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IVF Nigeria: Whenever it comes to have a child by artificial methods or say by ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedure, the first and the most productive fertility treatment that strikes in our mind is IVF treatment. IVF – in full it is known as In Vitro Fertilization or test-tube baby course. IVF in Nigeria is the best option to have a child when the couple is facing complications to have a conception by natural way. IVF is recommended for those childless couples who have been trying to have a baby (by normally) for more than a year but unable to make that happen. Baby, we all know is the ultimate happiness of a couple’s life at a certain stage and of course for accomplishing the complete frame of a family. However, there are some couples who see hard times to have this dream fulfil, thus deciding for the options to conceive.

IVF in Nigeria is one of the advanced option of ART and is used when the couple has already undergone IUI or basic medication (to have a child) but botched; IVF, also is suggested when the couple (male or female) has been with complete fertility test (assessment) and the report is clear for the advanced treatment then only the couple can plan for IVF.

IVF is a bit complex and intricate procedure and requires sufficient time from the couple who wish to have a baby by this process. A couple need to be together throughout this procedure, because IVF could be the first or go lucky treatment at the same time it could not be. Yes, IVF treatment never assures the couple for a successful result for the very first time (exceptional case- if the couple has the best quality of the medical component) and that’s the reason, why Patience is all we needed when we get on the fertility treatments.

We are one of the leading fertility agency providing all the treatments associated with the fertility hiccups (for both men and women), also we are one of the largest fertility service provider across the world serving the decent success rate along with the best fertility centers to the couples who are in the need to undergo fertility treatment. We assure the couples that they receive the best IVF Treatment in Nigeria including all the advanced amenities.

Fundamental Information about the IVF Treatment in Nigeria 

IVF is arranged as one of the progressed helped conceptive strategies to decipherfertility issues; this treatment is prescribed to those people who have been encountering pregnancy or childlessness issues for more than a year. IVF is consistently be performed when the couple has been experienced IUI or fundamental medicine to go after a fruitful pregnancy yet incapable to get that going or when the couple has been analyzed (fruitfulness evaluation) of that difficult that could be disposed of by IVF – at that point the couple can get ready for the IVF treatment. However, before beginning with the definition and methodology of IVF, how about we start with some fundamental origination about this treatment.

IVF in Nigeria isn’t only a single direction treatment for the couple’s barrenness issue, rather this treatment can be acted in various manners (presenting progressed or extra strategies during the preparation, before the implantation procedure, etc.) based on the couple’s fruitlessness case. Subsequently there gets this treatment somewhat complicated and complex for the couple. We can amass IVF treatment as customary or fundamental one and the propelled or advanced one. One must have a sound data of both these two IVF ideas.

A Brief discussion of how  ivf in Nigeria Treatment works

The first step of IVF treatment in Nigeria is known as ovary-stimulation, where the woman is required to have the medication in order to make her ovaries animate to produce multiple eggs instead of a single. Why multiple eggs? Multiple eggs are needed just to avoid any risk during the fertilization and the process goes smoothly.

During the movement of fertilization process, several eggs are required to have the sound accomplishment rate in the IVF treatment process. By the methodology of ultrasounds and blood hormonal test, the turn of events and the development of the follicles are analyzed by the specialist. Exactly when the development of the egg is done and guaranteed by the expert, the procedure of egg-retrieval or egg-pick up process is started. At the point when the eggs are recovered, sperms (gathered by the male accomplice) is kept on the culture dish to let the penetration happens. Penetration means here is when the most motile sperm gets fused with the egg’s wall for the fertilization.  Once the sperm enters into the egg’s cytoplasm, soon the sign of fertilization is examined by the fertility experts.

After the sperm has gone into the egg, soon the fertilization begins and cell division occurs. Setting the best and healthy embryo into the female uterus is the last and a pivotal procedure of IVF in Nigeria.

One more thing, if the sperm has been found inactive during the step of fertilization, the specialist chooses one of the advanced ART of fertilization technique (used during male infertility) – ICSI technique. During the ICSI, a single sperm is selected by the expert for directly injecting into the egg. ICSI has a bit higher rate compared to conventional IVF treatment.

What is the embryo doesn’t stick properly into the endometrium and what if it does? On the off chance that the embryo gets connected effectively embedded in the endometrium of the female, by then the chance of pregnancy is to be expected as a normal. The female needs to come to the center for the pregnancy test during a week or ten days of the embryo transfer. When the embryo doesn’t go well during the embryo implantation, then the specialist analyzes the reason behind this issue and then get back to the couple with the suitable solution (maybe advanced IVF or it could be second IVF cycle).This is about the IVF treatment and strategy of IVF in Nigeria.

Aspects that need to know during the  treatment IVF In Nigeria

Presently the inquiry comes, what is the approx. IVF success rate, and does IVF success rate relies upon certain angles? All things considered, a major truly, the IVF Treatment in Nigeria depends upon explicit parts like-the nature of the eggs and motility of the sperms (to have a healthy embryo), the age of the lady, and the count of sperm (or sperm check) and uterine receptivity of the woman.

Female’s age in IVF treatment passes on a critical activity all through the entire technique. On the off chance that the age of the female is underneath 35, the success rate an IVF is between 55-65% under the centers gave by the We Care IVF Surrogacy. Less the age of the lady in the IVF treatment, the more odds of progress rate or healthy pregnancy in the IVF treatment in Nigeria.

What should be the couple’s first step when they encounter issue with their fertility or child-bearing stage, at that point there is the requirement of proper fertility assessment and evaluation test. Once you get to know that the issue lies in you or your partner – the next is the planning of the suitable treatment.

A couple should take the next step as soon as the couple knows the exact issue and if IVF is the solution, then there are certain things a couple need to know such as the fertility clinic’s success rate, your fertility level (AMH level), the cost and the proper breakdown of the cost (if the specialist considers for an advanced IVF) and the experience of the fertility team specially the senior expert.

Shutting lines 

IVF treatment has till now accomplished such a large number of couples’ family to have their own baby by this method. Best IVF centers in Nigeria has been the best one serving the IVF Treatment in Nigeria to the couples who are seeking fertility treatments to fulfil their most awaited dream.

Our group realize that childlessness issue is one of the most gloomy scenario a couple would ever have or look in the life thus we are here for you to help at each step in your journey of the parenthood, to give you the best direction during your pregnancy venture. IVF treatment in Nigeria is a conclusive ticket of your biggest dream, to have your very own child. Just keep patience and do your home-work before you choose any of the fertility center. We assure you the IVF centers provided by the We Care IVF Surrogacy gives you the most pleasant experience of your own pregnancy by the best fertility solution as per your case. We are medical industry organization serving the best fertility medications over the world giving the best IVF clinics to the couples seeking to have a child by the suitable treatment of ART.


IVF Treatment in Georgia :Infertility is one of the emerging issues across the globe, affecting an estimate 15 to 17% of couples worldwide (amounting to 48 to 49 million of couples). The infertility reason for every individual is somehow different; males have the issue with the sperm creation, sperm motility or its morphological structure, while the ladies probably won’t get pregnant because of tubal issues (fallopian tube blockage or harmed), ovulation issue, low AMH level, weight issues, PCOS or endometriosis.

There could be distinctive reason in various couples – henceforth before settling on any of the fertility solution, make sure you have gathered all the relevant information about your fertility issue and to know the exact issue behind your infertility, one needs to initially fix arrangement or consultation with the specialist. Once you get to know the reason why you or your partner is unable to have a kid, you became acquainted with the fertility related term and then before undergoing any treatment, you could have an idea of fertility treatment that might give fruitful result in your case. You can then easily search an appropriate treatment and therefore making an understood image of the fertility treatment.

On the arranged guidance with the centre, you will meet up with the fertility specialist. The expert then completely comprehend you and your partner’s medical history and you will require appropriate documents for that, questions that generally be asked by the fertility team are – since how long you both attempting to have an infant, have you at any point experienced miscarriage and if yes, how many times and at which month of the pregnancy, have you ever been undergone with major surgery (or treatment), have you experienced any past prescription and so forth.

After the final assessment test of fertility, if IVF in Georgia is planned in the couple’s case, then the couple really needs to follow some instruction detailed by the expert. Make a point to get ready in regards to the duration of the treatment, its cost and the procedure that take during the IVF treatment. IVF treatment takes as much time as is needed (based on the condition of the couple, usually a single cycle of an IVF is accomplished within five to six week), so a couple must need to plan for the centre’s visits during the treatment and every meeting with the specialist.

IVF in Georgia – Step by Step procedure that takes place during an IVF

  1. Ovary Stimulation

The fertility expert improves your odds for getting a positive outcome with each IVF endeavor, in attempting this, the expert will first analyze your case in deep and then the fertility medication will be prescribed as per the easiness of the woman. The very first step of IVF in Georgia is giving the fertility medication to the female,fertility prescription is given in order to stimulate the woman’s ovaries in order to create more follicles, rather than the single egg commonly built up every month. By having multiple eggs in IVF it increases the possibility of successful fertilization.

One egg a month generally creates in a conventional, ordinary ovulating cycle and the intention behind an IVF cycle is to have whatever number created eggs as could be permitted. Developed and multiple eggs increase your chances of a good outcome of IVF in Georgia. That is the goal behind why fertility medication is performed during an IVF. The patient is injected with hormonal injections for around 8 to 14 days. This step invigorates the ovaries with the objective that they start making eggs. While encountering this medication process, the woman visits the clinic around four to five estimations of the egg follicles advancement and the growth of the follicles – this evaluation is performed under the guidance of ultrasound and blood work to evaluate your estrogen level.

  1. Follicular Aspiration/Egg-Retrieval

This procedure of IVFTreatment in Georgia is egg-retrieval procedure, where the eggs are collected from the ovaries around 36 hours after giving the infusion of hCG implantation –called Trigger Shot. The patient will be moved closer to not eat or drink (before twelve hours of) before the egg recovery technique. During the egg pickup in IVF in Georgia, the doctor will get a specialized hollow needle used for picking up the eggs from the ovary of the woman. The patient is held under sedation during this approach with the objective that she won’t feel any anxiety all through this procedure.

Without a doubt the underlying advance of egg-get is vagina washing-the vagina is washed with a sans germ water game-plan. A needle is put under ultrasound bearing into the ovary, and eggs from the follicles in the ovaries are collected and sent to the examination under the senior fertility experts for the next procedure – fertilization – where the sperms are joined with the egg collected from the woman. The entire method takes around 30 minutes; this process is a minor surgical procedure hence this step is performed under the senior fertility doctors.

  1. Fertilization process

At the point when the egg are picked by the fertility specialist, the very next step of IVF in Georgia is now – collection of the semen sample from the female partner. The male is required to provide the sample on the same day of egg-retrieval day. Semen, when collected by the partner, is used for the fertilization procedure.

In the event that the couple is choosing the donor sperm, at that point the sperms (which have been given by the sperm donor by the clinic) is utilized with the collected eggs.

Fertilization in the IVF procedure is where the fertility doctor gets the sperm together with the egg; this step is accomplished on the culture dish. In case the sperm is found as less motile or unfit to penetrate with the egg’s wall, by then the fertility expert chooses the methodology of ICSI procedure. During the ICSI framework, only one sperm is directly injected into the egg allowing soon fertilization. ICSI reliably show higher fertilization rate than the standard IVF method. ICSI is used when the sperm shows less motility and unfit to self-enter into the egg at the time of fertilization.

In case sperms are fine enough, by then there won’t be necessity of using the advanced technique ART such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI or Surgical sperm retrieval procedure considering the way that the sperm self-enters the eggs, and a while later venture into the cytoplasm of the egg for cell division. Once the fertility team notices successful fertilization, the fertilized egg is now referred as embryo.

  1. Embryotransfer

When the above process of IVF treatment in Georgia is performed, the subsequent stage is to – move the quality embryos into the uterus of the lady. This means conveys extra weight age of positive result of whole IVF process. The treated egg or embryo at present gets move into the uterus of the woman – in short this system is known as putting of the embryo and is the last IVF in Georgia. The embryo will embed a speculum into the lady’s vagina to keep the vaginal divider open so as to place the embryo into the correct spot of the uterus. Utilizing ultrasound for precision, the doc will by then go a catheter through the cervix and a while later into the uterus. Beginning there, the embryo is traveled through the catheter and into the lady’s uterus.

This procedure is normally clear and torment free, scarcely the patient require any sedation during this step of IVF in Georgia. On the off chance that the embryo gets connected into the uterine covering (endometrium), at that point the odds of positive pregnancy test is high. When the embryo move process is done, the couple is required to go to the facility for the pregnancy test (inside seven days to ten days). In the event that the lady couldn’t get pregnant for the IVF embryo move, she needs not to get stressed or disheartened as there are a few different choices in an ART strategy to conceive under the ART method. Some of the time, a couple gets successfully child via IVF for their second or third IVF cycle so all it relies upon the nature of the eggs and sperms (and obviously embryo), and the age of the couple.

Important Aspects about the IVF in Georgia

Finding, former IVF medicines, the length of time of infertility and, in particular, age all influence the potential for an effective pregnancy taking after ripeness treatment. As a lady’s age expands, her odds at getting to be pregnant through helped proliferation diminish, for the most part because of reducing egg quality. The live conception rate among ladies starting helped multiplication cycles after age 40 is frequently as low as 20-30%. At times, the main choice for ladies attempting to have a baby sometime down the road is the utilization of a donor egg. Donor egg is the best option when you have crossed the age limit of having a baby by your own, you can directly contact our support team and gather the information about the donor option if you are seeking an option of IVF in Georgia.

At the point when deciphering pregnancy rates from IVF medications, consider that the rates for ladies under 35 mirror the attitudes and choices of IVF specialists. Rates for ladies more than 35 frequently delineate the challenges of setting up and keeping up pregnancy sometime down the road. All things considered, there is no age or FSH level at which our specialists will deny care or treatment alternatives to suitable patients.

IVF achievement forecasts depend on age, follicle invigorating hormone (FSH) or AMH levels and egg amounts (antral follicle numbers). Amid treatment, both estradiol levels and follicle sizes are measured. The choice to wipe out the cycle and not continue further is the patient’s decision.

Before the step of embryo transfer during IVF in Georgia, the evaluation and cell number of the embryos are resolved, and couples are directed again by their doctor about the quantity of fetuses to exchange and the related dangers and odds of pregnancy.

Why choose We Care IVF Surrogacy for the IVF Treatment in Georgia?

We offer all exceptional regenerative innovations, for example, IVF, egg cryopreservation, Intra Cytoplasmic Injection (ICSI), eggs and sperm cryopreservation, laser assisted hatching, PGD technique, male fertility treatment such as ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, Surgical sperm retrieval procedure and so on.

Our doctors can give full assessment and treatment of all the fertility issues such as ovarian failure, endometriosis issue, PCOS issue, repetitive pregnancy misfortune, endometriosis, premenstrual disorder and confused menopausal issues.

Research has shown that stress and anxiety related issues can affect infertility. With regards to our entire individual consideration approach, we offer to advice for infertility, the best solution for infertility, and fertility healthful directing administrations.

Our fertility staff knows about the upsetting and passionate troubles, which the childless couples managing the issue of having an infant. The majority of the support administrations at We Care IVF Surrogacy are offered in a warm and amicable climate with individual treatment arranges. Our patients are our need, and supporting their physical and enthusiastic needs is our essential objective.

As a lady confronted with infertility , it is vital to explore the achievement rates of an IVF program while selecting the richness home where you will look for treatment. At the best fertility clinics for IVF in Georgia provided by us, the accomplished group of doctors and world-class embryology staff joined with the utilization of the most progressive research facility advances has brought about high pregnancy success rates.

Whatever your circumstances of infertility are, We Care IVF Surrogacy team would love to offer you the best and suitable assistance with fulfilling your biggest dream of parenthood. You can leave your info in the chat box if you are stuck in any of the issue related to your fertility or you can directly call our support team mentioned in our website.


ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology incorporates productive fertility treatments that deal with fertility hiccups in men and women. Coming to the main point – IVF treatment, IVF is one of the ART method, mostly preferred by the fertility specialist to those individuals who have been trying to conceive for the past twelve months.

In the wake of realizing that you’re are facing with the infertility issue so the following thing that hit in your brain to get the treatment of it in light of the fact that after the marriage everyone need to design a family and family without the baby, the family is incomplete, so all things considered the individuals who can’t imagine the kid so for them IVF Treatment is the best choice.

If you are planning for IVF in Abroad, then there are numerous factors that need to be consider by each couple. On the off chance that you are not from India so similar to the patient from abroad, we propose you to design your excursion before you are coming here in light of the fact that any sort or reckless and untrustworthiness can make inconvenience for you in the new spot.

What you have to do is to first pick the authentic and genuine fertility centreor the best fertility agency that can commit to you in simple methods half of your work is finished by them like the accommodation, fertility clinic giving high success rate, and the cost-effective of convenience essentially it implies somebody believed whose have the total information on the treatment and the technique on which you can without much of a stretch trust. Make sure you go for the right fertility platform who is genuine at their words with a sound previous feedback.

There are some administrations who mislead the patients (either by representing fake info or just giving wrong detail), you need to be aware of these fraud administration. But there are some centres that won’t mislead off course fundamentally put an incredible contrast among quality and the treatment.

IVF in Abroad is the best way to achieve your baby if you are facing issue in getting pregnancy or your specialist has recommended to choose IVF treatment and for any reason, you are preparing for IVF in abroad, then that’s perfectly fine.

IVF Treatment in Abroad relies upon the patient’s condition:

Indeed! The facts demonstrate that the state of the patient will conclude that either the patient come or not and if the patient will come soon which timing they should visit here and to what extent the time essentially the span of the total strategy of the IVF program.

The fertility process is the examination it implies what is the explanation of barrenness and to what extent of fertility is there? Hereditary or medical? Who is answerable for the fertility issue – male or female accomplice? IS IVF will work on my case? What is the success rate? All these are the inquiries that are posed to the patient before the treatment and based on it the treatment will happen on the grounds that the vast majority of the patient is somewhere unknown about their fertility reason, so to have all these answers, one must ask all these points via mail or call – is the best way to gather all the relevant information about the treatment.

How to choose a country for IVF in Abroad?

Selecting a country for the treatment of IVF in Abroad takes a lot of time and also self-research. You have to go through in different websites, check which country provides a good success rate at the same time offer the treatment at affordable cost. There are some facts, which you need to focus –

  • Does the nation lawfully permit the treatment of IVF?
  • Do you fall inside the lawful age limit of the treatment?
  • Does the nation have laws with respect to who they can deal with IVF?
  • Are there simple and easy vehicle or airport connectivity to that nation?
  • Is the country famous for IVF?
  • Is the cost of IVF expense inside your financial limit?

You can compare the costs and success rates too in different countries and then take a decision which country you want to go for. Usually, it is seen the abroad chooses India for IVF in Abroad because of all the advance amenities and easy travel they get from the fertility healthcare.

Our diagram of IVF abroad focusses on mainstream in many countries (mainly India) and it is valuable on the off chance that you are considering making a trip to any of the country, you will get the best procedure. Our data incorporates all the legal IVF laws, wellbeing and guideline and a reasonableIVF costs.

What would be the procedure of the payment in IVF Abroad?

In the event that you are working straightforwardly with a fertility healthcare, ordinarily they either ask for the installment or some directly guides the patient to come there for further procedure. If you have decided and completely settled on the fertility clinic, then you can easily pay the initial amount by using a transfer mode, in any case, check with your facility to check whether they can assume an acknowledgment card installment. Some will acknowledge mastercard just at the facility.

If your word are running from a facilitator/organization about the treatment, you might have the option to pay (you can directly talk with the centre and take the decision as per your convenience). Check with your organization to see precisely what is shrouded in their expense and if there will be any extra charges due straightforwardly to the facility. This should all be plot in your agreement. You have to gather all the basic costs as well from the centre such as accommodation charges and food expenses.

How rapidly would the couple be able to have treatment?

It relies upon the facility, their convention, and whether they have a hold up list. The most widely recognized time span is between six to may be a year from when you select a center to when you can want treatment.

We never no hold up the couples who are seeking to undergo IVF in Abroad, you can by and large arrangement on about at least 2 – 3 months from when you choose to go to when you are ready for the treatment. During this time you will do your pre-treatment tests, acquire meds, (whenever required) and match up your cycle with the donor (if your case require donor) and treatment date.

At We Care IVF Surrogacy, you don’t have to wait much, we make sure you receive all the assistance time to time, it’s up to you whether you want to start the fertility medication (for IVF) there in your country, or you want to travel here to have all the procedures of IVF medication.

Accommodation and other expense during IVF in Abroad- 

Well this is one of the essential fact, which a couple thinks before travelling any country for the IVF in Abroad. Most centers, facilitators or experts can offer proposals for lodging (or inns) that are modest and near the fertility clinic.

If you are choosing us for the IVF treatment, then you don’t have to take any stress regarding stay and other things, we take care our patient giving them high priority. Numerous patients travel for their IVF for the treatment and before the treatment some couples choose to roam, so in the event that you have the advantage of time, you might need to design a couple of days for that of touring locally or in close by the areas while you are traveling around.

The center can mention to you what days you should be accessible or near the facility, the remainder of the time you can go explore new pieces of the world. At We Care IVF Surrogacy, you will be able to plan accordingly the treatment plan. You can directly contact us for any other information.

Closing Lines –

It is in every case best to check with your nation embassy where you are looking for treatment to perceive what documents or other essential things will be required. In many nations, you just need your visa and maybe evidence of medical coverage inclusion abroad. Normally the facility can help you with figuring out what travel archives will be required.

We are the leading fertility healthcare providing the best fertility treatment around the world. At a very reasonable IVF cost in Abroad, we offer the couple all type of amenities throughout the treatment without any discomfort. We provide all the fertility treatment in Abroad permits the couple to look, find and think which treatment is the best for them, treatment includes IVF, IUI, Surrogacy, ICSI, Egg Donation, PICSI, Blastocyst Transfer and More.

We Care IVF Surrogacy gives an extensive database of fertility treatment centers over the world that offer appropriate treatment to the patients. Even if you have any enquiry regarding your fertility issue or planning IVF in Abroad, our fertility coordinator is there for you to help!

Summary –

Couples experiencing infertility problem, the expenses of examination and fertility treatment in their own country might be very high their financial limit, and there the best choice is IVF in Abroad. You can choose the best centre with the help of our team.


Medical Tourism Abroad: Medical Tourism as a concept has been seen over the decades. But not how organized it is now. People have always traveled from one city to other, sometimes countries seeking the best treatment / surgery for their loved ones. With the advent of global education, internet, world class technology in state of the art hospitals and USA / UK / Internationally trained doctors, medical tourism is today’s’ preferred way to outsource your health.

Medical Tourism Abroad gives you the opportunity to get the best quality of IVF treatment / Egg Donation / Surrogacy at state of the art hospitals / Centres at amazingly low costs.

Medical tourism for fertility treatment is known as fertility tourism – is the plan of traveling to another nation for mainly IVF treatment. Why IVF only for fertility tourism – this is because of IVF is the only one procedure that has been widely accepted by the experts to solve infertility issue. On an average, couples seek IVF treatment to another country.

Why Medical Tourism Abroad?

While there are many countries offering medical tourism today, We Care’s IVF treatment / Egg Donation / Surrogacy package of low cost at state of the art hospitals / Centres performed by experienced doctors remains unmatched till date. The loving attitude that you will come across everywhere in India – from the ward boys to the treating doctors – is the “care” that sets India apart from any nation. With We Care’s exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Care teams stationed at each partner hospitals, you experience the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined.

Medical Tourism Abroad is famous for its world-class veterans and high success rate in IVF and other fertility treatments. IVF under the partner centres of We Care IVF Surrogacy gives high success rate and matchless treatment.

Who should you be interested in Medical Tourism Abroad?

As long as you can board the flight to India, you stand to benefit from We Care’s exclusive Medical Tourism India packages. Most of our customers choose India over other countries abroad and fall into the following categories

  • Non Availability of treatment / surgery in your country and exorbitant costs in the west. Many of our customers from all parts of Africa including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia, the west including USA, UK and Europe etc. choose treatment abroad in India as the most preferred medical tourism provider due to low cost and amazing results. Most of our patients are referred either by patients already treated in abroad in India or their doctors having firsthand knowledge of what Medical Tourism India offers.
  • Medical Tourism for “Wait List” patients – Healthcare may be free from the government to you but of what use when you have to suffer for months and may be a couple of years before getting treated. Our packages are immediately available with your schedule. People choose the dates as per their convenience and available leaves from work.
  • Medical Tourism for the uninsured / underinsured – Millions of Americans are uninsured and under insured. The burden of heavy insurance policies and skyrocket hospital bills force them to seek treatment / surgery elsewhere. JCI accredited hospitals with Board certified doctors and reference from fellow Americans already treated abroad in India will help you make the better decision.

What’s in it for me?

By choosing Medical Tourism abroad, you get:

  • Immediate world class treatment
  • Treatment accomplished by eminent surgeons and knowledgeable staff of IVF
  • Internationally accredited hospitals / centres under We Care IVF Surrogacy team
  • Affordable prices coordinated by the partner centres of We Care
  • Supportive team of We Care

What’s the process of Medical Tourism?

We Care’s Medical Tourism process is as simple as you taking a consultation with your local physician. On receiving your complete medical history, doctor’s notes and radiology reports we personally discuss your case with the treating doctor and you are provided with a medical quote within 2 working days. On your acceptance we provide you with medical visa assistance letter for quick medical visa and as you confirm for the earliest / scheduled date of arrival, your room and your appointment with IVF specialist is booked. We Care’s “Flight to Flight” Medical Tourism Operations team looks after you while in India.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility agency that has become the most preferred platform to undergo the IVF treatment seeking for medical tourism in abroad.

Benefits of choosing Medical Tourism Agency

The biggest benefit of getting a fertility tourism agency to make your arrangements is the intended couple gets sufficient knowledge and experience for the suitable treatment. Instead of digging around through limitless fertility/IVF clinics to find the exceptional, the fertility agency have the ability to advise the first-class IVF centre for you; based totally on something standards are most critical to you. Their relationships with these clinics can also imply that you will get a discounted charge or more suitable availability to your fertility remedy.

Choosing a fertility tourism medical agency also gives you the peace of mind, at the same time, you don’t have to face any trouble whilst you are distant places having the fertility treatment, much like the excursion rep to your summer holidays. From the initial ‘meet and greet’ at the airport, to ongoing support and advice at some stage in your trip, knowing there is a person who’s in your side and speaks your language can give you big peace of mind. The team of We Care is always there for you to give complete assistance and support if you are outlining medical tourism abroad.

Choosing fertility agency for the IVF treatment is much more convenient than seeking each and everything by yourself, however is also easier to price range for, as you may know exactly what your trip will value. Otherwise, it could be difficult to budget for items such as a taxi from the airport or the fee of local trips.

Important factors that need to consider looking for Fertility treatment Abroad 

If you are planning for fertility treatment abroad, there are some important aspects that need to be take care of

  • Native language
  • The cost of flight, accommodation and travel
  • The treatment cost
  • The fertility laws of that nation
  • The success rate of the IVF

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