How much does Surrogacy Cost in Georgia?

Surrogacy cost in Georgia– Surrogacy is undeniably the most expensive procedure amongst all the ART treatments like IVF treatment, IVF with third-party assistance, IVF-ICSI with surgical sperm aspiration, and the rest of other methods. However, there is one truth about surrogacy the surrogacy provides the highest success rate, nearly 100% success rate. The packages of Surrogacy Cost in Georgia have been categorized into a single attempt Surrogacy, three attempts, and the guaranteed package. In each category, there is a different cost structure of the surrogacy method in Georgia.

Surrogacy laws in Georgia – always remain in the glare of publicity amongst couples, who are seeking surrogacy procedure with the best surrogate mother. Georgia, as you know, is a hub for countless things and surrogacy procedure continually is in the top of the list. The surrogacy centers here are easily accessible, and each advanced facility is availed by the couple whoever choosing Georgia as their surrogacy destination. One of the significant factors behind the famed name of Surrogacy in Georgia is its reasonable and under-budget structure of Surrogacy Cost in Georgia.

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    Surrogacy cost in Georgia is the best option to welcome the days of your parenthood with the help of gestational surrogate Georgia. The couples, who want to cut down their overheads on the surrogacy cost;, Georgia is the best place to undergo this ART procedure. Yes, this is true that Georgia is one of the very few nations, which serve surrogacy at a reasonable cost without causing much trouble on the couple’s head about a load of surrogacy cost.  This place is a paradise for medical tourists because the individual gets each amenity at an affordable price in Georgia.

    Methods and steps incorporated in Surrogacy Cost in Georgia

    As you all know that surrogacy is not a single-step procedure, so there is a separate cost of each process such as the surrogate’s expense to carry the embryo into her womb till successful delivery, the cost of medical expense, and so on. This is the main reason why surrogacy cost is a bit high compared to other treatment.

    You must be curious to know the exact Surrogacy cost in Georgia, so here is the entire information provided below

    1. Surrogacy Cost in Georgia if accomplished using a single cycle with a surrogate then it cost USD $35,000 to USD $40,000.
    2. Surrogacy Cost Georgia if fulfilled with a surrogate using (with three attempts), then it costs USD $40,000 to USD $45,000.
    3. There is another package of Surrogacy in Georgia, where the couple gets 100% surety about the achievement of the healthy baby via surrogate. During this surrogacy treatment, the couple can go for as many attempts with a surrogate. This procedure is known as the Guaranteed Surrogacy package. Of guaranteed package of surrogacy, the Surrogacy Cost in Georgia costs USD $52,000 to USD $58,000.

    Detailed Information about the Guaranteed Package of Surrogacy in Georgia

    Surrogacy cost in Georgia- Although, surrogacy, itself results in a high success rate, providing the charm of the couple’s life. But sometimes, the couple doesn’t want to get an unsure result about the surrogate’s pregnancy test, and thus they choose guaranteed package of surrogacy, where the veteran transfers unlimited embryo transfer till the couple’s embryo lasts and till the pregnancy didn’t happen.

    During the Guarantee program of surrogacy, a couple gets two IVF cycles done till no embryos are left to place in the surrogate’s uterus.

    Under this Surrogacy Cost Georgia, several steps are included –

    • Professional Fees
    • Ultrasounds
    • Lab charges
    • Coordination fees
    • Legal Contract and the agreement cost
    • Surrogate’s expense and reimbursement
    • Care and medical checkup before and after the pregnancy
    • Donor charges included (if required)

    A couple of undergoing mentioned guarantee package then the Surrogacy Cost in Georgia ranges from USD $54,000 to USD $58,000.

    By choosing this surrogacy program, a couple increases their chances of beginning a family. Surrogacy with egg donation program in Georgia is the most successful one giving the highest success rate. If the couple laying all healthy medical components (eggs and sperms) for IVF, then there is the surety of achieving success in the very first attempt of surrogacy cycle only.

    A guaranteed program of surrogacy in Georgia ensures the couple with the surety of the result.

    Complete Surrogacy Cost in Georgia – Most appropriate ART procedure assuring successful result

    Surrogacy Cost in Georgia- The leading and best Surrogacy Centre in Georgia provides genuine and authentic cost packages to the couple. Not just this, centers provided by We Care IVF Surrogacy give the highest success rate and delivery rate with giving most suitable Surrogate Mother Georgia. Now you must be thinking about who we are. We are one of the leading global agencies that serve each kind of fertility treatment and the surrogacy program, putting forward each facility throughout the procedure. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the largest and emerging surrogacy agencies that have worldwide surrogacy centers across the country. The fertility team and the professionals under the surrogacy centers by We Care IVF Surrogacy are all proficient and masters in the respective field. We are the one who provides the Surrogacy Cost Georgia in low-cost and in the means of couple’s pocket. For those who are thinking to travel Georgia for their surrogacy treatment, them we do have a specific package for accommodation, stay all the inclusive steps in Surrogacy.

    The surrogates provided by the best surrogacy center in Georgia are hale and hearty, screened accurately with all the clinical tests, diagnostic tests, physiological tests, and background checks.

    In order to steer clear of unnecessary troubles in the future, no contact or relationship is maintained with the gestational surrogate. Under the law of surrogacy in Georgia, there is the clear and transparent rule of the surrogacy that the intended parent will receive all the parental rights over the newborn.

    So, basically, the Surrogacy Cost in Georgia is USD $35,000 and can go up to USD $40,000. In this package, there is every procedure included such as –

    • The Surrogate’s Expense
    • Surrogate’s medical expense after the confirmation of delivery
    • Couple’s IVF treatment
    • If there is the requirement of the egg donor (Caucasian egg donor)
    • Embryo transfer into the surrogate’s uterus
    • Post-pregnancy tests and checkup
    • Delivery
    • Signing the contract/agreement of the surrogacy
    • Fertility lab charges, consultation fees, and professional charges

    How the Couple can pay the Surrogacy Cost in Georgia?

    There are two ways to giving the Surrogacy cost in Georgia –

    1. Either the couple can go for one-time payment mode (only if the couple has ensured the center’s authenticity and the genuine cost structure mode)
    2. Or, they can choose the payment based on Installments – Here, the couple is required to pay 25% of the total amount of the Surrogacy Cost initial (after selecting a suitable surrogate by the couple, starting with the medication of the couple (for IVF))

    , the second payment of again 25%, has to be paid when the agreement/ contract is signed between the surrogate and the intended couple, and the last amount of rest 50%, has to be paid at the time of the pregnancy confirmation.

    We understand surrogacy, in general, is a bit costly procedure; thus, we do have a flexible pay mode for you to avoid the hassle at the beginning of the surrogacy. You can quickly shell out the surrogacy cost in Georgia according to the installment mentioned above package to get an easy and comfortable journey throughout the procedure.

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