Surrogacy in India: Legal Surrogacy Options for Indian Citizens

      We Care IVF Surrogacy experts in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad – India. Focus is on fertility, not infertility. Making babies, is possible. Working in this field since 20 yrs ‘Possible’ is what we believe in.


      Why India for Surrogate mother ?


      Many people globally are now choosing India a destination for Surrogacy. There are many reasons like:


      • Surrogacy Treatment is Economical In India
      • Best Of IVF Doctor
      • Easy to find Surrogate Mother In India
      • Legal Aspect of Surrogacy as law are in favour of surrogacy treatment.

      Our Top Reproductive Specialists.

      Dr. Sandeep Mane

      Dr. Rita Bakshi

      Dr. Rajashree Mane

      Best Fertility Specialist in Mumbai for IVF and Surrogacy Treatment

      MBBS, DGO, MD (OBs and Gynae)

      Sr. Consultant Infertility Specialist and Endoscopy Surgeon


      Royal College (London) certified Infertility Specialist, UK

      Our Indian surrogacy partners fertility clinics, IVF, and ICSI facility has sophisticated laboratories in Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore in India. Well equipped laboratory with modern art technology is managed by highly trained personnel, who continually strive to give best positive results.

      Legal Support and Guidance

      The most vital part of Surrogacy process is knowledge of laws in the country which you are opting for Surrogacy. In addition to various medical services, We Care IVF Surrogacy Experts also provides legal services to help in the agreement between Surrogate and prospective parents through our dedicated lawyer. Our legal services include guidance throughout the Surrogacy process. It is the core mission of our company to deliver the best services so that prospective parents return home with a bundle of joy.


      These below Legal Laws required for all IVF Surrogacy in India


      • Pre Surrogacy Legal Counselling

      • Legal Audit & Risk Assessment

      • Legal Review of Surrogacy Agreement

      • Surrogacy Agreement

      • Representing Intended Parents in India

      This level of service is possible through our partnership, continuing education about the latest techniques and technologies, and the import of Western medical advancements as soon as they prove successful. This commitment to quality has enabled We Care Experts to be at the forefront of fertility services in India and around the world.

      We are able to provide single/divorced/widowed surrogates for those parents who legally require that their surrogate is not married.

      The biological parent/s sign a contract with the surrogate mother, and are directly in charge of her monthly fees for food, transportation expenses during the program and her final compensation at the end of the program. These costs are clearly disclosed in both your payment schedule and contract.

      Traditional surrogacy is where the surrogate mother uses her own eggs and is therefore the genetic mother of the baby. Traditional surrogacy is not permitted or practiced by any of the We Care IVF Surrogacy centers and clinics.