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Searching for surrogate mothers online can have both positive and negative consequences. On the positive side: a reputable online agency will provide you with a range of surrogate mother candidates and will also screen any candidate you select thoroughly. We Care Health Services one is such an agency, and we take such care when screening our candidates.

Another benefit of using an online agency to find potential surrogate mothers online in India is that you need not be limited by the surrogacy laws of the state where you live. If your state prohibits surrogacy or has highly restrictive laws, don’t worry: all that matters is that the surrogate mother lives in a surrogacy-friendly country, India. Finding suitable surrogates across the nation is much easier when you are searching online.

What to Watch for When Seeking Surrogate Mothers Online

The downside of looking for surrogate mothers online occurs when you encounter a less-than-scrupulous agency. We know what it’s like to be vulnerable because you need to seek outside help in order to have a child. The last thing any intended parents need is to deal with surrogacy agencies that are just looking to make a buck.

At We Care Health Services, we know that gestational surrogacy and egg donation are sacred procedures requiring compassion, sensitivity, and discretion. We are not a law firm; we are medical facilitation professionals who saw a need for comprehensive case management services in the surrogacy field.


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