Planning to undergo AMH Test in India – Things you should know

Why age is considered as the most vital element to attain Pregnancy? Is age the only one factor that executes a healthy pregnancy? If yes then why, and what should be the reason behind this fact? Let’s clear all these aspects on this page.

So, if you are facing difficulty in achieving your baby from your own eggs, it’s the time to get your AMH test done by the best fertility centre in India. AMH is the acronym of Anti-Mullerian Hormone, is a test to analyze the accuracy of your egg’s quality. This AMH test gives an accurate answer to your question regarding your fertility level. Let’s get deeper into it

What is AMH Test in India?

You must have the knowledge about woman’s supply of egg; Women are born with all the eggs at their birth and once the puberty starts of female, the egg starts becoming mature in each month and if not fertilized with the sperm, unfertilized egg along with the uterine wall exits from the uterus (this is known as menstruation cycle). These egg counts gradually decrease (as the age increases of the female) in both – quantity and the quality.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone or AMH test in India is a hormone generated by granulose cells of developing follicles in woman’s ovaries. This hormone ascertains the ovarian reserve or we can say it defines the quantity of the follicles in the ovaries (but not the quality). The concentration of AMH in a female’s blood is a good indicator of ovarian reserve. The AMH level never changes during the woman’s menstrual cycle, so the blood sample to know the AMH concentration can be taken at any time of the month.

AMH Test in India is completely related to the issue of women fertility and carries a vital role for those who are trying to attain pregnancy but having difficulty in getting conceived.

If you are being evaluated for infertility test then your expert will most likely check your AMH level. Even if you are unaware about your own AMH level, you should evaluate this in order to know your AMH level.

If you’re getting treatment for infertility, the Anti-Mullerian Hormone test will give you an answer to a couple of important questions:

If you are undergoing fertility treatment, the AMH Test in India will give an appropriate view of your infertility question such as –

  • Female’s ovarian reserve
  • The quantity of the eggs so as to accomplish the IVF cycle
  • How will the patient’s ovaries respond to the ovary stimulation?
  • Does the patient require considering egg freezing option for pregnancy?

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Let’s know more about Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels

In healthy women, the Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels initially increase until early adulthood, and then slowly decrease with increasing age until becoming undetectable. It happens approximately 5 years before menopause when the pool of growing follicles is exhausted.

The AMH level in a healthy woman (until early adulthood) is high and gradually, the level of AMH declines as the age of a woman increases. The AMH concentration level is given

AMH Level of a woman Interpretation
If she has her AMH over 3.0 ng/ml High (usually an indicator of PCOS)
If the woman has AMH level over 1.0 ng/ml Normal
In between 0.7 – 0.9 ng/ml Low normal range
0.3 – 0.6 ng/ml Low
If she is less than 0.3 ng/ml  Very low

NOTE –   Don’t conclude anything on your AMH level yourself, you need to get the best assistance by the fertility specialist.

Variables that influence AMH levels

There are several aspects that affect the level of AMH in women, some of them are

Age of the women

Age always has a vital role throughout the entire fertility journey. The level of AMH naturally decreases as the woman gets older. Usually, AMH concentration decreases once the woman reaches her 35 age.

Past medical history

If a woman has any hormonal disorder or medical-related issue associated with the reproductive system, then this aspect may have an effect on the woman’s AMH level. Take an example; a woman facing with PCOS issue has higher level of AMH.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety- both can give a negative result on your fertility as well as AMH level. Women who are under mental strain and mental stress often found to be hard to get pregnant due to their nervous tension.

Deficiency of important elements in the body

Number of disease and disorder occur due to the insufficient intake of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Deficiency of vitamins especially Vitamin D is supposed to have a direct connection with the fertility issues and also AMH level. So, it is suggested to have proper intake of fruits, green vegetables and vitamins.

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What is an AMH test in India?

AMH Test in India is a simple fertility lab testing, where via a blood test, the veterans determine the hormone levels.

How much blood is required for this test? Just 3 ml of blood is required to perform the AMH Test in India. A female can undergo this evaluation test at her cycles as well because AMH level does not change during women menstruation cycle, therefore this test can be performed at any day.

Once the test has been done, the report usually comes within a couple of hours or it takes a couple of days (based on the fertility centre from where you have taken test).

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading fertility centres that have proper diagnostic fertility lab and a team of fertility veterans (gynaecologist, Andrologist, counsellor, manager coordinator and senior fertility specialist along with nurses and caretaker). This centre not only expert in diagnosing infertility cases but also treats the childless couples by giving the best medication suitable for their case.

What does the AMH test result mean?

Given below are some AMH level references –

If the woman’s AMH level is over 3.0 ng/ml, this means that she has several small follicles developed, usually when a woman AMH level is over 3,0 ng/ml, seems she is most probably facing with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). If this is so, then your expert will say no to the high dose of ovary stimulation medication (during Assisted Reproductive Treatment); ovary stimulation medication can put the patient at risk of OHSS case.

If a woman is found to be at her AMH level between 3 and 0.7 ng/ml, this indicates the female has a normal ovarian reserve. If a female has normal AMH level still unable to achieve pregnancy then there would be another factor, which is coming in the way to the woman’s pregnancy. The expert will monitor the case thoroughly and detect the actual cause of infertility.

Even if the female has very low AMH level (0 to 0.6 ng/ml) that doesn’t indicate that a female won’t be able to conceive, she can have her baby via ART treatments such as IVF treatment or FSH stimulation. A female who has a very low AMH level is likely to have earlier menopause.

What to do when a female possess AMH level low?

That’s really not a major thing if your AMH is low, you can have your own baby now as well. If you are trying to get pregnant and there are no issues with the partner’s sperm count then the specialist will first suggest the female undergo AMH Test in India. And even if AMH is normal and there is the chance to get pregnancy then the specialist will advise some lifestyle changes to improve the possibility of achieving your baby, some of them are –

  • Vitamin D supplementation
  • L-arginine supplementation
  • Massage nearby abdomen area
  • Suggesting a female do Yoga
  • healthy diet-plan

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