Dummy Embryo Transfer Procedure in India

Each woman’s reproductive system is different and has unique uterus function! A Dummy Embryo transfer in India helps in evaluating the best path and the distance from the woman’s cervix to the appropriate spot in the uterus.

Dummy Embryo Transfer in India is a common process performed at the Best fertility Centre in India. This procedure may take place before or during the patient’s IVF cycle, whereas, an actual embryo is transferred in the middle of the IVF cycle in India. A complicated embryo transfer is associated with fewer chances of pregnancy rate thus Dummy Transfer Process in India is the best option to avoid any struggle coming in the way to achieve your pregnancy.

Dummy Transfer in India gives the fertility specialist a perfect technique required to do the actual embryo transfer. After this procedure, a woman gets a high chance of getting conceived via IVF treatment.

Dummy embryo transfer is also known as Mock embryo transfer.  We also can say that Dummy embryo transfer is a trial run of the procedure of actual embryo transfer. Through this process, the specialist is able to determine the best path to the suitable landing place in the recipient’s uterus, this process also makes the specialist aware about the distance from cervix to the landing position, and ensure that there are no unforeseen bumps or hits (such as scar tissue, unnoticed fibroid etc.) all the way through cervix and the uterus.

Dummy Embryo Transfer in India though is a safe procedure but must be carried out correctly performed by the best and experienced fertility doctors.

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    When Dummy Embryo Transfer in India should be performed?

    The fertility experts of the couple will have a more clear view about the couple’s case; if the experts will recommend the couple to go for Dummy Embryo Transfer Process in India then the couple can go ahead of this process.

    The Dummy Embryo Transfer may take place

    • More than one month before the couple’s actual IVF treatment, during an HSG or Hysteroscopy
    • A month before a couple’s IVF treatment
    • During the woman’s egg retrieval process. This is the time when a woman won’t even know about the dummy embryo transfer (due to anaesthesia).
    • Dummy embryo transfer process in India can also take place on the same day of the actual embryo transfer. At first, the fertility specialist takes a trial by putting dummy embryo into the uterus of the woman, and then right away, the actual shifting the embryo.

    What happens during a Dummy Embryo Transfer in India?

    A patient most likely is told to come for this procedure with a completely full bladder. Why so?

    • This is because, female’s full bladder pushes the uterus into different placement, and this makes the dummy embryo transfer process easier
    • A female’s full bladder helps the specialist to have the picture quality with the ultrasound

    A patient is said to lie on the back with the feet in stir-ups. A speculum is used to assist the specialist to place the catheter into the cervix and passes into the patient’s uterus.

    The fertility doctor during the Dummy Embryo Transfer in India involves all these steps

    • Selecting the best catheter to perform the procedure
    • The specialist makes sure about the “speed bumps” (such as undetected fibroid, scar tissue or any other hurdle that can create hindrance to attain pregnancy via IVF)
    • Determining the best way from the female’s cervix to the actual place where the embryo is supposed to be landed, which may differ on the basis of the position of the patient’s uterus.
    • Measuring the gap or distance from the patient’s cervical opening to the exact spot (where the embryo should be transferred) in the uterus.

    There won’t be any embryos on the catheter during the mock transfer.

    During Dummy Embryo Transfer Process in India, there won’t be any embryo on the catheter. The specialist at some cases injects a blue dye during this dummy transfer. Once the catheter is removed, the expert ensures no blue dye leftover on the tip of the catheter or at the cervical opening of the patient.

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      Is there any risk associated with Dummy Embryo Transfer Process in India?

      Almost No! Dummy Embryo Transfer in India is a safe process and hardly causes any risk. The risk of developing an infection is much less in Dummy embryo transfer process. A female may experience cramping but this pain is tolerable and soon it becomes fine.

      If a female experiences a chill or fever, severe cramping, unusual bleeding, and intolerable pain then make sure to contact the specialist as soon as possible.

      If the dummy embryo transfer takes place during the egg retrieval process, then a woman won’t even feel anything because at that time she will be under anaesthesia. A female after this process may experience mild cramps but it’s nothing to be worried about.

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      How much Dummy Embryo Transfer Procedure Cost in India?

      We Care IVF Surrogacy provides this procedure at reasonable cost. The charge of Dummy Embryo Transfer in India is wrapped up in an IVF cycle because this is the best package a couple can have. On an average, if talking separately, a Dummy Embryo Transfer Cost in India is around $250 – 500 (the cost may differ from one fertility centre to other).

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