Complete Detail about Stimulated IVF Treatment in India

When an individual discusses about IVF treatment, it is most likely that he or she is talking about Conventional IVF treatment or Stimulated IVF Treatment in India. What is stimulated IVF cycle, who can choose this treatment to pull off their pregnancy days, is the success rate of this treatment up to the mark and many more aspects we are going to uncover during this page.

Louise Joy Brown is the first human baby to have been born by the artificial method of conception, i.e. via Stimulated IVF cycle (25th July 1978), since then thousands of newborns are conceived every year by means of IVF treatment.

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Stimulated IVF Treatment

    Is there any other common name of Stimulated IVF treatment India?

    Yes it has! One of the common and daily talk words of this treatment is IVF itself; we also can say- Conventional IVF cycle, Standard IVF treatment or Stimulated IVF Treatment in India. This fertility treatment is performed at its best in India or by the top IVF centers in India; one amongst ongoing IVF centre is We Care IVF Surrogacy; this centre provides an unsurpassed IVF treatment to the patients with a high success rate too. This centre endows with professional and practiced fertility team having a senior specialist, who has more than 30 years of experience to solve infertility issue. With a high success rate and skilled fertility team, this centre has achieved the apex of serving best IVF treatment all over the world.

    What is Stimulated IVF Treatment in India?

    Stimulated IVF Treatment in India uses the stimulatory drugs or medications to enhance the growth level of woman’s egg follicles, not just this; through this medication, a female is able to make out multiple eggs instead of a single egg from a single ovary. Why multiple eggs? Multiple eggs are aimed to avoid the risk of failed fertilization. Eggs are then collected and kept with the sperm (provided by the male partner or donor, if required) for fertilization. Once the fertilization is accomplished, fine quality of the embryo is transferred to the patient’s uterus. If any fine quality of embryos is left, then they can be cryopreserved for couple’s future use or for the procedure of donor embryo (if the couple gives consent for it).

    Stimulated IVF Treatment India is best for all those couples who have been facing with infertility issue for more than a year and unable to conceive naturally (or through basic fertility treatment such as IUI or AI).

    Are you suitable for Stimulated IVF Treatment in India?

    There are several factors that determine whether you are suitable to undergo this treatment or not; Stimulated IVF Treatment is best for –

    • Women with blockage of fallopian tube
    • Have had more than two miscarriages in previous attempts
    • Irregular menstrual cycle
    • Male factor infertility issue
    • Suffering from unexplained or idiopathic infertility
    • Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities

    Pros and Cons of Stimulated IVF Treatment in India

    If you will get into any fertility treatment (whether it is IVF or advance technique), it is not sure to have success at the first attempt (only if woman’s egg is perfect and healthy for fertilization). If the woman is under her 35 and has fine quality of eggs then there is high chance of getting pregnant. After IVF egg retrieval, a woman may feel cramping or giddiness but on time, the discomfort zone of the patient gets away.  A woman is away from any menace or threat by this treatment, but patients under Stimulated IVF Treatment in India should not over take fertility medication. Given below some advantages of stimulated IVF treatment are –

    • This is one of the best ART technique to confiscate infertility issue
    • To have own baby via unnatural method
    • This method, when applied with other ART technique becomes Advance Fertility treatment
    • Stimulated IVF Treatment in India gives best result with advance form of ART
    • A couple can cryopreserve their embryo for later pregnancy, if they require
    • Reasonable Stimulated IVF Cost in India by We Care IVF Surrogacy centre

    Why We Care IVF Surrogacy?

    We Care IVF Surrogacy centre in India has had a sky-scrapping success rate in IVF pregnancies or live birth; we put forward best treatment quality with advanced and ultra-modern equipments all through the steps of patient IVF cycle. Our main goal is to set permanent happiness on each couple’s face by providing their most awaited dream – Their Baby. With the help of various advance ART treatments this centre has made highest record of IVF success rate and live birth rate via fertility treatment at affordable Stimulated IVF Cost in India. Using extremely effective and enhanced equipments, this centre has been able to make its name in the storm of top 5 best IVF centers in India with high success rate.

    At The Bottom Line

    So, here the story ends of Conventional IVF treatment or Stimulated IVF Treatment in India, if you are outlining IVF treatment to have your own biological kid, then you can definitely go ahead! It’s complete safe and uncomplicated procedure, although you have to keep patience throughout the entire cycle because a single IVF cycle takes about 5-7 weeks from the initial consultation to the last step of IVF- embryo transfer. Follow the instruction and each guideline from your fertility expert (you need to avoid smoking, alcohol, any drugs completely, stick on nutritious diet and have a balanced day to day routine with moderate exercise so as to keep your body in active state). We wish All The Best for your IVF journey! Keep Smiling!!!

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