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If you are considering Surrogacy procedure, you really have to research well for the entire process beginning from the matching of the surrogate and ending-up with all the legal formalities. Proper information for the surrogacy process is very essential as you prepare for your experience.

Several key features of the Surrogacy facts and facts about the surrogate mothers need to be overlooked by the intended couple before settling on the surrogacy process. Usually there are two types of surrogacy method- the first is traditional and the second is gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is the programme, which is more considered across the globe (where the surrogacy is legal) over the traditional one.

Gestational surrogacy is the procedure, where the surrogate mother carries the embryo of another couple (intended couple) and takes the pregnancy to the term. Once the surrogate completes pregnancy duration, surrogate hands-over the newborn to their actual parent once delivery done. There is security and safety too in the gestational surrogacy because during this process, the couple either gives their own medical component for the fertilization or IVF is accomplished using egg/sperm donor, surrogate’s egg is never used in this process.

Surrogacy is legal in all the Countries?

No, surrogacy has always been the most conflict-ridden topic amongst the people. Several reasons are there behind this issue – surrogate’s exploitation for the surrogacy in some countries were found, illegal surrogacy performed, very high cost asked to pay by the couple, so on and hence more than fifty countries have banned surrogacy taking case. Countries such as Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, India (for Indians) and some other states allow the surrogacy program tagging along with the mandatory rules and laws.

Surrogacy facts that need to be considered –

Surrogate Psychological Screening before Matching with Parents

At other agencies, this service is often not performed until the surrogate has been matched with an intended parent. However, often items come up in the psychological screening that IPs may take issue with. As a result, our psychological profiles are often available to the intended parents before a match meeting is ever set.

Making Sure There is a Good Support System

Having a strong base of support of loving people who support a woman’s decision to become a surrogate mother makes for less stress and a happier, healthier pregnancy.

Smooth Matching Process

Selecting a Surrogate is unique in that intended parents will never be exposed to a surrogate or egg donor who has not already been pre-screened. If you decide you want to meet a particular surrogate, you will have the comfort of knowing they have completed a rigorous and thorough screening process, and are ready to help you get started on your journey to parenthood. And, you will never meet anyone you don’t want to meet. Great attention is paid to making sure only meetings between compatible surrogates and intended parents are ever arranged. Everyone’s time is valuable, so if we know a pairing will not work, or will be wrought with difficulties, we won’t even set up a meeting. Read more on how to become a parent with surrogacy.

Excellent Benefits for our Surrogates and Egg Donors

Our surrogates and egg donors are part of our family. They are happy surrogates and egg donors enjoying many benefits, including outstanding financial compensation. They enjoy working with our experienced, caring medical staff that support them throughout the pregnancy and feel the incomparable joy that comes from helping a couple have a baby. Read more on how to become a surrogate.

Favourable Indian Surrogacy Laws

Indian courts are the most surrogacy-friendly in this part of the world. In fact, the courts have consistently upheld the intended parents’ rights when they have chosen to use a surrogate or egg donor, regardless of whether they have used their own genetic material, donor ovum, or donated sperm. A legally binding contract between all parties involved will give you the peace of mind when it comes to your family’s future. Indian surrogacy is only for the Indian citizens (citizenship of India).

There always have seen some changes by the Indian law of surrogacy therefore one if considering surrogacy in India then that requires proper information. If you are seeking surrogacy abroad then Georgia, Ukraine, Kenya would be the best option for you to have a child. We have our fertility centres in these countries, if you are planning for surrogacy and seeking the best surrogacy centre then you can coordinate us for further information.

Nine Important Concerns about Surrogacy –

If you are considering surrogacy, please consider the following subjects –

  1. Legal Issues Surrounding Surrogacy Perhaps one of the most important factors surrounding surrogacy matters involves legal issues pertaining to surrogacy. There are many local laws and regulations involving surrogacy. Laws differ between states. One of the best way to make sure you are properly adhering to the laws and regulations, hire a specialized surrogacy agency like We Care IVF Surrogacy to guide you through the surrogacy process.
  2. Know the Process It is beneficial to be aware of how the surrogacy process works prior to starting the surrogacy procedure.
  3. Be Patient with the Surrogacy Process The surrogacy process will not be carried out instantaneously. It is important to be patient when deciding to choose surrogacy as their desired method for obtaining a child.
  4. Ask Questions Ask a lot of questions of relevant parties in the beginning and throughout the surrogacy process. This will help to detail the procedure involved with surrogacy and make the parents as well as the surrogate mother more at ease.
  5. Look Around for the Best Surrogacy Options They are many types of surrogacy procedures. Be sure to consider all of the options available.
  6. Consider the Cost The surrogacy procedure can be costly. It is important to know the estimated cost of the entire process up front. Ask We Care for a Fully Inclusive Surrogacy Quote.
  7. Determine if Surrogacy Is Right for You Individuals who are contemplating surrogacy should seriously consider concept of surrogacy prior to making a decision to go ahead with the surrogacy procedure.
  8. Talk With Individuals Who Have Pursued Surrogacy Options If you can, talk to other parents and surrogate mothers. Their experiences will offer insight to unexpected problems.
  9. Try to Relax and Think of the Desired Result Take a deep breath, relax.

Utilizing a surrogate won’t forestall holding with your infant.

You don’t have to worry – It won’t put off bonding with your baby –

Some proposed guardians find that they experience no difficulty feeling a bond with the baby after the surrogacy done. Assuming a few or none of these things occur, that is alright as well – it doesn’t mean you won’t bond completely with the newborn after birth. Intended parents are in that spot when their kid is conceived and are a vital piece of the birth plan – holding the infant as quickly as time permits with skin to skin contact, and maybe in any event, getting ready so the new mother can breastfeed. Having an infant can be unbelievably experience, both genuinely and intellectually, yet it is a genuine holding experience for guardians and kid and it is soon going to be there.

We Care IVF Surrogacy is one of the fastest and growing fertility agencies providing the best fertility treatments (basic and advanced) at a genuine price. Serving the decent success rate and the best IVF and Surrogacy centres across globe, the team of we Care has come up with the renowned name in solving the infertility issues in both – males and females.

We all will agree with the fact that children make our life comfortable and responsible. There is an institution that to have children you have to get married, but if anyone of us due to any reason is not in favor to get married so does it mean that we don’t have right to enjoy the life of the parents? Yes! They have it and no one can ever say anything against it because according to the law and to the ethical point of view a single mother or father can easily enjoy and take responsibility of the child. So, according to it, there is only one option is left and that is the option of the surrogacy. Surrogacy in Mexico is the best solution if you are seeking to have a baby (due to severe medical condition or if you are

We totally agree with the point that many people can easily misguide the patient only for their profit and it is very hard for the patient to have trust on anybody in this situation.So we are presenting a testable and the most ravishing source which already gets name and fame throughout the world beyond all the boundaries and that is We Care IVF Surrogacy have the experience to handle the 1000 surrogacy cases with the greatest success rate. Even many people get a problem during the procedure of the surrogacy after the birth of the child so we are ensuring that in the process of the law the couple won’t have to face any kind of trouble so for it get the benefits of us.

Best Surrogacy Centre in Mexico 

That is the USP of us because to have the surrogacy clinic Mexico attracts most of the recipient to have the treatment because the lab and the clinic facility are standard and very much convince to the recipient. Even in the comfort and the security of the patient, the lab is using the latest technology and the modern equipment that can make the process of surrogacy is very easy and the comfort for the patient.

Surrogacy Procedure in the Best Centre of Surrogacy in Mexico 

Surrogacy in Mexico is a fantastic answer for those people who can’t convey a pregnancy or women who don’t have a uterus/ have acute medical issue in the uterus. Surrogacy focuses in Mexico has inside and out information in the zone of screening and observing gestational surrogates while organizing the intended couple’s IVF cycle for a fruitful undeveloped organism move and live birth. If you are thinking and planning about utilizing a gestational surrogate to begin your own family, We Care IVF Surrogacy Centre in Mexico Center’s accomplished group will assist you with exploring all the steps about Surrogacy in Mexico.

Choosing a Suitable Surrogate Mother 

The first procedure of Surrogacy in Mexico is selecting a suitable surrogate for the surrogacy. Once a surrogate has been chosen by the intended couple, the screening procedure is finished, the cycle can be started. The planning of starting the cycle relies upon the menstrual pattern of the surrogate. Once the selected surrogate is chosen by the intended couple, the next step of Surrogacy in Mexico is synchronization of the menstrual cycles of both the surrogate and the intended woman.

Assessment Cycle of Surrogate 

The surrogate needs to set up her uterus for implantation with normal estrogen and progesterone. Since every lady is somewhat unique, the strategy is different in each of the surrogate’s case. In certain conditions, the assessment cycle can be postponed when the reaction of the uterus to hormonal incitement is notable. This is genuinely basic for ladies who have experienced numerous treatment cycles previously.

Cycle Synchronization of the Surrogate and Intended Woman 

It is important to synchronize the menstrual patterns of the surrogate and the expected parent so as to acquire develop eggs and embryos and move these go into a flawlessly arranged endometrium (uterine covering) to supplement the chances of pregnancy accomplishment.

This is finished utilizing an assortment of hormonal controls including contraception pills. The team of We Care IVF Surrogacy figure out which system will work best for every condition. When the two ladies’ (surrogate and expected parent) ovarian capacity is smothered and their cycles synchronized, they can start the way toward getting ready for pregnancy.

Medication and Hormonal Therapy 

The very next procedure of Surrogacy in Mexico is hormonal therapy. Once the cycle becomes synchronized, the surrogate and expected parent will start hormonal treatments to set up the proper objective for pregnancy achievement. The surrogate will start taking estrogen to invigorate endometrial (uterine lining) development and the proposed parent will start taking FSH to animate egg creation.

The intended women have to come to the fertility centre for the check-up with. Once the eggs are fit to be recovered, the specialist retrieves the egg and the uterus of the surrogate is prepared to acknowledge an embryo.

Typically these medicines (fertility medication and hormonal therapy) will take around half a month and require five office visits for ultrasounds and blood tests.

Egg Retrieval 

At the point when the ultrasound checking of the ovaries and uterus discovers that the eggs are developed and fit to be recovered, the proposed parent is planned for egg pick up. Egg retrieval is the process performed by the senior specialist of We Care IVF Surrogacy. Upon the retrieval of the egg the expected parent experiences a vaginal, ultrasound-guided technique under light sedative at the best surrogacy centre in Mexico. The ultrasound utilized for egg recovery is much the same as the one used to screen the procedure of the cycle in the workplace.

At the point when the follicle that contains the eggs is seen with the ultrasound, a needle can be coordinated through the highest point of the vagina into the follicle and the follicular containing the eggs are suctioned into a test tube.

On a similar day as the egg retrieval procedure of Surrogacy in Mexico, the male partner gives his semen sample for the IVF fertilization and the surrogate starts progesterone treatment. When the eggs are recovered, they are taken to the IVF lab and put with sperm in the hatchery. The next morning it is resolved what number of the eggs have effectively treated into the embryos.

Embryo Transfer –

So, this is the last process of Surrogacy in Mexico, where the embryo gets placed into the uterus of the surrogate.

Nowthe surrogate carries theembryo of the intended couple up to the term. Legal formalities of the Surrogacy in Mexico is carried out by the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy.

The surrogate is properly taken care by our fertility team during the pregnancy periodand once she delivers the baby, proper health checkup is performed by our team in order to make sure she will have smooth post-care.

Benefits to having Surrogacy in Mexico from us 

We make surrogacy affordable: With the complete facility, we are the only one who is providing the facility of the quality with the quantity. As compared to the price of the surrogacy to the other nations so we have the most affordable price lists with the complete health services and the reason behind it is surrogate mothers are easily available in Mexico in anytime anywhere.

Our location in Mexico is convenient: The fertility clinics are located in the major cities and easy to find out and all the clinics are familiar with the modern and latest technology of the fertility treatments.

Our legal team will support you: Either the surrogacy of the single parents or the couple or the same sex couple the patient will not face any kind of trouble in the legal implications.


Surrogacy – where the surrogate carries the baby of another (intended) couple for nine-months. Laws of surrogacy in India have always been undergone major changes by the legislation and the government. And now on the basis of the latest surrogacy law, the talks are going on to prohibit the commercial surrogacy and to keep altruistic surrogacy legal for surrogacy procedure.

It’s not always India that announces the changes in the surrogacy or ART policies, also there are many nations that have come up with the surrogacy ban option (means neither altruistic surrogacy nor commercial surrogacy). The final statement has yet to be declared. Surrogacy can only be availed by the Indian citizen. No other citizen passport shall be entertained under the surrogacy law in India. For more information, you can contact our support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy.

Surrogacy in India by our services is absolutely reasonable to all the patients in all the partner hospitals in India under our Basic Care Package. The Basic Care package includes the following services:

Dedicated International Patient Services Team:

  • Website and email communication 24 x 7 – As soon as we receive your medical query with the required reports, our patient coordination team of qualified doctors (international patient coordinator) pre assesses the case and replies you with a personalised message confirming the query and suggesting any medical reports requirement.
  • Telephone – Medical Consultation 24 x 7 – The international patient coordinator then personally calls you to discuss the case and any personal preferences. A personal telephone call is made at every point of communication establishing a personal touch.
  • Medical and Hospitality Quote – in 2 working days – On the receipt of all the required medical reports and doctors notes, our patient coordinator then sends copy to the concerned doctor and discusses the case personally with him / her. All aspects are thoroughly discussed and negotiated including the suggested line of treatment, average length of stay and package cost. It’s then communicated to the patient within 2 working days.
  • Video Conferencing – If needed a personal video conferencing of the patient or his / her personal doctor is established with the operating surgeon for discussion.
  • Medical Visa assistance – On the final decision of the patient to travel to India, the passport details of the patient and the traveling attendant are obtained and a medical visa assistance letter addressed to the High Commission of India in their resident country provided. This enables to a medical visa quickly.

Dedicated Hospitality Care Team of We Care IVF Surrogacy:

  • Air Travel / Air Charter booking – Air Travel booking and confirmation to and fro is done from our office (the cost is excluded from the surrogacy package)
  • Airport Transfers – Airport Transfers in an air conditioned car are provided as a part of medical package.
  • Ambulance – Ambulance service, if required is also provided at the airport as a part of the medical package.

Dedicated Patient Care Team: We Care IVF Surrogacy

  • Airport Care – Our Patient Care Manager meets you at the airport and escorts you to the hospital.
  • Pre admission Care – You do not have to wait at the hospital lobby for hospital admission. You will be escorted directly to the room booked for you and all formalities completed there.
  • Daily meeting and 24 x 7 coordination with the fertility specialist, nurses and hospital staff. We have a Clinical Coordinator and a Patient Care Manager stationed in each of our partner hospital. The clinical coordinator meets the operating surgeon / doctor and communicates with the patient. The Patient care Manager arranges everything non clinical including food etc. according to personal preferences.
  • Post Surgery Care – While staying in a guest house / hotel before you can fly again, the team visits you regularly.
  • Tour Care – If you select to go outside the city for a tour, you can call back to our clinical coordinator at any time of the day for assistance. Also, you may select to take a personal care assistant for personal care on the tour for a nominal fee.
  • Follow up with Doctor – On returning back to your country, we will communicate with you regularly to check your health and any follow up required with the doctor will be facilitated.
  • Yoga, Physiotherapy, Meditation etc. – Any monitored physical activity required post operation while staying in the guest house / hotel will be provided as a part of the package. The Physiotherapist will visit you in the guest house for the physical activity.

Advanced Care Package

In Addition to the above services the Advanced Care package also includes: A Personal Care Assistant at the bedside for 8 hrs in a day for the period of stay in the hospital. A Hospitality host / hostess for tour / shopping of the city as and when required.

The advanced care package costs US $ 500 – US $ 800 for up to 6 days stay in the hospital and 4 days stay in Guest House / Hotel. The cost may change as per the requirement of the couple’s choice.

Services available on requirement for a nominal fee

  • Hotel / Service Apartment / Guest House
  • Personal Translator
  • City Guide Shopping Guide
  • Mobile phone with prepaid connection
  • Laptop on Hire, Internet
  • Locker Facility For Valuables
  • Rejuvenative And Recuperative Tours
  • International Newspapers
  • Health Library
  • Liaison with Indian Government authorities
  • Finance and Foreign Exchange services etc.

We Care IVF Surrogacy serves amazing treatment putting forward the best Surrogacy centre in India with a high success rate.

NOTE – For only Indian couples, surrogacy is allowed in India. Foreign couples, if planning to undergo surrogacy in India they might not be because of the 2015 amendment in surrogacy law in India. Today Indian surrogacy bill made illegal for foreign intended couples to complete the surrogacy procedure   in India. Surrogacy in India today is permitted for Indian intended parents who have been legally married for at least five years and carry a valid citizenship of India.

No single parents, homosexuals, and live in couples can undergo surrogacy India.


Surrogacy is one of the forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in which a surrogate mother carries a baby for another couple with the main motto of giving the newborn to the intended couple. We Care IVF Surrogacy has a range of sources to lend a hand to the couple who are looking for the best surrogacy procedure. But there are many individuals who have myths about the surrogacy process and thus some individuals instead of choosing for surrogacy, they go for adoption. Adoption is not at all a worrisome procedure, but why not to try your own baby with the last option – Surrogacy. Surrogacy is useful for those couples, where the uterus of a woman is not receptive for the embryo implantation and experiencing repeated miscarriages. Yes, surrogacy can be useful at that time, when the couple has already tried IVF and major fertility treatment but didn’t work. During this article, a reader will get to know about some facts and myths associated to surrogacy treatment.

Before trying anything there are some of the myths that can easily blow out mind but still there are some of the wrong myths that can easily create the problem of what to listen and what to follow and the same thing happened with the Surrogacy. Many people think that is the unnatural way to conceive the child and many from us didn’t know that which countries are actually supporting surrogacy or not? So now we are going clear all your surrogacy myths by providing you the facts that are approvable by the medical science and the law itself. Even from the beginning till the end the surrogacy is the longest and very emotional journey for the surrogate as well as for intended parent.

Surrogacy Myths and Facts 

Myth: Surrogate’s are the baby’s real mother
Fact: A big NO! Surrogate is the one that carries the baby for another couple (intended couple) and gives the newborn to the couple after successful delivery. There is not any connection or link between the baby and the surrogate after the delivery. Intended parent’s name is mentioned on the birth certificate as a father and a mother; surrogate or surrogacy, neither of these words are mentioned on the certificate. Take a deep breath and head towards the surrogacy option if you were resisting yourself for surrogacy due to the above given myth.

Myth: The child born with surrogacy can’t connect to the genetic parents
Fact: In reality the meaning of the surrogacy is when a woman is getting herself pregnant through the egg or the sperm of someone else and after completing nine months. The womb of the another mothers but the child can be connected to the genetically to the intended parents through have the different kinds of surrogacy procedure like Gestational surrogacy, traditional surrogacy with donor sperm, gestational surrogacy and egg donor and the gestational surrogacy with the donor sperm. All these are the ways by which a child can connect to the biological parents.


Myth: Surrogacy is only for those who are wealthy or celebrities
Fact: This is the myth that exists because of the costly package of the surrogacy plan, but that doesn’t mean only wealthy or celebrities can avail this method to begin their parenthood, a normal class family can also plan for the surrogacy. These days almost each treatment is based on a sensible cost offering a couple reasonable treatments in order to welcome the beautiful days of their parenthood. Surrogacy offered by the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy is completely logical and within the range of couple’s pocket. If a couple is unable to pay for a one-time payment, we accept three times payment options as well. A couple can also take help by opting medical loan for their surrogacy treatment.

Myth: Woman opt surrogacy to save her figure or avoid the experience of pregnancy
Fact: Surrogacy is undeniably a long process, where the couple has to spend on many procedures such as the surrogate’s expense, the clinic’s methods (IVF) and surrogate ultrasounds through the way of her pregnancy. Those who choose surrogacy, they have severe infertility issues and also multiple IVF cycles failed to conceive and carry the baby herself. So, surrogacy is the last option for a couple, who needs baby. Having a family is the most important phase of each couple’s life and most of the women do not care about the weight gain during the pregnancy, she really wants the baby to get delivered by her own womb, hence the above statement is the myth.

Myth: May be I have to face trouble getting connected with my baby
Fact: No, it’s not like that! Initially when the baby is in the womb, there might be this thinking or concern about the attachment between the baby and the parent, but once the baby comes out from the womb of the surrogate, the bonding process begins. The moment the intended couple holds the baby in their arms, the bonding starts to take place. They are the one, who nurture the child and love selflessly and this makes a strong connection.

Myth: Surrogacy is legal in all the countries
Fact: There are few country where surrogacy is legal and providing the best performance like India (for only Indian citizens), UK, Belgium, Russia, Georgia and Russia. Countries like France, Germany, Spain, Italy and few more, prohibit surrogacy. Before selecting any country, make sure you read all the legal aspects carefully.

Myth: The surrogate may not give up the child.
Fact: Before the surrogacy there is a contract between the surrogate and the intended parents that after the birth of the child the surrogate doesn’t have any kind of right on the child she is not connected with the child after the birth. Hence, the commissioning parent needs not to get concerned about the birth process. The baby will be all yours after the delivery.

Myth: A surrogate is a poor woman for compensation
Fact: A surrogate mother could be any woman either a housewife or a lawyer there is no limitation for her social activities and the doors are always open for the both some who does this for monetary and for the social activism.

To get the process started, Contact us –

If you are taking into consideration the surrogacy process, feel free to contact our experienced coordinators, we provide the best surrogacy along with the experienced surrogates across the globe (where the surrogacy is legal) and have maintained a good success rate of surrogacy. You can easily discuss surrogacy program with our expertise, they will assist you at the best. Or, you can book an appointment with We Care fertility specialist as well.


Surrogacy has always been a controversial topic in the legal and court talks. Some of the countries have banned this procedure in above-board and outlaw this method. On the other hand, there are some countries, which do not have any objection regarding the surrogacy procedure and allow the international patients as well.

Surrogacy in Mexico is regulated by some specific states – just like in the US. Only two Mexican regions allow the surrogacy (with some terms and condition) in their legal system, and these territories are –

  1. Tabasco
  2. Sinaloa

In Tabasco, surrogacy is permitted when the couple is heterosexual and they want to go for altruistic surrogacy to have their baby. The couple must be married and live together.

In Sinaloa also, the surrogacy is allowed for the heterosexual as long as the couple experiences medical disability.

Usually, Mexican citizens choose the United States for their surrogacy because of a smooth and manageable surrogacy laws and legal aspects.

Legal aspects of Surrogacy in Mexico –

Lawmakers in the southern state’s Congress voted 21 to nine in favor of the restrictions earlier this week. Surrogacy is now only available for heterosexual Mexican couples. Additionally, the woman must be between 25 and 40 years old and be able to prove that she is not medically able to have children of her own. They must also have medical insurance to cover the costs associated with the surrogate’s pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care.

Tabasco is the only state in Mexico to allow any form of surrogacy. However, as in the UK, such agreements must be strictly non-commercial. As a result, the state was a popular destination for gay people who were aspiring parents and couples from overseas. It was seen as a cheaper alternative to the United States, where costs could be as high as $150,000 (around £100,000).

The procedure and legal features of Surrogacy in Mexico had been many times come in the hot topic amongst the people. Several controversies have been reported in Mexico that the centres of surrogacy are running illegally, unlicensed surrogacy clinics and fertility specialists, many of the baby factories were also found, where the surrogates were kept until she delivers the baby and more. However, now the surrogacy law in Mexico is clear and strict too.

Today, a couple can only think for their Surrogacy in Mexico when they are married and have been living together, the woman’s age must fall in the group of 25 to 40 and can prove that she is unable to deliver baby, thus seeking surrogacy to have own child. International couples cannot come down to Mexico for their surrogacy because Mexico doesn’t permit the couples outside of the country. Gay couples, single father and single mother surrogacy are completely banned here and illegal. Last month, the Indian government announced a ban on commercial surrogacy arrangements involving foreign couples.


Who we are –

We are one of the leading IVF and surrogacy providers across the world with a low-cost procedure. We Care IVF Surrogacy has been running at its peak for the past few years providing full satisfaction to the patient in their procedure of surrogacy or IVF treatment. We do have special and advanced techniques that give the best result and high success rate in the couple’s case.

If you are outlining for the Surrogacy in Mexico, then you can easily go for it, only you should be –

  • Heterosexual couple
  • A citizen of Mexico
  • Must be living together
  • Must have a medical certificate that shows your fertility disability
  • Surrogacy program only be accomplished in Tabasco

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