How much does Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine?

Ukraine has always been into the limelight for innumerable individuals to have their successful fertility treatments done. Out of many, we are focusing our attention to the most advanced form of Assisted Reproductive Technology that has been widely used to achieve baby – Surrogacy treatment. True, Surrogacy is the end-most solution to have your baby by your own eggs and partner’s sperms. There could be several reasons to choose Surrogacy in Ukraine for example if the woman has severe uterine issues or had undergone the surgery of uterus removal (Hysterectomy), and more causes can lead the couple to go for surrogacy.

It will be wrong to say that the Surrogacy cost is easy to pay by each individual, but it’s not false to say that Ukraine is one of the cheapest countries which offer the Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine at a reasonable package. Having a baby via Surrogacy process in Ukraine, costs USD $33,000 – USD $35,000 (approx.), this package can go up to USD 40,000 as per the couple’s surrogacy plan. The Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is the most affordable one (if compared to other countries). That’s why Ukraine has taken widespread fame and name to undergo surrogacy treatment because of several things getting into a single package.

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Why choose Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine?

There is not a single aspect of selecting Surrogacy in Ukraine, but there are many points why a couple should think and plan for their surrogacy treatment in Ukraine. The first and most crucial reason for going for Surrogacy in Ukraine is its matchless treatment along with the highest success rate.

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is also affordable providing all the advanced services to the patient beginning from personal consultation, personalised care and proper guidance, ending up with the surrogate’s delivery and handing the baby to the baby’s biological parent. No hidden charges, neither any extra cost will be asked by the fertility team of best surrogacy centre in Ukraine.

The Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine for all the couples is transparent and clear, and there is neither any extra charge which can be later added on the patient’s bill nor the couple faces any difficulty through their surrogacy process. Cost always matters while deciding for any of the fertility treatment and surrogacy, as you all know, is the most expensive Assisted Reproductive Technology to enjoy the parenthood days when faced with acute infertility issue. Among the very few countries, Ukraine has emerged to a great extent, which offer commercial surrogacy at so reasonable and under-budget manner. The main motive behind the cheap surrogacy package in Ukraine is to provide happiness to all those couples, who have been eagerly waiting to hold their baby in arms soon.

What are the different Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine?

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading Medical Tourism facilitators that provide surrogacy and other fertility treatments at an authentic price offering the super ultramodern techniques all through the journey of surrogacy treatment for a couple and the surrogate. We do have all kinds of a surrogate mother in Ukraine, who are fit and capable to hold a baby in their womb and happily delivers the child for the intended couple.

Surrogacy is the process that is accomplished with the help of IVF treatment, where the couple provides their medical component for IVF fertilization. An intended woman has to undergo all the process same as IVF till egg-pick up. Once the eggs have been collected by the fertility team of Surrogacy Centre in Ukraine, the very next process is fertilizing with the partner’s sperms. And then the healthiest embryo gets selected for embryo transfer into the surrogate’s uterus for the implantation and then pregnancy. The later process of surrogacy is then carried out by the Surrogate mother. She will be in the guidance of the fertility centre, getting all the medical examinations, regular check-ups, pregnancy care appropriately done.

Before gathering the information of surrogacy cost Ukraine, let’s understand all the programs associated with the surrogacy packages. We offer three Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine –

  1. IVF with own eggs + Surrogate’s expenditure
  2. IVF with donor eggs + Surrogate’s expenditure
  3. Guaranteed Surrogacy Package

Each Program Include

  • Proper consultation with the experts
  • Selection of the surrogate mother
  • Stimulation charges and regular hormonal injection
  • Intended woman’s (or donor) egg retrieval
  • Embryo transfer in the surrogate’s womb
  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Surrogate’s reimbursement
  • The legal procedure for parentage after the delivery

What does Guarantee Surrogacy Package Ukraine include?

Talking about the Guarantee Surrogacy cost Ukraine, there you get PGD technique included after the creation of an embryo, provide extra care for premature new-born, and additional amenities are also included in the package of guaranteed surrogacy package. Unlimited IVF/ICSI is performed in the case of Guarantee package if required. A couple if selecting Guarantee Surrogacy package from We Care IVF Surrogacy; then the couple will get –

  • Unlimited IVF/ICSI
  • A couple can get unlimited new egg donors if needed
  • On tap medical services fees
  • Coverage of new IVF treatment with or without egg donation
  • If in case miscarriage happens, then a couple is not required to give additional costs apart from the charge of Guarantee Surrogacy cost in Ukraine. The centre will carry on the procedure until the pregnancy is achieved.

Apart from it, the intended parent will be given all the legal knowledge and information about the guaranteed surrogacy package.

Comparing the Surrogacy Cost Ukraine with other countries, we will reach on the point that Ukraine is offering the most affordable gestational surrogacy. The average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is more than twice times lower than in Canada and thrice times lesser than in the USA. At the same time, Ukraine follows a stable and secure surrogacy law specified in the Ukrainian legislation. Surrogacy cost Ukraine is the cheapest package in Europe, giving the highest success rate.

Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine

On average, The Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine is USD $33,000 to USD $35,000; this cost involves the couple’s own eggs and sperm.

Surrogacy Procedure in Ukraine Using Self- Eggs–
Surrogacy Cost in UkraineCost in USD
IVF procedure using own egg (Stimulation cost, ultrasounds etc.) USD $6500- USD $7500
Medical assessment Surrogate’s pregnancy care USD $4000- USD $5000
Surrogacy agreement (Contracts, agreement, birth certificate, legal support, forms and applications etc.) USD $5000 – USD $6000
Gestational Surrogacy using Self-Eggs Estimated Cost of Surrogate’s compensation, allowances and standard reimbursements USD $15,000- USD $18,000

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Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine with Egg Donation

When the eggs received by the intended mother not get fertilized with the partner’s sperm, then there might be the need of donor eggs for the accomplishment fertilization. The surrogacy with egg donation cost in Ukraine becomes a bit high than conventional surrogacy package. The Surrogacy Cost in Ukraine using the donor eggs is USD $38,000 (approx.). Let’s read a break-down fee schedule of surrogacy package with egg donation in Ukraine
Surrogacy Cost in UkraineCost in USD
IVF process (stimulation cost, ultrasounds, blood work of the donor and egg retrieval) USD $7500 – USD $8000
Medical facilities Surrogate’s pregnancy care and centre’s fees USD $4000 – USD $5000
Surrogacy agreement (Contracts, agreement, birth certificate, legal support, forms and applications etc.)USD $5000 – USD $6000
Egg Donor Fees in UkraineUSD $4500 – USD $5,000
Gestational Surrogacy using Donor-Eggs Estimated Cost of Surrogate’s compensation, allowances and reimbursementsUSD $18,000 – USD $20,000

At the End

We Care IVF Surrogacy is proud to inform that we have made surrogacy journey easy by offering reasonable cost and performing best surrogacy treatment for the intended couple. Discussing the average cost of surrogacy in other countries, then the beginning range starts from USD 60,000 and goes up to USD $1,20,000 based on the surrogacy arrangement of the couple. Ukraine is one of the very few countries that give an economical cost of surrogacy package at just USD $35,000 (approx.). Surrogacy laws also matter a lot, here in Ukraine; individual easily gets into the surrogacy treatment along with the easy-going treatment offered by the fertility team of the best surrogacy centre in Ukraine.

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