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Fertility Treatment is the only one way for the childless couple attaining pregnancy. And IVF treatment is best solution of an ART method by which the couple can take the most beautiful ride of their journey towards becoming parents but there are many people who are unable to attain healthy pregnancy. Couples who cannot conceive the child so far (even after trying regularly), for them the only option that is left is the IVF treatment.

IVF treatment is the best way to have your own child. IVF is also known as test-tube baby treatment; this treatment is the most preferred ART technique for the pregnancy. However there are some couples, who are unaware or lack of the information about this treatment, many of the individuals have many doubts and myths in the mind just before he treatment of IVF because is it the first ART, production that is turn in the immersive direction by the medical science.

As we all know that the treatment works in a different way so the procedure and what to do it and what not to during it play an important role during the procedure. Even what is the reason to have the infertility problem and who is responsible for it? male or female partner so in that case the patient can easily get the root of it which may be helpful for the fertility expert and to resolve and get the reasonable way to treat it.

Now look at the steps and the treatment that the patient has to face or the question that will come in the mind of the patient before the treatment. It is possible to have the unsuccessful IVF treatment may be the not performed in the right direction so for it the patient should focus on the process of the IVF.

What to do when you plan for an IVF treatment?

  • Fertility investigation:
  • Join a support Group:
  • Eat energetically Food:

Fertility Investigation –

Yes, before the treatment of IVF it is the only thing that decided that what is the exactly problem with the patient by which they are not able to conceive the child and, on the other hand, the decision what kind of treatment the patient need according to the condition and the problem of infertility is how long and either it is genetic of medical basically the treatment will take place after investing all theses angles.

This refers to the situation when the patient needs emotional support because in most of the situation when the relative and the friend circle get to know that you can’t conceive the child due to the medical reason so they make fun of it or basically didn’t support you at the time when you need support so the best way to decreased the level of your stress so for it join a support group IVF that provide you the positively that you need at the time of IVF procedure.

  • Have a Healthy diet –

For the successful IVF program it is very important to have a great and the balanced diet for the IVF. Add vitamin D in your meal because that contains energy and provide the energetic nutrition to the child. Even unbalanced diet may be the cause to have the failed IVF and eat as much as pineapple you can because that provide water to the child.

  • Give yourself at least two days rest post embryo transfer –

It is important for the successful implantation because on the basis of it that will decide that either the VF treatment will be successful or not so give two days rest to your mind and body and read books or do something else that will definitely blow your mind even try to have a day without any stress and spend give the complete time to yourself.

  • Take a chill-pill during the result period –

Laughing is the best therapy, but you will glad to know that laughing can easily decrease the level of stress because many people think that the IVF is one of the most painful procedure, but nothing is like that because IVF can be the uncomfortable procedure and that can easily give you the stress so for the successful implantation laugh or stay cool and relax post embryo transfer resting period.

What not to do during the IVF procedure?

  • Avoid oily and the junk food:

It is very important not for the normal but for the IVF also to avoid oily and the fast food eat as much as cool and the warm food because that provide energy and the activeness to your body. Even the oily and the junk food produce the hormone that can easily affect the success rate of the procedure.

  • Stick to bed rest after embryo transfer:

If you are thinking that this type of rest required just after the procedure of the IVF so it is not the right way yes! The patient can take rest but for the 10 minutes but the rest of 2 or 3 days that not requirement even the patient can easily continuous the physical activity that they do on the regular basis.

  • Melatonin can help improve egg quality:

No, never prefer any kind of medication during the procedure of IVF even melatonin is the sleeping tablets but now it is not confirmed that this type of medicine can easily develop or implant the egg in the woman.

  • Herbal remedies may help with IVF:

There is no data found out in the medical science that herbal or the home remedies even increase the level to conceive the child even if you ever think that with the treatment of IVF you can also add home remedies but this is not the right way to plan family because with herbal remedies can decrease the 30% of chances not to conceive the child.

  • Special diets can boost your chances of getting pregnant:

If you are thinking that if a person is taking the treatment of IVF so they need the special diets so nothing likes that because with the procedure of IVF or for the normal delivery the patient can carry the normal routine of diet without adding too much oily and spicy food. Even IVF is the natural procedure, in the normal delivery the pregnancy take place inside the body and in the IVF the procedure will take place outside the body.

The Bottom Line –

IVF as mentioned earlier is the best solution of infertility disorder. This is the only treatment that can be combined with other ART techniques to make the case more productive and effective. When IVF is combined with other ART technique (such as egg donor, sperm donor, IMSI, LAH, PGD, Surgical Sperm retrieval and so on), the treatment is known as advanced IVF treatment. This treatment is suggested only when the patient has advanced fertility issue. Advanced IVF treatment is no doubt, comes up with the higher success rate (also these treatment is expensive than the traditional IVF method).

When you have been guided by the specialist to go for advanced IVF, make sure you gather all the relevant information of the break-down cost of IVF and proper treatment. We Care IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility platform providing the basic and advanced fertility treatment at most affordable cost. We provide IVF treatment in the best IVF centres.

For further query (about IVF or any of the infertility issues), you can contact our support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy. We would be happy to serve you!

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the most common and preferred ART technique. It includes the egg-pick up procedure from a lady’s ovaries and treating them with sperm under the guidance of fertility experts. This treated egg is known as an embryo. The embryo would then be able to be frozen for capacity or moved to a lady’s uterus.

IVF in Jaipur helps individuals with infertility who need to have a child. IVF is a bit costly fertility procedure than the basic medication or IUI and at the same time, complex, so one should be very confirm about the IVF procedure, how it works and who can perform the treatment nicely. For that you need to search well for the IVF centre in Jaipur, here we are there for your help.

IVF Procedure in Jaipur – Step by Step –

IVF in Jaipur follows five steps accomplishing a single IVF cycle –

  • Ovary stimulation
  • Egg-Retrieval Procedure
  • Semen collection
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer

Stage 1: Stimulation of the Ovaries –

Typically a lady’s ovaries discharge only a single develop egg every month except in IVF treatment the specialist animate the ovaries to grow more follicles (which contain the eggs) to create more number of eggs getting productive result during the egg-retrieval. And that implies there is increasingly possibility of accomplishing a sound embryo to move once again into the uterus.

During this cycle, the development of the follicles is invigorated by a hormone called ‘follicle stimulating hormone’ (FSH). At the point when the follicle is full grown, another hormone, called luteinizing hormone (LH) causes arrival of the egg from the follicle (ovulation).

In an IVF cycle, utilize fake adaptations of FSH and LH to animate your ovary to deliver various follicles and furthermore to control the planning of egg discharge (ovulation). The procedure is called controlled ovarian hyper stimulation. Meds are additionally used to turn off or diminish your own hormone flags and keep them from meddling with the procedure.

You might be approached to take these hormones in different manners, for example, by a day by day nasal shower or by infusions. FSH is normally an everyday infusion, which you oversee yourself after directions from the IVF medical attendants.

Ultrasound checking:

During the fertility medication, the fertility team screens the reaction of your ovaries and the development of follicles with ultrasound examines. The ultrasound includes setting a test into the patient’s’ vagina. This is typically effortless and takes just a couple of moments.

Aftereffects of the outputs will permit the specialist to modify your drug, if necessary, to improve follicle advancement. Apart from the ultrasounds, the woman has to undergo with blood hormonal test to screen estrogen levels (a hormone delivered by the follicles).

Once in a while the ovary stimulation is done and the specialist confirms about the maturity of the eggs, the very next procedure of IVF in Jaipur is egg-retrieval for the fertilization.

Stage 2: Egg-Pick up:

At the point when the ultrasound filter shows that some of the follicles have arrived at a breadth of 17mm, the next thing the specialist manages is to do – trigger-shot. The ‘trigger’ hormone which causes the eggs to develop and to be discharged by emulating the LH that triggers ovulation in an ordinary menstrual cycle.

The trigger is given in order to get maximum of the eggs matured. 36 hours after the trigger shot, the eggs are picked by the follicle, this method is known as follicular aspiration or egg-retrieval process.

There the next step comes is to pick the eggs from the ovaries of a patient by giving a sedation to her. You should not eat or drink for six hours before the procedure of egg-retrieval.

You will be approached to go to the center about an hour prior of the procedure, where you who will be guided by one of our nurse addressingwhat would be the procedure. The fertility specialist will do the affirmation desk work and set you up for the egg assortment.

This is the procedure that is performed under sedation, you will meet the anesthetist not long before the system who will calm you for around 30 minutes.

The specialists gather your eggs through your vagina, utilizing the ultrasound test (as utilized during examining) to direct a fine needle into the follicles. The vast majority are prepared to leave the facility 1-2 hours following the egg assortment.

Meanwhile, the eggs, which have been picked is now moved to the IVF research center and held in a culture medium prepared for insemination with sperm.

Stage 3: Collecting the sperm

There the next step of IVF in Jaipur comes – collecting the semen sample from the female’s accomplice. The man will be approached to deliver a semen test around the hour of the egg-pick up procedure. The man has to choice to give his semen sample; either he can use centre’s private room or he can take the container from the centre and provide the sample by the time. It is recommended that the man need to abstain his discharge for somewhere in the range of two and seven days before giving the sample for the IVF procedure.

If there comes the case where the partner’s sperm is not self-capable to penetrate with the egg’s wall then the specialist uses ICSI technique where a single sperm is injected into the egg so as to successful insemination.

On the off chance that the man has recently been found not to have sperm in his semen despite the fact that they are being delivered in his testis, he should have a method called surgical sperm retrieval procedure- Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (PESA) or Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA).

Stage 4: Fertilization

The egg and sperm are then consolidated in a lab through differing advances of treatment, for example, intracytoplasmic sperm infusion (ICSI) or by normal method, where the motile sperm self-penetrates the egg and goes into the cytoplasm of the egg on the culture –dish. This is one of the most crucial step of IVF in Jaipur.

Embryo culture

The embryologists will watch the embryos as they partition from two cells to four cells and afterward eight cells. The fertility specialist keeps a close eye as they have a development, some of the time as long as five days out at the blastocyst stage, where they have 100 or 125 cells.The specialist then transfer the embryo into the uterus of the woman.

Stage 5: Embryo transfer

This is the last procedure of IVF in Jaipur; during the embryo transfer, the woman’s uterus is examined by ultrasound and then the embryo is transferred by a catheter that is set into the uterine cavity through the cervix. The embryo(s) are then put in the uterus. After ten days, there would be the pregnancy test- the woman need to come to the centre for a blood test to decide whether she’s pregnant or not.

Bottom Line –

IVF pregnancy rate can vary on the basis of some factors like the age of the woman, sperm quality, egg quality, fertility issue, and the lifestyle of the individual. It is recommended to the couple to have a heathy diet and carry a good life-routine getting more productive result in the IVF treatment.

Looking for the best fertility treatment? Seeking for the best price of the IVF treatment and of course the authentic centre then you can contact the support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy. We would be pleased to serve you with the best guidance!

While numerous couples attain pregnancy easily and fulfil their biggest wish of hearing father and mother, others have more trouble getting pregnant and battle with infertility issue. Fortunately there are numerous choices for those couples who have been finding option to conceive— from the method like Clomid (clomiphene), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and there the procedure comes – IVF.

Well, a few couples need more advanced guidance — either in light of the fact that those sorts of infertility medications are off the table, or on the grounds that they’re not effective. That is the place IVF, or test-tube baby treatment appears in. Here’s an introduction on the nuts and bolts to assist you with deciding whether this fertility treatment of ART can assist you with drawing nearer to having the child you had always wanted.

In a very short, IVF is taking the sperm and egg outside of the body and growing an embryo in the lab.For pregnancy to happen normally, the odds are a lot of lower than most would envision. There are a few factors that must adjust consummately to bring about successful conception. For instance, the egg must be healthy and of acceptable quality. The sperm must than discover the egg and effectively treat it. The embryo should then go down the fallopian cylinder and proceed to develop and separate. Considerably after the entirety of this, the embryo must arrive at the uterine depression and embed. Since so much should happen splendidly to bring about pregnancy, the possibility of accomplishing pregnancy even in a solid, young lady is just around 20-25% per cycle.

Hence we recommend the couple to try at least for a year (if the couple is under 35) and six-months for those who are in between 35-37 and further to conceive before coming to our fertility centre. We guide the couple best about any fertility hiccup. Or if you are unsure about your fertility, you may come to the centre for the fertility investigation; by doing this, a couple can have the idea behind their natural pregnancy.

On the off chance if the couple (any of the partner) is found to be infertile, then we are going to solve with the best designed treatment. Let’s read about the treatment of IVF and know the factors that influences its possibility.

IVF is Suitable for –

Couples who battle with infertility because of blocked cylinders, male (sperm) factor, reduced ovarian save, or the feared conclusion of “unexplained fruitlessness” might be contender for IVF. IVF is likewise suggested if a few doesn’t accomplish pregnancy with intrauterine insemination. For each situation, IVF defeats difficulties within reach and gives more eggs the chance to treat, along these lines expanding the opportunity for an embryo to embed.

Other people who profit by the innovation of IVF are same-sex couples (counting ladies intrigued by proportional IVF, and men utilizing benefactor eggs and gestational bearers), single ladies hoping to consider, more seasoned ladies with inadequately working ovaries (some of the time requiring giver eggs), just as people who have lamentably been determined to have malignant growth and have cryopreserved eggs or sperm before treatment.

How IVF Works – Step by Step Procedure

The full procedure of IVF includes a few significant advances that must happen all through a lady’s whole cycle, paving the way to embryomove that will guarantee the best result. All through these means, the lady must experience persevering observing and be completely dedicated to her routine of drugs. A woman is required to have her follow-ups, medications and every single check-up very timely and accurately throughout the IVF treatment.

IVF Treatment follows five to six steps, and there you are –

  • Stimulation of the ovary and suppression of the ovary
  • Egg – retrieval Procedure
  • Fertilization
  • Development of the embryo
  • Embryo transfer

Stimulation of the Ovary –

During IVF, the objective is to animate a lady’s ovaries to develop several oocytes or say eggs than what might happen normally. These medication is known as fertility medication that stimulates the woman’s ovary to produce more eggs during the IVF treatment. Gonadotropin meds FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone) are utilized to help with incitement, and the egg (oocyte) improvement is firmly checked with blood work and ultrasounds – as a rule for a time of 8-12 days.

While your fertility medication help in animating the ovaries, it is additionally essential to guarantee the eggs don’t discharge too early. In this manner, an extra ovulation concealment drug is utilized to forestall this. These meds are known as either a GnRH agonist (leuprolide).

During the above course of medication, the female needs to visit the centre letting the specialist know about the development and growth of the eggs.

Ovulation arrangement –

At the point when the follicles show progress and a sound growth, the trigger shot(s) are given hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) or leuprolide to aid the last development in order to prepare the step of egg-retrieval.

Retrieval of the Eggs –

Preceding the trigger-shot, each eggs are picked-uptransvaginal with an ultrasound guided needle that suctions the liquid and egg from every follicle. This is the procedure, usually performed under sedation. The egg recovery methodology routinely takes around 10-15 minutes and as said, done under sedation with the main intentionof being comfort of the patient.

Fertilization –

The eggs are then blended in with the sperm either through ordinary insemination or with ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm infusion) where a solitary sperm is infused into an egg (routinely utilized in the setting of a male factor).

Embryo Growth –

The embryos are developed in culture dishes and observed until either moved (day 3 or day 5 based upon the woman’s age, number and quality) or biopsied at the blastocyst organize for preimplantation genetic testing (PGT).

PGD – is performed when any of the couple has genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, or for general chromosomal screening – when there is the requirement of IVF with PGD, then it is performed. But PGD adds-up the total cost of IVF procedure.

Embryo Transfer –

The quantity of embryos moved relies upon age of the lady, the stage and grade of the embryo(s), and in the case of testing was finished. The exchange commonly happens either 3 or after 5 days – of the fertilization if the uterus expects planning to be open or if the uterus is not ready for the implantation thenembryos might be kept as frozen (because of hereditary testing or different explanations). The embryotransfer happens under the guidance of ultrasound direction with a catheter setting the embryo in the uterine hole. This is certainly not an agonizing technique and not needed to give sedation to the woman.

There the entire steps get over, once the embryo is transferred and it is confirmed that the embryo has attached into the uterine lining then there would be high chances of hearing a positive news about the IVF pregnancy.

What makes IVF treatment more productive? Yes there are some important factors which decide whether IVF could work or have very less chances to work. Let’s look these factors in a brief.

Factors Influencing IVF Treatment Success rate –

The probability that a pattern of IVF will bring about successful pregnancy relies upon various elements, including:

  • The age of a Woman–

Yes this is the fact, the younger woman is the better IVF success rate would be, particularly in case you’re under 35. That is on the grounds that the more seasoned the woman get, the more unusualor poor your ovaries will react well to the fertility medications, which in turns implies less eggs. In addition, the older the woman gets, the lower the nature of her eggs (however there are special cases where the woman conceives), which implies they may make some harder embryo embedding in your uterus. In spite of the fact that it very well may be entangled to figure it, here’s a breakdown of your rough chances of a live birth for every treatment cycle dependent on age and utilizing the lady’s own eggs:

  • For ladies under age 35, there is the chances of 55-60%
  • For ladies ages 35 to 40 –45-50%
  • For ladies over the age of 41 – 20-30%

So it is well said by the doctors to have your baby by the accurate time or if you have been as infertile, then as well go for the treatment (IVF or other suggested by the specialist) timely to avoid any disappointment later on due to the age-factor

  • Woman’s ovarian reserve –

The better your ovarian hold (the quantity of top notch fertilizable eggs left in your ovaries), the higher the odds for IVF achievement.

  • Healthy fallopian tubes –

The more advantageous your fallopian tubes, the higher your IVF achievement rates. Ladies with a liquid filled blockage in one or both fallopian tubes have lower achievement rates, despite the fact that IVF sidesteps the fallopian tubes through and through

  • The lifestyle –

If you are on your good track or say have a healthy-diet, balanced lifestyle and a very regular your way of life (not addicted of smoke, non-drug consumer, and non-alcoholic or a fit health), the more your odds for IVF success rate.

Closing Lines –

IVF (IVF) assists with expelling the trouble of not having a child and attempts to build the opportunity of a positive result at the best. So, in actual IVF becomes more productive when there is both healthy sperms and eggs and of course a sound uterine receptivity.

In short, a standard or a normal IVF follows– developing eggs from the woman giving her fertility medication, observing the eggs to analyze quality; the sperm is kept with the eggs with the goal that fertilization soon happens, embryo development; and picking the best quality embryo(s) to move into the woman uterus for the possibility of successful implantation.

IVF for the individuals who experience issues accomplishing pregnancy with the standard process get treated with the advanced IVF methodology as per the guidance of fertility specialist.


Chennai has always been the most chosen place to undergo fertility treatments at far affordable price. IVF – well, we are going to cover the topic throughout this page – what is IVF, when IVF should be considered, and of course procedures of IVF in Chennai.

Fertility treatments are basically incorporated in ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology, where there are several methods that enhance the pregnancy in those couples who have been trying to have own child but due to fertility issues, they  could not make the pregnancy happen.

If we analyze the fertility treatment in close then we will get to know somewhere each of the advanced ART procedure follow IVF rules as if combining eggs and sperms on the culture dish and making that fertilized until it becomes the embryo. There are some procedures such as ZIFT, GIFT, IUI (the basic one), simple medication (for boosting the fertility) that work different than the IVF.

Or in short we also can say that when the couple found to be infertile, there gets the one and only best and first choice by the fertility specialist – IVF process. IVF is something related to women who get difficulty in menstruation cycle, irregular ovulation, endometriosis issue, and when the male is found to be infertile (say he has less sperm count, or less motility to swim itself to penetrate the egg for the fusion), then ICSI technique will be performed once the eggs are retrieved by the female partner.

What is IVF treatment?

IVF basically follows four rules – stimulation of the ovary, egg-retrieval procedure, fertilization and then embryo transfer. It seems to be short but it requires time – 10-12 days fertility medication, then egg picking process, fertilization under the fertility laboratory and then finally transferring the healthiest embryo into the uterus. A female needs to visit too the center comparing the men, because of various ultrasounds and blood hormonal test.

Once after the embryo transfer procedure, if the embryo get successfully attached into the uterine wall, the woman might get a positive pregnancy news.

IVF Treatment in Chennai – Step by Step Guidance –

IVF tin Chennai follows 4 stages and they are –

  • Ovary Stimulation
  • Egg-Retrieval
  • Fertilization
  • Transferring the embryo

These four stages assume significant job all through whole IVF venture, each progression of IVF treatment in Chennai is related or between connected with one another subsequently it is required that a patient need to follow all the means by the specialists/specialists. How about we gain the information, how IVF treatment Chennai works.

  1. Ovary Stimulation Medication –

The initial step of IVF in Chennai is ripeness prescription and hormonal infusions. A female needs to experience for 12-14 days with this course of medications. This fertility drug causes female ovaries to create various eggs that are completely grown-up.

This progression of IVF conveys substantial mass in bringing solid preparation provided that the eggs are sufficient developed then the resultant embryos will likewise be in a decent physical shape.

A female during this fertility drug needs to go for normal blood tests and ultrasounds to gauge hormonal level and to screen the egg creation.


  1. Egg Retrieval –

This is the second and most significant advance for IVF Chennai, where the fertility specialists pull out developed eggs from a female’s ovaries. In any case, before gathering the eggs, infusion known as ‘Trigger Shot’ is given not long before 36 hours of egg assortment process. This infusion is given to make all the eggs in matured stage and inside 34-36 hours of this shot, eggs are gathered.

Egg Retrieval, likewise called as Follicular Aspiration process, where an empty needle is embedded through female’s vagina and into the ovary, where the follicles hold the eggs. Delicately each egg is gathered through a suction gadget appended with the needle.

Egg Retrieval is undeniably a careful procedure thus a female before experiencing this progression need to have medicine or state ripeness specialists give a sedation so as to evade any disquiet entirely through this progression of IVF Treatment in Chennai.

This is the means by which, the egg retrieval process happens.

  1. Fertilization –

When the eggs are recovered from every ovary, these eggs are put on a culture Petri dish. Treatment is practiced by consolidating the sperms with the developed eggs.

Semen assortment is done upon the arrival of follicular desire so that there won’t be delay for the following methodology.

Sperms are blended in with the egg contain culture dish and afterward on the following day the specialists examine the indication of preparation. On the off chance that the motile and dynamic sperm fuses with the egg’s wall and goes into the cytoplasm of egg then soon the process of fertilization starts. When the sperm gets went into the egg’s cytoplasm then cell division before long happens and it comes at undeveloped stage.

From fourth to fifth day, embryos prepares to move into the uterus.

  1. Embryo Transfer –

Moving best embryosis the last advance of IVF in Chennai. Embryostransfer is, where the specialists pick the healthies and fitembryos.

As a rule during IVF treatment, two embryos are set into the uterus to avoid the chance of ineffective preparation. Subsequent to asking the couple, single or may be twoembryos is set into the uterus of the mother.

If successfully the embryos has effectively joined to the uterine lining of the woman or endometrial lining, at that point there is high possibility of pregnancy.

Inside 10-12 days, there will be a pregnancy test, on the off chance that there is a positive pregnancy test, at that point the span of keeping the embryos into the womb is same as should be expected pregnancy in fertile women.

Closing Lines –

Since IVF doesn’t give any surety to achieve pregnancy or assure the couple to have positive outcome for the first IVF cycle; for some couple it may be genuinely tiring or depressing yet for this, to be straightforward, instead of being sad, one should be very strong to face the circumstance strikingly as opposed to doing discouraged talks. In the event that you can’t deliver healthy enough eggs at the hour of egg assortment system at that point No Worries! You can pick IVF with giver egg. One thing you have to convey is-Time and Patience.

Numerous people doing IVF treatment face with nervousness, wretchedness and contrary musings, anyway doing as such, you are making it increasingly troublesome. Just be positive and trust the doctor. There is the most important thing comes is that – choosing the best fertility centre for the treatment. For that you can come in contact with us the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy.

One of the most baffling issues in infertility today is IVF disappointment – likewise called implantation disappointment or the embryo transfer didn’t work. This alludes to the one who are infertility and have already undergone numerous IVF cycles and created severalembryos – however theembryos have reliably neglected to embed for unexplained reasons.

Our pregnancy rates in patients who have fizzled IVF cycles somewhere else is exceptionally high, since we can move one or twoembryos in troublesome patients (not at all like centers in UK and Australia, where the quantity of embryos which can be moved is restricted by law). While moving more embryos increases the danger of high-request numerous pregnancies, this hazard is unimportant in troublesome patients (for instance, the more established ladies or ladies with past fizzled IVF cycles). In our facility, we modify the quantity ofembryos we move for every patient we treat.

The other basic explanation behind a fizzled IVF cycle is a poor ovarian reaction, which implies patients get not many eggs and scarcely any embryos. For these patients, we offer the alternative of forceful superovulation, with high dosages of HMG, so as to assist them with developing more eggs, so we have more embryos to move.

For patients with a poor ovarian reaction, we likewise offer the choice of GIFT – gamete intrafallopian transfer, in which the specialist moves the eggs and sperm legitimately into the fallopian tubes by the method using laparoscopy. This has a superior pregnancy rate than IVF, in light of the fact that we put the eggs and sperm back where they have a place – in the fallopian tubes, instead of in our hatchery for fertilization and embryo transfer process.

Some common factors why IVF fails?

At the point when an IVF cycle didn’t work, numerous individuals feel depress, outrage and hopeless. It’s even ordinary to feel these feelings, however you ought not to accuse yourself or your accomplice for the failed IVF cycle. IVF can come up short for some reasons, and the odds are that it is totally out of your control. Converse with your centre’s expert who will have the option to clarify what may have occurred and what steps to take straightaway. Even if the IVF doesn’t work in your case, there are other option as well that work productive comparing to IVF.

There are some crucial facts that have been assembled by the researchers the absolute most regular reasons why In Vitro Treatment comes up short.

  • Quality of the Embryo –

One of the most well-known reasons with regards to why an IVF cycle fizzles is because of the quality of the embryo. Numerous embryos can’t embed after exchange to the uterus as they are inadequate. Embryos that look solid in a lab may have abandons that cause them to bite the dust instead of develop. By and large when this occurs, it is down to the embryo and not the uterus.

  • The Age of the Eggs

While the age of the lady experiencing IVF has an enormous impact at the same time, the age of the eggs is significant too. As a lady becomes older, the quality and amount of a lady’s eggs starts to exacerbate. This will significantly influence her odds of pregnancy with and without IVF. By and large, around 25%-45%of embryos utilized in IVF will bring about a live birth (only when the eggs and sperms are of good quality).

Older ladies are bound to have a more prominent possibility of IVF accomplishment when utilizing IVF process with donor eggs.

  • Ovaries response during IVF –

Once in a while, a lady’s ovaries don’t react to the IVF drug as they ought to do and neglect to deliver various eggs. For ladies more than 37, or for those with high follicle-animating hormone levels, delivering enough eggs might be troublesome. If so for you, the odds are that IVF will fall flat. Somebody will work with you to assess the odds of this incident and will talk about any progressions that should be made to your fruitfulness meds.

Effective embryo implantation relies on the wellbeing of the embryo, and one reason embryos may neglect to embed is that they might be chromosomally anomalous (despite the fact that they look ordinary). Research has indicated that the rate of chromosomal anomalies even in attractive embryos is as high as half!

Treatments and other options when IVF has failed –

  • Here and there the explanation behind IVF disappointment is on the grounds that the embryo move was in fact troublesome, on account of cervical stenosis. This implies the exchange is regularly awful, and is related with the bleeding. For these patients, if their fallopian tubes are open, we incline toward doing a fallopian tube move by the process of ZIFT (zygote intrafallopian move) with the goal that we can sidestep the cervix and spot theembryos legitimately in the fallopian tubes. This guarantees an extremely high pregnancy rate.


  • Another gathering of patients who regularly do ineffectively in other IVF centers are the individuals who have PCOD. Since numerous specialists are so stressed over the risk of OHSS (ovarianhyper stimulation) in these patients, they regularly wind up super ovulating these patients gravely, and recover scarcely any low quality eggs, bargaining the pregnancy rate. In our center, we forestall OHSS via cautiously suctioning every single follicle at the hour of egg recovery, and flushing it over and over with a twofold lumen needle, until it falls totally.


  • If the embryo has been found as abnormal – say genetic issue or chromosomal defects, then your specialist will recommend to go for the PGD – Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Here, the embryologist analyzes the embryos once after the IVF fertilization completed. We can likewise offer the accompanying propelled strategy to help patients who have bombed different patterns of IVF.


After preparation in vitro, which is acted in the typical design, we play out an embryo biopsy on Day 3, utilizing a laser, and study the hereditary synthesis of every embryo. This permits to choose just the chromosomally typical embryos. The ordinary embryos are then moved into the uterus on Day 5, when they are blastocysts. This process is known as PGD. This consolidated system offers numerous favorable circumstances, particularly for older ladies, who are bound to create irregular embryos. It permits us to choose the chromosomally typical embryos. In addition to the fact that this increases the odds of embryo implantation, it likewise implies the danger of a hereditarily disorderchild is decreased.


  • One of the productive method when you get IVF failed is LAH During the laser assisted hatching process, the doctor drill the zona-pellucida with a laser. This permits us to encourage embryo bring forth, accordingly expanding the odds of embryo implantation.

Since we can move less embryos (every embryo currently has a higher possibility of turning into an infant), the danger of various pregnancies is additionally diminished. This system is very work serious and carefully handled, the expense is more than that of an ordinary IVF cycle. In any case, for patients who have bombed 2 IVF cycles, and are unsettled about rehashing another comparable IVF cycle; and for more established patients, this propelled choice can be very financially savvy.

Closing Lines 

Your specialist will audit the records of your cycle cautiously before your following visit to conceivably for the fertility treatment after the IVF cycle failed, including the aftereffects of the ovarian incitement, any issues with egg quality or amount, embryo improvement, or move of the embryos to your uterus.

In the event that there were troubles with ovarian incitement or egg amount, your specialist may consider changing the medications utilized in the incitement procedure. In the event that there weren’t issues with the eggs or the embryo quality, you might be effective with a second IVF cycle.

However if there were issues with embryo implantation and the female is aged and have crossed the fertility age (21-35), the fertility doctor may suggest preimplantation hereditary screening (PGS) to screen and evaluates the embryos in your next IVF cycle before implantation. This procedure requires taking a biopsy from the embryos and testing the cells for their chromosome number. This permits the fertility doctor to pick sound embryos without the hereditary issues which can increase the chances of pregnancy via IVF treatment.

We are the team of fertility service provider serving the best guidance along the best treatment suitable for the individual. If you are experiencing any issues in your fertility related way then you can come in contact with us. We Care IVF Surrogacy supports you and direct you to the best solution to have your baby.

IVF Process has been the most famous and preferred fertility treatment to eradicate infertility issues in males and females. IVF is the only treatment, which can be combined with other ART techniques to make the treatment more productive. So basically IVF process is done by two methods – the first can be said as conventional procedure and other is advanced method (where other ART techniques are combined). Which IVF treatment would be fruitful for the couple, this can be known after the complete individual’s fertility evaluation report.

During this page, you are going to get all the basic and essential factors about the standard IVF treatment performed by the fertility expert. Here we start –

Once you come to the stage where you get to know that you are unable to achieve pregnancy even after working well for it, then there the time for you to fix an appointment with the fertility specialist. It is better to rush earlier than to delay the things, hence it is recommended for the individual to undergo fertility evaluation in order to have the information about any hiccup which is becoming obstacle during the pregnancy.

At the point when you step your first ahead IVF treatment, the way for you may appear to be unsure or long but that’s really fine. You know your objective: a healthy and fitchild, however recognizing what’s in the procedure of IVF is actually very significant. While each case of fertility is different, and it is difficult to anticipate precisely how your cycle will go, the fertility team can draw out a fundamental course of events and assist you regarding the most significant and appropriate procedure. So as to understand all the aspects closely, it is important to have relevant information to handle on what IVF really is and how it functions.

Steps of IVF Treatment –

  • Ovary Stimulation
  • Egg Retrieval Procedure
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo Transfer

Stage 1: Ovarian Stimulation and Monitoring

Your IVF Specialists will need to amplify your odds for preparation with each IVF endeavor. To do as such, ovarian incitement will be utilized to deliver various develop follicles, as opposed to the single egg typically built up every month. By having a few full grown eggs accessible for treatment and move, it is trusted that at any rate one will bring about pregnancy.

Different hormonal prescriptions are utilized to animate the ovaries to create however many ovarian follicles as could reasonably be expected. Follicles are liquid filled sacs in which eggs develop to development. These medications work for two thigs – first is developing multiple follicles for the egg-retrieval procedure and the second is it additionally used to control the planning of ovulation for egg pick-up.

Ovarian stimulation medication includes the utilization of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), the hormone essential for various oocyte improvement.

How the specialist check the Follicles?

Your doctor will cautiously screen your reaction to prescriptions/ fertility medication by either of the accompanying strategies:

Ultrasound –

Ultrasound is an innovation that transforms sound waves into pictures. Your doctor will utilize a progression of ultrasound sweeps to get a real picture of the ovaries and to normally screen follicle development in the ovary starting at the latest Day 8 of the cycle. As follicles develop, they become bigger. Through ultrasound, your doctor can watch follicle development, number and size, and can decide follicle development and get ready for hSG organization.

Ultrasound might be performed abdominally or vaginally. The sound waves can’t be felt and the method is easy. There have been no revealed hurtful impacts on creating eggs or on an early pregnancy.

Blood estrogen levels –

Another way your doctor can screen the feedback to FSH is using blood tests. Creating follicles emit expanding measures of the estrogen hormone, especially estradiol (E2). Alongside ultrasound, E2 levels are utilized to decide the ideal planning for the organization of hSG, which goes about as an ovulatory trigger and is the last advance prompting egg recuperation. Patient’s E2 level will be observed by a blood test, typically every other day, beginning prior to day 8 of the cycle.

  1. Procedure of Egg –Retrieval –

Eggs are expelled from the ovaries roughly 36 hours in the wake of taking the hCG infusion – also known as Trigger Shot injection. The patient will be approached to not eat or drink starting at 12 PM before the egg recovery. During the egg recovery IVF process, the fertility expert will get a hollow needle and retrieves the eggs from each ovary of the woman. The patient is kept under sedation during this procedure so that she won’t feel any discomfort.

The very first step of egg-retrieval is vagina washing- the vagina is washed with a sterile water arrangement. A needle is put under ultrasound direction into the ovary and liquid, and eggs from the follicles in the ovaries are gathered into a test cylinder and sent to the laboratory. The entire strategy takes around 30 minutes, and inconvenience is commonly insignificant.

  1. Fertilization –

Once the egg collection is done by the fertility expert, the very next process is gathering a sample from the male partner – semen collection. Semen collection, once collected the next step is fertilization process.

Fertilization is the procedure where the specialist combines the sperm with the egg on the culture dish. If the sperm is found to be inactive or say low in count, then by the procedure of ICSI is used. During the ICSI procedure, a single sperm is injected into the egg allowing soon fertilization. ICSI always show higher success rate than the standard IVF fertilization. ICSI is used when there is the requirement.

If sperms are all active, then no need to perform ICSI because the sperm self-penetrates the egg’s wall, and then fuses with the cytoplasm of the egg for further division. As soon as the fertilization happens, the fertilized egg is called embryo.

  1. Embryo Transfer –

The fertilized egg or embryo now gets transfer into the uterus of the woman – in short this process is known as embryo transfer and is the last step of IVF process. This process is like the procedure for a pap smear. The specialist will embed a speculum into the lady’s vagina to keep the vaginal wall open.

Utilizing ultrasound for precision, the specialist will at that point go a catheter through the cervix and then into the uterus. From that point, the embryois transferred through the catheter and into the belly.

The procedure is generally simple and pain-free, hardly the patient require any sedation during this procedure. A few women may feel uneasiness because of having the speculum embedded or from having a full bladder, which is required for ultrasound. The procedure is short and a woman can go home afterward the procedure (once she feels better).

Success Rate of IVF Treatment –

The success rate of an IVF process depends upon some factors such as age, couple’s infertility issue, since how long the couple has been trying to have baby, woman’s egg quality and sperm motility and last – the success rate of the fertility centre and fertility specialist’s experience

The live birth rate for a single IVF cycle varies by the age of the mother, the latest data of the IVF success rate is –

  • IVF success rate or the live birth rate via IVF is approximate 55-60% among women younger than 35 years of age
  • 35-40% for those aged 35 to 37 years.
  • Pregnancy rate via IVF in women older than 44 years of age is rare.

If the woman wants to go for IVF with donor then the success rate gets high because of the healthy egg quality received by the donors.

If you are seeking for the best fertility centre for your IVF procedure, then you can contact our support team, we have been giving the best treatment of fertility issues to the couples for the past several years. The team of We Care IVF Surrogacy is there for you for any guidance or information associated to fertility treatment or IVF procedure.


What is IVF treatment in Nepal? IVF is the acronym of In vitro preparation, is one of the most preferred fertility treatment where sperm and eggs are mixed on a culture dish under the guidance of senior fertility experts in a laboratory. The subsequent result after this procedure is embryo, and at least one or two embryos are put in the uterus through the cervix of the woman to carry the pregnancy. Several steps are incorporated in the IVF in Nepal (mentioned below in the page).

IVF in Nepalis by a wide margin the most regularly utilized ART treatment or method, representing in excess of 99 percent of helped conceptive innovation (ART) strategies.

Is IVF in Nepal for me?

IVF can assist you with getting pregnant in the event that you have issues with ovulation or egg quality, blocked fallopian tubes, premature ovarian failure or endometriosis; if your partner has issues with sperm motility or less sperm count; or in case you’re utilizing donor eggs, donor sperm to get pregnant. Even if you have been as unexplained infertility cause, also by that time, IVF treatment is the best option to achieve pregnancy.

How the IVF Treatment in Nepal works?

The steps for IVF in Nepal for the most part goes something like this:

Ovary incitement-

The  woman has to take the ovary stimulation medication for ten to twelve days close to the start of her menstrual cycle, she takes a gonadotropin, a kind of fertility medicate that invigorates female’s ovaries to build up various develop eggs for preparation (rather than only one). The patient likewise need to take hormonal injections to shield body from discharging the eggs too soon.

Follicle Growth –

While taking these meds, the patient need to visit the primary care physician’s office or fertility center each a few days to have the ultrasounds and blood work of the ovaries evaluation. This permits the fertility specialist to screen the level of the eggs improvement of the follicles (follicle is the fluid-filled sacs where eggs develop).

The trigger shot-

When the specialist confirms the egg maturity, the next process of IVF Treatment in Nepal is giving a trigger-shot. “Trigger shot,” is an injection that makes the eggs develop completely and get ready for being retrieved or picked-out. Around 36 hours after the patient trigger shot, the eggs are fit to be recovered.

Collection of the eggs –

Thefertility specialist gives the woman a sedative/ local anesthesia and the ultrasound test through the vagina to take a look at the patient’s ovaries and recognize the follicles. A hollow needle is then embedded through the vaginal divider to retrieve the eggs from the follicles.

Normally, eight to ten eggs are retrieved during this procedure. The patientmight feel spotting for a couple of days a short time. Usually, the woman gets better in two days.


The embryologist of the best IVF centre in Nepal will inspect the eggs before mixing them with the partner’s sperm. Fertilization typically occurs during this time, yet eggs that aren’t ordinary may not be prepared.

When the eggs are kept with the sperm on the nutrient-dish for fertilization, the most motile and active sperm gets penetrated into the egg’s wall and fuses into the cytoplasm of the egg.

When the partner’s sperm is of less motility, then fertilization is completed with the help of ICSI technique, where a single sperm is directly injected into the egg. This technique improves the success rate of fertilization.

Once the sperm gets fertilized with the egg, the next step of IVF in Nepal is embryo selection.

Selection of the embryo –

Three days after the egg retrieval procedure, some of the eggs that were effectively fertilized gotten six-to ten-celled embryos. By the fifth day, these embryos will become blastocysts with a liquid filled hole and tissues that are starting to isolate into placenta and infant.

Embryoselection – The embryologist chooses the healthiest and most feasibleembryo to put in your uterus three to five days after the egg retrievals. Additional embryos, if there are any, might be frozen and utilized for future IVF cycles.

Placing the embryo/Embryo transfer –

On the basis of your age and determination, your primary care physician puts somewhere in the range of one to two embryos in your uterus by embedding a flimsy cylinder (a catheter) through your cervix. The patient may feel some gentle cramping, yet she won’t need sedation. If it is required, then she is put under local anesthesia.

Effective implantation-

Once the embryo gets implanted into the uterine wall, it is likely to have a good news. The embryo after successful implantation keeps on developing into a child. Remember that if more than one embryos moved, the possibility of pregnancy is higher, yet so are the chances of having a multiple pregnancy. The female can take a pregnancy test around about fourteen days after the embryos are set in the uterus. This is the last step of the process of IVF in Nepal.

IVF in Nepal – what is the success rate of the IVF treatment in Nepal?

  • As a lady confronted with infertility, it is crucial to explore the success rate of an IVF program while selecting the fertility centre where you will hunt down treatment. At, the capable social event of masters and world-class embryology staff joined with the utilization of the most element investigation office advances has acknowledged high pregnancy achievement rates.
  • Discovering, past IVF drugs, the time allotment of barrenness and, particularly, age all affect the potential for a capable pregnancy taking after status treatment. As a lady’s age develops, her odds of persuading the chance to be pregnant through offered duplication some help with reducing, by and large because of decreasing egg quality. The live start rate among ladies starting offered enlargement some help with cycling after age 40 is as frequently as would be prudent as low as 10-20%. Sometimes, the essential choice for ladies attempting to consider a tyke eventually not far-removed is the use of a given egg.

Right while unraveling pregnancy rates from IVF Nepal, consider that the rates for ladies under 35 mirror the perspectives and choices of IVF specialists. Rates for ladies more than 35 as regularly as could be expected under the circumstances depict the troubles of setting up and keeping up pregnancy eventually not far-removed. In light of current circumstances, there is no age or FSH level at which our powers will deny care or treatment distinctive alternatives for suitable patients.

IVF success rate in Nepal depend on upon age, follicle reinforcing hormone (FSH) or AMH levels and egg donor (antral follicle numbers). Amidst treatment, both estradiol levels and follicle sizes are measured. The choice to wipe out the cycle and not continue with further is the patient’s decision.

  • 50-55 percent for women age 34 and under
  • 40 percent for women age 35 to 37
  • 30 percent for women age 38 to 40
  • 20 percent for women age 41 to 42
  • 10 percent for women age 43 and over

If the woman is unable to get success with her own eggs, by that time, the specialist recommends the couple to go for IVF with egg donor. There are many more techniques, which after the requirement of the couple’s fertility case, is performed withIVF in Nepal. When IVF treatment is applied with other ART technique, the method is known as advanced IVF procedure. The success rate of advanced IVF treatment is always higher than the conventional IVF method.

Why choose We Care IVF Surrogacy for IVF in Nepal?

We offer all phenomenal regenerative progressions, for a case, in vitro availability (IVF), egg donor, intracytoplasmic sperm implantation (ICSI), making life and sperm cryopreservation, and preimplantation hereditary determination (PGD).

  • Our pros can give full evaluation and treatment of polycystic ovarian pain, unfavorable ovarian thwarted expectation, hirsute, repetitive pregnancy disaster, endometriosis, premenstrual turmoil and dumbfounded menopausal issues.
  • Research has exhibited that excited and uneasiness related issues can impact fertility. As to our “infertility seeker” thought approach, we offer to invite for infertility, needle treatment for infertility, and fortifying planning associations.
  • Our minding staff ponders the irritating and energetic drawbacks, which affect couples managing the issue of having a group. The greater part of the bolster associations at are offered in a warm and neighborly air with individual treatment arranges. Our patients are our need, and supporting their physical and fiery needs is our essential objective.

We are one of the leading fertility agency and have solved numerous cases of infertility in Nepal by performing the most suitable fertility treatment. If you have any issues related to your fertility, without thinking much you can contact our support team or with fertility coordinators. We would be happy to guide you with the best solution!



IVF treatment is the most common medical process to elucidate infertility issue. Women who are unable to conceive through natural conception, they do have the best way to conceive via assisted reproductive technique. IVF treatment is considered when the couple tried regular and unprotected intercourse for a year still facing difficulty to have a child. Also, IVF treatment is preferred to those couples, who already have attempted IUI or other basic fertility treatment but nothing good outcome came.

The best age to get pregnant is when the women is at their twenty’s; yes, the age of twenty to thirty is the best phase for planning parenthood and getting a baby. Some couple by different reason, marry late and plan to have a baby accordingly, this is also the cause of being infertile. Age always play crucial role throughout the pregnancy, hence it has been suggested by the specialist to have a child by an appropriate age.

Talking about the procedure of IVF in USA there are several aspects one should know before planning for the treatment. IVF is the advanced fertility technique carried out by the fertility professionals to solve the childless issue. Just because of its advancement of treating infertility issue, the cost is bit high. Not that much, but yes, if you are thinking to have your child via IVF, you have to prepare financially for the procedure. USA costs USD 12000 to USD 15000; this cost can go up to USD 20,000 as well if the couple opt for multiple cycles. USA has come up with the best treatment along with the veteran fertility doctors that give amazing experience throughout the procedure.

No doubt, there are several countries that offer IVF at very affordable cost, half of the cost of IVF in USA. This is one of the reasons, why some of the couples plan to travel that place where the charge of IVF is low. USA is the famous destination to have your own child via IVF treatment; USA provides high success rate in the terms of success live births.

  • The expense of treatment is a bit expensive in the USA and Canada furthermore the UK. Egg donation and IVF in the USA expense is extremely reasonable. This is around 3 times more than what it would cost to go to any other country and have treatment there. There are things to consider if travel is included, for instance, being far from your bolster system. In any case, numerous facilities comprehend that being so distant from home can be upsetting, so there is generally an organizer set up to give backing and answer any inquiries.
  • Due to the quantity of egg donor accessible in numerous nations in Europe where there is an unknown egg donor, there would be no sitting tight rundown for treatment. The main postponement is finding a reasonable match.
  • The achievement rates are great. For egg donor treatment, the achievement rates are high in view of the nature of the eggs gave by the donor. This is on the grounds that with maturing, certain structures inside the egg age and are more inclined to blunders. These blunders can prompt chromosome botches in the developing life. Normally this makes the incipient organism not able to grow legitimately thus will stop or neglect to embed.
  • Fully controlled facilities. In numerous nations in the USA, IVF centers must be authorized to work. This implies quality is kept up and that there is balanced governance set up. Facilities are examined all the time so that patient security is put first most importantly else.
  • The likelihood exists to have an awesome occasion while abroad. Awesome shorelines and extraordinary climate are plausibility. So it is conceivable to consolidate treatment with an unwinding break. Being casual is a decent approach to come within reach of treatment.
  • WE ARE AVAILABLE AND RESPONSIVE: Our staff is continually available to guide and help you and we attempt to give the best care, from keeping up the most surprising legal, master and fertility coordinator, to supporting you through every period of your trip to parenthood.
  • Modern Infrastructure – The best IVF centre USA is based on highly developed infrastructure. Providing the most superior technology and advanced apparatuses, we provide the matchless treatment with high success rate. The best IVF centres served by We Care IVF Surrogacy are the one that serve the highest IVF success rate across the globe. We have the IVF centres all around the world such as India, USA, Nepal and many more, giving the IVF process at very reasonable cost.

The Bottom line –

WE ARE EXPERIENCED: Since 2005 We Care IVF Surrogacy has successfully completed more than 1100 worldwide choices and surrogate undertakings for our patient in the USA, Canada, Ireland and other European countries. Our fertility coordinators and the entire team of the centre have over 11 years of inclusion in the legitimate and restorative fields. We have been giving the best treatment with a good number of delivery rates.

If you have been thinking to go for IVF treatment then you can choose USA for your fertility treatment. However, if the cost is making you stop choosing IVF, then you can opt that country, which put forward IVF treatment at reasonable cost (the first option that strikes into the mind of the couple is India because of its low cost IVF package). For further detail, you can directly contact our coordinators or leave your query; the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy soon will contact you!



Life without a baby seems boring, and yes, there is always a vacant space of a couple’s life that needs to be filled by their own kid. And for the child, a healthy and standard delivery must have to be carried out by the couple. However, in the way of parenthood, there are many couples, who try hard to attain natural pregnancy but unable to, on the other hand, several couples get their stroke of good fortune at initial some tries. Certain things hinder if you are unable to get pregnant that maybe your lifestyle, food-habit, delayed menstruation, smoking and many more – these aspects directly trigger the hormone level adversely. Hormones play a crucial role for both- male and female to conceive and hence, the specialist recommends us to be on a healthy and balanced diet.

What if the person is unable to get pregnant naturally, Yes! Artificial methods of assisted reproductive technology help the couple to have their baby. IVF is one of the preferred and globally accepted fertility treatments that fulfil the couple’s biggest dream of achieving motherhood and fatherhood.

What is IVF? In Vitro Fertilization is a process under which the eggs are fertilized with the sperm in the petri dish performed by the senior IVF experts. IVF needs full care and proper attention all through the way of the procedure. During this treatment, specialised equipment and advanced technology are used to help a woman become pregnant. Medicines, called fertility drugs, are given to the recipient to boost her egg production. A very few people knew about this treatment a few years back, but now IVF has taken a world-wide name and fame because of the increasing rate of infertility. The new-born from this procedure is also referred as test-tube babies or IVF babies.

We are one of the top-notch medical tourism facilitators that serve the best IVF treatment and other advanced fertility treatment to the couple. The fertility team of We Care IVF Surrogacy is veteran in their respective domain, embryologist, junior IVF expert, senior IVF expert, nurses and well-knowledgeable fertility coordinators.

During this article, a patient wants to share her own experience of IVF and how her loneliness got over after deciding for IVF treatment. The patient’s name is Emma, delivered a baby after two years under the supervision of the IVF team of We Care IVF Surrogacy. So, here’s the story of Emma, who came from the USA to India to solve her infertility issue.

Happy to declare that I got conceived

Hi, I am pleased after taking the decision of IVF, and I want to share my experiences with you which related to IVF. I’m delighted that my husband and I came in contact with the services offered by We Care IVF Surrogacy. This organisation guided me and offered me the best fertility centre for the treatment.

Undeniably, IVF is the most successful treatment for Fertility. When you decide IVF that time, some questions come in your mind. Would you want to give yourself the best chance to have that Family? Would you be willing to have Surgery? Would you find the money to afford it Someway, Somehow? We have been trying for Children for a few years, but due to some health problems, we don’t plan this. After that, I think about IVF because it is one of the right ways of having a child without any harm. But IVF is such a difficult decision a Cost because it is not a cheap, and here where we live, the cost of ART treatments are so very expensive that we really couldn’t afford and decided India for the procedure. Here, the cost of IVF is just like buying a Car or a House. But for me “It’s struggling to breathe for Air underwater while others are swimming around you with life Preservers.” After some time, when I discussed with my family and thought about a baby, then I finally decided IVF because” NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THEN HAPPINESS” and” HAPPINESS IS NOTHING WITHOUT MY BABY”. And the money is also a source of happiness so why we don’t spend money on IVF. After all this, I along with my husband, planned for India under the guidance of We Care, team. After waiting for approx one year eight months, I eagerly wanted my baby, and hence we didn’t delay fixing an appointment with IVF expert.

The fertility team of We Care IVF Surrogacy was very nice and so familiar. The Doctor provided all the information related to IVF Procedure, Succession Rate, Cost factors, and so on. Now, we are proceeding for IVF.

Fertility treatments carry with them so many Emotions. The emotions I Felt during IVF were different than any I had experienced up to that point like- Disbelieve Excitement, Fear, Happy, Nervousness, and Tired, and so on. I am 15 weeks pregnant. But then we had our First Ultrasound, and the Craziest thing happened. We heard a Heartbeat and saw our tiny baby girl. I felt Speechless. Looking back on our journey through all the Fertility treatment, I have to tell you one thing: It is all worth it. Yes, the cost is a bit high, but we were lucky as we had opted India for our IVF destination. My friends, if you are also outlining for pregnancy through IVF and if it is possible to come down to India, then go ahead with the We Care team! I had a fantastic experience of IVF with them.

Although you have to prepare yourself for both the situation – emotionally and financially but the Reward is so great that I would do it all over again (if I ever need for the second child). I have been blessed with a baby girl. That time we can’t express our emotions because it was the happiest moment in our Life. That was inexplicable feeling! I’m really unable to show my gratitude for this team. Thanks for the first successful try. That time is very special to us.

So, yeah! In the end, I’m enjoying the days of my motherhood and put the last touch on my wish with the help of We Care team!


IVF – an advanced treatment of Assisted Reproductive Technique, in which a man’s sperm and a woman’s eggs are combined in the petri dish inside the fertility lab resulting embryo. If we talk about the procedure of IVF, then the steps are simple and straightforward. However, IVF requires a systematic process to be followed. The very first step of IVF is giving the fertility medication and hormonal injections to the female recipient to obtain matured eggs at the time of egg collection. The entire success story depends on the quality of eggs and sperms or says the medical component of the infertile couple. IVF treatment is preferred by many couples who are unable to achieve a natural pregnancy.

Do you know how many babies have been born through IVF treatment till now? Based on the statistics, approx 6 million babies are born worldwide since 1978 with the help of IVF treatment.

Let’s come on the main point – does IVF come up with the major complication? As such, there is not any severe complication related to IVF treatment, but there are some of the minor side-effects which have been experienced by some patients. As with all the medical treatment, therapy, and procedure, however, there is jeopardy and risks connected to it. This piece of document informs you about the most common Risk factors in the procedure of In-Vitro Fertilization.

What kind of risks involved with the IVF medication?

There’s been a lot of speculation about how IVF might affect on child’s development. IVF is one of many types of assisted reproductive technologies. It involves retrieving Eggs and Sperm and fertilizing them In-Vitro. Researchers found risk only with procedures that involve surgical sperm retrieval, a treatment for male infertility and female infertility.

During the IVF Treatment, it is fertility medication and hormonal injection that (rare case) develops hyperstimulated ovary. In IVF might increase the risk of Developmental Disorder and Autism because there are so many types of procedure. Multiple numbers of birth carry the risk of Autism. So we also want to identify children who might be at increased risk of developing Autism or not. After IVF treatment, most of the Women evaluated the possible risk factors for Ectopic Pregnancy. It has been analysed that IVF treatment in recent years has been increased in the Multiple Pregnancy rates.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the pioneers providing the top-notch fertility treatments along with the highest success rate.  Not just this, the organization has wide-reaching connectivity with the best fertility centres that provide the highest success rate. As of now, numerous couples have been treated successfully by the team of We Care.

One of the patients from We Care wants to share her experience of IVF treatment with us –

When I take the procedure of IVF so after some time, we face some complications. We discussed with the Doctor, and he said that it carries significant risks to both the Mother. Medical complications through the Pregnancy are increased, and it also increased the High-Blood Pressure. We are very scared due to these complications and can’t make the right decision for continuing IVF Treatment or not. Because in the case of twin pregnancy, there is a significantly higher incidence of premature birth.

The doctor also told that the risk of Breast Cancer increased in some cases. It is most common, occurring in 4 in 14 American Women. Various factors and Diseases make Breast Cancer more likely, and it is more common in Infertile Women. I am also studying in Newspaper Breast Cancer in Mother or Sister increases the Risk. But there is no screening method for Breast Cancer.

But my High-Risk Pregnancy was certainly a challenge because I don’t have reason to Discontinuing of IVF. I have a willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of Healthy Baby. It is tough for me, but I want to make this possible. In all this, my Family gives full support. They provide me Healthy Environment, best care, proper rest, Healthy Food Items in every hour and so on. Within 15 days, I had done regular checkup. Take medicines on time and most important I take meditation classes for the stability of mind this helps in to reducing the Stress and am also doing daily morning walks.

Now, the period of my Pregnancy is completed. I give birth to a Baby Girl, and my Delivery is Normal. After all the problems now I have a Beautiful Healthy Baby Girl, and I have my Health as well. But because of my experience, I connect to a people on a much deeper level.

Possible Side-effects of IVF fertility medication

During the treatment, to stimulate the female’s ovaries, the fertility specialists provide hormonal injection and fertility medications. This medication is a part of the IVF procedure and has to be accomplished carefully so that the next step can be taken.

Some common side-effects of this injectable fertility medication include –

  • Nausea, uneasiness
  • Occasionally vomiting
  • Breast tenderness
  • Mood swings of the recipient
  • OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome)
  • A female may experience increased vaginal discharge
  • Momentary allergic reaction (skin reddening or itching nearby the area of injection)

When a female experiences mild OHSS, then there would be the possibility of minor trouble such as nausea, ovarian discomfort. If a female goes through with these hiccups, then no worries, as these are prevalent symptoms of fertility medication. However, if you encounter dehydration, trouble in breathing, and acute pain in abdominal, then it might cause severe OHSS. During this case, the woman must go to the clinic’s expert. Women who face an issue of severe OHSS are scarce.

Sometimes, a woman avoid the pain, neither discuss with the expert (don’t hide anything from your doctor) that can become the case complicated, so it is better to collect all the information before the beginning of fertility medication.

Is there any risk associated with the egg retrieval & ET procedure?

Women, when undergoes follicle-aspiration or egg-retrieval procedure, the expert uses a hollow-needle for the eggs to be pulled-out. Vaginal ultrasound guides the expert to allow the needle into the ovary. After the collection of eggs from the recipient’s ovary, a female can go back home (within 2-3 hours, once she feels fine).

  • During this minor surgical process, the patient might experience mild to moderate abdominal pain. However, you need not be concerned with this pain as this pain disappears within a few days (two or three days)
  • Rare injury to the organ located close to the ovaries
  • Pelvic infection

Once the eggs get fertilized with the sperm, on the second or third day, the expert places the embryo into the recipient’s womb (uterus) with the help of a catheter. A catheter containing the embryo is gently transferred into the woman’s uterus by the senior IVF specialist. A woman may feel a bit cramp at the time of placing the embryo into her womb. She may have slight bleeding after this procedure. In an infrequent case, a woman gets infection afterwards ET (embryo transfer) and is treated with antibiotics.

That’s all about the side-effects or complications and Risk factors in the procedure of In-Vitro Fertilization which can come up as trouble during the treatment. Mild pain, cramp is the common factors experienced by the patient, but if you think that the pain and uneasiness are going agonising and surplus, then you must rush to the IVF centre and get treated as soon as possible.

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