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IVF treatment in Chennai is estimated cost ranges from INR 1 75,000 to INR 2 00,000 for one fresh IVF cycle; however, the IVF treatment cost will depend on the number of IVF cycles required by the couples to achieve the successful outcome of the procedure.

Cost of IVF For Single Attempt Break-down Cost in INR
Initially Consultation Cost 500-1000
hormonal injection and Fertility Drugs 80,000 -90,000
IVF procedure + Ultrasounds (include transvaginal ultrasound) + Blood work/ test +Each visit to the centre and check-up + Egg Retrieval procedure + Semen Collection + Fertilization + Embryo transfer 80,000- 90, 000
Total Cost of Single Attempt of IVF Cycle 1,75,000 – 2,00,000

How the procedure for the best IVF treatment in Chennai performed?

The IVF treatment in Chennai consists of seven steps that help the couple in conceiving a baby. These are:

  1. Cycle suppresses: In this step of the IVF treatment in Chennai, the fertility experts in We Care IVF Surrogacy will suppress the woman’s monthly cycle through medications that will continue for around two weeks. The woman can take these medications at her home in the form of hormone injections.
  2. Supply of eggs: The fertility expert will give gonadotropin injection for around 12 days that helps in increasing egg production.
  3. Egg monitoring: In this step of IVF treatment in Chennai, fertility experts will keep an eye on the growth and development of the eggs in the woman’s ovaries through an ultrasound scan. After this, the fertility expert will put the woman on a human chorionic gonadotropin injection to mature the eggs between 34 and 38 hours before the fertility expert collects them for fertilization.
  4. Collection of eggs: In this step of the IVF treatment in Chennai, the fertility experts in We Care IVF Surrogacy will collect the eggs from the woman’s ovaries using a hollow needle that passes through the upper vaginal wall. With the use of vaginal ultrasound, the fertility expert will able to remove the fluid from follicles. When the eggs are retrieved, they will be isolated from follicular fluid and placed in a culture dish later on transferred into the incubator.
  5. Egg fertilization: During egg fertilization, the fertility expert will mix the collected woman eggs with the sperm of the biological father or donor sperm and place it in an incubator. The fertility expert will monitor them to ensure that a healthy embryo will be developed.
  6. Embryo transfer: On the day of embryo transfer, the embryologist in We Care IVF Surrogacy will be the most active and healthy embryo transferred into the biological mother’s uterus and will wait for the signs of the pregnancy.
  7. Pregnancy test: After two weeks of embryo transfer, the couple needs to visit We Care IVF Surrogacy for the pregnancy test conducted by the fertility expert using ultrasound. They scan the woman ovaries to hear the infant’s heartbeat, and once they can listen to the heartbeat, that means the pregnancy is confirmed. The patient can be released from the fertility clinic to a local gynaecologist.

How IVF treatment in Chennai became successful treatment?

Making the IVF treatment in Chennai Successful, the couple needs to follow some steps. These are:

  1. Choose the best fertility centre: By choosing the best fertility centre, you already take one step ahead for the highest success rates because the success rates depend upon the fertility centres, fertility professionals, counsellors etc. The fertility professionals are the ones who give their best in achieving the successful outcome of the procedure.
  2. Eat healthy food: Eat plenty of food that is rich in protein, monounsaturated fats, etc., as it will boost up the fertility of the woman and also help in the development of the fetus in the womb. Healthy eating habits will increase the success chances of the treatment.
  3. Meditation: Try to do meditation before the IVF treatment in Chennai, as it is a good exercise that reduces the stress of the treatment. The woman will be calm during the procedure, which is very important to achieve successful results.
  4. Avoid drugs & alcohol: The fertility experts in We Care IVF Surrogacy suggest the couples quit the consumption of alcohol & drugs at least one month before they plan for the IVF treatment to achieve successful treatment results.
  5. Avoid challenging exercises: The fertility expert suggests the couples avoid doing the challenging exercises as it reduces the women’s fertility levels, resulting in fewer conception chances. Heavy workouts can also lead to pregnancy loss and cause failure while implanting an embryo. When couples planning for IVF treatment, they need to restrict complex exercises and opt for light activities such as yoga, walking, or swimming under proper supervision.
  6. Rest: The fertility expert will suggest the couples take plenty of rest that helps regulate the melatonin levels in the body and helps develop healthy follicles required for IVF treatment.

What other fertility treatments are available in We Care IVF Surrogacy?

Apart from IVF, We Care IVF Surrogacy offers the following fertility treatments. These are:

  1. ICSI: It is helpful to treat male infertility issues where the fertility expert will extract the sperm surgically and inject a single sperm into each egg to ease the fertilization process.
  2. Egg donor: It is helpful for women who cannot produce enough eggs for fertilization; in such cases, the eggs of the egg donor are used to fertilize with the genetic father’s sperm or the donor sperm. Once fertilization occurs, the resulted embryo will be transferred into the uterus of the birth mother.
  3. Surrogacy: It is the most advanced fertility treatment in Chennai that is useful for same-sex couples, single parents or for teams where women cannot carry the pregnancy in their womb. This procedure will fertilize the eggs of the surrogate mother, donor eggs, or biological mother eggs with donor sperm or the sperm of the genetic father to ease fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs, the embryologist will transfer the resulted embryo into the surrogate mother’s uterus.
  4. Embryo donation: In this procedure, the couple who had successful IVF treatment and wished to donate their left-over embryos to other couples seeking help to build their family. The team freezing their origins at the fertility clinic needs to pay some amount for freezing them.

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