Fundamental Information about Natural Cycle IVF in India

Natural IVF Cycle in India is a way much economical procedure to have your biggest dream true, if comparing with standard IVF cycle, this treatment does not require the assistance of fertility drugs and medication. Woman’s cycle is observed strongly during this treatment with the aim to harvest the egg at an ultimate point in time.

WE CARE IVF SURROGACY gives an unsurpassed Natural IVF Cycle to all their patients with best care. This treatment plan is performed when natural IVF method is beneficial for a couple to have own baby. Mini IVF and Natural IVF cycle in India both are the kind of IVF treatment.Natural Cycle IVF India also allows the couple to have a cost-friendly approach to achieve parenthood if compared with stimulated IVF method.

Who can go for Natural Cycle IVF?

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Some of the best candidates for treatment plan of Natural Cycle IVF in India are:-

  • Women, must have high FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) level for this procedure
  • Women, who are at risk of Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome, also referred as OHSS.
  • Circumstance, where female is not infertile, male is infertile
  • Women, who had poor response of fertility medication and drugs or do not react fine to fertility drugs.
  • Females who are above 35
  • A woman or couple, who wants to have an easy cost of IVF treatment
  • Doesn’t want to take risk to have multiple babies

The course of action of Natural Cycle IVF in India

  • The expert will start monitoring and evaluate the exact date of egg production of a woman with the help of ultrasounds and blood tests.
  • Once the egg begins to develop, ovulation procedure is encouraged
  • A woman will have to undergo for a minimal surgical procedure for egg collection or egg retrieval.
  • Eggs are placed with the sperm provided by the male (or donor) on the petri dish
  • Fertilization takes place (when the motile sperm gets penetrated with the egg’s wall and fuses into it)
  • When the embryo reaches the stage of a fine phase, it gets placed into the uterus of a female via a thin catheter.
  • A pregnancy test will be scheduled within a week after implantation process or so.

So, basically there is not any kind of fertility medications supposed to take by the female or regular hormonal injections. Procedure of egg collection is accomplished once the confirmation of egg maturity level is done with the assistance of blood work and ultrasounds. Natural Cycle IVF India is a complete safe and undamaging procedure for both the- mother and the baby.

Success Rates Of live birth Via Natural Cycle IVF India

If we talk about the success rate of Natural IVF Cycle in India, then it depends upon the treatment plan on the basis of patient’s infertility case. Since this process follows egg collection without any fertility medication, it is important that a woman lays healthy eggs at her ovulation phase in order to have smooth and fine fertilization. To achieve victory through natural IVF method, one must know that Egg plays vital all through the way of pregnancy. A single fine egg is all needed to make healthy baby via this process. The success rate of Natural Cycle IVF in India by the fertility team of We Care IVF Surrogacy is 60-65%.

Why choose We Care IVF Surrogacy for your fertility treatment?

We Care IVF Surrogacy not just gives the patient all the advance amenities during the treatment but also it really works hard to fulfill couple’s biggest dream to have baby via best fertility method.  We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the largest chain over the world that provides best fertility treatment to the patient. The wellbeing of mother and child is what we focus on all the way through the treatment.

Now you must be thinking about the best and unique qualities about this centre; here are some aspects to why choose us –

  • Free online consultation and best advice via call, mail or text messages (24*7).
  • One of the renowned centre that puts forward highest success rate in IVF
  • Provide reasonable IVF cost (any of other fertility treatment)
  •  A senior fertility specialist, more than 30 years of experience)
  • Veteran fertility team
  • Enriched with all the advance equipments and methodologies
  • Familiar environment all through the way of treatment

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    Advantages of Natural IVF cycle India

    Natural IVF Cycle is a complete safe procedure and is accomplished by the collection female’s natural eggs (without medication). When embryo forms, expert places the embryo back into drug-free uterus, so it has more chances for successful implantation. Natural IVF cycle is performed in the woman’s menstrual days, unlike standard IVF cycle, where the woman’s ovaries are initially suppressed. Complication or side-effects of this IVF treatment plan is nothing.

    Women, who are poor responder of fertility medication and have low ovarian reserve, are generally told they won’t have child with their own eggs but at WE CARE IVF SURROGACY, women with such cases, are treated accordingly with natural IVF and has excellent records too in achieving successful fertilization. We allow those women to go for natural IVF cycle with own eggs, who are ovulating and have fine quality of egg.

    Fine quality of the egg is all needed to have a success result via natural IVF cycle. During this treatment plan, the quality of the egg is higher than those collected in stimulated method of IVF. Stimulation course sometimes can have adverse affect of the uterus lining or womb of the patient, so to avoid this risk; if the case of a patient is treated with natural IVF procedure then it will be beneficial for the woman. At natural IVF mode, a patient’s uterus is more receptive for implantation and pregnancy.

    There is not any chance of OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome) disorder with the method of Natural Cycle IVF in India.

    And the most vital feature of this IVF plan is the less expense throughout the process, why low cost? This is because of excluding the charge of fertility medications and regular hormonal injections that a female undergoes in conventional IVF treatment.

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