Planning for IVF Treatment in India – What to do and what not to do?


Fertility Treatment is the only one way for the childless couple attaining pregnancy. And IVF treatment is best solution of an ART method by which the couple can take the most beautiful ride of their journey towards becoming parents but there are many people who are unable to attain healthy pregnancy. Couples who cannot conceive the child so far (even after trying regularly), for them the only option that is left is the IVF treatment.

IVF treatment is the best way to have your own child. IVF is also known as test-tube baby treatment; this treatment is the most preferred ART technique for the pregnancy. However there are some couples, who are unaware or lack of the information about this treatment, many of the individuals have many doubts and myths in the mind just before he treatment of IVF because is it the first ART, production that is turn in the immersive direction by the medical science.

As we all know that the treatment works in a different way so the procedure and what to do it and what not to during it play an important role during the procedure. Even what is the reason to have the infertility problem and who is responsible for it? male or female partner so in that case the patient can easily get the root of it which may be helpful for the fertility expert and to resolve and get the reasonable way to treat it.

Now look at the steps and the treatment that the patient has to face or the question that will come in the mind of the patient before the treatment. It is possible to have the unsuccessful IVF treatment may be the not performed in the right direction so for it the patient should focus on the process of the IVF.

What to do when you plan for an IVF treatment?

  • Fertility investigation:
  • Join a support Group:
  • Eat energetically Food:

Fertility Investigation –

Yes, before the treatment of IVF it is the only thing that decided that what is the exactly problem with the patient by which they are not able to conceive the child and, on the other hand, the decision what kind of treatment the patient need according to the condition and the problem of infertility is how long and either it is genetic of medical basically the treatment will take place after investing all theses angles.

This refers to the situation when the patient needs emotional support because in most of the situation when the relative and the friend circle get to know that you can’t conceive the child due to the medical reason so they make fun of it or basically didn’t support you at the time when you need support so the best way to decreased the level of your stress so for it join a support group IVF that provide you the positively that you need at the time of IVF procedure.

  • Have a Healthy diet –

For the successful IVF program it is very important to have a great and the balanced diet for the IVF. Add vitamin D in your meal because that contains energy and provide the energetic nutrition to the child. Even unbalanced diet may be the cause to have the failed IVF and eat as much as pineapple you can because that provide water to the child.

  • Give yourself at least two days rest post embryo transfer –

It is important for the successful implantation because on the basis of it that will decide that either the VF treatment will be successful or not so give two days rest to your mind and body and read books or do something else that will definitely blow your mind even try to have a day without any stress and spend give the complete time to yourself.

  • Take a chill-pill during the result period –

Laughing is the best therapy, but you will glad to know that laughing can easily decrease the level of stress because many people think that the IVF is one of the most painful procedure, but nothing is like that because IVF can be the uncomfortable procedure and that can easily give you the stress so for the successful implantation laugh or stay cool and relax post embryo transfer resting period.

What not to do during the IVF procedure?

  • Avoid oily and the junk food:

It is very important not for the normal but for the IVF also to avoid oily and the fast food eat as much as cool and the warm food because that provide energy and the activeness to your body. Even the oily and the junk food produce the hormone that can easily affect the success rate of the procedure.

  • Stick to bed rest after embryo transfer:

If you are thinking that this type of rest required just after the procedure of the IVF so it is not the right way yes! The patient can take rest but for the 10 minutes but the rest of 2 or 3 days that not requirement even the patient can easily continuous the physical activity that they do on the regular basis.

  • Melatonin can help improve egg quality:

No, never prefer any kind of medication during the procedure of IVF even melatonin is the sleeping tablets but now it is not confirmed that this type of medicine can easily develop or implant the egg in the woman.

  • Herbal remedies may help with IVF:

There is no data found out in the medical science that herbal or the home remedies even increase the level to conceive the child even if you ever think that with the treatment of IVF you can also add home remedies but this is not the right way to plan family because with herbal remedies can decrease the 30% of chances not to conceive the child.

  • Special diets can boost your chances of getting pregnant:

If you are thinking that if a person is taking the treatment of IVF so they need the special diets so nothing likes that because with the procedure of IVF or for the normal delivery the patient can carry the normal routine of diet without adding too much oily and spicy food. Even IVF is the natural procedure, in the normal delivery the pregnancy take place inside the body and in the IVF the procedure will take place outside the body.

The Bottom Line –

IVF as mentioned earlier is the best solution of infertility disorder. This is the only treatment that can be combined with other ART techniques to make the case more productive and effective. When IVF is combined with other ART technique (such as egg donor, sperm donor, IMSI, LAH, PGD, Surgical Sperm retrieval and so on), the treatment is known as advanced IVF treatment. This treatment is suggested only when the patient has advanced fertility issue. Advanced IVF treatment is no doubt, comes up with the higher success rate (also these treatment is expensive than the traditional IVF method).

When you have been guided by the specialist to go for advanced IVF, make sure you gather all the relevant information of the break-down cost of IVF and proper treatment. We Care IVF Surrogacy is the leading fertility platform providing the basic and advanced fertility treatment at most affordable cost. We provide IVF treatment in the best IVF centres.

For further query (about IVF or any of the infertility issues), you can contact our support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy. We would be happy to serve you!

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