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When you are looking for the best IVF centre in India, there are some significant factors that should really need to be focused; one of the essential point selecting the best IVF centre is the success rate of that clinic/ hospital or centre. If you are unaware about the success rate meaning of an IVF treatment then here you are – IVF success rate is the percentage of the live birth rate of the couples who successfully conceive via this procedure and have a healthy child after the delivery.

IVF is no doubt the most preferred fertility treatment of an ART method that deals with the infertility disorder but this treatment never assures about the guaranteed result, hence to make IVF more advance or more productive, there are several ART methods which have been found by the specialists and researchers which when combine with IVF, give high success rate. When IVF is performed by conventional process, success rate somewhere ranges 45% to 55%.

When IVF is performed using other ART process (such as IMSI/PICSI/Surgical Sperm Retrieval, LAH, PGD and etc.) the success rate becomes high, and goes in between 55-65%. Surrogacy with IVF – gives the highest success rate, also it assures the couple to have a child. But if you are considering IVF treatment you might get success in the first cycle of your IVF (you never know), so be prepare for either positive or undesirable result. If you get poor outcome in the first cycle, then no need to take stress, be strong enough to handle this result. Go for the second IVF cycle (listening carefully to your specialist advice whether IVF alone is okay for the treatment or should advance IVF required) and trust on the specialist and the team.

Your IVF fertility specialist in India will advise you as to your specific treatment options, and will also explain to you your chances of success, taking into consideration your type of infertility, your age and your treatment. Art procedures have progressed rapidly since their development and so have the associated success rates, but generalized success rates can be misleading due to the individuality of each patient’s situation. There are many hurdles to cross during treatment and it is wise to keep in mind that they all have to be successfully crossed to get to what we are all striving for – a baby to take home.

Factors that affect IVF Success Rate in India 

Success rates can be affected by many factors, including:

  • Genetic factors
  • Fertility history
  • Age of the female partner
  • Conditions contributing to infertility
  • Quality of eggs and number of eggs recovered
  • Quality of sperm (including motility and ability to penetrate the egg)
  • Quality control in the laboratories; and
  • Skill and competence of the treatment team

Although ART offers important options for the treatment of fertility problems, the decision to use ART involves many factors in addition to success rates. Going through repeated ART cycles requires substantial commitments of time, effort, money, and emotional energy. Therefore, you should carefully examine all related financial, psychological and medical issues, before beginning treatment. You may also wish to consider the location of the clinic, the counselling and support services available, and the rapport that staff have with their patients.

The Importance of Age Factor deciding IVF Success Rate

The age of the female partner is the most significant factor in treatment cycle success. Women’s age and utilizing own eggs are significant IVF success elements to consider. While more young ladies have higher chnaces of IVF achievement, factors that diminish the odds of IVF achievement incorporate being a more seasoned woman with less eggs and the lower nature of a more established lady’s eggs.

In a stimulated IVF treatment cycle, injections of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) are used to stimulate follicular growth and the development of eggs. As female age increases, the average number of follicles (eggs) produced decreases and treatment may be cancelled if the follicle number is not suitable.

The pregnancy rates for the women who have crossed their 35 age and is in the category of 35-40,the IVF success rate decreases quite significantly from around 35 years of age.

Indeed, the live birth IVF achievement rate for ladies under 35 who start an IVF cycle is 40% to 50%. Women who are abiove 40 have very less chance of IVF success result. For these women, IVF with donor egg treatment is recommended because at this age, women don’t have healthy quality of eggs to be fertilized with the sperm.

Is Lifestyle factor affect the IVF Treatment Success Rate?

A big YES of this statement, lifestyle and the way we live affect the IVF success rate. Therefore one should carry oneself in proper diet and a healthy habit.

Vacate smoking in the event that you need to improve your opportunity of having a child. Truth be told, commonly the lady is required to quit smoking in any event 3 months before beginning IVF treatment. Males who smoke, have less sperm count and more inactive sperm, resulting difficult to impregnate their partner.

  • Smokers require higher measurements of fertility medications to animate their ovaries
  • Smokers have lower implantation rates than nonsmokers
  • Women who smoke frequently require twice the same number of IVF endeavors or may be three to have a positive outcome

Take care of your health – be fit –

More IVF achievement variables to think about incorporate getting more fit on the off chance that you are overweight or stout. Women who are overweight have an expanded risk of infertility just as premature delivery, or may be miscarriage. Overweight ladies additionally have less IVF accomplishment with the fertility medicines than ladies of a normal and fit weight. Underweight ladies are additionally at more serious danger of having accomplishment with IVF. Primary concern: plan to remain inside a sound weight zone.

Success Rate of Elective Single Embryo Transfer and FET –

Elective single embryo transfer

More people are electing to have one embryo transferred to minimize their risk of a twin pregnancy. One in three of these patients get pregnant from these cycles and when subsequent frozen cycles are accounted for, the take home baby rate reaches over 50%.

Frozen Embryo Transfers

Recent advances in embryo freezing have enabled a substantial improvement in success rates. This includes improved embryo survival at thawing and an increase in the clinical pregnancy rate. These enhancements have allowed us to transfer single thawed embryos without compromising the pregnancy rates.

The 2007 results for the freezing and thawing of day 5 embryos are 40% for the new freezing technology (vitrification) (324 transfers) and 23% for the conventional slow method of freezing (211 transfers).

Closing Lines

IVF treatment as mentioned above, is the treatment that eradicates the infertility tag from the childless couples and give them the biggest gift that have been awaited by them for a long. What you have to take care before undergoing IVF treatment is choosing the best IVF centre in India. Once you choose the appropriate centre for your IVF treatment that by design makes the success rate of your treatment high because selecting the right centre is very mandatory.

So, while choosing an IVF office, it is essential to take a gander at all parts of your treatment. Look at the all-out expenses and be careful with shrouded charges. Be eager to go through your own cash shrewdly to get the most ideal clinical consideration. Ask your OB/GYN or family specialist for a referral. Ask companions, family, and associates whom they prescribe. Search for board accreditation of specialists and lab staff. Confirm the people recorded are really there on location playing out your systems, not supervising from another office.

You need to cross-check these things to make sure you attain positive result from IVF –

  • Ask the specialist how many years he/she has been dealing with infertility disorder and solving the fertility cases
  • Since how many years the IVF centre running at its peak
  • You need to gather all the relevant information about the centre such as knowing the previous patient’s feedback, their success result, and how many cycles they require, donors availability, advanced equipment and ultra-modern technology, and etc.
  • IVF success rate of the centre

Talk to your We Care partner IVF Specialist, We Care Patient coordinator and counsellor about these hurdles and your specific treatment, and ask as many questions as you need to. It is better to be well prepared than to have to deal with unexpected events during this important, and sometimes-difficult stage of your lives.

For further query, you can contact the support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy; if you are seeking the best IVF Centre in India with a decent success rate of an IVF, then give us a call or drop a query.

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