Surrogacy Cost in Kenya

Surrogacy Cost in Kenya – Which ease the fertility treatment for childless couples

The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is very reasonable and this cost has eased the difficulties faced by the childless couples due to expensive fertility treatment because of which so many childless couples will not able to have an own baby, however, with the advanced procedures and less Surrogacy Cost in Kenya these couples are also able to avail the benefits of the surrogacy treatment and that too at very reasonable cost. Nowadays more patients from another well- developed countries are traveling to Kenya for their surrogacy as the Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is less and can be easily afforded by each individual whosoever wish to have an own baby.

Factors on which Surrogacy Fees in Kenya depends

The Surrogacy Fees in Kenya is mainly depending on two factors:

(i)   The fees for medical care and medications which are very expensive in the countries like the US, the UK and the Australia as compared with other states. The estimated Surrogacy Fees in Kenya is around USD 40,000 by performing gestational surrogacy and USD 35,000 by performing traditional surrogacy procedure, however, the fees of surrogacy procedure in other countries start from USD 60,000 to USD 1, 00,000; depending on the procedure you opt for the surrogacy.

(ii)   The country where you are residing also have a great impact on you surrogacy fees for e.g. if the surrogate is residing in the countries like the US, the UK and the Australia then their fees for the surrogacy compensation is extremely high as compared to the surrogates residing in Kenya. The compensation which the surrogates get in Kenya is half of the surrogacy fees which they get in other developed countries like the UK and the US. A surrogate getting half compensation in the city like Kenya saves your lot of money.

Surrogacy Charges in Kenya using 2 cycles

Surrogacy Charges in Kenya for using 2 cycles is an economic package which gives you the second chances to achieve your dream of having an own baby. In second attempt you can use your frozen embryo to achieve the successful pregnancy, however, if there was no left over embryos from your first attempt then you can go for the second attempt by using self or donor stimulation which will additionally charge you around USD 6,000 only. If you are using the same surrogate for the second time then the charges for surrogacy in Kenya is around USD 6,000 only, and in case you need the different surrogate for the second time then your charges for surrogacy in Kenya will increase which will go up to USD 8,000.

These are the estimated Surrogacy Charges in Kenya and the actual charges you will get to know when your fertility expert will examine you for the exact cause at that time they will explain you about the charges for surrogacy in Kenya and the procedure of surrogacy which is suitable for you.