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IVF Nigeria: Whenever it comes to have a child by artificial methods or say by ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) procedure, the first and the most productive fertility treatment that strikes in our mind is IVF treatment. IVF – in full it is known as In Vitro Fertilization or test-tube baby course. IVF in Nigeria is the best option to have a child when the couple is facing complications to have a conception by natural way. IVF is recommended for those childless couples who have been trying to have a baby (by normally) for more than a year but unable to make that happen. Baby, we all know is the ultimate happiness of a couple’s life at a certain stage and of course for accomplishing the complete frame of a family. However, there are some couples who see hard times to have this dream fulfil, thus deciding for the options to conceive.

IVF in Nigeria is one of the advanced option of ART and is used when the couple has already undergone IUI or basic medication (to have a child) but botched; IVF, also is suggested when the couple (male or female) has been with complete fertility test (assessment) and the report is clear for the advanced treatment then only the couple can plan for IVF.

IVF is a bit complex and intricate procedure and requires sufficient time from the couple who wish to have a baby by this process. A couple need to be together throughout this procedure, because IVF could be the first or go lucky treatment at the same time it could not be. Yes, IVF treatment never assures the couple for a successful result for the very first time (exceptional case- if the couple has the best quality of the medical component) and that’s the reason, why Patience is all we needed when we get on the fertility treatments.

We are one of the leading fertility agency providing all the treatments associated with the fertility hiccups (for both men and women), also we are one of the largest fertility service provider across the world serving the decent success rate along with the best fertility centers to the couples who are in the need to undergo fertility treatment. We assure the couples that they receive the best IVF Treatment in Nigeria including all the advanced amenities.

Fundamental Information about the IVF Treatment in Nigeria 

IVF is arranged as one of the progressed helped conceptive strategies to decipherfertility issues; this treatment is prescribed to those people who have been encountering pregnancy or childlessness issues for more than a year. IVF is consistently be performed when the couple has been experienced IUI or fundamental medicine to go after a fruitful pregnancy yet incapable to get that going or when the couple has been analyzed (fruitfulness evaluation) of that difficult that could be disposed of by IVF – at that point the couple can get ready for the IVF treatment. However, before beginning with the definition and methodology of IVF, how about we start with some fundamental origination about this treatment.

IVF in Nigeria isn’t only a single direction treatment for the couple’s barrenness issue, rather this treatment can be acted in various manners (presenting progressed or extra strategies during the preparation, before the implantation procedure, etc.) based on the couple’s fruitlessness case. Subsequently there gets this treatment somewhat complicated and complex for the couple. We can amass IVF treatment as customary or fundamental one and the propelled or advanced one. One must have a sound data of both these two IVF ideas.

A Brief discussion of how  ivf in Nigeria Treatment works

The first step of IVF treatment in Nigeria is known as ovary-stimulation, where the woman is required to have the medication in order to make her ovaries animate to produce multiple eggs instead of a single. Why multiple eggs? Multiple eggs are needed just to avoid any risk during the fertilization and the process goes smoothly.

During the movement of fertilization process, several eggs are required to have the sound accomplishment rate in the IVF treatment process. By the methodology of ultrasounds and blood hormonal test, the turn of events and the development of the follicles are analyzed by the specialist. Exactly when the development of the egg is done and guaranteed by the expert, the procedure of egg-retrieval or egg-pick up process is started. At the point when the eggs are recovered, sperms (gathered by the male accomplice) is kept on the culture dish to let the penetration happens. Penetration means here is when the most motile sperm gets fused with the egg’s wall for the fertilization.  Once the sperm enters into the egg’s cytoplasm, soon the sign of fertilization is examined by the fertility experts.

After the sperm has gone into the egg, soon the fertilization begins and cell division occurs. Setting the best and healthy embryo into the female uterus is the last and a pivotal procedure of IVF in Nigeria.

One more thing, if the sperm has been found inactive during the step of fertilization, the specialist chooses one of the advanced ART of fertilization technique (used during male infertility) – ICSI technique. During the ICSI, a single sperm is selected by the expert for directly injecting into the egg. ICSI has a bit higher rate compared to conventional IVF treatment.

What is the embryo doesn’t stick properly into the endometrium and what if it does? On the off chance that the embryo gets connected effectively embedded in the endometrium of the female, by then the chance of pregnancy is to be expected as a normal. The female needs to come to the center for the pregnancy test during a week or ten days of the embryo transfer. When the embryo doesn’t go well during the embryo implantation, then the specialist analyzes the reason behind this issue and then get back to the couple with the suitable solution (maybe advanced IVF or it could be second IVF cycle).This is about the IVF treatment and strategy of IVF in Nigeria.

Aspects that need to know during the  treatment IVF In Nigeria

Presently the inquiry comes, what is the approx. IVF success rate, and does IVF success rate relies upon certain angles? All things considered, a major truly, the IVF Treatment in Nigeria depends upon explicit parts like-the nature of the eggs and motility of the sperms (to have a healthy embryo), the age of the lady, and the count of sperm (or sperm check) and uterine receptivity of the woman.

Female’s age in IVF treatment passes on a critical activity all through the entire technique. On the off chance that the age of the female is underneath 35, the success rate an IVF is between 55-65% under the centers gave by the We Care IVF Surrogacy. Less the age of the lady in the IVF treatment, the more odds of progress rate or healthy pregnancy in the IVF treatment in Nigeria.

What should be the couple’s first step when they encounter issue with their fertility or child-bearing stage, at that point there is the requirement of proper fertility assessment and evaluation test. Once you get to know that the issue lies in you or your partner – the next is the planning of the suitable treatment.

A couple should take the next step as soon as the couple knows the exact issue and if IVF is the solution, then there are certain things a couple need to know such as the fertility clinic’s success rate, your fertility level (AMH level), the cost and the proper breakdown of the cost (if the specialist considers for an advanced IVF) and the experience of the fertility team specially the senior expert.

Shutting lines 

IVF treatment has till now accomplished such a large number of couples’ family to have their own baby by this method. Best IVF centers in Nigeria has been the best one serving the IVF Treatment in Nigeria to the couples who are seeking fertility treatments to fulfil their most awaited dream.

Our group realize that childlessness issue is one of the most gloomy scenario a couple would ever have or look in the life thus we are here for you to help at each step in your journey of the parenthood, to give you the best direction during your pregnancy venture. IVF treatment in Nigeria is a conclusive ticket of your biggest dream, to have your very own child. Just keep patience and do your home-work before you choose any of the fertility center. We assure you the IVF centers provided by the We Care IVF Surrogacy gives you the most pleasant experience of your own pregnancy by the best fertility solution as per your case. We are medical industry organization serving the best fertility medications over the world giving the best IVF clinics to the couples seeking to have a child by the suitable treatment of ART.

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