Surrogacy Law in Kenya

Surrogacy Law in Kenya – For the couples who wish to have an own baby

The Surrogacy Law in Kenya is equal for everyone whether they are same-sex couples or different-sex couples. The fact is that there is no such legal Surrogacy Law in Kenya is regulating for the surrogacy treatment because the government in Kenya knows that the surrogacy is a simple procedure which helps the childless couples to complete their family by having their own baby. This is the reason that that people love to travels Kenya because here they can achieve their dream of success without any Surrogacy Law in Kenya.

With this news that there is no such legal Surrogacy Law in Kenya and the infertile couples are enjoying their parental hood with their own babies; however, the law regarding surrogacy varies by state. Kenya is the state which has formalistic rules, regulations, and protections and therefore this is one of the safest states for the surrogacy treatment. This state has a legal certificate which states that any couple with the same sex or different sex around the world can visit Kenya for their surrogacy treatment.

What is the Surrogacy Policy in Kenya?

The Surrogacy Policy in Kenya is same for everyone whosoever traveling to Kenya whether for the same sex surrogacy or different sex surrogacy procedure in Kenya. Both the parties need to sign an agreement which is nothing but a mutual concern so that it becomes easy to run the process. The Surrogacy Policy in Kenya agreement states that surrogate mother will carry the pregnancy in her womb for intended couples and will hand-over them after the baby birth and she will be paid for her services.

The intended parents need to take care of all the expenses of surrogate such as food, accommodation, clothing etc. and will file a petition in Court on the third day of the baby birth for seeking the Court permission to be legal parents of newborn. The Courts will order the Department of the Vital Statistics to issue the new birth certificate on which it is mentioned that intended parents are the legal parents of the newborn and surrogate mother has no relationship with the baby born.

What are the Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya according to the government?

The government in Kenya is very kind and they understand that many international patients travel to Kenya because there are no such Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya as it is a simple procedure for those couples who are unable to conceive naturally after having an unprotected intercourse for more than 12 months and they need further assistance to conceive a baby, however, the eggs which produced by these women are of bad quality or in some case women produce the good quality of eggs but not able to carry the pregnancy in their own womb and they need someone who will carry their baby and hand-over to them after the baby birth. This procedure is meant only for helping the childless couples, hence there is no Surrogacy Legalities in Kenya for surrogacy treatment.