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There are zillion minor things that need to be focused by a couple who is planning to have a baby. From keeping an eagle eye on your ovulation date to your lifestyle routine means a lot when it comes for the pregnancy. So, if you and your partner have decided to move a step ahead of your future then you must be aware of few vital aspects that could build a better and healthy outcome of your pregnancy.

We are here to help you with the best guidance and assistance that boost the chances of getting pregnant. Here are some steps mentioned that lead a healthy pregnancy if you are trying to conceive, but before that let’s look those points in a glance –

  • The reproductive system of both – male and female give basic parts to accomplishing pregnancy


  • The reproductive system of a woman produces a single egg in each month and if this egg doesn’t fertilize with the sperm then the egg shed along with the uterine lining – known as menstruation bleeding. The male conceptive framework creates and stores sperm.


  • A lady’s body gets ready for pregnancy consistently, and if no preparation happens, the uterus sheds its coating through monthly cycle. In the event that the sperm fused with the egg, a child starts to develop in the uterus.


  • A couple if thinking to have a baby they should work at least for a year (if they are under 35) of unprotected intercourse and if they are not able to get pregnant then there comes the door-bell of the fertility clinic. Around 85 percent of couples in their 20s through mid-30s will get pregnant in that time.


Top Tips to have your baby –

There are things a couple can do now before they try to conceive –

  • Tracking of your menstrual cycle

A few ladies know to the day when their period begins, however many won’t make certain after years taking hormonal contraception.

What you can do is to create a note of your first day of your menstruation. Knowing the exact date of you cycle not only boost the chances of your pregnancy but also it is vital for a woman’s health. To track your menstruation, one can have application available on smartphones, or simply noting down on your calendar. This will give you a decent sign of to what extent your cycle is and you can work out when you may be ovulating, which is the point at which an egg will be discharged to be treated.

  • Concentrate on the correct time

A couple while having unprotected sex routinely for example each 3 to 5 days is one approach, the woman must require to know when her body is the most fertile ad to know this there  comes the word- ovulation. Yes, a woman needs to know about her ovulation date to boost the pregnancy.

What is ovulation? Ovulation is the arrival of an egg from the ovaries in the woman. After the egg is discharged, its essential objective is to descend the fallopian tube and meet the sperm for treatment. The eggremains in the fallopian tube for 12 to 24 hours. If the couple had intercourse during this time, there the possibility of achieving pregnancy.

Now you must be thinking the reason behind to keep a close eye on the ovulation date, so here you are –

There the couple gets no news when you can make while attempting to get pregnant isn’t knowing the days you are ovulating. Well, during the ovulation phase, the woman is most fertile and also has the high possibility to get pregnant. And since the woman is most suitable for the pregnancy during her ovulation period, so it is significant that you think about these dates in the month.

Ovulation symptoms

There are some indications of ovulation that you should focus on:

  1. Your cervical bodily fluid changes its consistency and gets more thinner
  2. You may feel somewhat warm once your ovulation begins as your basal internal heat level increments
  3. Woman during the ovulation phase, she may likewise encounter nipple sensitivity or soreness in the breast
  4. An expansion in sex drive is one of the most recognized indications of ovulation.

As we have referenced previously, an egg for the most part lives around 12 to 24 hours in the wake of being discharged. So to take advantage of the lucky break, it is encouraged for a couple to undergo unprotected sex regularly to not to miss any chance of having pregnancybefore the ovulation dates start.

  • Intake of folic acid

Folic intake is a significant pre-birth nutrient, which woman’s body needs more during the pregnancy. A woman should take folic supplement, if she is planning to get pregnant. Folic acid is a vitamin which is there in certain foods such as green beans, broccoli, and potatoes. When the woman is pregnant, she might require a good amount of folic acid in order to grow the baby.

Folic acid is viewed as a pregnancy superfood which is known to avert any birth defects. Moreover, the woman should keep up a reasonable eating regimen including squeezed orange, fresh and green vegetables and natural products.

The chances of Getting Pregnant or not 

What are the chances that I am going to have pregnancy this month? For most couples attempting to consider, the chances that a lady will become pregnant are 35% to 40% in a specific month. You really need to consider all the above mentioned aspects to have your pregnancy.

In any case, there are a few things that can influence your opportunity of getting pregnant and you might require guidance from the specialist, these points are –

  • After you arrive at age 30 or may be 35, your chances of having a baby at whatever month fall, and they decline as your age increases, dropping steeply in your 40s.
  • Issues getting in menstrual cycles. Having a very irregular cycle makes it dubious to compute when you’re ovulating, consequently making it hard to realize the perfect time to engage in the intercourse for the pregnancy.

And of course the duration time you’ve been attempting to conceive. On the off chance that you haven’t gotten pregnant following one year of attempting to pregnancy, your odds of turning out to be pregnant might be lower. And this is the time, where you need help from the fertility experts about your case. There would be male and female infertility investigation to evaluate the exact cause behind your fertility hiccup.

Summary –

Things that you have to stay away from –

  • Smoking and drugs
  • Consumption of alcohol

Things that you have to do to facilitate the pregnancy – these will all improve your odds of having a healthy pregnancy and child:

  • Begin taking folic supplement
  • Have a healthy balanced diet – it improves the fertility just as influencingthe baby’s future wellbeing
  • Cut down on caffeine on the off chance that you drink a great deal
  • Attempt to be nearer to a sound weight if you are overweight


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