Not Getting Pregnant?

Know When Is The Right Time For Treatment?

Making a decision to have your own baby is crucial for the phase of parenthood. Sometimes couples by any of their personal choices drop their plan to have kid, which hinders their way to get pregnant. There is not a single reason why several couples face trouble in getting conceived, rather there are numerous reasons behind it.

Settling on the right time to begin fertility treatment can be daunting task for many. To figure out this, we are here to help you providing all the information about ‘When is the Right Time For Treatment?’

If you are facing any of the facts below then this is the time to seek a fertility specialist for your case-

  • If you are under 35 and have been trying hard to get pregnant for more than 12 months
  • If you are above 35, wants to conceive and have been trying for 6 months
  • At the age of 40 and trying for 3 months

Couples trying to attain pregnancy should consult the medical guidance with an expert to make sure everything they are doing is right in the process to achieve pregnancy. If in case, they are unable to conceive then the couple can go ahead to meet with a fertility specialist.

When is the right time to opt for fertility treatment? Is it after the couple has tried for more than 12 months or few months? See, each individual case varies and so the treatment time but it is advised that if a couple is under their 35 and have been trying to achieve pregnancy for over a year without using any contraceptives. Women, who are above 35 are highly in the clutch of infertility and need fertility treatment to conceive. But it’s not always the women; men could also be infertile or possess low quantity and poor quality of the sperm.

If in case, there is identified or recognized genetic fertility issue, a couple can begin their treatment early without waiting or undergoing few tests. If a woman has been facing with irregular menstruation, abnormal flow of cycle, she must seek and consult with fertility doctor soon.

It is essential for the couple to make their body fit and healthy before and all through the way of pregnancy, have a balanced diet and stick on nutritious food plan in order to neglect any kind of risk because of patient’s health issue.

Meeting up with a Fertility Specialist

Once completed initial consultation, a comprehensive review is taken by the couple, where the expert will ask the couple to undergo physical exam and a series of fertility tests. Fertility test may include blood and hormonal level tests of the female, by which the expert will evaluate the exact cause of infertility and diagnose the cause with appropriate infertility treatment. Once the accurate cause of infertility is known by the specialist, the expert will let the couple know regarding the best option to go for their fertility treatment.

If the reason of infertility is much moderate, then IUI with ovulation induction is beneficial for the couple. However, if a woman is facing with endometriosis, PCOS disorder, poor egg quality, fallopian tube issue etc. then Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) will be recommended for the couple to go for.

Symptoms of Infertility in Women

Although the most common and major symptom of infertility is not getting pregnant, there can be other health issues a woman may ignore as a symptom. Let’s have a look. Although the most common symptom of infertility in women is not getting pregnant, there are some other factors also associated with women’s health issues may come as a symptom of infertility. Let’s have a look on some points

Women facing issue with their Menstrual Cycle

• Problem in menstrual cycle or changes in menstruation can raise difficulty to attain pregnancy.
• Women experiencing unusual bleeding during menstruation (unusual here specifies lighter or heavier than normal cycle)
• Painful Menstruation cycle; a female during her cycle experiences severe pelvic pain or cramping or back pain.
• A woman getting irregular menstrual cycle
• Absence of period: sudden the cycle stops in women or never had a period (in a rare case)

Menstruation is directly linked with ovulation cycle in women, if menses is becoming irregular or abnormal then there is the issue in women’s ovulation cycle. Three words, i.e. – Ovulation, Menstruation and Pregnancy-, all of them are in a straight line connected with each other. Hence, a woman needs to observe her ovulation days and how her menstruation cycle is going each month.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal problems can also be responsible for female infertility. Such problems can present themselves as:

True! There are numerous factors associated with infertility due to hormonal imbalance in women and men too. Hormonal problems also hold back pregnancy and make female suffer with delayed pregnancy. Problems such as

• Changes seen in the skin of the woman
• Losing the hair or thinning of the hair
• Reduced sex drive
• Over weight gain
• Abnormal hair growth on the odd area (chin, chest or back region)

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    Certain Factors that you should know

    There are some external factors too that affect fertility level in men and women; some o f them are –
    • Environment or work hazardous chemical side-effect
    • Lifestyle factors (too much busy, hectic or irregular routine)
    • Addiction of- smoke, consumption of alcohol, chewing tobacco
    • Unhealthy diet plan

    Smoking causes men’s sperm weak for fertilization, less motile and less active. So, if you are planning to get pregnant then you should quit smoking, drinking, or excessive intake of caffeine to have a baby. Women who smoke daily or drink alcohol have high chances to get miscarriage or poor child birth. WE CARE IVF SURROGACY is one of the illustrious ART specialist centers that stamps out unbreakable case of Infertility in men and women by giving them unsurpassed fertility treatment with a decent success rate.

    Here we are providing all the fundamental information when a couple needs to consult with the experienced fertility expert and undergo with the best and appropriate treatment based on the case of their infertility disorder.

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