What are the Surrogacy Law in Russia?

Surrogacy Law in Russia is legitimated for both Married couples and single parents. During the Surrogacy procedure of married couple, the female partner provides her egg through IVF steps and these eggs are then combined with the male partner’s sperms resultant the creation of embryos. The healthiest embryo is picked and transferred into the surrogate’s uterus to carry the pregnancy for the intended couple.

The surrogate mother in Russia is also known as Gestational Surrogate- the one who carries the baby for intended couple and after the completion of 9 months of successful pregnancy days, she submits the baby to the couple.

In the case of single father, the intended father to undergo Surrogacy in Russia is required to use an egg donor first for the surrogacy procedure. The eggs are first stimulated by fertility medication and hormonal injections then each egg is obtained with the assistance of a hollow needle by the specialists of Surrogacy Clinic in Russia. Once the embryos are created, the embryo is then placed into the gestational surrogate’s uterus in the hope of implantation. The intended father has to file the acknowledgment of carrying the paternity at the local department of vital records (ZAGS) before or after the delivery of the baby.

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Talking about the Surrogacy Law in Russia, then yes, there are some essential and strict guidelines, which each commissioning parent need to follow undergoing Surrogacy in Russia. There are many countries, where surrogacy has banned completely but in Russia, you won’t find any kind of hurdles or barriers in the way to achieve your baby through surrogacy procedure in Russia. Yes, it’s completely legal process in Russia in accordance with the provision of federal law on the Basis of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation, which has been published in January 2012.

Surrogacy Law in Russia

The Surrogacy law in Russia grants the couples consisting of foreign citizens and unmarried couples (single father and single mother) the right to undergo Gestational surrogacy arrangement in Russia, provided each should meet the following requirement
  • Surrogacy in Russia is permitted to all heterosexual couples, single males and single females. Same sex couples are not allowed to become potential intended parents.
  • Surrogacy in Russia is performed by using the intended mother’s own eggs (or donor egg if needed) and fertilizing with the sperm; the gestational surrogate Russia doesn’t provide her own eggs for the intended couple’s surrogacy method.
  • Before choosing We Care IVF Surrogacy for the surrogacy procedure, the concern couple is required to show the medical cause of their infertility that why the woman is unable to carry the pregnancy and selecting surrogacy process. Most common causes include absence of the uterus (may be due to the surgery hysterectomy), uterus anomalies, repeated IVF failure etc.
  • If a single woman is choosing surrogacy in Russia then she must use their own eggs for the development of embryo (using donor sperm), later the embryo is transferred into the gestational surrogate’s uterus.

Russia is one of the very few countries, where gestational surrogacy is allowed legally, a can easily undergo surrogacy in Russia avoiding unnecessary blockade and this the major cause, why Russia is counted as one of the most favourable place to undergo gestational surrogacy in the world. There is no need for a couple to go for any court hearing. One of the drawbacks of the entire process of surrogacy in Russia is that the surrogates have full parental claims for the baby even if the surrogate is not at all associated with the child. They cannot be compelled of such rights without their own consent.

As a rule of Surrogacy Law in Russia, ZAGS- the department of vital records releases a birth certificate for the baby born by gestational surrogacy arrangement, this certification is issued by ZAGS within 3-5 days.

  • A Surrogate’s age must be in between the range of 20-35
  • The female doesn’t have to be married
  • She must have at least a single healthy child of her own and the baby must be mentally and physically fit
  • The intended couple is required to show all the original certificate with the proved medical report to the Surrogacy Clinic in Russia
  • Surrogate mother in Russia is given the authority to restore her parental rights if they desire.
  • Both – the natives of Russia and foreigners can access the surrogacy procedure in Russia

Women, who play a role of donor eggs in the surrogacy (if needed by the intended couple infertility case), then she also have to follow some rules of Surrogacy Law in Russia to meet the criteria of being a donor egg in surrogacy Russia. The requirements of Egg donor in Russia for surrogacy procedure, she must meet the following requirements –

  • Her age must be in between 20 to 35
  • She must have had one healthy child that proves she is fertility and healthy enough to provide fine quality of eggs
  • She must be carrying a healthy lifestyle
  • Medically tested and have been undergone all relevant check-ups and screening tests

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