF. Donor eggs are the best option for ladies moving toward 40 who need to have a baby.

IVF treatment is commonly viewed as when
  • A lady faces with the issue of endometriosis (where endometrium becomes outside of the uterus).
  • Females, who have had their fallopian tubes evacuated
  • Fallopian tubes harmed or blocked
  • Premature ovarian failure of the woman
  • Irregular ovulation or menstruation cycle
  • Male factor Infertility (where male delivers less tally of sperms and furthermore low motility)
  • Individual with chromosomal disorder
  • Couples looking with idiopathic or unexplained infertility
  • Women with PCOS issue

The Fundamental steps of IVF Procedure 

Stage 1: Fertility Medication to the female

This is the initial step of IVF procedure where the woman’s ovary is stimulated giving the fertility medication, in which the fertility doctor initially stimulates the female’s ovaries and furthermore screen the specific planning of ovulation.

At the point when the fertility doctor affirms whether the female is providing eggs from the ovaries and her hormone level are typical or not, at that point by the specialists, fertility medications or medicine is prearranged. Fertility drugs are provided so as to get numerous eggs at the hour of ovulation. Since we know every month, a female produces single egg from one of the ovary however during IVFto get positive and progressively strong outcome, various eggs are gathered during egg recovery with the goal that preparation can without much of a stretch occur.

In a significant number of the woman’s infertility case, it is discovered that ladies (because of her expanded age or due to advanced medical reason), couldn’t lay solid eggs at the hour of egg recovery, at this point IVF is finished with donor egg.

Stage 2: Follicular Aspiration or Egg-Retrieval

Procedure of egg assortment is a minor careful advance, where the assortment of the eggs begins subsequent to giving torment medicine to reduce any distress during this procedure or nearby sedation is given to the female so as to not to encounter any uneasiness. The specialists screen the follicles utilizing vaginal ultrasound; eggs are recovered from every ovary by the needle under gentle attractions.

Once the eggs are taken out from the follicular liquid, these eggs are put in a petri dish that contains supplement media.

Procedure of egg-retrieval method during IVF is done just when the specialist get assured about the matured eggs. Eggs, during fertility prescriptions are envisioned and observed cautiously by transvaginal ultrasoundsand blood hormonal test. When the eggs are nearly grown-up and prepared to gather, a ‘trigger-shot’ is given. The trigger-shot is given to the female to get all the eggs in completely developed stage in order to keep high chance of fertilization. This injection is given inside 36 hours of egg-retrieval procedure.


Stage 3: Fertilization–where sperm penetrates the egg

Next activity of IVF treatment is-fusion of the sperm into the egg’s wall for fertilization. Fertilization implies the procedure, where eggs are joined with the sperms given by the male or benefactor. Upon the arrival of egg assortment, semen test is likewise gathered from the male accomplice and afterward by consolidating the sperm and egg on a similar culture dish, fertilization happens normally, (where motile sperm infiltrates into the egg and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for division).

If the male accomplice’s sperms do not have the motility and normal check, at that point as of now, fertility specialists’ guidance of best IVF centre performed ICSI ART method.

What occurs during ICSI with IVF? During ICSI system, a solitary sperm (generally motile and dynamic) picked by the team of fertility centre, is legitimately infused into each egg (that has been recovered at the hour of egg assortment). ICSI is one of the development types of IVF and expands the chances of successful fertilization when the sperm does not have the possibility to infiltrate by own into the egg’s wall and reach into the cytoplasm.


Stage 4: Embryo Transfer and Implantation

This is the last procedure of an IVF, where the fertilized egg or embryo is picked for the transfer into the woman’s one of the most significant advances and requires experienced group of fertility veterans to play out this technique.

Once the egg gets prepared with the sperm, this blend is known as treated eggs and inside 3-4 days of preparation, these treated eggs become incipient organism. Presently, fertility specialists on the fourth or fifth day of treatment (blastocyst stage), handpick two of the best embryo for the implantation. When the embryo is picked, is put into the female’s uterus cautiously for the successful implantation.

With a catheter, embryos set into the uterus. Inside a week or something like that, female needs to visit the center for the pregnancy test. Through exams, it is observed whether the embryo is effectively joined with the uterine covering or not. In the event that the embryo gets effectively attached with the uterine lining, normal pregnancy soon going to take place.

Components impacting Success Rate or pregnancy rate via IVF 

A few components impact the successful outcome of IVF treatment. How about we examine a few variables –

  • Age of the lady
  • Infertility case or past history of the couple
  • Embryo quality
  • Lifestyle elements

Well! Age of the couple really carries a significant role to get a decent result through IVF treatment, particularly egg assumes a noteworthy role to make progress in achieving the success rate. Ladies under 35 have a decent IVF success rate as they have sound and preeminent nature of eggs.

Male’s sperm should likewise be in dynamic and has a good motility condition. In the event that the male has less sperm count or has less motility, at that point there won’t be a good chance of forming a quality embryo, if embryo forms, then the quality will be have poor or unfit for effective implantation.

Way of life factors influences a lot in the couple’s for healthy conception. In the event that any man or a lady is carrying on with their way of life in undesirable and imbalanced routine then it will cause unfriendly effect on their fertility potential. Along these lines, one should carry on with one’s way of life in sound and impeccable manner. If the couple is thinking to have a baby, the very first thing what they need to do is to get on the right track of balanced diet, have regular moderate exercise, be on a proper weight, and stay away from smoke, drugs and intake of alcohol.

IVF success rate basically relies on main considerations like the age of the lady (whose eggs are utilized in the methodology of IVF fertilization), sperm motility, uterine receptivity and the quality of the embryos. Age of the couple consistently carries a significant part in giving accomplishment of IVF.

The Closing Lines 

There is a fact that numerous ladies think IVF is their first choice in the event that they need to conceive if the natural procedure is not giving a successful result, how everit’s not like this because IVF is one of the advanced fertility treatment and must be chosen only when you have been met with the experienced fertility doctor.The fertility specialists will advise the individual to attempt normal pregnancy first. If the couple is under 30 to 35, they should go after at any rate a half year and on the off chance that it’s not working, by that time only they should go to the fertility clinic for their fertility evaluation.

Significantly from that point forward, the doctor will likewise attempt oral or injectable fertility medication or drug before trying for an IVF. If the situation (by the fertility evaluation of the infertile individual) is too low AMH level of the woman, low sperm count, irregular menstruation cycle, and a potential for certain hereditary issue or genetic disorder, then the specialist suggests IVF to the couple.

If you are looking with the best fertility centre and planning to undergo IVF treatment, the certain aspects must be considered by the couple, like – to know the success rate of the centre, the couple can talk with the previous patients of the clinic so as to know more about the clinic, since how many years the fertility clinic is running and most important how many experience do the fertility doctor has in the domain of infertility treatments. WE CARE IVF SURROGACY delivers the best treatment of IVF giving the best experience to the couple throughout the IVF process. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility agency providing all the fertility treatments, counselling and guidance towards how to have a healthy pregnancy, and so on across the globe.


What is IVF treatment, how does it work, is there any side-effect, success rate and so on – Isn’t these questions must be running in your mind when you think for the IVF treatment, Of course, Yes it would be! IVF or any other advanced ART technique is a bit complex procedure where the woman is supposed to undergo with fertility medication and then retrieval of the eggs, and so on for the implantation procedure. IVF treatment is the best way to welcome parenthood days.

If IVF by conventional method didn’t work then there goes the combination of other ART methodology with IVF – this happens when the couple has some advanced fertility issues such as the woman unable to give healthy or quality eggs during the retrieval procedure (that might be due to poor ovarian reserve or probably the age factor), by that it would be difficult to have a quality embryo too (if fertilization happens), and this leads to the poor implantation rate result IVF failure. Hence in this case, the specialist either will go for IVF with PGD testing (of the embryos), or the experts will recommend to choose egg donor (if self-eggs are not at all capable of the fertilization). These procedures are known as advanced IVF procedure, where the doctors uses one of the ART technique with the IVF.

Let’s come to the main point of IVF Detail – like how it works and who can use this treatment to conceive

IVF is Best Suitable for 

IVF treatment is best applicable for the following indication in men and women –

  • Women having obstruction in fallopian tubes (either blocked or damaged)
  • Any of the partner having chromosomal abnormality or genetic disorder and wanting not to pass to the offspring
  • Men who have low sperm count
  • Less sperm motility
  • Men who have been found complete absence of sperm count (or barely any sperm for the fertilization via ejaculation) – IVF with surgical procedure is performed during this case
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Women with endometriosis
  • Premature ovarian failure

These are some points where the specialist advice the couple to go for IVF; some of the above issues in male and female can be sorted by just applying IVF (standard procedure), while solving some fertility problems require advanced IVF method.

A couple must need to know that the cost of IVF is actually dependent upon the case of the fertility and the procedure that is performed.

IVF Procedure – Steps in brief 

IVF treatment follows four to five steps starting from the ovary stimulation medication and closing up the procedure of implantation; let’s get these procedures in points –

  • Initially the menstrual cycle will be suppressed using the medications prescribed by the doctor
  • The woman will be given further prescription to urge your ovaries to deliver more eggs
  • Ultrasound and blood hormonal tests will be given to check the improvement of the eggs
  • The eggs will be gathered by a needle being embedded into the ovaries by means of the vagina
  • Eggs are blended in with sperm for insemination process
  • Once the fertilization becomes done, there the specialist starts the planning for embryo implantation. One or two embryos will be set go into the woman’s uterus.

After the embryo transfer, the woman need to come to the clinicwithin ten to fourteen days for taking a pregnancy test to check whether the procedure has been effective and the embryo is successfully embedded into the right place.

IVF Procedure in a comprehensive method 

Ovarian Hyper stimulation

During the initial point of IVF treatment, a patient takes the fertility medication and hormonal injections that invigorate the ovaries to produce multiple and developed eggs or oocytes. In view of the lady’s age, her medical history and consequences of the underlying ultrasound and hormonal assessments, the fertility expert focus builds up a customized convention to screen and track continuous aftereffects of blood tests and ultrasound assessments. For the evaluation of the eggs, the female is required to come to the centre for the tests.

Egg Retrieval Procedure

Egg-retrieval or follicular aspiration procedure is the second step of IVF process, where the specialists from the We Care IVF Surrogacy centre treatment retrieves the eggs through a minor-surgery that is performed under the sedation. During the procedure of egg-pick up, a needle is embedded into the ovary to evacuate the eggs under ultrasound direction. The follicular liquid is then gets analyzed by an expert embryologist to isolate the eggs. These eggs are kept in the fertility lab for further process of insemination and fertilization.


The woman will be begun on progesterone support more than once per day after the egg-retrieval is done. Progesterone is a hormone that enhances the development of the woman’s endometrial lining so as to prepare the lining for the embryo transfer.

Simultaneously, a sperm test is performed from the semen and arranged cautiously in culture medium in a lab situation to make a move in one of IVF programs. Sperms that have been received by the partner, now will get combined with the eggs on the culture dish for the insemination procedure. During this method, the most motile and active sperm gets fused with the egg’s wall and enters into the egg’s cytoplasm for further division.

If the sperm is found to be not motile or taking time, then by ICSI technique a single sperm is directly injected into the egg- this technique boosts the fertilization without the delay.

Embryo Transfer 

Embryos can be moved on day 2, 3 or 5 or in rare occurrences on day 6 after egg assortment. Embryos on day 5 are called blastocyst and if embryos arrive at the blastocyst in the research facility, the odds of accomplishing a pregnancy increment significantly.

Thusly embryo culture is evaluated and embryos can be moved on day 3 (When they become 6 to 8 cells) or on the off chance that they are of acceptable quality and can be refined to day 5 embryos (Blastocysts)

The specialist from the best fertility centre focus will move an ideal number of embryos into the lady’s uterus inside an effortless ultrasound-guided method. The doctors can cryopreserve remaining embryos, if essential.

Regular practice is to pick the two most grounded embryos for substitution however it might be progressively proper to move one or three embryo. Accomplices might be available for the embryo move.

A speculum into the vagina to see the cervix. The embryos that have been decided for move are then brought into a fine catheter tube which is gone through the passage to the cervix and onwards, into the uterus of the woman. The catheter is then gradually and deliberately pulled back and checked by the embryologist.

The technique doesn’t discomfort the patient and hardly the woman takes sedation during this process, takes around 10 minutes to accomplish.

Is there any side-effect of IVF treatment?

Experiencing the procedure of IVF can be sometimes emotionally tiring and a bit complex for couples, and thus it is needed for the couple to ask for the medical counselling by the expert. Talking about the IVF complication afterward or during the procedure, the woman might experience symptoms like headache and hot flushes from drug utilizing during the treatment.

There is likewise the danger of ovarian hyper stimulation disorder (OHSS), where such a large number of eggs create in the ovaries (for this our expert examines the patient before the ovary stimulation starts).

Ectopic pregnancies can happen as well, which is the point at which the embryo gets implanted in the fallopian tubes rather than the woman’s uterus- this case is hardly found in our clinic’s IVF programs.

Closing Lines 

Talking about the success rate of not just IVF but also other fertility treatments – there gets one factor common and that is the age of the couple, majorly the woman’s age. IVF also relies on some factors to show a good success rate such as the age of the woman, healthy fallopian tube, quality of the eggs and but obvious the sperm quality. These are some significant things that can enhance the success rate of IVF and at the same time reduce the chance of positive outcome.

Hence it is recommended by the doctors to have a baby by suitable age – if one goes beyond 35, then there might be low probability to have that percentage of success rate which a younger woman (under 35) gets by IVF. So, if you are trying unprotected intercourse for more than a year (if you are below 35), then this is the time to think about fertility treatment by the recommendation of the best fertility expert under We Care IVF Surrogacy team.


IVF – one of the preferred fertility treatment which is used for both – males and females infertility issue. True, IVF has become one of the famous ART treatments that has been using by fertility specialist solving issue in individuals (associated fertility hiccups) for a long.

So, yes we will divulge about that strategy of that ART method which has given the sunshine or you can say, the shimmer of the lifeof those couples who were waiting to hear Mother and Father for the past few month or years.IVF is the best manner to achieve pregnancy when you are unable to attain the pregnancy naturally. IVF! Genuine! This treatment came in pattern when the first baby via test-tube baby process or IVF was conceived on July25, 1978 by the name of Louise Joy Brown in England. Forward this date, this procedures got so famed and being treated among the people and IVF entered as a help for those couples who have disposed of their make-believe to have baby of their own. IVF Treatment in Punjabis the best and profitable fertility treatment of assisted reproductive technology to determine the matter of infertility and childlessness.

Punjab has always been the centre of preferred place, where the couple gets best treatment throughout their fertility treatment at a very reasonable cost. So, what you will be getting all through this page? We will be covering the procedures of IVF in Punjab, the reader is going to become acquainted with about the whole system of IVF in Punjab, people, who can think about this treatment to have their pregnancy, and what is the cost, success rate of this ART method.

Let’s begin with what is IVF treatment –

What is IVF Treatment in Punjab?

We should begin with the basic description of IVF treatment in Punjab, What is IVF and why it is considered as truly outstanding and profitable strategy to annihilate Infertility issue?

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization, is the most recent and ultra-current innovation that gives best outcome to pull off the pregnancy. The procedure of IVF inPunjab is productive to those couples, who get inconvenience in having baby normally. IVF or unnaturally conceived child treatment is the best and most chose ART strategy to have possess infant, this is on the grounds that IVF is the main treatment that outcomes in positive pregnancy test.

IVF treatment when achieved by couple’s own egg and sperm, said as standard or conventional technique for IVF, you must be thinking is there any other way to accomplish IVF treatment. So yes, there are two ways of IVF method that is used when the couple (either male or female or may be both) has been found to be infertile. When IVF method is used in the advanced case of the couple fertility issue, it is said to be advanced method of IVF in Punjab. And when the IVF is said to be advanced, it is when IVF is treated or combined with other ART technique such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval procedure, IVF with donor egg, IVF with donor sperm, and donor embryo.

The above methods is performed when there is the requirement of the couple’s IVF or simply IVF didn’t work, for instance the partner’s sperm is unable to self-penetrate with the woman’s egg, then the specialist uses the ICSI method during the fertilization, where the doctor selects a single sperm, and directly inject into the egg. This process enhances the fertilization. Hence there are several procedures, which when required, is performed.

During the basic or standard IVF in Punjab, sperms and eggs are prepared in the lab, shaping sound embryo. The principle focus of IVF in Punjabis to encourage a fit and healthy pregnancy. We will get where it counts into the strategy of IVF Punjab later on this page.

Who can pick IVF Treatment in Punjab–?

So, when should you think planning for the IVF treatment? IVF treatment is opted or recommended by those couples,

Couples who can consider IVF in Punjab are

  • Woman with blocked fallopian tube
  • Female with harmed fallopian tube
  • Male factor fruitlessness
  • Women enduring with PCOS issue
  • Endometriosis
  • Individual with chromosomal imperfections
  • Individuals with hereditary anomaly
  • Unexplained infertility

Man in uncommon instance of barrenness, saw as zero sperm check, at this case IVF with Sperm Surgical Aspiration is performed by the master of the best IVF centre in Punjab.

Other situation is that the male has motility issue or less check of normal sperm, at that point IVF with ICSI, IMSI or PICSI is accomplished for treatment.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the main and best IVF focuses that gets great result any of the fertility treatment. We are here contribution most sensible IVF treatment with a high achievement rate. The fertility veterans of our team have achieved a few troublesome instances of fruitlessness or say infertility cases in a simple and satisfying way.

Step by step Guidance of IVF in Punjab 

IVF follows four to five step throughout its treatment –

  • Ovary Stimulation
  • Monitoring of the follicles
  • Egg-retrieval/ Follicular Aspiration
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer


  1. Stimulation of the Ovary

Once the couple has decided to choose IVF treatment achieving the pregnancy, the very first step is not the procedure which they will undergo in IVF but the very first step is getting a right fertility centre for the treatment. Yes this is the vital thing which the couple has to do very first to have positive result after the treatment.

Getting on the main point about the very initial step of IVF in Punjab is to stimulate the patient’s ‘ovary in order to get multiple eggs and matured eggs. Specialists suggest the patient for fertility drugs and hormonal infusions, which are basic to invigorate ovaries. Incitement of the ovary is one of the noteworthy strides all through IVF treatment.

A female needs to experience with this prescription course for 10-14 days, until the eggs get matured and ready to retrieve. We as a whole know that a lady releases single egg every month, except in IVF treatment, single egg doesn’t work for solid preparation thus to keep away from any danger of ineffective treatment, this fertility medication and hormonal injections are given to the female. This prescription animates a few eggs to age. Subsequent to finishing the drugs and infusions, eggs are removed out of the female’s ovaries so as being finished with the assistance of the fine meager needle so as to separate the eggs

  1. Monitoring of the Follicles

During the above course – fertility medication days, a female is required to visit to the centre regularly or very consistently for the investigation to let the specialist know about the eggs development. The fertility doctor screens the period of egg with the help of blood tests and ultrasound.

When the pro gets affirmed about the developed egg, the following stage is follicular aspiration or assortment of the eggs. This procedure is famously known as Egg-Retrieval procedure. Prior to 36 hours of egg assortment, there is an injection given to the female by the fertility nurse-a trigger shot infusion (this infusion is provided so as to get all the eggs full-developed and all out position).

  1. Procedure of Egg-Retrieval

Egg recovery methodology is additionally alluded as Follicular Aspiration strategy. This is the minor surgery and is practiced with the help of an empty needle (under the direction of ultrasound).

During egg pick up process in IVF in Punjab, a female needs to initially experience with a nearby sedation; eggs are recovered cautiously by the specialists of fertility team. When the eggs are gathered, they are kept in the supplement dish for additional progression, for example Preparation with the sperm or fertilization step.

  1. Fertilization

May be around the same time or after one day, semen test is taken by the male accomplice or giver (whenever required). Presently, the master blends the sperm in with the egg on a similar culture dish for preparation.

Motile and solid sperm gets combined with the egg’s divider and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg for the combination. Treatment happens when the sperm has effectively gone into the cytoplasm of the egg.

  1. Transferring of the Embryo

After the treatment, eggs, which have been effectively prepared with the sperm, presently alluded as Embryo. Pro hand-picks the best and most beneficial embryo for the strategy of incipient organism move. During this progression of IVF Treatment in Punjab, with the help of a catheter, embryo is moved into the patient’s uterus.

Pregnancy Test- Last Step of IVF in Punjab

Subsequent to finishing the previously mentioned phases of IVF treatment Punjab the last step of IVF in Punjab is to test the pregnancy that whether the embryo has joined into the uterine covering or not. Once the embryo gets implanted into the uterine lining of the woman, there is the high chances of having a positive pregnancy test.

In the event that the embryo has all around connected in the female belly, at that point pregnancy before long occurs in a typical manner. There are a few rules after IVF treatment that a couple should deal with it. Such as regular check-up, balanced and healthy routine; you can ask all the information by our fertility team if you are willing to go IVF in Punjab.

Factors that Restricts a couple’s IVF treatment delivering successful results –

There are a few factors that influence the success rate of IVF in Punjab; some of them are –

  • Age of the Woman

Age consistently assumes urgent job all through the method for IVF in Punjab. On the off chance that the lady’s age has slipped by the conceptive age, for instance, in the event that a lady is in the staircase of 35-40, at that point it will be very hard to accomplish IVF with her own eggs. This is valid fact that as the lady’s age goes on her egg quality starts to decay. This is the principle reason, why ladies under 35, have high odds of getting brought about by IVF treatment. Along these lines, regardless of whether you are getting ready for IVF treatment, at that point don’t defer as the clock never stops.

  • Body Weight

This is another key point to have triumph in IVF treatment Punjab-Body weight and BMI. Accomplishing pregnancy is simple for those ladies who are at their best body contrasting with those ladies, who are either excessively fat or excessively thin. Being sound is very fine, however putting on pointless weight can prompt pregnancy issues. In this way, one ought to be fit and beneficial to convey supporting pregnancy. Legitimate weight results to uncomplicated and relieving conveyance.

  • Changes in Lifestyle

One ought to embrace decent propensity sound daily schedule and everyday movement impacts significantly on our well being. Poor Lifestyle is one of the huge factor that ruins both (types of people) ripeness potential. Admission of futile and mouth-watering items can make you fulfilled at that point just yet it crumbles your body progressively and causes reaction also can prompt unpredictable monthly cycle, weight gain and so on.

Closing Lines –

There are more perspectives in way of life to have a soothing pregnancy even with or without taking the help from IVF or fertility treatment such as being in a balanced lifestyle, avoiding stress and anxiety, workplace, the manner in which you are seeking after your everyday movement.

Over the top of all the aspects, there comes the most important activity and that is- work-out/yoga/exercise – we can avoid several discomforts by carrying our body fit and healthy; every one of these variables coordinates the method of our reproductive system too.

In a closing lines, if you are intending to get pregnant, you have to stick on a healthy eating regimen, keep away from liquor, quit smoking and drugs (if taking). Have a satisfying IVF in Punjab under the best direction of We Care IVF Surrogacy group!

We Care IVF Surrogacy is a facility of providing the best IVF centers across the India and in abroad too; we are best at patient care. We have been perceived as one of the best fertility agencies giving the best services worldwide at a reasonable price. Our fertility centers are at standard with the most recent techniques of ART and advancements around the world.


IVF – just three alphabetical word but a life-changing method for those who have been trying to have a baby by their own but unable to make that happen. Yes, we have several issues in our lives, say that would be managing the family or accomplishing a family! Hope you have understood the topic which we are going to discuss right now, ye-sits IVF treatment and its process – how it works, what is the success rate and who can use this or who are right for this treatment. Let’s begin with the basic description of IVF Treatment in India.

What is IVF Treatment?

IVF, as mentioned above is one of the fertility treatment of assisted reproductive technology which has been so very famous across the world to deal with infertility issue. IVF is the treatment which can be performed in two ways – the first is using the conventional method/standard procedure and the second is using advanced procedure.

What is actual there in the IVF Treatment in India, is to preparation of the healthy embryo or to create the embryo form the couple’s medical component – eggs and sperms. During the procedure, the couple is required to give own medical component to the fertility team of the centre, basically the female is much involved comparing to the male. Why so? This is because the female has to undergo few steps to provide her own eggs after all the embryo has to be transfer back into the uterus of the woman so yes she needs to come to the centre more often than the male for the process or steps.

Once the embryo gets stick into the uterine lining of the woman, pregnancy likely is going to happen in a normal way.

Who require the IVF Treatment in India?

IVF, undeniably is be the best way for the couples who have been trying well to conceive, but sometimes it could be the possibility that the couple can achieve pregnancy by just using simple methods such as taking fertility medication/hormonal infusions or may be IUI treatment and etc. Hence it is mandatory that if you are under 35 and have been attempting to have a child for more than a year, you might need IVF Treatment to get pregnant.

Don’t decide yourself, it is better to have complete fertility investigation of you and your accomplice. Once the exact cause known, the next is designing well for the appropriate treatment. You can come in contact with our organization – We Care IVF Surrogacy for further investigation or say for an IVF Treatment in India.

IVF Treatment is best suitable for 

  • Women having issue in menstruation cycle (delay of the menstruation cycle, heavy bleeding, irregular cycle)
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Women with endometriosis
  • PCOS issue
  • Men with less sperm count, les motile
  • Men who have been found as zero sperm count or very less (IVF-ICSI with Surgical Sperm Retrieval)
  • Unexplained infertility issue
  • Couples, who don’t want to pass genetic issue or chromosomal abnormality to their offspring can choose IVF treatment (IVF with PGD technique).

IVF Treatment in India – How the Procedure Goes? (How it works)

The total IVF Procedure may last from four to about a month and a half. Steps of IVF system in incorporates –

Stage 1: Stimulation of the ovary 

Before beginning with the IVF Treatment, your fertility doctor is probably going to screen your ovaries and the planning of the egg discharge or you can say the specialist investigates the ovulation date of yours and analyze the treatment planning. The specialist is to ensure that your ovaries are delivering eggs, and your hormone levels are normal for the IVF treatment. Most ladies get fertility meds as of now to animate the ovaries to deliver at least one eggs. Having various eggs accessible for IVF will support the odds that the woman will get pregnant.

Along these lines, the absolute first step of IVF treatment in India is that the female takes the prescribed fertility medication and hormonal injections for 10-14 days until the centre’s doctor stop her or when the specialist finds the eggs to be full matured to retrieve. These meds support the ovaries so as to invigorate numerous eggs. Various eggs increment the odds of effective treatment.

Stage 2: Egg Retrieval Procedure 

In the meantime the female visits thrice or might be more (according to the specialist’s guidance) to the fertility clinic for ultrasounds exams and hormonal blood test. The doctor screens the oocytes growth or follicles development during the sittings and once the specialist gets secure with the development of the considerable number of eggs, the subsequent stage is the assortment of the eggs.

During the egg-recovery step in the IVF Treatment, the local anesthesia or sedation is given to reduce any uneasiness. At that point a hollow needle is put into the upper vaginal divider. By the utilization of vaginal ultrasound, the egg are picked out from the follicles under delicate suction. Quickly after yearning of the follicle, the egg is separated from the follicular liquid. The egg is put in a culture dish or nutrient culture dish and afterward moved to the lab.

Stage 3: Fertilization

The following stage of the IVF Treatment comes as the preparation of the egg or the fertilization step, where the eggs and sperms are combined to create embryo. A sperm test gets made sure about, either from your accomplice or a donor. Some of the time when the sperm is found to be less motile, the doctor uses the procedure of ICSI, where a single sperm is directly infused into the egg.

Once the sperms get into the cytoplasm of the egg, at that point, the sperm and egg are set in a fertility lab under the guidance of the experts to observe that.

Stage 4: Embryo move and Implantation

The very last step of IVF Treatment is the embryo transfer or the embryo move and very crucial step to decide IVF has worked or not. In the first place, the embryos get analyzed by the specialist to pick the most advantageous ones for the embryo transfer. To move the embryo(s), a speculum is situated into vagina and the embryo(s) are moved by a catheter through the cervix into the uterus of the woman. After the IVF procedure goes total, the bed rest is frequently guided for around 24 hours.

The female is encouraged to go for a pregnancy test once the embryo gets placed (within ten to fourteen days of the embryo transfer), where the specialist evaluates it to finish whether the embryo has effectively joined into the fitting spot (in the uterine covering) or not. If the embryo gets successfully attached into the uterine lining and the embryo gets fixed appropriately, at that point there comes a positive outcome.

Closing Lines

IVF is no doubt the best and most preferred treatment to have a child but at the same time, IVF never at any point offers assurance to the couple for the positive outcome or say a pregnancy, however that doesn’t mean too that IVF doesn’t work. There are a few factors on which the success rate depends of IVF and these are – Age of the lady, egg quality, sperm count and motility, what the centre the couple has chosen, specialist experience and none other than the understanding. These are some critical perspectives one must know picking IVF.

Regardless of whether you have crossed 35 age and your eggs have lost the characteristics of being effectively treated with the sperm during the standard IVF Treatment, at that point no concerns, you can design or plan for the pregnancy on the off chance that you need to have a baby! How? By picking IVF egg donor; there are several options for a couple (for basic and advanced level fertility issue) to conceive by ART method, you just need to pick the best fertility centre for that. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the ongoing fertility agency providing the best treatment across the globe serving the best centres to the couple at a reasonable price too. We are the group of fertility specialist organization that advances fundamental and all the types of advanced treatment to the patients in the most picked and high giving success rate.

Truly, there are a numerous methods by which you can consider and plan to have your own child, we would be happy to solve your muddle related to the fertility problem.

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