How much does IVF cost in Nepal?

IVF Cost in Nepal with all procedures, tests and treatments is approximately USD 3,700 per cycle. IVF treatment in Nepal is a procedure for those trying to conceive naturally after 12 months of intercourse with no positive result. On average, a single cycle of IVF treatment cost in Nepal ranges between USD 3,700-5,500 with all the medication included in it. IVF cost in Nepal fluctuates based on the couple’s infertility case. The Best IVF centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, provides IVF treatment in Nepal, IUI treatment, ICSI clinic, and IVF centre in Nepal at a very low cost.

Each individual on the planet has one dream to have a major and cheerful family. We all need to get old with the family since we realize that every one of us returns home toward the day’s end. A home and family life are finished with heaps of youngsters. But there are millions of people who have to face a tough time accomplishing their family.

In the 21st century, therapeutic science has emerged as a miraculous factor, which has changed several individuals’ lives. There are many advanced treatments, which came into view in front of us by solving the issue. Indeed, even infertility treatment has officially touched the sky.

IVF is one of the treatments that are more likely to give positive results. As we

care IVF surrogacy, the fertility experts who perform IVF have been in infertility treatment for years and have helped countless couples and individuals with infertility health issues.

Not only IVF treatment in Nepal WE CARE IVF SURROGACY also provides other fertility treatments in Nepal such as:

      1. ICSI: Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection performs within IVF to help in successful insemination. It helps in male partner infertility conditions. The expert collects healthy sperm to fill into the injection and directly injects it inside the female eggs for fertilization. 
      2. TESA/PESA/MESA/TESE: These procedures are under SSR (surgical sperm retrieval). It helps in male infertility conditions as no sperm count is producing the semen sample. The less invasive procedure performs by the expert to collect healthy sperm inside the reproductive tract. Then, the expert fertilizes the healthy sperm with female eggs and implants it inside the uterus for pregnancy. 
      • Embryo freezing: You can have the process to save the leftover fertilized eggs or manage the process timing as well. It functions by cryopreserving healthy fertilized eggs and implants when you need them. The FET (frozen embryo transfer) can perform for implantation inside the uterus. 
      1. IUI: Intrauterine Insemination helps in mild infertility conditions and performs before IVF. It involves placing healthy sperm directly into the female uterus near the eggs.
      2. Cryopreservation: Your one IVF cycle eggs and sperm can save through freezing. It will help in another IVF or ART cycle. The partners do not need to undergo the retrieval process again. 
      3. LAH: Laser Assisted Hatching performance to increase the IVF success rates in Nepal. It functions by puncturing the fertilized eggs outer layer before implanting inside the female uterus. The expert recommends that the female eggs have a thick outer layer.  

Where to have the affordable IVF cost in Nepal?

If you have any inquiries or need any information about IVF Treatment in Nepal or other fertility treatments please contact Our Clinic Manager in Nepal: at +91 989 929 3903. We would like to tell you a fact that we care IVF surrogacy is the leading and emerging centre to get your baby through several advanced fertility techniques; it offers every option to help you conceive that lets you walk on the path of parenthood.

Now, let’s learn more about the factors related to the IVF Cost Nepal such as-

      • How IVF procedure work in Nepal
      • Exact IVF cost in Nepal at we care IVF surrogacy
      • List of expenses included and excluded in the IVF package
      • The approximate cost of a basic IVF package and advanced IVF treatment in Nepal
      • Most importantly, how we care IVF surrogacy helps you achieve positive results

Basic IVF Package – IVF Cost in Nepal

The IVF success rate in Nepal is much higher in providing successful outcomes. Also, the best centre performs with advanced approaches and procedures. They have assisted many couples facing infertility conditions. Their best treatment performs by a highly experienced fertility expert.

The basic IVF Cost in Nepal is USD 3,700 (approx.); during this package, a couple gets

      • Initial consultation
      • Fertility medication
      • Hormonal injection
      • Blood work & Ultrasound
      • Each visit to the centre
      • Egg pick-up (Retrieving of the eggs)
      • Fertilization and Embryo transfer

Basic and Advance IVF Cost in Nepal

Treatments Cost (in USD)
IVF (using self eggs & sperm)        USD 3700
IVF (using Egg Donor)          USD 5700 (additional cost of donor egg Nepal is USD 2000)
IVF (using Sperm donor)     USD 4300 (Donor sperm costs separately USD 500)
ICSI with IVF USD 3700 (Cost of IVF and ICSI both are same)
IMSI with IVF     USD 4300 (additional cost of IMSI is USD 600)
PICSI with IVF USD 4300 (PICSI cost is USD 600)
TESA with IVF   v USD 4300 (TESA costs USD 600)

Due to the cause of infertility, natural conception is difficult for them, and they need assistance in creating a baby. If you have any more inquiries or require any information about IVF Treatment in Nepal, please contact us at Our Clinic Manager in Nepal: +91 989 929 3903.

How Much Does IVF Cost on Average?

IVF treatment in Nepal is performed in cycles and charges around USD 3,700; this package includes –

      • Medication such as fertility drugs and hormonal injections
      • Ultrasounds
      • Egg Collection
      • Regular meet-ups
      • Fertilization
      • Blood work charges
      • Transferring the embryo (after the selectionof one or max two

The fertility experts at WE CARE IVF SURROGACY are always ready to help couples. They will examine the cause that creates a barrier to conceiving and, based on their medical report and will perform IVF treatment. Our success rate of ivf in Nepal is much high with advanced technologies and methods.

Before we get into the question at hand, let’s go over the fundamentals of IVF treatment in Nepal. We care IVF surrogacy is the leading and emerging centre to get your baby through several advanced fertility techniques; it offers every option to say goodbye to your childless days.

Let’s learn more about the IVF Cost Nepal, such as fact

ors affecting the treatment cost, the approximate cost of basic IVF packages and advanced IVF treatment in Nepal, and things to keep in mind before choosing the best IVF centre in Nepal.

How does the IVF procedure work in Nepal?

In IVF treatment, the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the woman’s ovaries or use donor eggs to fertilize with the sperm of the genetic father or donor sperm to ease the fertilization process. After fertilization, the formed embryo will be transferred by the skilled embryologist into the woman’s uterus to establish a successful pregnancy.

The entire IVF procedure in Nepal will take 7 to 8 weeks to complete one fresh IVF cycle. It involves six major steps these are as follows:
1)      Ovulation induction: It is the first step of an IVF treatment in Nepal. The fertility experts at We Care IVF Surrogacy will give some fertility drugs to the woman that help her ovaries stimulate to produce multiple eggs for fertilization in one IVF cycle. The fertility expert will keep an eye on the growth and development of the eggs in the woman’s ovaries through Ultrasound, and they also conduct a blood test to check the hormone levels.
2)      Egg collection: In this step, the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the woman’s ovaries using a hollow needle that passes through the upper vaginal wall, and after that, they will remove the fluid from the follicles. It is a process performed under local anaesthesia to reduce the discomfort while collecting the eggs.
3)      Secure the sperm: The fertility expert will ask the male member to produce his sperm sample. If sperms are not available in a man’s ejaculate, the fertility expert will extract them surgically or use donor sperm for fertilization.
4)      Fertilization: During this step of IVF treatment in Nepal, the fertility experts at We Care IVF Surrogacy will mix the collected woman’s eggs with her husband’s sperm or donor sperm to facilitate fertilization. The fertility expert will keep an eye on the fertilization process as once it has taken place is considered an embryo.
5)      Embryo transfer: The step of IVF treatment where the embryologist will choose the most active and healthy embryo to transfer into the biological mother’s uterus, and fertility experts then wait for pregnancy signs & symptoms.
6)      Pregnancy test: After two weeks of embryo transfer, the couple needs to visit the fertility clinic for a pregnancy check-up conducted using an ultrasound scan for hearing the infant’s heartbeat. Once the fertility expert hears the heartbeat, it indicates the pregnancy is confirmed. The couple will be released from the We Care IVF Surrogacy to the local gynaecologist for further treatment.

Note: As mentioned above, the IVF cost in Nepal, i.e., USD 3,700, is an estimated cost for one fresh IVF cycle. The fertility expert will confirm the actual cost once the couple fixes their appointment with the fertility expert at the best IVF centre in Nepal. She is the one who first examines the couple and then suggests the best IVF treatment in Nepal that fulfils their dream of having a baby.

If the couples failed to achieve a successful outcome in one IVF cycle, they cou

ld go for the second attempt at a very reasonable cost. If they do not wish to proceed with the second IVF attempt, they can go for the advanced fertility procedures that maximize conception. However, they are a little more expensive than IVF treatment cost in Nepal.

What are all expenses included within the IVF cost in Nepal?

The following are the expenses that include in the IVF treatment cost in Nepal:

The procedure of IVF/ICSI included

      • Oocyte pick-up
      • Ultrasound scan, blood tests, male & female examination
      • Transfer of embryos
      • Transfer through airport
      • Lab technician charges
      • Fertility professionals charges
      • Basic medications
      • Consultation charges with an IVF expert
      • Before & after counselling with an IVF expert
What are all expenses not included in the IVF cost in Nepal?

The price of IVF in Nepal is much more affordable than

in highly developed nations. And while having the treatment, the patients must have confirmation about treatment aspects affecting their price. Many factors are present to increase the couple IVF cost in Nepal.

The following are the pre-cycle expenses that are not included in the IVF cost in Nepal:

      • Anaesthesia:A woman requires anaesthesia during the egg retrieval process, and someone outside the We Care IVF Surrogacy will come. The medical provider will separately bill the cost of anaesthesia.
      • Medications: The injectable medications required to stimulate the ovaries will not be a part of the IVF cost in Nepal. The cost of these medications will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.
      • Embryo storage: If the couple produces more than one embryo in a single IVF cycle, then they have the option to store the rest of the embryos for their future use, or they can donate these embryos to fertility clinics to help other couples.
      • Other approaches: The basic IVF price in Nepal does not include advanced procedures. Your expert will confirm their needs after knowing the partners’ infertility conditions. If they have severe problems that cannot assist with basic IVF, different approaches are necessary. These have high charges that increase the entire cost.
      • Centre fees: Some centres have high and hidden charges that cause problems in partners’ budgets. The patient treatment cost highly affects by the non-transparency in the process and price.

Advanced IVF Package – IVF Cost in Nepal

As the age of the woman increases, the possibility of achieving pregnancy reduces. On the other hand, if the woman is between the age group of 21-35, there is a huge chance of achieving normal pregnancy. However, some women under 35 get difficulty conceiving due to their poor egg quality or low AMH level.

When the woman receives failure with their IVF treatment eggs, the specialist suggests the patient go for IVF with donor eggs. The same goes for men as well; when a male produces a low sperm count or has very little motility to be fertilized with th

e egg, then either IVF with ICSI/PICSI/ IMSI is performed or IVF with donor sperm is used.

If one chooses any of the above IVF procedures (advanced IVF technique), the total treatment cost changes; IVF Cost in Nepal varies based on the patient’s fertility issue.

Have you ever heard about SSR?

If not, then no worries; SSR is also one of the advanced techniques of ART and is accomplished using IVF-ICSI. SSR – Surgical Sperm Retrieval is a minor surgical treatment to solve the male infertility issue. This treatment is recommended for those males where no sperm is found in the semen ejaculation of the male (or barely any sperm). It also adds some additional bugs to the total IVF Cost in Nepal.

Above are some additional IVF treatments, or what can be said as advanced IVF treatments that affect the total sum of IVF Costs in Nepal. This technique is preferred only when the couple faces any advanced fertility issues such as meagre sperm count, poor egg quality, chromosomal defects/ genetic abnormality, absence of sperm, etc.

Why choose WE CARE IVF SURROGACY for IVF treatment in Nepal?

The first and the best fertility treatment is the IVF methodology. We realize that any treatment straightforwardly influences your pocket, yet IVF cost in Nepal the sensible cost essentially is in any individual’s monetary allowance.

IVF cost in Nepal is not high; the cost provided by the WE CARE IVF SURROGACY team is entirely reasonable and authentic. IVF treatment cost in Nepal is categorized into two – the first one is the basic IVF package, and the other is the advanced IVF treatment cost in Nepal. Now you must be thinking about the difference between the basic IVF package and the advanced one.

Here your answer comes- the basic IVF treatment process follows the couple’s medical component, and the advanced IVF procedure needs superior technology, third-party-assisted options, and so on. Depending on the patient’s case (and so IVF treatment), IVF Cost in Nepal varies.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility agency and provides all types of fertility treatm

ent such as IUI, IVF, and IVF with advanced techniques at a very affordable package. We provide the best assistance and come back with the best IVF centre in Nepal with a high success rate and proficient specialists.

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