A detailed description of Semen Analysis Test in India along with Procedure and Cost

Semen Analysis in India is performed to figure out the sperm count and motility of the sperm to uncover male infertility issue. Semen Analysis is the procedure, where a male gets to know several factors such as semen volume, pH value, fructose level, sperm count and its active nature. Semen Analysis Test in India is beneficial for IVF, IUI, ICSI treatment, etc.

If you are trying to attain pregnancy and have your own baby for a long time (more than 12 months or a year) then this is the suitable time to book an appointment with the best fertility specialist to evaluate the exact cause which is becoming a barrier in the way of your pregnancy.

If we discuss male fertility issue, well it can be easily diagnosed with the assistance of Semen Analysis Test in India. Undergoing this test is an unfussy procedure, where the experts find out the root cause of male infertility disorder. Semen Analysis in India is a complete report on male’s semen sample.  Semen Analysis Cost in India is much affordable and easily payable by the ones who are planning for it. This test is the best option to decide which fertility treatment can work for the infertility case.

In almost half the cases of sub-fertility, there is a male contribution to the problem. The initial investigation/tests require a sample of Semen Analysis Test in India. This is usually produced at home after abstaining from ejaculation for 2 to 3 days. A shorter time than this will reduce the total number and longer abstinence can lead to a falsely high number of poorly motile (slow swimming) sperms. The sample needs to be delivered to the laboratory within one hour for analysis. The following are considered a normal result:

  • Volume: 2-5mls
  • Concentration: more than 20 million per ml
  • Motility: more than 50% progressively motile
  • Form: more than 30% normal appearance
  • White blood cells: less than 1 million per ml

How Semen Analysis Test in India should be done

Most clinics suggest two samples be received for analysis, particularly if there are any abnormalities with the first test. It takes around 74 days to make sperm, so if 2 samples are checked in a shorter time than this; it is likely that they are from the same population. This might be important if, for example, a man had a viral infection, or a poor result followed a period of particularly heavy alcohol intake. In this case, it would be better to delay the second sample for 3 months.

There are several other specialized tests for semen analysis, but these are not routinely recommended, as their ability to predict infertility and direct the correct treatment has not been proven. One particular test is the anti-sperm antibody test.

Antibodies normally fight infections, but sometimes a man produces antibodies that bind to his own sperm, either reducing the motility or interfering with fertilization of the egg. Many studies have looked at the exact implications for this and it now seems that only heavy antibody binding seen on the semen analysis, when associated with the problems mentioned above, are likely to be significant. In any case, there is no proven treatment apart from Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Insemination (ICSI).

What is the procedure of semen analysis?

Men, whoever outlining for Semen Analysis Test in India, they need to know the basic steps that involve in this procedure; given below step by step procedure of Semen Analysis Test in India –

  • At the initial phase, a male has to seek advice from gynecologist regarding the procedure of semen analysis. A male is required to undergo this test only when the specialist suggests or recommend this test for him.
  • The test can be performed in the lab or even the diagnostic centers
  • Semen collection is a crucial step for the entire process of Semen Analysis in India; you really need to follow all the instruction which your expert has given.
  • There are different ways depending on the recommendation of the expert (to collect the semen in the lab or at home)
  • The doctor may give you an option to ejaculate and release the semen fluid in a container in a special room that is meant for the semen collection area. Here the doctor makes sure that the male won’t have any kind of discomfort releasing semen with the help of masturbation in that room. The semen is accumulated in a sterile container and a male submits the container to the center for further tests.
  • The second option of providing a semen sample is to ejaculate at home and bring the semen sample to the clinic or centre (within 24 hours of ejaculation).

NOTE –A male is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse or even masturbation for at least 3-5 days of semen collection day. Why this? avoiding semen ejaculation for these (3-5 days) days keep the sperm count at a high level when a collection of the semen takes place. Experts can easily find sperm count and other relevant information which is required at this stage.

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How does the Semen Analysis Test in India help in Male Infertility treatment?

Semen Analysis in India is that solution, where a male comes across with the exact issue of his fertility disorder (if any). If a couple is trying to have own baby for a long period of time, at this time, Semen Analysis Test in India could be informative to understand the cause of infertility. Semen Analysis test help in finding

  1. Sperm Count
  2. The shape of the sperm (or morphology of the sperm)
  3. Sperm pH value
  4. The volume of the semen
  5. liquefaction time
  6. Fructose level
  7. Sperm motility
Know About

Causes of Causes of Male Infertility

Almost 90% of male problems are not amenable to treatment to improve the sperm count and will require some form of assisted conception if pregnancy does not occur naturally. The main troubles include:

Idiopathic Abnormal Sperm Count

‘Idiopathic’ refers to the fact that no cause for the problem is found. This happens about 75% of the time when there is a male contribution to infertility. Even with moderate problems such as low counts of less than 5 million/ml or poor motility, it is still possible to conceive normally. When there is no sperm (azoospermia) then clearly it is unlikely.

Physical Abnormalities

An absence or blockage in the tube from the testes to the urethra (the vas deferens) is an uncommon cause of male infertility. It may be discovered on a scan if there are no sperms found at all, but it is treatable by surgery. A varicocele is a swelling of the veins around the testes and for some time this was thought to be a significant cause of infertility, but it is now clear that this is less likely. As only one in 15 to 20 men who have surgery would be likely to benefit, it is important to consider the risks of an operation.

Genetic Causes

Gene problems are unusual but are more common in men who have very few or no sperms (about 10%). Whilst most gene abnormalities are not overtly apparent, there is a concern that one particular type which is associated with infertility (Y-chromosome deletions) may be passed on to male offspring when assisted techniques such as ICSI do result in pregnancy.

Hormone Disorders

Once again, a hormone disorder is an unusual cause of male infertility. This is sometimes treatable if the signal from the brain is the problem (gonadotropin deficiency), but if the testes have stopped working altogether, as happens in around 13% of male infertility, success is unlikely.

Other Factors

Men who smoke have a 13-17 %, lower sperm count than those who do not. High alcohol intake can markedly reduce the sperm count and motility, however low and moderate consumption up to normal recommended levels has not been found to lead to problems. Tight-fitting clothes and prolonged periods of sitting can lead to a reduction in sperm count through excessive heating of the testes. Men who have an abnormal semen analysis should wear loose-fitting trousers and underwear such as boxer shorts. Cannabis, cocaine and anabolic steroids all reduce the sperm count and affect motility and number of normal sperm.

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Is there any specific cause of low sperm count in men?

Yes, there are certain factors that hinder the sperm motility and count too in men; some of the causes are –

  • Stress (that may be from work area or other)
  • Unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Regular intake of Alcohol
  • Tension and anxiety
  • Smoking
  • Drug usage/ Tobacco use
  • Obesity for a long term
  • Prostate pr testicles infections
  • Harmful chemical exposure
  • STD’s (Sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Hormonal imbalance

Semen Analysis Test in India – Yes! It’s Informative to know Infertility Cause

Hence, Semen Analysis Test in India is one of the best options to find out fertility level or if any barrier is coming in the way of you and your partner’s conceiving process. This test also let the male be aware of the probability of successfully fathering a baby. At We Care IVF Surrogacy, Semen Analysis test is performed in a straightforward procedure; also a male doesn’t have to pay extra cost excluding low and affordable Semen Analysis Cost in India. Make sure, you pursue your daily routine in a healthy diet and in a good way, in order to avoid any kind of issue later in your life!

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