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ovulex ivf infertility basic: Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey for both of the partners – especially for the women, who carry the baby till maturity and up to delivery in own womb and take care of each do and don’t. It certainly seems that pregnancy is an easy task for the couples, it might look like its simple process, but in actual it is not! Sometimes the natural process doesn’t work properly and thus the couple at a point need assistance or guidance from the expert. When the couple is getting complication in having a child, either the woman or the male has fertility issues. And to know this, one must undergo fertility assessment test.

There are some signs and symptoms too, such as delayed menstruation in women, irregular cycles; in men, painful intercourse and so on. You can first fix an appointment with the gynecologist, the doctor will ask some questions (associated to the sexual intercourse, timings or how frequent you do and so on). Let’s begin with some description of a basic fertility medications that increases the chances of attaining pregnancy in women.

In the event that you are attempting to have natural pregnancy, however there is not any positive news coming, by that time fertility pills may help of the condition (basic fertility issue). Thedoctor may keep in touch with you a medicine for the fertility. You can generally decide on over-the-counter fertility medications to help your odds of pregnancy. Talk with your doctor about the success rate of the fertility pills.

The fixings in Ovulex have been exhibited through incalculable recorded examinations to adequately and securely carry equalization to most ladies’ hormones and help standardize menstrual cycles, just as the going with symptoms of PMS, as viably and securely, and generally more securely, than remedy hormone treatments (which means, without the regular negative reactions of synthetic medication treatments). This parity is basic to expanding your odds of getting pregnant.

Ovulex doesn’t over invigorate the woman’s ovaries to discharge numerous ova (eggs) all through your cycle, this is the most unique aspect about this medication. For some ladies, fertility issue is because of an abbreviated or unpredictable menstrual cycle. The fixings in Ovulex have a particular activity which takes into consideration a more drawn out ovulation period, giving the woman a more noteworthy chance to have a child by this method.

What else a woman needs to do?

A mix of herbs and prostrogenes are a portion of the fundamental fixings in Ovulex. If a woman is taking Ovulex, alongside standard exercise, appropriate eating routine, can help increment the woman’s odds of getting pregnant.

On the off chance a woman experiences hormonal unevenness, odds are you may not get pregnant without any problem. Ovulex balances your hormones to make the soothing egg release even more a chance. Adjusting hormones, for example, estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and luteinizing hormone, are important to set up a woman’s body to get pregnant.

This medication assists with the ovulation term and builds the woman’s chances to get pregnant. Ovulex med is natural product and therefore there is no chance of any negative factor. In addition, the admission of this item doesn’t bring about numerous pregnancies, other than those that are normally obtained.

The Bottom Line 

When does pregnancy happen? Pregnancy happens when the embryo has been successfully created after the combination of the sperm and egg and gets attached into the endometrium of the woman for the development of the embryo into baby. From here the outing of woman’s pregnancy begins. Once the embryo successfully fixes into endometrium, pregnancy test is positive.

Ovulex and other fertility medication only help when the female has basic fertility issue, but when the female is found to be no result after having the medication too, then she needs proper fertility treatment to have a higher chances of pregnancy. Advanced treatments such as IVF, IVF with other advanced procedures and so on. These treatments are recommended only when the couple has been examined well for their fertility level and must have been tried the basic solution for the pregnancy.

As the lady gets more on the age, their level of fertility reduces and hence it is advised by all the doctors to have a child by appropriate age (under 35), because the female loses her capacity to be a mother after their 35 age. With moving age, there’s in like manner an extended risk for some clinical issues, for instance gentle endometriosis or extreme, tubal issues/damages, which can add to the lady’s less fertility level.

So, if you are planning to fulfil your dream of parenthood and facing any difficulty in the way of attaining your own kid, We Care IVF Surrogacy – the fertility agency team, is there for you. We are one of the leading fertility service provider – basic medication and advanced fertility solutions across globe. If you get stuck in any fertility hiccup, you can fix an appointment with our senior fertility specialist after talking with our fertility coordinators.


Sperm Freezing in India: Cryopreservation or freezing is the technique where cells or entire tissues are saved or preserved by cooling to low below zero temperatures, for example, (ordinarily) – 196 °C (the breaking point of fluid nitrogen). At these low temperatures, any natural movement, including the biochemical responses that would prompt cell passing, is successfully halted. So to put it plainly, freezing method in infertility words, is the method of the assisted reproductive technique – ART method, where the pro at a low temperature freezes the eggs/semen or the embryos in a fluid nitrogen (- 196 °C) for the future use (at whatever point the couple is prepared to have a baby).

What does sperm freezing mean? Sperm freezing India is the method of the semen assortment, semen breaking down and afterward putting away of the sperms for certain occasions. This sperm test can be later utilized for fertility drug or giving the sperm to that couple, wherein the male accomplice unfit to release sound and motile sperms for treatment, same sex female accomplice additionally is profited by sperm freezing process. This technique is otherwise called cryopreservation or sperm freezing.

There are four to five stages, which comes in the technique of Sperm freezing India

  • The initial phase in Sperm freezing India includes the male-screening for the contamination like HIV, Hepatitis and so on.
  • Second is where the male provides his semen sample to the fertility centre for further process
  • Once the sperm is gotten by the fertility team, it is send to check the sperm motility and the sperm count.
  • Then freezing of the sperms (those are able and motile)
  • The storage of the sperm – cryopreservation technique

How the sperms are gathered and cryopreserved?

The male from the outset needs to undergo with some blood tests, starting exams like HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Male, who select to give a semen sample at the fertility lab will be given a private room and clean holder as well for the procedure to collect the semen. The male has either a decision to gather his semen sample at home or in the clinic also however it is compulsory that he should utilize sterile container (so as to not to bring on any damage at the example quality).

To get great outcome, it is recognized to a male to go without discharge for three to five days before giving his example in the center. In the event that the male has discharged as of late not long before giving his example, at that point the sperm tally might be low.

What number of sperms will happen in semen-this thing rely on the male factor fertility too and the length of the time since the male has done last discharge. For the most part, semen test from a solitary discharge may comprise of 20 million to 200 million sperm. If possible, the specialist will say the patient to forbearance from the discharge (for at least three to four days) before delivering the semen to the centre. It generally takes guys 3-5 days to deliver a semen test with ideal sperm tally (the nature of the sperm may break down over shorter or longer times of restraint) and that’s the reason why the doctor say the male to abstinence for three to five days to get better quality of the sperm.

It is favored that the example be gotten by manual ejaculation (masturbation). There are private rooms at the office that might be utilized for this reason. In the event that you decide to create the example at home, kindly don’t utilize any greases as these items may bargain the nature of the example. The sample by the male must be gathered in a sterile container, which you may get from our research facility at We Care IVF Surrogacy.

How the Semen Sample is processed for the Sperm freezing?

A complete semen analysis is then performed. This includes semen volume, liquefaction and viscosity, sperm count, motility, forward progression, and morphology.The required screening HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-I, HTLV-II, Hepatitis B core Antibody, Hepatitis C Viral Antibody, Gonorrhea CultureHepatitis B surface Antigen Syphilis, and CMV.

After the complete analysis of the male, the sperm is gathered in a sterile compartment, when the fertility center specialists gather this example, at that point break down this example to identify the pH level, thickness, volume and tallies. At that point sperms are envisioned under magnifying lens to assess motility, sperm tally, its morphology (what it looks like) and some different factors too.

When the sperm is investigated and examined, it is blended in with an arrangement and the temperature is decreased, approx. 50-60% of the sperm will get by during this strategy that is Sperm Freezing India. The male, who is picking this strategy, needs to give beginning expense of freezing charges of Sperm Freezing Cost India. The cost will depend of how many months the male requires to freeze his semen sample at the fertility laboratory.

The Bottom Line –

Sperm freezing is the best option for those men who are undergoing for major treatment or for chemotherapy because such treatments directly cause harm to the sperm count and its motility. The sperms which have been donated by the donors (donor sperm) also is preserved by the same technique – sperm cryopreservation or sperm freezing technique. The one who wants this option for any reason, need to undergo for some tests before the procedure in order to know the exact fertility assessment of his sperm. A fertility team of We Care IVF Surrogacy will draw blood at the time of the initial visit. Screening will be performed by the best centers provided by our organization.

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