Case Study – Successful IVF in a Woman with Endometriosis

There are thousands of couples who get treated with the fertility team of We Care IVF Surrogacy. If a couple faces with pregnancy issues, there could be the factor of their medical component, which is creating hurdle in the way of pregnancy. And IVF is one of the universal fertility treatments, which has been accepted as the best procedure to get rid of childlessness tag from one’s life. We Care IVF Surrogacy has been serving the world-class fertility treatment to the couples for the past series of years. It comes in the top-list of global IVF & surrogacy agency that incorporates all the Assisted Reproductive Technologies with an increasing rate of deliveries. Here we are on this page, providing some case studies of the couples who got treated by our fertility veterans.

A patient name Raveena, localite of Delhi, was in search of a reputed fertility centre that can solve her case of pregnancy, giving a supportive treatment. She, with her husband, came in the contact of We Care’s IVF specialist and then after asking a few questions, she went for a few tests. By means of the result, an expert came to know that Raveena has mild endometriosis and because of it, she is unable to carry the pregnancy.

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    What happens during Endometriosis?

    Endometriosis is a condition where the inner lining of the endometrial tissues grows outside of the uterus and causes pain during the menstruation cycle of the female. When this issue goes beyond or increased, the female experiences much pain during her cycles, chronic pain and fatigue.

    The exact cause of endometriosis is still unknown; possible theories have suggested that environmental factors, immune dysfunction, or genetic predisposition could be the cause of endometriosis.

    The proper way to evaluate and diagnose the endometriosis is with using a minor surgical method – Laparoscopy. During this procedure, the expert inserts the laparoscope (with a camera attached) into the pelvis testing out the sign of endometriosis. If the woman is diagnosed with this issue and trying to attain pregnancy, then the female is required to fix a consultation with the fertility expert. IVF method has always been a perfect solution in the case of endometriosis in women.

    Raveena’s IVF Treatment for Endometriosis

    “I have always been in search of a good and reputed centre, where I can go straight for the treatment without thinking much and then I chose the organisation of We Care IVF Surrogacy, where I thought to give a try. The team of We Care throughout the treatment was very supportive, which initially attracted me to opt for this centre. When I had the first consultation with the IVF specialist of this centre, I just fell in love with the decency and problem-solving way of the expert- Dr Nalini Gupta” said Raveena.

    The team of We Care has worked the best possibility to stand on the expectation of Raveena and treated the case with IVF giving limited fertility dose of medication so that the patient won’t have any side-effects because this was the first IVF cycle of Raveena, so everything went smooth taking utmost care of the patient.

    IVF is a simple procedure, where the penetration and fusion of the male parent’s sperm and female parent’s eggs in the fertility lab take place, and once the sperm enters into the egg’s cytoplasm, the expert waits for two-three days for the embryo transfer. IVF treatment allows other advanced forms as well such as IVF with ICSI, IVF with IMSI, IVF with Surgical Sperm Retrieval, IVF with third-party assistance and more. These treatments are called advanced IVF procedure and only be performed if the couple’s case is fit for the appropriate treatment.

    “It was really a very pleasant experience for me with the staff and the specialist in this centre. I won’t deny that I was not feeling anxious; I was. One thing I need to say that on some specific days (check-ups during the fertility medication), my husband couldn’t be able to pay few visits with me due to his month-end hectic work, but trust me, the nurses and the specialists made me so calm and ease that I didn’t feel hesitated to visit the centre, although I was a bit nervous on the day of pregnancy test. I literally wanted to hear good news, and at the end, they made me realise that I have done nothing wrong choosing this centre – Yup! I became pregnant and my nine months of pregnancy went superbly normal!” Raveena said.

    She further added, “I don’t know about others, but can say in guarantee, if you are choosing this centre for your fertility treatment, then you are in the right and safe hands under the guidance of veteran – Dr. Nalini Mam”.

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      Be Patience and don’t drop your hope

      We agree that each case of IVF is different, some respond quickly with the medication and supplies the excellent quality of eggs, while some eggs retrieved by IVF egg collection, unable to get fertilised with the sperm. It’s always not the eggs that create hurdle in fertilisation but there is the sperm quality and its motility too that influences or decreases the rate of fertilization.

      In many cases, women get conceived at their third cycle or even second attempt of IVF. Each case is different and most important; each individual’s system works differently; hence, IVF success varies from one person to another.

      Some couples directly go for the most expensive procedure – surrogacy to have their baby, being hopeless for the first unsuccessful try of IVF. No doubt, surrogacy is the best ART method; we also treat the patient by the surrogacy (only in those conditions, where there is not any other option left). Fertility treatments, whether it is IVF or other treatment, involves the patient’s time and money. Hence, the couple, undergoing their IVF or other fertility procedure, must carry patience for their result and choosing any centre, make sure you are going for the authentic one.

      We first analyse the case and then work on the exact issue, even if you have any query regarding pre-IVF or post-IVF, we are always there for you to clarify any doubts.

      Raveena and Tarun gave birth to a baby Boy in their first IVF attempt with us.

      Closing Thoughts by We Care IVF Surrogacy

      We all agree that fertility treatments are tardy method and require proper attention and care all the way through it, so if you are planning for it don’t think for any short-cuts, because there is not such any! You need to be in patience and have faith in yourself, be smart and logical while selecting fertility centre, ask clearly about the total cost of the treatment, make sure you are in a healthy diet with cutting back alcohol and harmful products. We always counsel the couple to try for pregnancy at their early childbearing age before you miss the boat of your productive days.

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