Why I am Not Getting Pregnant?

Who doesn’t want a perfect family? Without a doubt, each couple at a certain phase wants a baby to make their family perfect and contended. Nothing can put a smile on couple’s face without any cause except the scene where their own kid is crawling and moving at a snail’s pace. A baby is all needed to bring a huge smile on couple’s face, isn’t it?

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, where a woman carries own baby for 9 month in her womb; becoming pregnant is one of the happiest phase in a woman’s life which each female waits for. This is a lifetime experience for both of the partner.

Taking about the pregnancy steps, there are some women who easily get pregnant with no time while others try hard to attain pregnancy. We do understand that the staircase of pregnancy is not always easy to reach but it’s not impossible. Let’s delve into the main chapter of this page, i.e. Why I am not getting pregnant?

Having sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation can increase the chances of a woman’s pregnancy; keep an eye on your ovulation date, if you smoke daily then you have to get into a healthy diet plan and quit smoking in order to get conceived. A healthy diet and a healthy body – both play vital role in the way to achieve pregnancy.

Be calm and ease even if you are facing with any barrier to have your own baby; there could be several reasons behind this encumbrance. By knowing various reasons, you can figure out the plan of how to get pregnant and work best to get your own baby.


Reasons, why you are not getting pregnant?

There is not a single factor but a combination of various things that hold back woman’s pregnancy; some of the common factors behind this obstruction are given below


Menstrual cycle

This is one of the essential parts that may cause trouble in attaining pregnancy. Why so? This is because ovulation, menstrual cycle and pregnancy- all are inter-linked with each other, if any of them gets affected, it causes imbalance of rest of the steps. Uneven cycles indicate inconsistent ovulation in women, and getting conceived without an egg is impossible. Therefore, the less a woman ovulates, the less her chances of getting pregnant.

Irregular menstruation cycle contributes dilemma of not getting pregnant. A number of factors add the possibility of irregular menstruation; hormonal factor is one amongst main reason of the irregular menstruation. Estrogen and Progesterone are the two major hormones that affect the menstrual cycle.

Women, who menstruate irregularly, have more chance in getting pregnant. Fertility expert can help best at this case by letting that woman know the exact cause for her irregular periods and plan for appropriate treatment.

A woman, if getting issue in menstrual cycle, then it is mandatory to focus on proper diet, should attain ideal weight, must do moderate exercises, be on healthy diet chart .

Effect of Age

Age is all truly needed for healthy pregnancy! Since we know that a woman is born with all the eggs (6-7 million immature eggs) she will ever have in her life-time and from the time when she reaches her puberty phase, this number drops to 600,000 – 700,000. Each month these eggs get off from the Fallopian tube and shed with the thickened uterine wall – referred as menstruation.

Do you know the most suitable age of achieving pregnancy? At 20’s, yes! The most suitable and preferred time to achieve pregnancy is at woman’s 20’s -30’s. As the woman’s age steps up, the quality of her eggs begin to decline and once she puts her feet on her 30’s, the quality of the egg turns down rapidly.  This is the main reason, why experts suggest the couple to conceive a baby by the age of 35(max).

To attain parenthood, woman’s egg quality performs a major role all through the story of fertilization, implantation and pregnancy and if the egg quality is not up to the mark, then the embryo quality will also lack its actual nature. Therefore, it is recommended to have own baby during the phase of couple’s best fertility days.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a complex hormonal imbalance in women that cuts short the ovulation procedure. During this hormonal disorder, small cysts are produced in the female’s ovaries, these cysts in return disrupts the maturity of ovarian follicle- all these interference make a woman’s menstrual cycle affects. A woman may experience weight gain, acne, abnormal hair growth on back, chest etc, uneven menstruation cycle.

A female can easily get over from this issue (only if PCOS hasn’t reached at its peak stage) by changing their lifestyle routine, by maintaining the proper weight, stick on nutritious diet etc. If PCOS is at severe stage then there would be medical treatment for attaining pregnancy, such as stimulation drug along with IVF treatment.

Avoid Urination

Some women after just mating with their partner rush into the washroom for pee, this is a big NOOOO!!! If you are planning to conceive, then this step can hinder your pregnancy. Peeing after intercourse makes the sperms get away from urinary tract and interrupts the possibility to attain pregnancy.

To avoid this risk, female is recommended to stay on bed for at least half an hour (to an hour) after sexual intercourse, by doing so sperm can easily get into the woman’s cervix and get in touch with the egg smoothly for insemination and fertilization (if the egg is there).


Endometriosis is the chronic disorders of a woman’s reproductive system, where the endometrial cells develop outside of the uterus. This issue prevents the matured egg from reaching towards the fallopian tubes and thus fertilization hinders.

This occurrence causes severe pain during menstruation cycle, pain while penetration in sex, spend time regularly in urination during menstrual cycle with a feeling of full bladder, painful bowel movements, and chronic pelvic pain.

If you are looking for treatment to treat this disorder then laparoscopy is a best method, where the surgeon inserts a light tube, used to evaluate and remove any abnormal cysts. After this surgery, a woman may conceive within six to eight months, if pregnancy does not take place then IUI technique with fertility medications are given. IVF is the end most solution of this chronic disorder.


Blocked Fallopian Tube

Tubal disease is one of the common factors why women get difficulty in achieving pregnancy. Damaged or blocked Fallopian tube nips in the bud to arrive the eggs from ovary to the uterus, thus preventing the conception.

The condition of damaged or blocked Fallopian tube in women could arise due to pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted disease, or major surgery (if any). For this case, experts recommend to go for laparoscopy surgery that helps to fixing the tube and is followed by the method of IVF.


Usually fibroids do not bother ovulation cycle in females but some studies have depicted that fibroids may interfere the pregnancy and lead to negative outcomes to have a baby. So, yes it sometime makes pregnancy difficult to achieve.

In general, submucosal fibroids (deforms inner uterine cavity) associates with decreased fertility in women, hence if these fibroids are not removed timely, a female may not able to carry pregnancy.

Poor lifestyle

Poor diet, hectic lifestyle, lack of sleep, unable to do physical activity- these are some of the major factors that get in the way of women’s pregnancy.
Not just this, smoking habit, consumption of alcohol, chewing tobacco has an adverse effect on male’s sperm and female’s egg quality. Smoking smashes up the sperm nature and makes them unable to fertilize with the egg.

If you are planning to conceive then whether you are male or female, you have to get back in good lifestyle and healthy choice. Remember- you have to give up smoking and excess consumption of alcohol.

Male factor

Many people think that if a couple is incapable to conceive or have their own baby then there must be women’s problem, it’s always not true. Male’s cause is also the major factor of why a woman is unable to achieve pregnancy.

Poor sperm production, abnormal structure of sperm, less motility of the sperm, low or even zero sperm count can decrease men’s fertility.  If the male factor fertility is basic then IUI can be advantageous for woman’s pregnancy and if the case is severe then there will be a need to undergo with advance fertility treatment such as IVF with ICSI or IMSI.

Male Infertility Types

vasectomy reversal

Premature Menopause

Natural menopause comes near the age of 50, however certain condition such as genetic illness, medical issue, many of the women go through at their menopause before the age of 40. Menopause, by chance occurs before 40, is known as premature menopause.

Irregular or missed menstrual cycles, heavier or lighter flow during the periods, hot flashes etc. are some symptoms and signs of premature menopause. Woman who wishes pregnancy at her premature menopause is likely to have problem to attain positive test. Women dealing with infertility just because of this case have to outline for fertility treatment to enter the door way of their pregnancy.

AT the End

Whether you are trying to achieve pregnancy or have been trying hard to conceive for the past few months, keep sure you are following the right direction to attain parenthood.  Ensure that you are doing sexual intercourse during the days of your fertility window (near ovulation date).

Don’t lose the hope because if one technique fails, the other is waiting for you. Keep yourself highly motivated and stay away from negative environment.  Have a balanced diet, say no to stress, quit smoking, stick on a healthy routine and take care of your body by doing moderate exercises.

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