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Know on why the word- 21st century comes in vision when to discuss for expansion to the modern lifestyle. Yes, people name this word so after it is believed to have brought them near to breathe in dreamy lifestyle. Today, one may only move little to his/her fingers when to furnish his expectations well. Here, IVF Surrogacy adds itself in an attendance of world-class medical clinics ensuring one to live with latest technologies such as Surrogacy Procedure abroad in India, Kenya, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and the USA.

At We Care IVF Surrogacy, Surrogacy Procedure involves two parties: one intended parent who wish to have child, and other is surrogate, who is willing to help them to complete their family. After a little but brief discussion on Surrogacy Procedure, it is time to help you now with all stages of the preparation necessary for the unbeaten pregnancy and to ensure your journey smooth and comfortable. On the basis of your infertility issue, you may adopt one of the following options:

  • Where female partner gets unable to produce eggs, then surrogate eggs get combined with the intended father’s sperm in laboratory, and again transferred into the uterus of the surrogate who takes child until the delivery, known as traditional surrogacy;
  • When due to some reasons (uterine issues such as absence of uterus or surgery involved removing the uterus), female partner cannot conceive pregnancy to its full term, even when she is able to produce eggs. In this case, the eggs and sperm are removed from the couples and are combined to make embryos which then moved into the surrogate uterus for further growth, known as gestational surrogacy;
  • Another case comes in vision where not the intended mother’s eggs and not the intended father’s sperm are used to get the pregnancy one or both may be obtained from a donor. In this, intended parents are not biologically connected to the child, unless when the intended father’s sperm gets used to consider pregnancy.


Usually gestational surrogacy is preferred over traditional one. After the precise discussion over Surrogacy Process all these above-mentioned points take in surrogacy laws that need to be clear before going by any treatment procedure. Also the fee structure, like the travel, differs for each case. For instance, the use of donor egg will cost more than the use of the intended mother’s egg, while some carriers have greater expenses than others, and Surrogacy Procedure Cost varies among facilities.

The Procedure of Surrogacy 

Usually, surrogacy is performed in gestational way, where the surrogate carries the baby of the intended couple via IVF treatment. Although the significant role in gestational surrogacy is of surrogate only, but no legal rights are given to the surrogate for the baby or you can say she will never ever be the risk of your happy family in future. Surrogate is paid for keeping the baby in her womb for nine-months and nourishing the embryo well till delivery. At best surrogacy centres of We Care IVF Surrogacy, the surrogates are properly screened and qualified as a surrogate.

Gestational Surrogacy Procedure is followed by the treatment of IVF. The one who carries the baby of the intended couple is often called as gestational surrogates or gestational carriers. Surrogates can be friends or family of the intended couple as well or a qualified surrogates matched through the agency.

Most of the time, the intended couple is required to undergo the procedure of IVF treatment till the fertilization step.

Since surrogacy is long-delayed and most expensive procedure, there are loads of legitimate and some formalities that guardians need to experience and surrogate too, such as the bond/agreement before signing the contract of surrogacy.

In the first place, the surrogate and IP need to prepare. Ordinarily, before the procedure starts, both the couple and the surrogate might be required to experience careful assessment and lawful intercession for conversation on how the surrogate choice will influence their relational intricacies and connections. For this progression, we – We Care IVF Surrogacy will guide you all about the procedure of surrogacy.

Step by Step Guidance of the Surrogacy Procedure 

  • The female intended for Surrogacy Procedure experiences IVF medicines. The woman starts to take fertility medication and hormonal injections (stimulating the ovary), regularly for around fourteen day. Once the eggs are at the stage of retrieved, the very next procedure is egg retrieval is performed. That implies a needle, under ultrasound direction, is progressed into the ovaries to extricate eggs. Sedation is ordinarily utilized so as to avoid any discomfort of the patient.
  • The eggs are prepared with the male partner’s sperm of intended couple. This occurs upon the arrival of the egg recovery. The subsequent embryo are then refined in the fertility lab under the guidance of fertility experts for a few, ordinarily five, days.
  • The gestational surrogate, in the interim, has her own medications. She begins with estrogen while the female intended parent begins her IVF prescriptions. At the point when the IP female has the egg recovery, the surrogate is begun on progesterone. The coming about undeveloped organism is then moved into the gestational surrogate’s uterus, and the surrogate proceeds on the estrogen and progesterone to help the creating pregnancy.

More often than not a very single and healthies embryo is moved yet sporadically a few (max two) might be moved. The quantity of embryo is frequently indicated in the agreement of the Surrogacy Procedure.

  • The gestational surrogate and the intended couple experience the pregnancy procedure together. The couple will for the most part go with the surrogate to her pre-birth visits or some other clinical visits identified with the pregnancy, and are there for the introduction of the kid.This course of action can appear to be extremely unique from family to family.
  • After completing nine-month duration of the pregnancy, the surrogate delivers the baby and hand-over the baby to the intended couple according to the surrogacy legal law. Surrogate is taken care by our fertility team after the delivery and once she feels well, she is allowed to go from the centre.

Obviously, there can be different varieties to this procedure, as well. For instance, if the couple hasn’t found a gestational surrogate when of their egg recovery, they can at present proceed with it and freeze the eggs for a later exchange.

A few couples may likewise require donor eggs or may be donor sperm for the Surrogacy Procedure.


If you and your partner have undergone IVF treatment but could not make it happen due to your severe uterine issues/ absence of the uterus, then Surrogacy Procedure is the best way to have a hearty and healthy family soon.

Surrogacy is the only way for you to fulfil your dream at the same time it ensures childless parents have their parenthood, IVF Surrogacy is deliberate to educate its clients know surrogacy well by Surrogacy Process abroad in India, Kenya, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and the USA.

The surrogacy cost is different in different countries, for more information about the surrogacy cost and best surrogacy centres in your country, you can contact our support team!


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