IVF treatment in Ghana


How much does the IVF treatment in Ghana cost per cycle?

IVF Treatment in Ghana IVF Cost in Ghana is estimated cost for IVF treatment ranges USD 4000 – 4500 that includes the following:

initial Consultancy Charges USD 10-15 (approx.)
standard medication USD 1500 -2000
IVF cycle including all the ultrasounds (vaginal ultrasounds), blood Work, regular checkups, egg collection and embryo transfer USD 2000-2500 (approx.)
Total IVF Cost USD 4000-4500(approx.)

Note: The IVF package will only include the standard medications required for IVF treatment in Ghana; however, if a couple needs more fertility drugs to stimulate ovaries, it will be billed separately.

How the fertility experts perform the best IVF treatment in Ghana?

IVF treatment in Ghana : To perform an IVF treatment in Ghana, the fertility experts in We Care IVF Surrogacy will complete the procedure in seven significant steps. These are:

1. Suppression: The fertility expert will suppress the woman’s monthly cycle by giving the fertility drugs that need to continue for around two weeks. The woman can take these fertility drugs at their home in the form of injections.

2. Egg supply: In this step of IVF treatment in Ghana, the fertility experts in We Care IVF Surrogacy will inject a gonadotropin injection to a woman for around 12 days, increasing the egg supply fertilization.

3. Monitoring: In this step, the fertility expert will monitor the eggs’ growth via ultrasound and give a human chorionic gonadotropin injection that helps the woman eggs get matured for fertilization between 34 and 38 hours before eggs get retrieved from the woman ovaries.

4. Collection of eggs: In this step of the IVF treatment in Ghana, the fertility experts will collect the eggs from the woman ovaries via a hollow needle that pass through the upper vaginal wall. Once the eggs are collected, the fertility expert will advise a woman to rest for a few hours. In some cases, women may experience mild cramping and discomfort, which will treat by giving them painkillers.

5. Fertilization of eggs: In this step, the fertility expert will mix the woman’s collected eggs with the sperm of her husband or donor sperm to facilitate fertilization in the IVF laboratory.

6. Embryo transfer: In this step of the IVF treatment in Ghana in We Care IVF Surrogacy, the embryologist will choose the most active and healthy embryo/s that will be transferred into the uterus the biological mother and wait for the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

 IVF treatment in Ghana
IVF treatment in Ghana

7. Pregnancy test: Once the embryo transfer is completed, the couple need to visit the We Care IVF Surrogacy on the 14th days of the embryo transfer for the pregnancy test, which will be performed by the fertility expert using ultrasound where they see a sac by scanning the woman ovaries. Also, the ultrasound is conducted to hear the infant’s heartbeat. Once the fertility expert hears the heartbeat, that means the pregnancy is confirmed, and the couple can be released from the fertility clinic to a local gynecologist.

To whom IVF treatment in Ghana give benefits

IVF treatment in Ghana :The couples dealing with the following conditions get benefited from the IVF treatment in Ghana:

1. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): It is a common condition that can be occurred 8 out of 10 women, due to which they cannot conceive a baby. It is related to hormonal imbalance, which means women cannot have their regular monthly cycles. IVF is the best choice for patients with PCOS to conceive a baby.

2. Blocked tubes: The woman dealing with the blocked or damaged fallopian tubes for IVF treatment in Ghana is a blessing to have a baby.

3. Premature ovarian failure: For women dealing with menopause or premature ovarian failure, IVF is the best option when used with egg donors. It will increase the successful chances of a woman’s conception.

4. Low ovarian reserve: If women are above the age group of 35 years her ovarian reserve falls, IVF treatment in Ghana is used to maximize the chances of conception for older women. We Care IVF Surrogacy are a fertility centre that has experienced and qualified to make pregnancy possible for women with old age and low ovarian reserve.

5. Male infertility: IVF treatment in Ghana is a beneficial treatment for couples where a male partner dealing with infertility issues and a fertile woman cannot conceive a baby. IVF with ICSI, in such cases, help many couples in conceiving a baby.

6. Unexplained infertility: Nowadays, people are busy with their careers, and by the time they plan to conceive a baby, they fail to do so; after investigation also the experts are failed to know the cause. It is called unexplained infertility. People with unexplained infertility issues get benefited from IVF treatment in Ghana.

7. Endometriosis: It is a condition where the parts of the woman uterus lining grow outside. In such cases, the fertility experts in We Care IVF Surrogacy suggest the IVF treatment in Ghana as the best solution to get rid out of it.

How successful is the IVF treatment in Ghana?

IVF treatment in Ghana: To date, the success rates of IVF treatment in Ghana in We Care IVF Surrogacy are around 75 to 85%, which is relatively high compared to other fertility clinics. However, the successes rates depend on the age of the couples below are the success rates per cycle according to the age of the couples:

  • 75 to 85% for women under age 35.
  • 65 to 75% for women ages 35 to 37.
  • 55 to 65% for women ages 37 to 40.
  • 45 to 55% for women above the age group of 40.

At a reasonable IVF treatment cost in Ghana, the highest success rates make We Care IVF Surrogacy the best fertility clinic. People in a more significant number from different parts of the countries travel to Ghana for IVF and other fertility treatments.

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