A Complete Detail of Natural Cycle Monitoring in India

If you really want to understand the course of action of how to get pregnant, then understanding the ovulation cycle is all you need to have. Yes! The first step, which you required to do, is to go through with the procedure of your ovulation cycle. Having appropriate and correct information regarding your ovulation phase or fertility window is essential towards the first step of your pregnancy. We Care IVF Surrogacy offers the best follicular tracking services all over India and world-wide too. Let’s learn what Natural Cycle Monitoring in India is and how this scrutinizing is beneficial for women, who are planning to conceive.

What is Natural Cycle Monitoring in India?

Procedure of evaluating and understanding the days of woman’s menstrual cycle, in which she is most fertile, is referred as Natural Cycle Monitoring in India. This is also referred as follicular tracking or ovulation cycle tracking.

Natural Cycle Monitoring India determines the best time to get pregnant through sexual intercourse. There is no requirement of fertility drugs or stimulatory medications that a female is supposed to take during this evaluation test. Assessment of the growth and maturation of woman’s Graafian follicle is observed; this observation is performed through ultrasounds examination and requires at least three to four visits to We Care IVF Surrogacy fertility centre

If there is the necessity of further treatment, then the specialist will advice the patient basis on the ovulation cycle tracking result, where the result can clear the aspects of patient’s physiological menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes and luteal phase.

What you can expect in your Natural Cycle Monitoring in India?

A woman has to undergo with few ultrasounds during a specific time of her menstruation cycle, this enables the doctor to understand the growth of the egg in the ovary and also the specialist will have a clear view about the changes taking place in the lining of the uterus.

Natural Cycle Monitoring in India consists of at least 2-3 ultrasound scans, this scan takes place on the day 7 to day 10 to know the exact day of ovulation cycle in woman. Sometimes, a female is also required to undergo with urine tests for ovulation.

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    Advantages of Natural Cycle Monitoring in India

    • One of the plus points of Natural Cycle Monitoring India is that a female doesn’t have to undergo with medication or stimulatory drugs. This is the reason, why this treatment is complete safe and out of any side-effects.
    • This is an easy and uncomplicated one! Yes, a woman needs not to take any kind of stress because it’s complete stress-free procedure.
    • Reasonable cost of Natural cycle monitoring- a couple is required to spend little money for this process. This is much affordable comparing to other ART techniques.

    Who can take benefit from Natural Cycle Monitoring in India?

    • Women who are under the stair-cases of 30
    • If the woman is facing with idiopathic fertility
    • Women who have regular menstrual cycle

    How a female undergoes with Natural Cycle Monitoring process

    • Initially a female has to meet up with the specialist for routine checks (test will make sure if any abnormalities or cysts present). A female is required to visit the centre during her menstruation.
    • Specialist will see the development of Graafian follicle with the assistance of ultrasounds. This evaluation is done to know the alteration or the changes of endometrial lining and happening of ovulation.
    • The ultrasound scans are performed before the ovulation phase (expected date of ovulation) and during the second visit of the patient, the expert monitors the anticipated ruptured follicle.
    • This procedure can also be sometimes carried out over few more menstrual cycles because a patient may or may not always get the exact result during the first phase of test. This test is just to ensure if any abnormal or irregular ovulation is the cause of idiopathic or unexplained fertility.

    Why to choose We Care IVF Surrogacy for Natural Cycle Monitoring in India?

    If you are unable to find the exact ovulation phase or fertility window to get pregnant or even if you are in doubt regarding your fertility potential, then we are here to assist you best providing the utmost solution to have your own baby by harmless and safe procedure.

    We Care IVF Surrogacy brings forth the best medication and guidance to all those couples, who are outlining their pregnancy plan. We are the leading centre that provides matchless and unsurpassed fertility treatment. If you want to undergo with natural cycle monitoring in India, stay connected with us today only!

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