Know About Male Fertility Profile

Male Fertility Profile in India is categorized into five groups that provide a comprehensive analysis of male fertility. We can specify these categories into

  1. Semen Analysis
  2. Sperm Preparation
  3. Overnight Survival
  4. Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test
  5. Reactive Oxidative Species

Semen Analysis


Semen Analysis test in India is the procedure, where a male is supposed to provide his semen sample either to the clinic or laboratory to know the morphology of the sperm, its motility and count of sperm, or if any fertility issue is becoming a barrier.

Semen sample is visually monitored under a microscope to know the sperm count, structure and motility of the sperm.

Sperm Preparation

The main motto of sperm preparation is to choose those sperm, which likely will result in successful fertilization. Semen sample is cleaned and filtered, during this filtration, healthiest sperm remain there and unwanted sperm gets away. Once the expert gets all the sperm in healthy condition, these are then washed in a solution (this solution holds broad spectrum antibiotics, which in turn minimize the risk of infection). The solution also hyper-activates semen (sperm) providing the sperm more energy to facilitate ability to enter into the egg’s cytoplasm after fusion.

Performing this step of semen preparation, the experts can easily evaluate whether any treatment in required or not. If a male is found to be infertile; infertility in males is of three kinds- basic, intermediate and acute male infertility. On the basis of fertility level, treatment is decided and recommended to the patient, whether IUI (intra-Uterine Insemination) or IVF along with ICSI is required. Under semen preparation, the specialists become conscious and able to come to a decision which solution will be best to have successful outcome.

Overnight Survival

Once the semen preparation is accomplished by the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy, the very next step is to place the sperm sample in an incubator for at least 24-28 hours. After completing the hours, experts calculate sperm count, motility of the sperm and its active nature of how soon the sperm can fertilize with the egg. Results are analyzed and if the sperms have lived on overnight then this case of Male Fertility Profile in India would consider as a normal.

However, if the sperms could not survive overnight then there would be the chances of male infertility treatment, such as Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) or IVF along with ICSI/ IMSI (whichever is required for the fertility case).

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

Sperm DNA Fragmentation is the examination to check any type of integrity of the genetic fragmentation (DNA) in the sperm. DNA fragmentation can occur due to several external factors such as improper balanced diet, cigarettes and smoking, excessive intake of alcohol may be chronic infection- these are some factors that cause sperm DNA damage. And a man if having extreme DNA fragmentation then this case can become idiopathic infertility, recurrent miscarriage and failed IVF too

Why is this test important?

Male Fertility Profile in India is a complete lab testing procedure where experts focus on sperm’s structure, motility and the count via doing some tests. It focuses on hormonal changes, imbalance that includes signs of infertility and also erectile dysfunction. Hormones play crucial role in each and every process and fertility is amongst one. Sex hormones involved in the development, upholding and repair of reproductive tissues, not just this, these hormones also influence other body tissues and bone mass too. These tests let the male be aware about his fertility level. We Care IVF Surrogacy is the ongoing centre that provides matchless results in ART treatments and has A1 laboratory, advance equipments and latest technology to perform several tests to know Male Fertility Profile in India.

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