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Infertility has become one of the common health issue faced by millions of couples worldwide. Why infertility occurs? Infertility is basically a hormonal disorder caused because of bad lifestyle, stress, work pressure, hectic schedule, improper diet & sleep, lack of sexual interest, delayed marriage pr late family planning – these are some factors that disturb the reproduction and fertility. Nowadays infertility has become a major problem and this is affecting the lives of 5 out 10 newly married couples, as they are unable to conceive naturally by having an unprotected regular intercourse for 12 months and more. Infertility sometimes get easily stamp out using basic fertility medication or hormonal injection. However if a couple has been experiencing fertility issue or say if they have been trying to conceive over an year, then they might require IVF or other advanced assisted reproductive treatment to have own child.

IVF treatment is a complex procedure that requires full attention, care and awareness, for this reason, if a couple is outlining IVF for their fertility treatment then they need to look an eagle’s eye on specific factors such as best IVF centre in Delhi, IVF Specialists in Delhi, and success rate of the centre.

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization is the most acceptable fertility treatment and beneficial for both – male and female infertility issue. IVF is the only technique, which when combined with other assisted reproductive treatment, comes out as the best result. IVF gets combined with other ART technique only when there is the advanced fertility issue (in any of the partner). Throughout the IVF treatment, there is the requirement of the best and knowledgeable staff and best IVF specialist in Delhi.

Without the guidance and assistance of the best IVF Specialist in Delhi, the treatment may not give that result which t should it be. Hence, if you are undergoing fertility treatment make sure you choose the best IVF Specialist in Delhi.

Factors you must ask before finalizing IVF Specialist in Delhi

True, there are some important aspects that need to be considered by each couple while giving the final payment to the best IVF centre Delhi. Some couples hesitate asking directly to the specialist regarding his/her qualification and experience. For such couples, no need to take pause asking the experience count and education qualification to the IVF Specialist in Delhi after all the entire treatment is going to be performed by them only.

Factors that need to pay attention are 

  • Since how many years, the IVF specialist has been solving the infertility cases?
  • Ask the education qualification of the IVF Specialist in Delhi
  • What is the success rate/ live birth rates
  • How many cases of infertility have been treated under the guidance of the specialist?
  • Is she/he giving proper time during the initial consultation?

For the infertile couples, Dr. Nalini Gupta the best IVF Specialist in Delhi have the IVF treatment which is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by each individual whosoever wish to conceive their own baby. IVF treatment is a process where your IVF Specialist in Delhi Dr. Nalini Gupta will collect your eggs from the ovaries and mix with your husband sperm in a culture dish outside your body but in IVF lab. Once the fertilization occurs she will choose the best embryo and will transfer it into your uterus to establish the successful pregnancy.

Role of Dr. Nalini Gupta as an IVF Specialist in Delhi

The role of the best IVF Specialist in Delhi Dr. Nalini Gupta in your life is very important as she is the one who stays with you from your initial stage until the baby delivers and will help you full support and care throughout your IVF journey.

Dr. Nalini Gupta is the IVF Expert in Delhi who has achieved the highest success rate in more complex cases of infertility factor which is around 65 to 75% of the women under age of 35 years and also she is able to make pregnancy possible for those women who are over age of 40 years by using her latest and advanced technology in the field of fertility management.

Embryo transfer by IVF Doctor in Delhi Dr. Nalini Gupta

Dr. Nalini Gupta is the top and leading IVF Specialist in Delhi and she is well-qualified and experienced IVF expert who knows when and how many embryos need to transfer so that it will not affect your health and the health of your baby. She will give her best by transferring the one embryo which will help you in conceiving a baby. In very few cases women are not able to achieve the pregnancy by transferring one embryo in such conditions she will transfer two or three embryos and not more than that as transferring more than three embryos can result in multiple pregnancies which can increase the risk of conception.

This is the reason that Dr. Nalini Gupta the best IVF Specialist in Delhi will transfer only one embryo and she is highly skilled IVF specialist in Delhi that you will able to achieve your dream of having your own baby in one embryo transfer only.

Each step of IVF treatment by Dr. Nalini Gupta is accomplished in perfect manner providing all the advanced amenities to the couple. If you are considering your IVF then you can go ahead and fix appointment with the veteran fertility specialist – Dr. Nalini Gupta to get rid of infertility tag.


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