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Egg freezing is a procedure by which eggs (oocytes) are developed with the utilization of injectable hormones, egg-retrieval, frozen/solidified, and put away for some time in the future. Through a progressed new strategy called vitrification,you utilize an incredibly quick cooling rates to make the oocytes be encased in a glass-like “gel” that forestalls ice precious stone development. Egg Freezing patients experience a similar egg incitement and recuperation process that an IVF procedure does.

Exciting new advances in the ability to successfully cryopreserve (freeze) human eggs has led to new work aimed at allowing for further advances in our ability to freeze and store such human eggs. Worldrenowned scientists, physicians and cryobiologists have come together at the fertility institutes to offer patients with a variety of medical indications the ability to preserve their unfertilized eggs in a frozen state. Such frozen storage allows women the opportunity to potentially preserve their fertility by suspending their eggs in time, potentially allowing the fertility potential of the human egg to be freed of the hardships and decline in fertility that the natural aging process causes. We also offer those women in need of donor eggs the choice of frozen and available prescreened frozen eggs donated by young, and screened egg donors.

For those in need of donor eggs, it is our hope that this new process will eliminate the concern over donor availability by obtaining and freezing a large selection of donor eggs from highly qualified university donors. Such cryopreservation additionally adds to the safety of egg donation.
For young women seeking to guard and extend their fertility, Egg Freezing Program offers perhaps the greatest advance in fertility preservation in the history of modern medicine.

Every day, modern informed, forward looking women are helping assure their future fertility potential at our partner centers. Unlike many unproven programs offering egg freezing, the fertility institutes has babies born following oocyte cryopreservation, with additional ongoing pregnancies in progress. We offer the lowest price anywhere for this technology thanks to industry research grants we have received that subsidize the costs of services for all patients.

We concur with some qualifications with the current fertility society consensus that women should be fully advised that egg freezing while young may or may not provide them an enhanced chance of conception if those preserved eggs are used later in life. Our experience thus far with egg freezing has been excellent, and we remain encouraged by ongoing progress in this exciting area.

Egg Freezing Option   

Egg freezing includes the freezing and capacity of unfertilized eggs got by ovarian incitement and egg recovery. The system is performed by a senior fertility specialist of We Care IVF Surrogacy.

The woman experiences a cycle like in vitro preparation (IVF). The procedure starts with ovarian incitement utilizing hormones that are self-infused every day by the patient for around 10 to 12 days. Once the specialist examines the follicle growth and its maturity, next is egg-retrieval procedure during the Egg Freezing Program. Under a sedation, the eggs are picked by the senior fertility doctor.

The unfertilized eggs are then frozenin the fertility laboratory and stored for the future use (whenever the couple requires or ready to become a parent).

You can plan for Egg Freezing Option 

On the off chance that you are thinking about the egg freezing choice, we ask you to contact our support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy. We will survey your clinical records preceding your planned visit to decide whether this program is a solid match for you.

Egg freezing relies on egg creation, which depends on the quantity of eggs that are still in your ovaries and how they will react to the meds required for the ovaries to make eggs. We will analyze each thing and then will let you know about the best solution.

How are the Eggs Obtained and where the eggs are preserved?

Once ready for harvest, your eggs will be collected at our partner centre. Egg Freezing option is very similar to the methods we use to obtain eggs for standard in vitro fertilization. You will be administered a light sedative and will have the eggs recovered through the vagina employing a small, very accurate ultrasound guide that will allow the doctor to gently drain the follicles containing your eggs. The procedure lasts about 20-30 minutes. You will remain in the recovery area for about an additional one hour or until the Doctor clears you for discharge. You will need to take things easy for about 2 weeks, though most people return to their regular activities a day or two after the procedure.

Immediately after your eggs are frozen, the eggs will be placed into one of liquid nitrogen storagecontainers for safe-keeping as transport to a long term storage facility can be arranged. Due to the high volume of eggs are being frozen, your eggs may be transferred to a long term cryobank storage facility. These facilities are licensed and have all the mechanisms in place to assure the safe long-term cryopreservation of your eggs. Should you later wish to have your eggs shipped frozen to an alternate facility, the cryobank is prepared to assist you with this. You will be provided with the paperwork needed to assist you in arranging for the transport of your eggs. This is how the procedure of Egg Freezing Program works.

We are the largest chain of performing the best egg freezing option and the rate of utilizing the frozen eggs for the successful embryo transfer (via IVF fertilization) is also decent.

Ready to hold the Pregnancy?

At the point when prepared to endeavor pregnancy, the solidified eggs are defrosted and treated. The subsequent undeveloped organisms are moved to the uterus of the patient or a gestational transporter. In the event that the patient doesn’t have sufficient ovarian capacity at the hour of the arranged incipient organism move, she can be given hormones for around three weeks before move and three months after to help the pregnancy.

Success rates in young ladies are decent those seen with frozen eggs and are legitimately identified with the age of the patient when she solidified her eggs.

Want to know how long your eggs can be stored?

This question has not yet been answered. Studies indicate that, in some instances the viability of frozen eggs may decrease over time. Human egg freezing is relatively new. This is one of the important questions that needs to be answered. Frozen eggs will clearly remain viable for months, and in the case of eggs from younger women, years. Frozen human sperm have been shown to remain viable and capable of producing healthy pregnancies for decades. We encourage all women freezing eggs to place the use of their frozen eggs in the future on a very high priority schedule as we, at this time, simply do not know how long frozen eggs will maintain their ability to produce a healthy pregnancy outcome.

Some FAQ’s regarding Egg Freezing Option –

  • I am in a hurry to begin the egg freezing procedure. How soon can I begin the program?
  • Is there any way to know in advance if the eggs will survive the freezing process?
  • What is the optimal number of eggs needed to be frozen?

I am in a Hurry to Begin the Egg Freezing Procedure. How soon can I Begin the Program?

It is suggested that all patients enroll as soon as they are certain of their desire to freeze their eggs and provide us their preferred treatment month. We will do everything possible to accommodate scheduling needs.

Is there any way to know in Advance if the Eggs will survive the Freezing Process?

Studies have shown that there is tremendous variability in the ability of eggs to tolerate the freezing process. They have also shown that within a single group of eggs frozen, some will survive and others will not. In those that do survive the freeze and later thaw, some will fertilize when exposed to sperm and others will not. We are working very hard to minimize the variability in responses seen in individual patients and their eggs. The prior survival and fertilization of eggs is a good predictor of subsequent performance as long as a long lapse between procedures (and an increase in the age of the patient) has not occurred.

What is the optimal number of eggs needed to be frozen?

The experience thus far with frozen eggs indicates that there can never be “too many” eggs frozen in the pursuit of pregnancy delay. An important lesson learned from the success with frozen eggs is that it is best to be prepared to encounter a percentage of eggs obtained from an egg harvest either not suitable for freezing or unable to survive the treatment of the eggs necessary to assure their long-term survival while frozen. We highly recommend at least two to four stimulation cycles to allow for a sizeable number of oocytes to be gathered and frozen.

The Bottom Line 

The exact costs for the procedure may be obtained by contacting our office or by going to our fees page or dropping your mail-id.

If you are seeking for the best methodology to attain a decent success rate accomplishing your pregnancy (or thinking to delay your pregnancy by choosing Egg Freezing Program), then here you are, you can simply give us a call. You can reach us via mail/call / or simply drop a query. Your entry into our program will start with a telephonic consultation our Fertility program manager.

One important factor to get more odds of becoming pregnant by ART technique is that as the lady ages, the quantity of her eggs decrease and their quality falls apart. Due to the diminished number of eggs, there is a diminished possibility for pregnancy and, with their imperfect quality, there is a higher occurrence of unusual unhealthy embryos bringing about a poor outcome, hence it is better to plan for the pregnancy (either by natural procedure/ART technique or egg freezing option) during your suitable age.


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