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Surrogacy- this treatment has always been a controversial issue and due to this, many countries have banned this advanced treatment to perform in their country. It is forbidden in many of the developed countries but Russia is one of the very few countries that allow the surrogacy for all the couples. True, Russia is the most preferred destination to undergo surrogacy procedure to have own baby by the best surrogacy centre in Russia; do you know what mainly matters in surrogacy Russia- it’s the Cost of Surrogacy in Russia along with a good success result of live births, yes the surrogacy cost Russia is for the most part fascinates the outsiders as well as the inhabitants of Russia too. The Surrogacy Cost in Russia is reasonable and easily accessible by each intended couple.

Since the Cost of Surrogacy in Russia is approachable to all Russia has become a surrogacy hub for several foreigners to undergo surrogacy treatment from the best centre of surrogacy in Russia.

As compared to western counterparts, the Surrogacy Cost in Russia is far affordable provided with world-class advanced medical methodology and all the latest ART techniques. The abundance of beautiful and healthy gestational surrogates and egg donors make the surrogacy in Russia more charming and famous world-wide.

A complete package of Surrogacy Cost in Russia is approximate USD 35,000- USD 45,000 (in which the intended couple will get IVF-ICSI treatment and all the steps included all through the way of couple’s surrogacy).

  • IVF-ICSI Fee included in the Cost of Surrogacy in Russia – 4,500-6,500 USD (included each medication and hormonal injections)
  • Egg donor fee in Surrogacy centre in Russia – 7,000 USD to 8,000 USD
  • Surrogacy cost in Russia-$35000 to $45,000- $10,000 USD paid in three or so instalments.

An intended couple once after finalizing the surrogacy from the best surrogacy centre Russia after analyzing all the information about the Surrogacy Cost in Russia, they can go ahead; surrogacy is a beautiful journey which is marvellously accomplished by the fertility specialists of We Care IVF Surrogacy.

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Procedure of Surrogacy in Russia

Parents need to go through the following steps for the completion of the surrogacy process in Russia

Seeking the best surrogate or by the fertility centre

Intended couple can do it themselves or has the best option to use a gestational surrogate mother recommended by the fertility centre in Russia.

If the couple’s case will be completed with an egg donor or sperm donor

In some cases of surrogacy Russia, a couple is recommended for an egg donor or sperm donor for the accomplishment of surrogacy, this is the case, where one of intended parents is unable to supply fine quality of eggs or sperms, they need to get hold of the genetic material from either an egg or sperm donor, which would add extra charges in the Surrogacy Cost in Russia.

Medical screening of the intended couple and the surrogate

An intended couple and the gestational surrogate mother have to undergo a health screening tests and check-ups preceding to being matched with each other.

Legal contract of Surrogacy in Russia

To make ensure the preciseness and legal compliance of the surrogacy method in Russia, all parties need to sign a contract. Each shindig needs own lawyer according with the surrogacy law.

In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Intended mother has to undergo IVF procedure for egg stimulation (if her eggs are of healthy quality) and then the eggs are fertilized with the male partner’s sperm for the creation of embryos. Surrogate’s process will be started when the embryo has been created by the process of intended couple’s IVF. Finest quality of embryo is placed into the uterus of the surrogate in the best hope for implantation. Surrogates provided by We Care IVF Surrogacy are experienced and fit to carry the pregnancy and have been screened medically and physically.


Fertility specialists keep an eye on the surrogate and she has to pay visit in the centre on specific date.

Birth of the baby and handing the baby to the intended parent

After the newborn’s arrival, the actual parent has the complete right to register the baby in a registry office as their own. However, in Russia, this thing is possible only when the gestational surrogate mother gives her consent.

Why Choose We Care IVF Surrogacy for Surrogacy in Russia

For the past few years, Surrogacy agencies in Russia have also played a vital role improving Russia to stand as one of the most popular destination to undergo Surrogacy in Russia along with the sensible Surrogacy Cost in Russia. Usually all the surrogacy agency in Russia provides legal support, assistance with each detail, translation service etc.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the forerunner fertility treatments providers in Russia; it has a huge networking chain of surrogacy centres in the world. This centre believes in creating family and already has helped many patients throughout worldwide with many more hopes. This is open For Surrogacy in Russia; Feel free to contact We Care IVF Surrogacy with no obligation quote of program coordinator from Russia will get in touch with in next 24-48 hours. The online coordinator will give you instant support 24*7 if you are seeking for the best surrogacy treatment in Russia.

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