How Do I Get Pregnant?

The phase from conception to birth is the most amazing life experience for a woman, where she holds own fetus for 9 month until delivery happens. At a certain phase of a couple’s life, there comes requirement of adding a new member to complete family. Once the couple makes a rough draft for their family planning, numerous questions occur in their mind. Understanding all the facts about pregnancy is important if you are preparing yourself to get promoted to Mom and Dad.

Drawing on the most accurate exploration, research, studies, experiences of the woman, this page will definitely help you to collect the essential aspect required to make sensible decision for your child birth.

Let’s come to the main point, in this page, a reader will get to know about-

  • How does pregnancy happen?
  • What are the key points to work best for pregnancy?
  • How to determine the most fertile days to get pregnant?
  • And the best positions to conceive a baby

So, basically, we will get into the river of all the vital facts of ‘How Do I Get Pregnant’. Ready, steady and here we go.

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How Does Pregnancy Happens?

Pregnancy happens when the matured egg gets drop from ovary, pushed downward the fallopian tube and wait for the partner’s sperms for fertilization. When the egg is released from ovary, the lining of the uterus becomes thick in order to keep that fertilized egg in the uterus. If the sperm is present in woman’s uterus, then active and motile sperm swims near to the egg and fuses with the egg’s wall to go into the cytoplasm of the egg.

Once the sperm successfully reaches into the egg’s cytoplasm, cell division soon takes place and if all goes well, fertilization will take place. For healthy pregnancy, there are some necessities –

  • Healthy egg
  • Active and motile sperms
  • Fine quality of embryo
  • And a suitable uterine environment

Throughout the procedure of pregnancy and child-birth, one thing is vital and that is – couple’s age. True, Age matters a lot for achieving sound pregnancy.

Since we all know that a female is born with all the eggs from the time when she is born and once she enters her puberty phase, a single egg starts coming off from the ovary and this is what known as menstruation cycle. As the female’s age steps up, egg quality becomes decline and this reduces the chances of fertilization.

Do you know what the perfect age of healthy pregnancy is?

Fertility naturally turns down with the age and planning for a baby after your fertility phase increases the risk for pregnancy barrier and thus the experts recommend to get conceived in your best fertility age.  Now you must be wondering what the perfect age for easy pregnancy is.

The perfect time to get conceived and to have a baby in pink is In Your 20s.

Yes, females are most fertile in their 20’s and carry the good fortune of getting pregnant. At this age, women have the highest amount of healthy eggs available, thus have a good chances of achieving pregnancy.

Gradually, the egg quality starts declining in 30’s, at around 35, this fall off time speeds up. At 35 or above if a female tries to attain pregnancy, then the percentage of getting conceived is just 30-40%, not even this, the risk of miscarriage, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities also sets in motion at this phase.

So, if you are considering your pregnancy and you are under the safe side of the age group of fertility phase, then go ahead and organize the proper plan to say a BIG HELLO to your own cute toddler.

Essential factors to work best for your Pregnancy

Ovulation timing, Yes! This is one of the most important factors to figure out for your pregnancy. For pregnancy, it is essential to know when to do sexual intercourse (without using any protection) to have the positive sign of your pregnancy test.

What is ovulation and how you can track it?

When the matured egg comes down from one of the female’s ovaries – is known as Ovulation. This process occurs in each month and this is the best time for a couple to go over unprotected intercourse because here a woman is said to be most fertile.  Most of the women ovulate between Day 11 to Day 21 of their menstruation cycle, counting from the first day of the last day of the period.

There are number of ways to track your ovulation phase

  1. Keep an eye on calendar – this is an easy process, where you can maintain menstrual cycle date each month in order to get an approximate idea of your ovulation time as well.
  2. Buy an ovulation predictor kit
  3. Track the temperature or basal body temperature
  4. Get to know about cervix before ovulation

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What is the Best time to get pregnant?

Why to track ovulation to get conceive? This is because conception is best possible by having intercourse in the days prior to ovulation or on the exact day of ovulation. These few days prior to ovulation is very precious for a woman to get pregnant and referred as ‘Fertile Window’.  This is the only time, where a female can hear good news of her pregnancy only if everything goes well during fertilization and embryo transfer procedure.

Fertile window longs for 3-4 days; 3 days leading up to the ovulation and then 4th day is ovulation itself. So, fertility window is the best days to have sexual intercourse if you want to have a baby. The reason behind this is- soon fertilization of the sperm into the egg. By doing unprotected sex during the days of fertility window it allows the sperms to wait in female’s reproductive tract in order to have penetration and fertilization into the egg’s wall and cytoplasm respectively.

Since the egg will be there only for 24 hours, it is necessary to get the possible environment of fertilization because once the egg shed along with the uterine wall it won’t be possible to pull off pregnancy.

That’s the main reason, why it is mandatory to know the ovulation phase for a female to plan for pregnancy.

Remember One Thing

Patience and calmness are the keys, which you have to keep with yourself while trying for pregnancy. You also can get negative pregnancy test but don’t lose hope as nothing is impossible in today’s world. Keep an eye on your ovulation date, its symptoms and then go ahead, your dream is waiting for you.

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