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Azoospermia cost in Nepal

The cost of Azoospermia treatment in Nepal is highly affordable than the other infertility treatments. Azoospermia treatment cost in Nepal ranges from NPR. 60,000 to NPR 1,00,000.

The azoospermia cost in Nepal will be affected by the treatment type and reason, such as blockage or poor sperm production by the man. Azoospermia cost in Kathmandu Nepal is lower than in other countries.

The azoospermia cost in Nepal depends on various factors like:

  • The age of the couple
  • Their reason for it
  • Destination of the treatment
  • Treatment for conception as IVF, IUI
  • Type of treatment
  • If they fail in the first cycle of treatment

How Much Does Azoospermia cost in Nepal?

In Azoospermia, the male partner has difficulty producing sperm in an ejaculation, resulting in infertility. In Nepal, fertility clinics address both male and female issues that cause infertility. In Nepal, azoospermia treatment is less expensive than other therapies. The treatment for it is determined by the type. Sperm is an essential component of the reproductive process. The treatments for it increase the success rate of conception in Nepal. It can perform with IVF or IUI in the lab of Nepal to boost the conception rates. 

What are the types of Azoospermia in Nepal? 

The types of azoospermia in men

The three types of azoospermia conditions are there:  

  • Pre-testicular (non-obstructive): it stifles the synthesis of the hormones that cause sperm to form. The hormonal medication helps to stimulate the reproductive hormones in the body and produce healthy sperm.  
  • Testicular (non-obstructive): It is caused by any abnormalities in the testicles’ function or structure. It can be treated by the surgical sperm retrieval procedure that collects the sperm from the different parts.   
  • Post-testicular (obstructive): it causes issues with ejaculation as a result of a blockage in the reproductive tract. The surgery assists in the fixing of the blockage in the reproductive tract.   

How to find you are suffering from Azoospermia?

A person can find out if he is facing Azoospermia with the help of various diagnoses by the labs. The diagnoses assist in locating the reason for it and its condition like sperm count, capability to conceive etc. The diagnoses that help are:

  1. Sperm analyses:  the fertility centres have semen analyzing facilities to find the problem and quality of sperm. It is performed by experts of the lab under high-resolution microscopes. In the semen sample, the sperm count and quality are abnormal and can diagnose with it.
  2. Hormonal level:  the body produces reproductive hormones and it examines the male body through blood tests. Blood tests confirm the presence of reproductive hormones in the male body as estrogen, testosterone and FSH hormonal levels. The unbalancing of the reproductive hormones indicates the poor production of sperm in the body. It is the condition of azoospermia and affects male fertility.  
  3. Physical testing:  In it, the male genital parts examine through the lab experts to see its capability. They inspect the size, structure and normality of the prostate and testes. It also depicts the swelling, blockage in the reproductive canal and sperm-producing efficiency of the male partner.     
  4. Medical History: prior treatment history, genetic disorders, fertility history, chemotherapeutic exposures, pelvic surgery, and so on. All of these factors influence sperm count and contribute to azoospermia.

Azoospermia treatments in Nepal:

Azoospermia is a curable issue that causes infertility due to no sperm count by the men. It can be treated by various methods and, the highly effective procedure is surgery, medicines and SSR. A person with it can conceive with the assistance of IVF, ICSI, and TESA/PESA etc. The treatments assist women in conception and can improve the quality and quantity of eggs and sperm. Treatments for azoospermia are highly effective in Nepal. The treatment for azoospermia cost in Nepal is less than the other fertility treatments like IVF and ICSI.  

The Azoospermia treatments are:          

  1. Minor surgery uses to help eliminate a blockage or obstruction in the male partner’s reproduction organs. The professional analyses the individual first to determine the cause of azoospermia and then recommends treatment. An incision creates on the testes membrane, and a device connects with microscope inserts to locate and rectify the obstruction in the tract.

MEDICATION THERAPY: The fertility medicines assist in the azoospermia treatment in Nepal. It is an affordable way to treat azoospermia in men. It stimulates sperm production in the testes and promotes them to increase the quality and quantity of sperm. Medicines advise when the hormones of the body disturb or the production of sperm is low.  

The medicines that assist the sperm production in the condition are:

  • (HCG) Human Chorionic Gonadotrophins: it is a natural hormonal injectable medicine that naturally increases the production of sperm in less time. It acts super fast in the production of sperm.
  • (FSH) Follicle Stimulating Hormones: it helps to trigger the production of sperm in the body of men.

                Many other medicines also support sperm production.  

  1. Surgical sperm retrieval (SSR): Sperm is an essential component for conception. Men are sometimes incapable of generating sperm for several causes, resulting in infertility. SSR is a sperm collection technique used by professionals to collect sperm from the testes or other regions of the reproductive tract. Minor surgery and a gadget use to detect and collect sperm from inside the body.


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