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There are two different phases in a woman’s life, first is when she gets married and the other crucial stage is when she enters in the zone of motherhood, or in a simple word, we can say when she attains pregnancy and delivers her own offspring after nine-months of successful pregnancy. How amazing and wonderful the journey of a woman and a man as a guardian, right? Yes, it is! Being pregnant and giving birth to a baby means a lot for a couple. The process of achieving parenthood takes nine-month and a proper planning of each aspect. However, there are many couples across the globe facing hard time to conceive for the first time resultant, they seek the specialist to evaluate their exact case and give the appropriate solution. When the couple is not capable to achieve positive pregnancy (after regular unprotected intercourse) for a year, they have to speed-up for the consultation with a highly qualified veteran. We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the leading healthcare platforms that incorporates all the types of infertility treatments and provide the practiced and qualified experts for the treatment. We provide the best consultation related to the fertility domain and put forward the suitable treatment.

There may be so many cause because of that a female is being suffering from infertility. But it can be treated by some treatments to be taken up and getting the expert’s advice and treatments by paying a nominal fee in that respect so as to secure it for the future and this kind of diseases will not be repeated in the future if proper care is being taken one time with all the treatments as well. Here is some of the common one to be discussed:-

  1. A Sperm Friendly Lubricants:- Before taking a lubricant you must check if it is sperm friendly as most were not of fine quality and can kill sperms because they contain spermicidal bacteria which is helpful in killing the sperms and becomes the main cause of female infertility.
  1. A supplement with Myo-Inositol: – For those who are facing irregular ovulating may help in regulating your cycles and helps to get you pregnant faster as it is a supplement which provides the best results in making a female pregnant sooner than any treatment as the female gets the cycle in regular interval of time as it is the best treatment and also been prescribed by the fertility authority for the female who is facing infertility.
  1. Extra Vitamin B6 and Zinc: – Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the health of an individual and also affects the fertility and infertility as well so if proper nutritious diet is being taken up which is needed for an individual’s body so it will be helpful for such kind of infertility to be cured by getting the extra amount of Vitamin B6 and Zinc in our body so as to decrease the health issues in female’s body and increase the chances of fertility in female’s body.
  1. Acupuncture: – If a female’s body is not able to conceive so there is a treatment called acupuncture which helps in increasing the flow of blood from uterus to ovaries and then stimulating the nervous system and also to regulate the hormones in the body and increasing the chances of female’s fertility to a highest extent.
  1. Often having sex in a week: – It must be good for a couple who is having sex a number of time in a week’s time because getting intercourse is a sound treatment for female’s fertility as it helps in improving the success rate and reducing the stress from the female’s body too and helps in increasing the chances of getting pregnant for female.
  1. Drinking more water in a day: – It must be beneficial for the female who is suffering with infertility to drink more and more water in a day because it removes toxins and aids from the body which is harmful for fertility and makes the body sperm friendly. Also, dehydration causes low energy level when you are tired and it’s hard to get you in mood when the body is not sperm friendly.
  1. Proper diet: – Proper diet must be needed for the female facing infertility and for this without having an intention of becoming fat or thin a proper amount of diet is needed so that your body must become able to conceive.
  1. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep :- For a female to get rid of infertility and moves towards fertility so a proper sleep of 7-8 hours must be prescribed so that it adds something good to move towards fertility.
  1. Requires right BMI: – A proper weight must be needed for a female to get pregnant as overweight and underweight females are not able to conceive because of weight issues so a good diet and exercise is needed to solve the issues related to weight and increases the chances of fertility.
  1. Watch your weight: – Aside from the other risks it poses in your health, extra body fats can result in an overproduction of specific hormones that disrupt ovulation. Your cycles can be much less regular, you could ovulate much less often, and you lower your probabilities of getting pregnant. On the turn side, too little body fat means your body might not produce sufficient hormones to ovulate each month or to preserve a pregnancy if you do conceive. Doing regular exercise let you maintain a wholesome weight.

You really have to look after all the above points if you are planning or trying for pregnancy. Make sure you keep an eye on the ovulation phase and then try to conceive. There are some important factors that matter a lot throughout the pregnancy or even before such as healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, intake of water, figure out the exact ovulation phase (either by keeping eye on the menstruation cycle or by ovulation prediction kit).  We are there for you at each step, if you are finding any issue during your pregnancy or achieving the pregnancy, feel free to contact our coordinator!

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