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The Cost of Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery: What to Expect

Various women choose to encounter tubal ligation when they needn’t bother with any future pregnancies. In any case, normally, conditions change and she or the couple wants to have a baby (say for any reason), then there gets the best option of Tubal Ligation Reversal in India – . Though tubal ligation is seen as an enduring technique, it is possible to switch the disinfection through an action called tubal ligation reversal, or tub tubal anastomosis.

What is a Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Most women who have encountered tubal ligation and need to envision before long are oblivious of the possibility of reversal and choose IVF. In any case, by having a tubal reversal, you increase your chances of envisioning, yet the related costs are also basically lower than those with IVF.

The opposite tubal ligation is a one-hour framework by which the secluded parts of the fallopian tube are rejoined. This allows an egg to eventually wander out from the ovary to the uterus and be treated by sperm.

The action takes to some degree longer than the primary technique, as it is a laparotomy wherein the passage point made on the midsection is fairly greater than that made for tubal ligation. The recovery time is may moreover be to some degree lengthier than the basic methodology of ligation.

At We Care, we have the team of masters, who do best Tubal Ligation Reversal in India with the highest success rate of the pregnancy. All the advanced techniques are available for this procedure with a high-tech and modern center available for the procedure.

What should expect before the Procedure?

The specialist of our team will probably recommend you and your accomplice get a total physical test or to go with complete assessment check-up. That way you can see whether anything may shield you from getting pregnant after a tubal ligation procedure or not.

The test may incorporate blood and ultrasound test to ensure the patient’s ovary is functioning well. You’ll likewise require a test called a HSG – hysterosalpingogram, to check the length and capacity of your remaining fallopian tubes. A HSG should be possible utilizing color and X-beams or saline and air alongside ultrasound.

The specialist may likewise propose that your accomplice get tests, for example, a sperm check and semen investigation to preclude any infertility issues. If there gets any issue of fertility, then to get pregnant, fertility treatment might be required.

The Procedure of Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery in India–

The action itself is a laparotomy wherein a 4 to 5 inch cut is made in your stomach territory essentially over the pubic bone. Nowadays, authorities are furthermore trying laproscopic strategies, anyway it is less ordinary.

You’ll have to go to a medical clinic or an “outpatient” focus – a spot where you don’t remain medium-term after medical procedure. You’ll be given general sedation, which implies you’ll be sans torment and won’t be alert during the activity.

Your specialist puts a little lit instrument, called a laparoscope, through your belly button and into the pelvis zone. This lets the doctor to examine the fallopian tubes and choose if Tubal Ligation Reversal in India is appropriate for the case or not. If the specialist seems everything fines for the method, then the doctor makes point to begin the surgery, the expert makes a small surgical incision, known as bikini-cut (near the patient’s pubic hair line).

Apparatus joined with the laparoscope let the doctor evacuate any clasps or rings that were utilized to obstruct the woman’s fallopian tube during the tubal ligation procedure, and reconnect the parts of the fallopian tubes to the uterus, utilizing extremely small stitches.

The medical procedure as a rule takes around 2 to 3 hours.Recovery time is 3 to 4 days and around seven days of bed rest. You can have a go at envisioning when you get your first menstrual period after the movement. In any case, note that women who have an inverse tubal ligation have an extended risk ectopic pregnancy.

If you get a positive pregnancy test, it is recommended for the woman to get check-up by the specialist ensuring about the healthy pregnancy.

Tubal Ligation Reversal and IVF Treatment in India –

Tubal Ligation Reversal in India is the best way to have your kid if the patient doesn’t want to undergo IVF treatment. So, basically by two ways, the woman can conceive after the tubal ligation procedures – first is choosing the tubal ligation reversal process or going with the IVF method.

As the outcome of the process of both for the most part depends upon various components, like your age, your partner’s age, partner’s sperm count and egg quality, on occasion one decision may be better than the other.

Overall, the advantage of reversal over IVF is that it is a one-time technique, after which you get the chance of ordinarily getting pregnant reliably. With IVF treatment, you should encounter treatment in order to consider and may require diverse treatment cycles before you are productive. This method is moreover fundamentally increasingly costly.

Additionally, a singular example of IVF realizes a 40% to 55% success rate of pregnancy. With a tubal reversal, the chances of pregnancy glide around 70% to 80% inside a period of the clinical method. In addition, the peril of ovarian hyperstimulation and different births related with IVF are discarded when you envision ordinarily. So, choice is yours whether you need to go for IVF or Tubal Ligation Reversal in India.

What would be the Pregnancy rate after Tubal Ligation reversal in India?

Related pregnancy success rate with Tubal Ligation Reversal in India are ordinarily truly adequate, yet can move as showed by your age and nature of the method.

Women more youthful than 30 have a pregnancy accomplishment pace of about 60-70% while those more than 35 have lesser success rate compared to those who are under the age group of 35. Women are above 40 years have somewhere 40% success rate to have a baby via this procedure.

On the off chance that your remaining fallopian tubes are sound, and you and your accomplice don’t have some other barrenness issues, you have a decent possibility of getting pregnant after tubal ligation reversal procedure.

Remember, however, that it doesn’t work for everybody. Age assumes a significant job in whether you get pregnant after tubal inversion. More seasoned ladies are significantly less likely than more youthful lady to have achievement.

By and large, pregnancy achievement rates extend from 60% to 85%. At the point when pregnancy happens, it’s for the most part inside the primary year.

Other than your age, getting pregnant after tubal inversion relies upon things, for example,

  • Sort of tubal ligation strategy you had previous
  • Length of your remaining fallopian tubes after the tubal ligation surgery, and whether they despite everything work appropriately
  • Measure of scar tissue in your pelvic territory
  • Partner’s sperm count and fertility level
  • The experience of the expert

Closing Lines –

Once after the surgery of Tubal Ligation Reversal in India, the patient is required to come to the center (where she has been undergone the method) for the hysterosalpingogram – X-ray dye test. The patient is usually recommended to come to the center after three to four months of the procedure. This test will make sure the specialist that the tubes are open properly and functioning well.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility platform, where you can have the best tubal ligation reversal surgery at a reasonable price. We take care the patient case with the utmost priority serving all the facilities throughout the process.


What if you have changed your mind for not having a kid after the tubal ligation procedure? Yes there is the best option to settle on Tubal Ligation Reversal in India by the best center. You can have your pregnancy once you are done with this procedure.

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