IVM Treatment in India

IVM or In Vitro Maturation is the latest technique or newer fertility treatment of ART methodology that works best to eradicate infertility disorder. This technique is established to help those infertile couples who are fishing around for the alternative solution of conventional IVF treatment. IVM Treatment in India is a way similar to IVF treatment but with a significant difference

ART Method that could Attain Pregnancy for half of the cost

We Care IVF Surrogacy is enriched with world-class fertility veterans and provides matchless fertility treatment aiming to get newborn via appropriate ART technique (by keeping safe both-mother and baby). We are one of the pioneer’s ART centres that put forward the best IVM Treatment in India.

In Best IVM Centre in India, the patient is not required to undergo with regular hormonal injection in order to release matured eggs at the time of egg retrieval, during IVM Treatment in India, the eggs are accumulated from the recipient ovary while the eggs are still immature. These collected eggs are then sent to fertility lab for maturation procedure. Thus, a woman doesn’t have to consume a lot of hormonal medication during her IVM Treatment in India.

Come let’s gather more information about the procedure of In Vitro Maturation treatment, IVM Cost in India and so on.

Group of Conditions When

IVM is suggested

  • Patients who are facing severe disorder (such as cancer etc.)and thus unable to tolerate hyper stimulation of the ovaries
  • Women, who are under the age of 35
  • Young women who have a regular menstruation cycle
  • Women facing with PCOS issue (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • The couple, who prefer not to undergo a lot of regular hormonal injection and medication
  • Rescue all those immature eggs which were retrieved during IVF procedure

What is IVM Treatment in India?

IVM Treatment in India or In Vitro Maturation is a procedure where a woman’s eggs are collected and then matured inside fertility laboratory. Woman’s eggs are referred to as oocytes. Ovules (immature phase of oocytes) remain at rest in female’s ovaries until the puberty takes place. And puberty is said when hormonal changes make these ovules to mature, once the oocytes are formed, a single egg is released from the ovary. This is a natural procedure and occurs in each month in a female’s reproductive system.

However, when a woman undergoes In Vitro Fertilization, she has to take regular medication (at least for 10-12 days) to mature more than a single egg at the same time. These eggs are monitored and evaluated under ultrasound and blood test for the confirmation of matured eggs. Once the expert says yes for egg collection, eggs are retrieved from the ovary and then these eggs are kept with the sperm with the hope for fertilization. In some condition of IVF, may be few or all the eggs are not fully ripened and prepared for fertilization, hence these eggs get eliminated by the expert as they could never be used for IVF. Saving these immature eggs in the fertility lab is now possible via IVM Treatment in India. These eggs can be matured, fertilized with the sperm and transferred back into the uterus of the recipient in the hope of successful pregnancy test.

The procedure of IVM Treatment in India

If a couple strictly wants to undergo severe kind of IVM treatment, then there won’t be any medications prescribed by the expert to stimulate the development of additional eggs, however, in general, or in standard IVM cycle, low-dose hormonal injections are administered.

During IVM Treatment in India, immature eggs are retrieved under the control of sonography from the patient minimal stimulated ovary or even unstimulated. The eggs are collected with the help of a hollow needle and are kept in specialized culture media that works best to mature the eggs in the fertility lab. A lesser amount of hormones are also added to this culture medium that facilitates the development of the eggs.

These eggs are kept with the culture media and hormones for 28-48 hours, once all the eggs get developed or matured, they are fertilized with the male partner sperm (Or sperm donor if required). If fertility experts of Best IVM Centre in India find the sperm less motile then ICSI technique can be performed with IVM treatment. During ICSI, a single and motile sperm is chosen by the high magnifier microscope and then one by one, single sperm is injected directly into the cytoplasm of the egg

As soon as fertilization takes place, on the 3rd-4th day of fertilization, the healthiest embryo is then transferred into the female’s uterus (similar as IVF treatment). One of the advantageous facts of this treatment is Low IVM Treatment Cost in India with a decent success rate too.

Advantages of IVM treatment


IVM treatment is helpful for several couples, who want to conceive without using much medication. Some of the major advantages of IVF treatment India are –

  • Women who are under the age of 35 have a high success rate with IVM treatment
  • Cancer patients can easily plan for their IVM treatment as the patient needs not to undergo with much medication and injections
  • Women who are struggling with PCOS disorder and cannot take the risk of OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome) by the intake of regular medication
  • Far Reasonable IVM Cost in India compared with IVF treatment
  • A decent success rate

IVM cost in India by We Care IVF Surrogacy

IVM Cost in India is customized and affordable to each patient by We Care IVF Surrogacy centre. At We Care IVF Surrogacy, we offer far reasonable and a sensible cost of IVM treatment with total transparency and clarity. There are some factors that influence IVM Treatment Cost in India, some of them are –

  1. Number of IVM Cycles
  2. Whether the couple wants medication during their treatment
  3. If ICSI is followed with IVM treatment
  4. Reputed fertility centre with a high success rate

The success rate of IVM Treatment in India is also dependent upon some variables, they are –

  • Age of the couple
  • Infertility condition
  • Past history of pregnancy (if any)

IVF Treatment, at several infertility cases, has been a miracle for the first attempt only, while others have to undergo multiple IVM cycle to attain pregnancy. IVM treatment in India has proven to give far better result than basic ART techniques (such as Ovulation induction, IUI treatment etc.), sometimes IVF treatment too (when a woman has the risk of OHSS).

At The End

The pregnancy rates and delivery counts via IVM treatment in India are almost equal to IVF treatment. IVM is sprouting technique with high success rate and can be preferred as the alternative option to IVF for all those couples, wherein the women are at risk of OHSS and also have a high number of antral follicles.

IVM treatment cost in India is lesser than conventional IVF method; the wakefulness of IVM treatment India is not known by many individuals because this treatment (of ART) is a newer and recent developed assisted reproductive methodology. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the very few ART specialist centres that provide this latest technique in marginal cost. IVM has been proven one of the efficacious ART treatments for women across the world. So, if you are planning for IVM Treatment in India, make sure you choose the right and authentic fertility centre that gives you a decent success rate. It is essential to gather all the knowledge about this treatment before you plan for it.

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