Erectile Dysfunction and its Treatment in India

Erectile dysfunction in India is one of the conditions of male impotency, where a male faces difficulty in maintaining or getting a stiff enough erection in order to achieve sexual penetration. This issue is commonly termed as Impotence or ED in short form. The highest-flying characteristic of Erectile Dysfunction is the male’s inability to develop a constant erection of his penis during sexual intercourse.

Cardiovascular diseases or diabetes are two common causes of ED disorder, hormonal insufficiencies and drug abuse also upshot erectile dysfunction issue in men. Erectile dysfunction in India is a common male sexual dysfunction occurring in males. Possibility of this disorder increases with the male’s age and is one of the frequent dysfunction disorders amongst many.  We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading centres that provide the best medical assistance for this case and if the erectile dysfunction issue can only be treated with certain medication or surgery (if needed) then the specialists of this centre do a marvellous job in treating the patient’s case accurately.

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    What is the indication of Erectile Dysfunction?

    Erectile Dysfunction, as the name gives clue- the inability of an individual, who either has an issue to develop or maintain an erection of his penis during the sexual course. Some of the causes of ED also have the data, where a male’s erection is developed but could not be maintained. So, in general, the symptom of erectile dysfunction is a man unable to maintain his erection while doing sexual intercourse. Other marked indications include soft erection of male’s penis, a reduced sex drive.

    What are the risk factors of erectile dysfunction?

    Erectile Dysfunction has several risks features; if we talk about the most significant risk factor then it is the medications treated for depression, male pattern baldness, high blood pressure medication, prostate enlargement etc. Other risks associated with this factor –

    • Failure of the kidney can cause ED issue
    • The neurogenic disorder also leads to erectile dysfunction
    • Male, if suffering with multiple sclerosis contributes to erectile dysfunction
    • Men with diabetes can also have this problem
    • Major surgeries, whether successful or unsuccessful, often goes in the front to open the way of ED
    • Ageing is one of the common factors that heads the Erectile dysfunction
    • Factors such as mental disorder, anxiety, depression or stress can give the pathway of Erectile Dysfunction
    • If a man is leading an unhealthy or unhygienic lifestyle, including smoke, can direct play a role in erectile dysfunction.

    Is Erectile Dysfunction identified?

    Usually no medical test is used to diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction in India, however, if a man wants to know more about this case, then specific blood tests can be performed to determine any disease or if any issue is giving rise to this disorder. Unhealthy lifestyle, poor physical health, dietary habits – these factors are often linked with underlying cause of ED issue.

    Given below are some ways to diagnose erectile dysfunction in India –

    • Nocturnal penile tumescence
    • Dynamic Infusion Cavernosometry
    • Duplex ultrasound
    • Penile Nerves Functioning
    • Penile Biothesiometry
    • Magnetic resonance angiography

    Is there any treatment available in India to treat Erectile Dysfunction?

    First thing, which the specialist will ask you is to make sure you are getting appropriate treatment (if any) for any medical health situation that could be worsening the case of erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India depends upon the cause of the disorder of the patient.

    • If the cause for erectile dysfunction issue is psychological, then the way of getting out from this cause is Psychological Treatment.
    • For men, where the reason behind ED is Physiological, the specialists will recommend the patient to go for aerobic exercises, quitting alcohol consumption and smoking for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India.

    Oral medications such as –

    • Sildenafil (Revatio, Viagra)
    • Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis)
    • Avanafil (Stendra)
    • Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)

    Mentioned above medications boost the effect of Nitric oxide in the patient; nitric oxide is a natural chemical a male produces in his body, this natural chemical relaxes the muscles in the penis. A patient after taking any of the above medication increases blood flow and allows the man to get erectile when sexual stimulation is responded.

    Vacuum erection devices are also given for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India. When a patient doesn’t respond well enough to the medications or other treatment options then surgery may be conducted by the specialists.

    There are several treatment options based on the cause and severity of a man’s erectile dysfunction. The specialists will explain the risks and the benefits of each option of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India and consider the best and appropriate treatment depends on the exact cause of ED.

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      Other Solutions that may resolve Erectile Dysfunction in men

      One should try home remedies and lifestyle changes before undergoing medical assistance for the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India. Given below are some best solutions that might help those men who have the issue of ED –

      • If you are in the habit of Smoking, then you have to quit smoking. If you are unable to leave this addiction then go and seek help. You can seek medical guidance; a doctor may prescribe the medication that will definitely help you to come out from smoking.
      • Loss extra fat- If you are overweight then this condition may cause or even worsen the case of erectile dysfunction. Try to be fit by adopting yoga and exercises in your life-routine. You can include in your day to day activity some physical activities. The best way to maintain your body is to welcome Exercise and Yoga- exercise majorly helps to reduce the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction in a number of ways, such as it reduces the stress and depression level, helps you to be on balanced weight, it also increases blood flow.
      • If you drink too much alcohol or consume drugs, then it can worsen the case of erectile dysfunction of yours. You can have the treatment for alcohol or drug consumption.
      • Have a healthy relationship –Make sure you live in a healthy and happy relationship with your partner. If you are getting trouble improving communication with your partner or even working together to cope with the situation, you can go for a couple or marriage counselling from the best guidance.

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