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Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy Treatment India – Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH) is a surgery performed through small holes made in your abdomen through which the upper two-thirds of the uterus are removed. The bottom third, or cervix, is left behind. Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy (LSH) may be the surgical solution for many women who suffer from small to medium fibroids, adenomyosis, abnormal bleeding or endometriosis.

A Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy is performed through 3 small incisions-one in the base of the belly button and two smaller incisions near the hip bones. The uterus is cut away from its blood supply and the cervix and then cut into strips and pulled in strips through a tube. This procedure can be done in women with mild to moderate adhesions and can be done in the case of a large uterus. The cut cervix is closed with sutures. This takes about one to two hours.

This procedure is a minimally invasive procedure wherein a woman’s uterus, not the cervix, is removed using a way that involves several small belly incisions. Typically it is done to treat sicknesses or obstacle of the uterus consisting of fibroids, endometriosis, infection inside the ovaries or fallopian tubes, pelvic pain, and external vaginal bleeding. Before the improvement of minimally invasive surgical techniques, remedy for such situations regularly involved a complete abdominal hysterectomy, which required significant belly cuts with at least 6-8 weeks of recovery time.

Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy is one of the most common surgeries performed on women. Is a minimally invasive system wherein a woman’s uterus, but not the cervix, is removed using a technique that involves numerous small stomach incisions. Typically it is achieved to treat illnesses or impediment of the uterus together with fibroids, endometriosis, infection within the ovaries or fallopian tubes, pelvic pain, and external vaginal bleeding.

Before the development of minimally invasive surgical techniques, remedy for such situations regularly involved a complete stomach hysterectomy, which required a big abdomen incision and 6-eight weeks of recovery.

During the procedure of Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy  –

During the process of Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy, the doctor inserts emaciated 5-millimetre telescope (laparoscope), through a small incision in order to see into the abdomen, and then assists cutting and grabbing the tools through two other cuts (incisions).

The connective tissue and blood vessels to the patient’s uterus are cut and then the uterus is cut-up and removed in strips. The patient’s cervix left intact during this procedure that facilitates better pelvic floor support and speed-up the patient to return to normal sexual functions.

Many countries do not offer LSH treatment; India is one of the very few countries that provide LSH treatment for the entire patient who wants to undergo LSH surgery. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility agencies that put forward the advanced surgical treatment along with the basic and highly developed fertility treatment such as ovulation induction, IUI treatment, IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical Sperm Retrieval and many more.

The Closing Lines

Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy or LSH is the latest and newest technology, is somehow advanced level of hysterectomy. Till today’s date, few surgeons are skilled to perform this procedure. LSH is a partial hysterectomy process, however LSH preserves the cervix of the woman and often the ovaries; through this process, the surgeon removes the diseased uterus.

LSH doesn’t cause vaginal dryness because the gland of the patient cervix continues to produce mucous, this is the major reason why LSH doesn’t cause much trouble compared to the process of hysterectomy. Also LSH gives the patient better pelvic support because the ligaments supporting cervix and vagina are left intact during the surgery of Laparoscopic Supra Cervical Hysterectomy.  One of the biggest significant aspects of LSH is less pain and quick recovery. It has much more advance feature compared to conventional hysterectomy surgery. Why less pain and quick recovery time? This is because of small incisions used in the laparoscopic approach. Sparing of the ovaries, in most cases, avoids the need for hormone replacement.

The team of We Care IVF Surrogacy offers this procedure at some of the centres in India providing a decent success rate across India.

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