Surrogacy in Georgia – What does the Surrogacy law in Georgia states?

Surrogacy has always been the most effective assisted reproductive technology compared to the rest of the fertility treatments. Surrogacy in Georgia is the best way to welcome your parenthood days employing another woman – gestational carrier / gestational surrogate. Gestational Surrogate, all through the method of surrogacy, plays a crucial role. However, some Surrogacy laws in Georgia need to be followed by each intended couple, or the one, who is seeking for the surrogacy procedure.

Laws that regulate the third-party ART treatment came into existence amongst the citizens of Georgia in 1997. And since this year, individuals started to use these facilities to achieve pregnancy and fulfilling their dreams.

If we look and go deep into other assisted reproductive treatments, then we find that the surrogacy is the only one, which gives surety to the intended couple to have their baby via this procedure. Stages of surrogacy are multiple and must be carried out in the best Surrogacy Centre in Georgia with the suitable and experienced surrogate mother Georgia.

Georgia is one of the favorable states for Surrogacy treatment because of well-established parental rights and transparent laws concerning surrogacy contracts by the surrogates and the intended couple. The court procedure associated with the Surrogacy Law in Georgia is handled carefully with the clean steps announced by the officials. Georgian courts establish the firm parental rights for commissioning parents through a pre-birth declaratory judgment.

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    The legal concern and Surrogacy Law in Georgia

    Surrogacy is one of the hot topics, which has been revolving amongst us for the past few years; over some years, several nations have begun to modify the laws of it. Many of the countries have entirely banned surrogacy practice, and some of the nations have changed several rules and regulations for it. Georgia is one of the most accessible states, where one can go for the surrogacy procedure without much complication. Surrogacy Law in Georgia is designed in a perfect manner providing the fully transparent structure of the laws to the intended couple and the surrogate too.

    Based on the law of surrogacy in Georgia, surrogate mother has never given any parental rights over the new-born. Let’s understand some of the important questions that usually come in the mind of the commissioning parent.

    • Does Georgia give any pre-birth Parentage Orders?

    Yes, the court procedure of Georgia grants pre-birth parentage orders for the intended couple.

    • If one of the partners says, a male is unable to produce motile sperms for fertilisation during the surrogacy and goes for surrogacy with donor sperm. What will be the right then?

    If the couple needs donor sperms for the accomplishment of surrogacy, then there would be no such any legal rights given to the donor over the child born.

    • If the surrogacy needs to be accomplished using donor eggs, then what would be the case?

    If the intended woman is unable to supply with the exceptional quality of the eggs and wants to use donor eggs with the surrogacy treatment, then again the intended woman needs not to be concern about the parental rights. Surrogacy law in Georgia gives complete rights to the intended couple.

    • Does the surrogacy law in Georgia accept embryo adoption in surrogacy?

    Yes, according to the Georgian law, a baby from embryo adoption via surrogacy method relates to the intended couple only. The intended couple gets all the parental rights of the new-born, provided that the intended couple and the legal embryo custodian have signed a written contract.

    • Under the Surrogacy Law in Georgia, who can go for the surrogacy treatment?
    • If you are a married heterosexual couple and using your own eggs and own sperm
    • If you are married a heterosexual couple and using a sperm donor or egg donor
    • If you are an unmarried heterosexual couple and using self eggs and sperms
    • If you are an unmarried heterosexual couple and using either donor egg or donor sperm
    • If the couple is of same-sex and using either egg donor or sperm donor. In this case, there will be the requirement of the legal rights to the embryo.
    • If you want to become a single parent using your own egg or sperm, then Georgia welcomes you.

    What in that case, where the embryo is not related to the genetic parent?

    According to the Surrogacy Law in Georgia, even if the couple is not genetically related to the child, then also there will be parental right of the intended couple over the child.

    However, if the couple is not married, same-sex, or even single parent, then there would be some legal formalities required such as the documentation of the embryos during IVF in surrogacy must be done.

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      Once the child is born, some aspects need to be considered of Surrogacy Law in Georgia

      Once the baby via surrogacy procedure is taken, the commissioning parent or Intended parent will be deemed as actual Mother and Father of that child giving all the legal rights and responsibilities as a parent to them. The surrogate mother Georgia won’t get any rights to the child.

      • The birth certificate after surrogate’s delivery is issued within 24 hours from the childbirth.
      • On the birth certificate, the name of the intended parent will be mentioned

      We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading surrogacy agencies that have world-wide connectivity with the best Surrogacy Centres in Georgia. We are specialised in performing surrogacy treatment giving the best experience all through the way of the surrogacy journey. The surrogates provided by our centres are all experienced with proper knowledge of carrying a baby in the womb.

      At The End

      Surrogacy Law in Georgia provides all the parental right to the intended couple without any delay, and the birth certificate is issued within a day to the couple. The birth certificate never specifies the name of the surrogate, and thus the declaration of the child born via surrogacy is the same as the birth certificate of other children. The surrogate mother is not required to give any consent for the registration of the intended couple as the actual parent of the baby. The Surrogacy centre issues the documentation of the embryo transfer into the gestational surrogate’s uterus in Georgia; an agreement is made by the infertile couple and rest of the procedure such as the birth certificate and other documents are issued by the maternity hospital. The couple need not be worried about the process of the child’s birth certificate and doesn’t require hiring the lawyer as well; the entire procedure is smooth.  If the couple has visited Georgia for their surrogacy, then they can smoothly go to their country taking their child anytime once the birth certificate has been issued.

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