Looking for Egg Donor in India with IVF treatment – Know the procedure

We have a functioning egg donor program and do more than 50 contributor egg IVF cycles each year. We have many egg contributors of demonstrated richness. Egg donation is unknown and private. This implies you will never find a workable pace donor – and the contributor will never know to whom her eggs are going.

Egg donation isn’t as basic as sperm donation because it involves several steps such as initial screening, tests, once she becomes eligible for the egg donation, the very next procedure is stimulation step and then egg-retrieval yet it is not that complicated procedure and requests some measure of duty from the donor (such as the commitment of being there with the same centre for at least six month or a year). Egg donor in India should likewise meet criteria set somewhere around the Indian law.

Who can become an Egg Donor in India?

If you are thinking to apply for an egg donor profile, then there are some important aspects that need to be consider –

Before she can give her eggs, she will be screened altogether with tests, for example, an ultrasound of her all the fertility checkups, a pelvic test, blood tests, mental screening and a total audit of her clinical history.

We are one of the largest platforms in India providing Egg Donor in India to those who are in the need of IVF treatment with egg donation. We keep a record her physical qualities to assist us with coordinating her eggs to you and your accomplice. We would likewise impart appropriate data to you, which incorporates her religion, conjugal status, age, appearance, etc.

When you can go for IVF treatment with Egg Donor in India?

We suggest Egg Donor in India in the event that you can’t consider with your own eggs. This could be on the grounds that:

  • you have no ovaries or have had them expelled
  • you have had disease treatment which has harmed your ovaries
  • you are post-menopausal
  • you are producing not many or low-quality eggs
  • you have over and again attempted to go for IVF with own-eggs with no successful outcome via IVF
  • you have had a few pregnancy loss/recurrent miscarriages
  • you have a high risk of passing on a genuine acquired issue

In such cases, we seek after pregnancy with donor eggs and your accomplice’s (or a contributor’s sperm), through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). The outcome of this mixture becomes soon embryos under the guidance of the fertility specialist in the lab and then moved into the uterus of the woman.

Donor Program under the Centres provided by We Care IVF Surrogacy 

We Care partner experienced fertility clinics across India providing an ethical and supportive donor program based on Indian and International protocols, governed by the ethical guidelines to assist people needing donor gametes (eggs or sperm) or embryos.

Despite the relatively simple medical procedure it is a complex emotional process and extensive counseling and consultation is undertaken to ensure both donors and recipients have considered all the issues. Donors may be ‘known’ to the recipients (possibly a friend or family member) or ‘de-identified’ (although traceable).

Openness is also more likely to lead to long term emotional and psychological strength of the donors and recipients (parents) and potential children, so we insist on counselling of all parties before a donor cycle is undertaken.Traceable and known donors are essential to ensure the continuity of this very successful program.

We have multiple databases of Egg Donor in India and ensure the couple receives the best IVF program with egg donation method. We do have a decent success rate

Considering IVF treatment withEgg donor in India?

All women are born with a finite supply of around 2 million eggs and this number declines with age. Originally, recipients of egg donation were primarily women who had experienced premature ovarian failure (menopause). This premature menopause may be caused by genetic reasons, sometimes surgery, or, most often, unknown reasons.

More recently, the largest group requesting egg donation is women in their late 30s/40s. These women have undergone several attempts of routine IVF without success and the scientific evidence suggests that the eggs they are producing are not suitable for developing healthy embryos.

For women who may not have healthy eggs or in fact have no eggs the only option for them to achieve a pregnancy is by using, IVF treatment with Egg donor in India.

Are you a suitable Candidate to become an Egg Donor in India?

Women who have a plentiful supply of available eggs and are willing to donate them altruistically to those in need, may consider becoming an eggdonor.

Donors are ideally aged between 21 and 38 years of age, who have usually completed their own family and want to facilitate pregnancy for another woman. A genetic, social and medical history (including blood tests) is needed from the donor before acceptance. There are significant screening tests undertaken on the donor including blood group, Hep B, Hep C, cystic fibrosis, syphilis, chlamydia, chromosome analysis and HIV status.

  • Egg donor in India need to be prepared to discuss and provide the following types of information:
  • Medical history – advising of all known allergies
  • Physical description
  • Social/Lifestyle
  • Declaration – including details of any donation at other assisted reproductive treatment clinics.

The pregnancy rate of donor egg treatment is directly related to the age of the donor, number and quality of donated eggs.

How Are Eggs Donated?

Following an initial specialist consultation, counselling of both the recipient and donor is the next step. We discuss legal, social, genetic and moral implications of the donation as well as the medical related health checks and procedures involved.

A medical check is undertaken on the donor before undergoing an ‘IVF cycle’ to facilitate the collection of her eggs. They are then fertilized and transferred to the recipient.

The donor is given medication to stimulate her ovaries to produce an optimum number of eggs. The recipient begins taking oestrogen and progesterone to prepare the lining of her uterus. Blood tests monitor the donor and alert us to collect the eggs (just prior to the donor ovulating). The egg collection is done in a day surgery using a light general anaesthetic to ensure the woman is comfortable.

At the time of egg collection the recipient’s partner provides semen which is used to fertilize the eggs in the laboratory. Traditionally the embryos are grown for 3 – 5 days before one or two are transferred to the recipient. Any other viable embryos are frozen for potential future attempts. After a two week wait a pregnancy test is undertaken.

We Care IVF Surrogacy – More Programs apart of Egg donor in India

Although the last decade has seen significant improvements in the methods of surgically collecting and utilizing very small numbers of sperm, there are still situations where too few, abnormal or no sperm are available and this is when donor sperm is required. We are also receiving an increasing number of requests from single women to conceive a child.

There are significant screening tests undertaken on sperm donors including blood group, Hep B, Hep C, cystic fibrosis, syphilis, chlamydia, chromosome analysis and HIV status. The sperm is stored for six months at which point the donor’s blood is tested again for infectious diseases before a sample is used.

Sperm Donation 

Ideally sperm donors are of good health and would not describe themselves as having a ‘high risk lifestyle’ i.e. use recreational drugs or having multiple partners.

A semen analysis is the first step followed by a consultation with a clinician and compulsory counselling of the recipient and the donor. We discuss legal, social, genetic and moral implications of the donation as well as the health checks and procedures involved.

Sperm donors need to be prepared to discuss and provide the following types of information:

  • Medical history – advising of all known allergies
  • Physical description
  • Social/Lifestyle declaration – including details of any donation at other assisted reproductive treatment clinics.

Embryo donation 

Some couples may need to consider embryo donation due to egg and sperm problems. We Care’s partner clinic’s specialist team can facilitate this process.

Legal Considerations during the Procedure 

We Care is mindful of the emotional and legal implications of donors, recipients and potential children and we are continually reviewing our program to meet the needs of our patients and that of the wider community.

Recipients are usually concerned about whether a donor might try to find the baby and claim it as her baby. We assure you, your case will remain private in our centre’s data and shall not be revealed in any circumstance to anyone, so you need not to take stress of this matter.


Egg donor in India must be chosen or selected by a renowned and genuine fertility centre to ensure all the things shall go in a proper direction. If you are looking for your IVF treatment with the egg donor, the very next step is to search some best centres who have multiple options for you to show egg donor profiles and also check the success rate of the fertility centre.

The team of We Care IVF Surrogacy take all precautions with the signing of the necessary legal agreements and documents by the egg donor and the recipient to ensure absence of any legal troubles anytime in the future. Yes, we are always there for your query associated to your fertility issues! You can anytime leave your message, we will soon contact you!


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