surrogacy cost in Kenya There is no legal framework for surrogacy law in Kenya, which is the main reason why Kenya has been selected as a nation for surrogacy treatment. Although Kenya is one of the homophobic countries and avoids single-sex or same-sex couples, there are still no such legal rules and regulations made by Kenyan law. The lack of a proper legal framework has set off surrogacy treatment in Kenya for innumerable Kenyan inhabitants and overseas individuals; also, it has opened the possibility for same-sex couples to achieve their baby.

Under the network hospitals and IVF centers of We Care IVF Surrogacy, the intended couple gets high-class treatment along with the highest success rate. Not this, the Surrogacy cost in Kenya is also based on a very sensible package. Some critical factors affect the price of surrogacy in Kenya. Kenya has always become one of the famous African countries to opt for the low-cost surrogacy destination. This is one of the prosperous nations that has emerged as a surrogacy hub for n number of reasons, and out of several reasons, its high success rate always is on the top-of-the-list.

The Cost of surrogacy in Kenya is very reasonable, and this Cost has eased the difficulties faced by the childless couples due to expensive fertility treatment, because of which so many childless couples will not able to have their own baby. However, with the advanced procedures and fewer Surrogacy Cost in Kenya, these couples can avail of the benefits of surrogacy treatment at a very reasonable cost. Nowadays, more patients from another well-developed country are traveling to Kenya for their surrogacy as the Cost of the entire procedure is less and can be easily afforded by each individual whosoever wish to have her own baby.

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    A Comprehensive Cost of Surrogacy in Kenya

    In this page, we are going to cover the cost breakdown of surrogacy in Kenya so that you will have a clear structure of Surrogacy Cost in Kenya.

    No doubt, the cost of surrogacy is way expensive than other fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, or even third-party reproductive options. Why so? In the procedure of surrogacy, another woman holds the embryo and delivers the baby of another couple. Surrogacy is most preferably done with the method of gestational way. Gestational surrogacy is accomplished using IVF treatment. The engaged couple provides eggs and sperm, employing IVF for the creation of an embryo. The next process is to transfer the healthiest embryo into the surrogate’s uterus as soon as the embryo forms. Onward this, the surrogate carries the embryo in her womb safely during the pregnancy time. A woman or surrogate keeps the couple’s baby securely, giving all the nourishment till the delivery. Once the birth happens, she provides the newborn to the couple according to the agreement. Surrogate’s expense, reimbursement for the surrogacy process, fertility lab charges, and IVF cost – are included in the surrogacy cost in Kenya, and that’s the reason why surrogacy is always costly compared to other assisted reproductive treatments.
    You must be curious to know the exact rate of Surrogacy in Kenya, so here you are. The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya ranges between USD 38,000 – USD 40,000 (approximate). This is one of the cheapest and most feasible choices for those couples who are steeping themselves back due to the fear of the unbearable cost of surrogacy in their respective countries. Kenya has been a center of attraction for surrogacy and other fertility options for its low-cost and easily accessible place to go for surrogacy treatment.
    Surrogacy can also be performed in Kenya with the commissioning parent’s known egg donors, sperm donors, or even embryo donors. The cost of surrogacy may fluctuate in such cases. Certain levels of terms and conditions are there for surrogacy in Kenya.

    Is surrogacy a legal procedure in Kenya?

    Yes, surrogacy is a legal procedure in Kenya, and We Care IVF Surrogacy is a fertility clinic with a legally approved permit to perform surrogacy treatment worldwide. However, the legal advisor at We Care IVF Surrogacy clinic asks both parties to sign a mutual contract to avoid confusion on completing the surrogacy procedure. The contract states that the surrogate mother is willingly ready to carry a baby in her womb. Her family has no issues when she hands over the baby to the biological parents. On the other hand, the biological parents agreed to take complete responsibility for the surrogate mother from her initial stage of treatment until the baby’s birth.

    Once both parties sign the contract, the experts at We Care IVF Surrogacy will begin the treatment. On completion of surrogacy treatment, the biological parents need to apply for a birth certificate on the 3rd day of the baby born in the local court to take their baby home. The court will verify all relevant documents related to the surrogacy procedure; after that the court will order the Department of Vital Statistics to issue a new birth certificate in the name of biological parents.

    Factors on which Surrogacy Cost in Kenya depends

    The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is mainly depending on two factors:

    • The fees for medical care and medications which are very expensive in countries like the US, the UK, and Australia as compared with other states. The estimated Surrogacy Fees in Kenya ranges between USD 38,000 – USD 40,000 by performing gestational surrogacy and USD 35,000 by performing traditional surrogacy procedures; however, the fees of surrogacy procedures in other countries start from USD 60,000 to USD 1,00,000; depending on the process, you opt for the surrogacy.
    • The country where you are residing also has a significant impact on your surrogacy fees, e.g., if the surrogate is residing in the countries like the US, the UK, and Australia, then their costs for the surrogacy compensation are exceptionally high as compared to the surrogates living in Kenya. The compensation that the surrogates get in Kenya is half of the surrogacy fees they get in other developed countries like the UK and the US. A surrogate getting half compensation in a city like Kenya saves you a lot of money.

    Surrogacy Charges in Kenya using two Attempts/ Cycles based on an economic package that gives you a second chance to achieve your dream of having your own baby. In the second attempt, you can use your frozen embryo to achieve a successful pregnancy, and however, if there were no leftover embryos from your first attempt, then you can go for the second attempt by using self or donor stimulation, which will additionally charge you approximate USD 5,000 to USD 6,000 only. If you are using the same surrogate for the second time, then the charges for surrogacy in Kenya are around USD 6,000 only. If you need a different surrogate for the second time, then your costs for surrogacy in Kenya will increase go up to USD 8,000.

    These are the estimated Surrogacy Charges in Kenya and the actual charges you will get to know when your fertility expert will examine you for the exact cause at that time. They will explain to you the costs for surrogacy in Kenya procedure of surrogacy which is suitable for you.

    We Care IVF Surrogacy is the most preferred Medical Tourism Facilitator that serves the best surrogacy treatment providing a transparent and unobstructed view of the Surrogacy Cost in Kenya. The surrogacy centers under this group give affordable surrogacy procedures (with the healthy and adequately screened surrogate) and provide the highest record of its live birth success rates.


    The Intended Couple will get the following services under the Surrogacy Cost Kenya

    1. Stimulation and Hormonal Injections
    2. Egg Collection
    3. Final screening procedure of a surrogate
    4. Placing the healthiest embryo into the Surrogate’s womb (uterus)
    5. The entire Reimbursement of the surrogate in Kenya
    6. Delivery and handing the new-born to the commissioning parent
    7. Legal work by the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy

    AT the End Overall Surrogacy Cost in Kenya USD $38,000 to USD $40,000

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