How to prepare for Pregnancy?

So finally you have decided to welcome a new member in your family and if not wrong then you are curiously waiting to get promoted from the label of a Couple to Parent soon. Big Congratulations for it! Making decision at right time for a baby is actually a milestone in each couple’s life.

But what about other state of affairs about pregnancy, is your body ready to get conceived? What kind of preparation you can do to have baby in easier way and etc. etc; in short during this page we will get to know ‘How to Prepare for Pregnancy’. Here we go

Are you trying to hit the baby-making bull’s-eye?

That’s really very essential to know some major factors before you get in the lane of pregnancy and the best chances of getting pregnant is during your fertility window or you can say near ovulation phase.  A woman has nil chances of getting pregnant during her menstruation cycle and very less possibility just after the cycles. The prime time to get pregnant is the time when a female ovulates.

What is ovulation?

When a fertilized and matured egg gets drop from ovary via fallopian tube and waits for suitable environment for fertilization in the uterus– this step is referred as ovulation phase in women.

No matter how long a female cycle is, ovulation phase usually begins to take place about 14 days before woman’s next scheduled menstruation cycle. Ovulation is all important to have own baby, that’s where the experts suggest to keep ovulation kit to know the exact phase of women’s ovulation. A female can keep track her ovulation time by herself as well; at the ovulation phase, she will start seeing vaginal discharge that increases in amount and also thin consistency of it, then it’s the best time for sexual intercourse with your partner.

The chance of getting pregnant is high if you have sex within 36 to 40 hours before the ovulation day. Why before the ovulation day? To avoid any risk, yes! Since we know that egg won’t be longer for more than 12 hours once it is released then why to take risk of not being pregnant, that’s why it is recommended to do intercourse before just ovulation day. It is best if the sperm is already waiting for the egg to come down and to be fertilized with it. To cut a long story short, a woman required to keep record on her ovulation phase for a smooth and velvety conception.

Are you fit to carry a baby in your womb?

Your health plays significant role to accomplish any assignment whether that task is playing football or holding a baby for 9 months; being pregnant is actually a hard-hitting case; women who are under or over weight need to make sure to come in their healthy weight.

Keep yourself in motion, that means moving, walking and stepping at least four to five times a week is one of the great ways to prepare for your pregnancy. Yes! Energetic body and sound mind always result a favorable outcome of attaining pregnancy. Point toward to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise on each day.

Are you beginning from the couch? If yes, then set off from light steps such as early morning walk for few minute and later (day by day) you can begin with just 10-15 minutes exercise and yoga.

If you are overweight and just because of this issue, you are unable to hold pregnancy then aim to reduce your body weight. Being in a shape and good weight not just boost pregnancy chances but also it makes your confidence high.

You can try vigorous activities such as cycling, jogging etc. to achieve healthy weight. You can ask to your health specialist for some additional exercises and best poses to conceive. And if you are already in a sound weight and health then that’s really good, maintain it by doing some moderate workout.

The Take Away Message

Do you know apart of keeping track on your ovulation phase, to be healthy and fit, there are some minor points that each female need to consider. Though these are minor aspects of life but if consuming in high amount, it disturbs the entire system of body. Hope you have understood what we are talking about; YES! Smoke and Alcohol.

Smoking is hazardous not for just individual’s life but also it endangers the possibility to conceive and miscarriages. Men and women, drinking heavy alcohol, smoking and using drugs etc. they themselves are the culprit for their future events. These things harm an unborn baby in the womb itself in a number of ways. Smoking exposes the baby to harmful and hazardous chemicals this in turn, restrict the blood flow of the baby resultant miscarriage happens.

By taking drugs (that may be any- heroin, marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine, etc.) not only put you in trouble, but it also cause miscarriage, birth defects or stillbirth. So better is to quit tobacco chewing, cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol (both male and female). Male’s sperm due to smoking and drinking becomes less motile and also the count of sperm decreases in time.

suggestion is that- be spontaneous and passionate to have sexual intercourse with the partner, after all this is the only key point that will likely to get the female pregnant. Have it often (especially at your ovulation phase) and for fun.

Get good sleep and adequate rest; don’t make yourself so busy that you are not able to plan for a baby. Don’t let yourself so hassle and pressurize due to your loaded routine. Snatch time for yourself and your partner, go for a sweet walk, have dinner date, be happy and contended. Say good-bye to stress and negativity.

Be hydrated. Since we know 60% of our body is made up of water, so it is mandatory to drink at least 9 cups of water each day.

And last is- Stick on healthy diet, true! Go for healthy diet and stick on to some nutritious food, fresh fruits, green vegetables and so on. You can also ask a dietician to give you a proper diet chart.

Set up a goal of when you want to add a new member to your family, by following all the above rules of HOW TO PREPARE FOR A PREGNANCY, a couple can easily attain their pregnancy and have a nice time with their baby soon. But with a less preparation, you won’t be able to be on the way to a healthy pregnancy, so gather ample amount of information about it before entering a new phase of life- Parent.

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