Inside Story about Surrogacy Law in Ukraine

Surrogacy Laws in Ukraine – Ukraine is one of the distinguished countries that provide European standards of medical care at an affordable cost of living. This is the country that offers surrogacy treatment with the highest success rate, along with all the exceptional amenities.  The government of Ukraine has the most supportive and stable Surrogacy Law in Ukraine. Ukraine has been emerging as one of the preferred destinations to undergo surrogacy and other advanced ART treatments.

The Surrogacy law in Ukraine offers the most comfortable and stable guidelines all through the way of the procedure to the prospective parents. Surrogacy Ukraine is the process, where the surrogate mother carries a baby of an intended couple in her womb up to the delivery. It has been predicted that the demand for surrogate mother Ukraine has been growing day by day for their positive outcome and healthy delivery. These factors support Ukraine to become the world-class surrogacy hub for those couples, who are seeking for the surrogacy treatment.

There are several surrogacy centres in Ukraine; We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of them- the leading medical tourism facilitator that provides matchless surrogacy treatment to the couples, who want surrogacy to attain parenthood.

The Surrogacy Law in Ukraine is the most favourable in the world and fully support the individual’s supportive right for married couples. Surrogacy programs- including commercial surrogacy and combination in surrogacy with egg/sperm donation are legal in Ukraine. Our prime goal is to help biological parents and help to find our best surrogate mothers with good physical and mental health. We also provide all information related to a surrogate mother, her family background and so on, which help in achieving the dream of having a baby.

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    The Legal Status of Surrogacy in Ukraine

    In Ukraine, surrogacy is legal for heterosexual married couples. Surrogacy Law in Ukraine states that the baby after the delivery belongs to the actual parents. However, the surrogate won’t have any parental rights with the child. On the birth certificate, the name of the intended couple as a baby’s real parent is mentioned, there is not any link connected to the surrogate with the child.

    Based on article 123, section 2 of the family code of Ukraine, the embryo which has been created via the process of IVF by the prospective parents and then embryo gets transferred into the womb of the uterus of surrogate – in all this process, the intended parents are considered as actual parents.

    During the surrogacy method, either the male or female must be genetically associated with the baby. Under the Ukrainian ministry of health (Order No 771) has decided who can be a surrogate and which surrogacy centers can undertake the procedure of surrogacy in Ukraine.

    Some Important Rules on Surrogacy Law in Ukraine

    So, basically by the Ukrainian Law, when the married couple has produced the healthy embryo through IVF treatment, is placed into the uterus of the surrogate with the help of ART technique, the spouses are the only one, who will be considered the legal parents of the new-born. Let’s get into some essential sections proposing the Surrogacy Law in Ukraine
    • Article 281 – The Right to Life

    There is the proper law established by the Ukrainian government indicating adult men or women have the right to go for a medical treatment program with the support of assisted reproductive technologies as per the condition applied.

    • Article 123 – Establishing Affiliation of the Baby Born with the help of ART
    1. If a married woman has chosen Assisted Reproductive Technique to get pregnant upon written consent of her husband, then after the birth, the latter shall be considered as the father of the baby by his wife.
    1. If an embryo produced by the married couple with the help of ART option and has been transferred into the body of another woman, the spouses are considered as the actual parent of the child and have all the parental rights with that child.
    1. If the embryo has been made by the male’s medical component with another woman’s component (oocytes) and transferred into the wife’s body, then the spouse shall be said as the parent of the new-born.

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