A to Z information of Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India

There are several couples who prefer to choose their conceiving procedure as drug free as possible. We Care IVF Surrogacy has plentiful options for such couples who wish to carry their pregnancy by ART methodology but with fewer drugs throughout their infertility treatment. The best and most common fertility treatment with trimmed down quantity of drug is Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India. Yes, this is the most effective treatment to get pregnant with reduced amount of drugs, which is used for ovary stimulation procedure.

During Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India, fertility medication is just given for 5-8 days and this in turn cuts down the effect of the fertility drug on the female and also drives down the chances of OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome).

Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment India gives almost equal result and success rate which stimulated IVF treatment puts forward. If we will compare this treatment with conventional IVF treatment, then minimal stimulation IVF cycle is gentler and creates less possibility of the complication of OHSS and hormonal swings. Minimal IVF treatment is one of the alternative IVF methods, where less medication and fertility drugs are given to the patient to stimulate the ovaries; Minimal Stimulation IVF Cost in India is also less expensive than conventional IVF treatment.

What Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India is?

This treatment is also referred as mild stimulated IVF cycle; Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment India is the best approach for those couples who want their IVF drug free and wish to get pregnant without excessive doze of regular hormonal injection and 12-15 days of fertility medication course. At the initial step of this treatment, a woman is given fertility drugs and medication for a shorter time (5-9 days) and the experts of We Care IVF Surrogacy ensure to collect finest quality of the eggs at the time of egg retrieval. This treatment takes a period of 2-3 weeks for completion because here the duration of ovary stimulation gets reduced.

Who can settle on Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India?

Most women, who are unable to have own baby by natural procedure (trying hard for more than 1 year without any protection) ideally want to either choose natural IVF method or Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India to get pregnant. However, there are certain requirements for this treatment too to have successful result. Following are some suitable types of couples who can undergo this treatment to have victory through this technique–

  • Women, who have ample egg reserve are fit for this treatment
  • Male fertility issue (such as low sperm count or less motility)
  • Females, who have the disorder of PCOS, also can go ahead for this treatment
  • Women who are at risk of Ovarian Hyper stimulation syndrome
  • Couples, who don’t want to go for high doses of fertility drugs
  • Women who do not want to experience daily drug injection in conventional IVF treatment
  • Male or female with either genetic defects or chromosomal disorder
  • Couples with idiopathic infertility (unexplained infertility)

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Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment?

What are the advantages of Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India?

  • This treatment provides excellent success rate
  • This is a woman friendly treatment, where the patient need not to experience pain while taking regular injection and drugs for 15 days or so.
  • The egg and embryo quality from Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment India extracted are superior than the ones retrieved from conventional IVF
  • High chance of successful implantation
  • A couple is not supposed to wait for several weeks to get pregnant in this treatment
  • A far safe treatment to attain pregnancy
  • If spare embryos are left, then it can be frozen and kept safe for future use
  • And most important low range of Minimal Stimulation IVF Cost in India.

Why We Care IVF Surrogacy?

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading centres that work best to eliminate the tag of childlessness from a couple’s life and astonish them with positive pregnancy test in the first cycle of IVF (only if the eggs are of fine quality). We do have high level of mild stimulation IVF success rate and offer suitable IVF treatment to the couple. There is very affordable package of Minimal Stimulation IVF Cost in India by our centre. Since the medication dose in this treatment is also lessened, a patient soon gets result of their pregnancy. Newborns through this treatment have significantly higher success rate than those born with standard IVF treatment. If you have high egg reserve and still unable to attain parenthood then settle on minimal IVF stimulation treatment in India, this will definitely help you out to achieve pregnancy. Here the story ends about Minimal Stimulation IVF Treatment in India, hope the readers must have all the information done in this page.

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