Egg donor cost India – Procedure and the Cost of Egg Donation in India

The role of the egg donor always plays an important role for the successful IVF and the surrogacy. Even you will shock to know that half of the women are unable to conceive the child due to the low capacity of the egg quality.  So, IVF is the best address where the patient can easily get any kind of the egg donor even the patient is free to select the egg donor at their own choices.

The cost of the egg donor in India is reasonable as compared to the other nations. Even we are the widest platform where every religion and ethnicity. The Egg Donor Cost in India is INR 1, 25,000 including all the medication and guidance/assistance provided to the donor by the fertility centre. The Indian donor category so divided into two parts one is the regular and other is the premium. The difference between regular and the premium, regular candidate belong to the middle-class family, average educated with the normal physical characteristic and the height is about 5 feet. Apart from it, the premium egg donor is totally different the premium egg donors belong from the well establish family, well qualified, sharp and bright feature.

Egg Donor Cost in India – Reasonable and under your Budget 

The Cost of the egg donor in India is reasonable as compared to the other nations.

If we compare the donation program, then the Egg Donor Cost in India is undeniably costly than sperm donation because during the sperm donation, the donor is supposed to undergo few screening process, once he gets completely screened, he has to just give his semen sample (without taking any medication or stuff) to the fertility lab technicians. On the other hand, the donor who is supposed to give her eggs for egg donation, she has to undergo few steps for that. Hence the overall cost of egg donation is higher than the sperm donation process.

Egg Donor Cost in India is INR 1, 25,000 (approximate); this range has been collected by all the best IVF centres in India.

When the egg donor program gets combined with the IVF procedure, then the total cost of the fertility treatment becomes INR 2,75,000 to INR 3,00,000 – including all the medication and ultrasounds.

So, the actual Cost of Egg donor in India may vary between INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,25,000 – this is because of the couple’s preference and first-choice of their desire (like some want Caucasian donor, while some choose white or black), hence the cost might vary.

Egg Donor Cost in India


INR 1,25,000
IVF Treatment with Egg donor procedure


INR 2,75,000 – INR 3,00,000

Can you use Egg Donation procedure conceiving a baby?

  • Right now age increasingly more vocation situated ladies are getting hitched late throughout everyday life. When they begin wanting to have kids, they are approaching the fourth decade of their life (40 years). Luckily, at this age, many of the ladies can have their baby normally. Anyway about 20 to 25% ladies neglect to consider inside a year’s time. These ladies who are more than 37-40 years old at that point resort to treatment of barrenness by their gynecologist. On the off chance that they despite everything don’t become pregnant they take help of more up to date innovations like IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (unnaturally conceived child) or ICSI – Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.
  • Ladies after the age of 40 will in general have less eggs in their ovaries or the nature of the eggs they produce might be poor. In this way, even new advancements like IVF and ICSI may not guarantee an effective pregnancy. Moreover, after the age of 40 to 42, numerous ladies quit creating eggs as they enter the phase of Perimenopause (diminished periods) or menopause (stoppage of periods). Till now, such ladies could just have an infant through the great course of reception. Be that as it may, over the most recent ten years, another method of egg gift has come as a gift to numerous such ladies.
  • Couples beyond 45 years old are hard to achieve pregnancy by own or even by the IVF treatment using self-eggs (because of poor egg quality). Such couples can massively profit by egg donation.
  • Egg donors can likewise be performed on ladies who have had various patterns of unnaturally conceived child (IVF or ICSI) have still neglected to consider and get pregnant.
  • Other than old or menopausal ladies, egg donation should be possible in more youthful ladies whose ovaries have rashly fizzled or in young ladies who have experienced radiation or chemotherapy for malignant growth. Radiation or chemotherapy crushes the eggs and consequently these ladies have a disappointment of their ovaries.
  • Egg donor is additionally utilized in patients who are conveying major chromosomal deformities with the goal that they don’t pass the hereditary imperfection to their kids.

Egg Donor Database by We Care IVF Surrogacy 

The profile matching candidate:

This is for the patient means if you are willing to have the treatment either IVF or the surrogacy with the egg donor so we are the right place for you. We are not only the largest platform for the egg donor provider in India. We are ensuring that the patient will get the best treatment it means if the patient wants the profile matching candidate, either the caste or the religion are available here. So in the category of the nation and international egg donors

Caucasian egg donor: Caucasian egg donor refers from the donor that belong to the South Africa, Spain and the rest of the Europe.

Other race egg donor: Asian egg donor, Japanese egg donor, Chinese egg donor, B-racial multi-racial egg donor, black and white egg donor, Hispanic /Latino egg donors, Indian egg donor, Korean egg donor, Muslim egg donor, Jewish egg donor.

Indian egg donor: In the list of the Indian egg donor, every kind of the egg donor are available.

Punjabi, Sikh, Gujrati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Himachali, Bengali, East Indian, Christian, Muslim, Kashmiri, Keralites, South Indian

Egg Donor could be your Friend or Anonymous:

An egg donor could be your relative, friend or any anonymous, if the egg donor is anonymous so it is our responsibility that the entire journey of the egg donor will confidential and the reports will not share with anyone as well.

Now all these factors are the patient and for the trust of the donor, we have the special test and the benefits for the recipient. We can understand after donating your eggs you will be worried that either the clinic use it in the right place or not so, in that case, we are providing complete assurance your screening and the reports will not share with anyone and our patient are not pre-selected. So without wasting your time visit here and get the treatment from the egg donation India. At the best IVF centres, you will get authentic Egg Donor Cost in India with each process transparent and clear.

For the success IVF and surrogacy program, the egg donor faces some of the tests and examination because the pool is limited. Donor screening, donor coordinator, donor medical evolution and management, donor office visit, donor monitoring ultrasound, blood test, psychological consultation and many more.

Patients experiencing serious tuberculosis and extreme endometriosis may likewise deliver low quality eggs and thus can be treated by egg donor.


Usually the egg donor is chosen by those couples, who have had IVF failed due to very poor quality of the eggs, and by those women who are above the age of healthy fertility level (above 40) a very less number can have conception with IVF own eggs at the age of forty’s, so egg donor is the best option for them to have a kid.

We Care IVF Surrogacy provides the couple with the best egg donation program providing the couple multiple database of the donors so that they can choose as per their priority.

We are the leading fertility agency serving the top fertility centres across the India and in some other countries too, giving a reasonable Egg Donor Cost in India.


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