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We Care IVF Surrogacy: The best surrogacy centre in India

Best surrogacy centre in India: Surrogacy has become a viable option in India for couples who are having difficulty starting a family. When other infertility treatments, such as IUI and IVF, fail, couples who have been married for a long time and are unable to conceive due to a medical problem may elect to pursue surrogacy treatments. best Surrogacy centre in India that help couples in conceiving a baby. The Following Top 5 Surrogacy centre in India is: 

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the best surrogacy centres in India that offers reasonable and affordable surrogacy treatment to people worldwide without biasing between the lower, middle or upper-class people. The experts at this clinic are highly qualified and trained professionals with more than two decades of experience in performing surrogacy treatments. To date, the experts at We Care IVF Surrogacy have delivered 15 thousand plus healthy babies and continue to offer the same to people’s whosoever looking to have their baby through surrogacy procedure.

Indian Surrogate Mother: Leading & the best surrogacy centre in India

Indian Surrogate Mother is the best surrogacy centre in India, where fertility experts treat all infertility issues and help couples conceive a baby. At this clinic, people will find the best services are offered to them such as 24/7 complete personal & medical care, transparency in the treatment, all blood work and ultrasound scans are done under one roof, CCTV coverage for the IVF labs, which allow the couples to see what experts are doing with their embryo/s, etc. Indian Surrogate Mother is well-known as the centre of blessing for couples struggling for a long to have their babies.

World Fertility Center: Top & the best surrogacy centre in India

World Fertility Center is the top & the best surrogacy centre in India that help many couples to have their babies. The experts at this clinic use the latest & advanced technologies to treat all types of infertility issues under one roof, and that too at a reasonable cost. Offering such a reasonable cost doesn’t mean that this clinic compromises the quality of the treatment. The experts of this clinic provide the same international quality treatment as they understand that having their baby is a challenge for couples trying for an extended period to conceive a baby naturally. Still, due to the cause of infertility, they failed to achieve a successful outcome. Keeping all the couples’ emotions, the World Fertility Service clinic decides to keep nominal charges for surrogacy treatment worldwide.

Select Surrogacy: Renowned & the best surrogacy centre in India

Select Surrogacy is India’s renowned & best surrogacy centre that offers cost-effective surrogacy treatment to each individual. The experts of this clinic surveyed and found that more than half of the population worldwide faces challenges with their fertility. They cannot conceive a baby naturally and need assistance in developing. Select Surrogacy clinic decided to treat infertility causes in all these people and help them create a baby. The aim of Select Surrogacy is not to profit from the couple’s pocket. They mainly focus on the success rates of healthy pregnancies.

Select IVF: Top-notch & the best surrogacy centre in India

Select IVF is India’s top-notch & best surrogacy centre where fertility experts go beyond their limits to perform a successful surrogacy treatment that allows the couples to enjoy their parenthood with their babies. The experts at this centre are well-trained & skilled professionals who ensure the highest success rates of taking healthy and disease-free babies from this clinic. People in more significant number visit Select IVF to have their Surrogacy and other fertility treatments at a reasonable cost with the highest success rates.

What is a surrogacy procedure?

Surrogacy procedure is of three types, and these are as follows:

Gestational Surrogacy: It is a procedure in which the fertility experts first perform IVF treatment and then collect the eggs and sperm of the birth parents to aid the fertilization process. Once the successful fertilization occurs, the embryologist picks the most active embryo/s to transfer into the surrogate mother’s uterus to establish a successful pregnancy.

Traditional Surrogacy: It is a procedure in which fertility experts do not perform an IVF process. They use the donor or surrogate mother’s egg and fertilize them with the donor or intended father’s sperm to ease the fertilization process. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist implants the healthiest embryo/s into the surrogate mother’s uterus and wait for pregnancy to occur.

Independent Surrogacy: It is a procedure in which the birth parents can bring their surrogate mother who is willingly ready to carry the baby in her womb. In this process, the experts perform either gestational or traditional methods of Surrogacy to facilitate fertilization. Once fertilization occurs, the embryologist transfers the embryo/s into the surrogate mother; however, independent Surrogacy can be risky as couples don’t hire the surrogate mother from the surrogacy agency or fertility clinic. If they hire the surrogate mother from a fertility clinic or agency, then the surrogate is appropriately screened for their physical and mental health to deliver the healthiest baby.

With independent Surrogacy, if anything goes wrong during the procedure due to screening of the surrogate mother, then the surrogacy centres in India are not responsible.

How much does the surrogacy procedures cost?

The cost of Surrogacy differs from procedure to procedure, and place, experience, etc., also impact the cost of the treatment. However, India is a country that offers a reasonable cost of surrogacy procedures that ranges from INR 5 lakhs to INR 15 lakhs. The cost of the surrogacy treatment also depends on the couple’s age, previous medical history, body weight, lifestyle, etc.

Couples need to follow the instructions given by their fertility experts to achieve a successful and healthy pregnancy.

Is Surrogacy is legally allowed in India?

Yes, Surrogacy is a legal procedure in India; however, the legal advisors of the fertility clinic ask both parties to sign a mutual contract to run the process smoothly. The agreement states that the surrogate mother and her husband have no issues carrying a baby in her womb for nine months and hand over the child after birth to the genetic parents. On the other hand, the genetic parents are ready to bear all the surrogate mother’s expenses from the initial doctor’s appointment until the baby is delivered.

The genetic parents also pay monthly compensation to the surrogate mother, which helps her take the proper care and medications to avoid any complications. The couples will pay the final payment to the surrogate mother once the fertility expert listens to the infant’s heartbeat and indicate the successful pregnancy has taken place.

After the surrogacy procedure is completed, the genetic parents need to apply in the local court for the legal custody of the baby born through the surrogacy procedure. The genetic parents need to process this procedure on the 3rd day the baby is born. The court first reviews all the documents, and once they are fully satisfied, they order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate in the name of the genetic parents. It will allow the genetic parents to take their baby home.

Why do people from international countries prefer India for their surrogacy treatments?

People from international countries prefer India for their surrogacy treatments because of the following reasons, and these are:

Services offered: The fertility clinics in India offer world-class facilities to every one whosoever looking for a baby through surrogacy procedure. People who came from international countries to India for the surrogacy treatment for them the representative of the fertility clinics in India arrange all the requirements such as travel visa, food, accommodation, pre & post consultation with best fertility professionals, best counsellors, a package that suits their pocket, etc.

Best stay: The fertility clinics in India offer a pleasant and comfortable stay throughout the journey that helps the surrogate mothers concentrate on their treatment to achieve the best outcome. The couple & the surrogate mother needs to stay calm & relaxed during the surrogacy treatment as it can affect the success rates of the treatment. Surrogacy is not only a financially stressful procedure, but also it drained the couples emotionally. People need to be very strong during the process, and this is why the fertility clinics in India ensure that each individual gets the best stay for their treatment journey.

Skilled fertility professionals: The fertility clinics in India hire skilled & qualified fertility professionals for helping couples in conceiving a baby where natural conception has failed many times. The experts at these fertility clinics have great experience in treating the causes of infertility and allow the couples to enjoy their parenthood happily with their baby. They are the ones who make pregnancies possible for couples of growing ages. To date, the success rates for taking the babies home is between 40 to 90%, depending on the age, lifestyle, any failed IVF treatment, etc.

Affordable treatment cost: The fertility clinics in India offer affordable surrogacy treatment costs, which is quite reasonable compared to those outside India. It makes people worldwide visit India for their surrogacy treatment.

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