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How much does the egg donor Cost in Nepal 2023?

The egg donor cost in Nepal at We Care IVF Surrogacy ranges from NPR 1 40,000 to NPR 1 50,000 for donating their eggs to other couples that help them conceive a baby. Some women donate their eggs to help other teams build up their families, and some contribute for money, but in both cases, the motive is to help childless couples. You can have the donor eggs for successful pregnancy results. It helps in the IVF process as the donor eggs fertilize with the intended father sperm. Then, it will implant into the intended mother’s uterus for pregnancy results.

The donor egg with IVF in Nepal provides top results in successful conception. Your expert will suggest the donor eggs if the intended mother eggs cannot use. The donor eggs are healthy eggs from another healthy woman willing to help the couple.

Why IVF with egg donor in Nepal?

The most advanced method in assisted reproductive technologies is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). It works in various infertile situations that impact the couple’s happiness and quality of life. They can effectively conceive using a variety of cutting-edge IVF techniques. Yes, IVF procedures can be performed in Nepal using cutting-edge techniques for better outcomes in cases of severe infertility issues. This advice is by reproductive specialists who have examined the health and sterility of the partners. Additionally, IVF with donor eggs produces the most problematic pregnancies.

Firstly, healthy eggs and sperm are necessary for IVF to be successful. Any gamete defect will affect the result, and the couple might not get pregnant. Because of this, having healthy gametes is crucial and leads to better outcomes. However, what would happen if you lacked healthy gametes? Or your health issues prevent you from producing healthy eggs and sperm. You might wonder how IVF will help you conceive or whether it can actually be helpful. And without a doubt, the answer is yes.

When do you need donor eggs in Nepal?

IVF can help you conceive even if your gametes are unhealthy. Donor aid is the best strategy. When partners do not have quality eggs and sperm, they can use donor eggs and sperm. Your specialist can complete IVF in Nepal using donor eggs.In Nepal, IVF with egg donation produces excellent pregnancy outcomes. To use in your procedure, you will take the donor’s healthy eggs. The procedure works as recommended by fertility medications to improve the egg donor’s egg counts. It will be gathered by the specialist and fertilized with the sperm of the desired father.

  • The created embryo will then implant into the intended mother’s uterus to produce a pregnancy. Your fertility specialist will advise against it. The production of eggs is affected because the female spouse is older. Their capacity to generate mature, healthy eggs with low egg counts will impact. Additionally, these eggs are incapable of fertilizing with male sperm to lead to pregnancy.
  • Because they are born without ovaries, some women have birth problems such as congenital malformations. However, they have a strong uterus that can carry the child.
  • A known genetic disease in the female spouse will either be passed on to the foetus or result in several miscarriages. The donor eggs can therefore produce outcomes because they are healthy eggs.
  • Without any apparent cause, you have experienced several pregnancy failures and miscarriages.
  • Because of the couple’s poor embryo health, multiple IVF therapy cycles were unsuccessful.

Are these egg donors adequately screened?

Yes, all the egg donors hired by the We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic will appropriately screened before entering the egg donation procedure. The following are the criteria that each egg donor needs to pass, and this is:

  • A woman should be 21 to 30 years old for donating her eggs to other couples.
  • She should be a young, healthy, and fertile woman and can produce multiple eggs for fertilization in one cycle.
  • The egg donors hired by We Care IVF Surrogacy are adequately tested for infectious diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis B, etc.
  • A woman who wishes to be an egg donor should not be having any medical illness or genetic disorders.
  • A woman who wishes to be an egg donor should have complete family support, and her family has no obligation with whom her eggs get shared.
  • All egg donors must pass their criminal background check to avoid any issues during the procedure.
  • We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic hires married and unmarried egg donors; however, preference given to married donors with at least one child is higher than unmarried ones because married donors have established their ability to bear children.

How does IVF with egg donor work in Nepal?

In a variety of infertility problems, the IVF procedure has a high possibility of success. But for a better result, IVF needs healthy sperm and eggs. Do you have health or gamete-related issues? We have the greatest choice for you, so do not worry. Yes, every couple should use egg donor IVF in Nepal. It works by choosing the ideal egg donor match for your procedure.

How you choose an egg donor in Nepal is the question that now emerges. Do not worry, then! We are available to help you at every stage of the IVF process. You have two options right now. Find the Nepal egg donor first on your own. Next, choose your treatment from the database at the facility. We advise you to pick any centre.

They have large databases of skilled and experienced egg donors. Given that you have already experienced a vertigo voyage and significant suffering, it will bring you much relief and satisfaction. Your satisfaction and comfort are our top priorities since we genuinely care about the IVF procedure.

Through us, you can receive very suited and relaxing egg donor IVF in Nepal. Advanced stages that operate under strict expert scrutiny and cutting-edge technology are involved. You will receive the best treatment and will not find it anywhere else. The best IVF doctor in Nepal uses cutting-edge technology to complete treatments. The steps of IVF using an egg donor in Nepal are as follows:

  1. Medical checkups: Various testings and tests are available for assistance in the IVF process. It will confirm your fertility and health conditions for starting the IVF process. Then, they will provide the counselling session through the top counsellor. It will help with your psychological conditions and provide comfort.
  2. Egg retrieval: Egg retrieval is a step where the fertility experts at We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic in Nepal collect the donor eggs and accomplish them on the same day using an ultrasound-guided aspiration. Firstly, your best IVF doctor in Nepal can recommend fertility medicines to the donor to increase egg production. Also, the synchronization can perform as the intended mother and donor ovulation cycle will match
  3. Egg fertilization: Your expert will perform insemination after confirming the egg’s production and the intended mother’s uterus health. Egg fertilization is a step where the experts collect the donor eggs and mix them with the genetic father’s sperm to aid the fertilization process in the IVF lab.
  4. Embryo transfer: On the day of embryo transfer, the embryo is first formed in four-cell; after that, it takes two days, then started in the eighth- cell on the 3rd day, and finally day five, it reaches the blastocyst stage where the embryologist implant it into the birth mother’s uterus and wait for pregnancy signs & symptoms.
  5. Pregnancy test: The last step of the egg donation procedure will be conducted after 14 days of embryo transfer. The expert will perform an ultrasound to listen to the infant’s heartbeat. Once the heartbeat is confirmed, it indicates a successful conception has occurred. Couples can be released from the fertility clinic to their local gynaecologist, where the pregnancy will continue for nine months. After that, the couple can see their baby.
How much does the egg donation procedure cost in Nepal?

The IVF with an egg donor in Nepal is around NPR 4 80,000, excluding the egg donor cost in Nepal. It is a pretty fair fertility treatment at We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic in Nepal for couples where a female partner cannot produce enough eggs for healthy and successful fertilization. You can have many reasonable charges through the best centre with top packages and assistance.

Though, your IVF with egg donor cost in Nepal depends on various factors. You may need advanced approaches and other procedures to conceive successfully. It will increase the cost of IVF in Nepal. The egg donor cost in Nepal is much more affordable than in developed countries.

Partners may require many IVF rounds under various circumstances, and their elderly age will have an impact on the price of IVF with egg donors in Nepal.

  • Treatment costs for male infertility will rise if donor sperm or SSR can use.
  • You decided to freeze gametes or embryos because any issues may result in additional costs depending on how long they are kept in the freezer.
  • To preserve healthy eggs, sperm, or fertilised eggs for longer periods, freezing is a possibility.
  • The outer layer is punctured before being implanted within the womb, according to your expert’s suggestion for Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH).
How can couples pay for their egg donor with IVF in Nepal?

There are several methods through which couples can pay for their egg donor cost in Nepal. But people need to keep in mind that they have to prepare themselves at least two years before the egg donation treatment. The couples can choose from the following to pay for their fertility treatment, and these are:

  • People can take help from their insurance providers.
  • Some people choose private financers to finance their fertility treatments.
  • People can use their credit cards with a reasonable credit limit, and that needs to be set by the bank authorities.
  • People can choose to crowdfund, which is one of the best options to pay for fertility treatment bills as known and unknown people help other people without expecting returns.
  • People can use their savings or can keep their property on the mortgage.
Why does the We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic is considered the best fertility solution in Nepal?

WE CARE IVF SURROGACY clinic is considered the best fertility solution in Nepal because they have the best and most qualified fertility experts with more than 20 years of experience in treating routine and complex cases of infertility and helping couples in conceiving a baby. It is a clinic where the dream of childless couples comes true as the experts at this clinic go beyond their limits to help the couples. The fertility experts at this clinic use equipment that has been purchased from other developed countries to treat couples with infertility issues.

Also, people from other developed countries consider WE CARE IVF SURROGACY the best fertility solution in Nepal. This clinic offers reasonable & affordable fertility treatment costs, which allows each individual to avail the benefits of the fertility treatment to enjoy their parenthood phase happily. Showing a good price does not mean that this clinic compromises the quality of the treatment. They offer such cost-effective treatments in Nepal as they surveyed and found that most people worldwide face challenges with their fertility. They are the ones who cannot afford high-cost fertility treatments. Keeping the emotions of each individual in their mind, we have decided to charge a minimum cost of the treatment that helps people worldwide to have their babies.

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