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Surrogacy is one of the forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in which a surrogate mother carries a baby for another couple with the main motto of giving the newborn to the intended couple. We Care IVF Surrogacy has a range of sources to lend a hand to the couple who are looking for the best surrogacy procedure. But there are many individuals who have myths about the surrogacy process and thus some individuals instead of choosing for surrogacy, they go for adoption. Adoption is not at all a worrisome procedure, but why not to try your own baby with the last option – Surrogacy. Surrogacy is useful for those couples, where the uterus of a woman is not receptive for the embryo implantation and experiencing repeated miscarriages. Yes, surrogacy can be useful at that time, when the couple has already tried IVF and major fertility treatment but didn’t work. During this article, a reader will get to know about some facts and myths associated to surrogacy treatment.

Before trying anything there are some of the myths that can easily blow out mind but still there are some of the wrong myths that can easily create the problem of what to listen and what to follow and the same thing happened with the Surrogacy. Many people think that is the unnatural way to conceive the child and many from us didn’t know that which countries are actually supporting surrogacy or not? So now we are going clear all your surrogacy myths by providing you the facts that are approvable by the medical science and the law itself. Even from the beginning till the end the surrogacy is the longest and very emotional journey for the surrogate as well as for intended parent.

Surrogacy Myths and Facts 

Myth: Surrogate’s are the baby’s real mother
Fact: A big NO! Surrogate is the one that carries the baby for another couple (intended couple) and gives the newborn to the couple after successful delivery. There is not any connection or link between the baby and the surrogate after the delivery. Intended parent’s name is mentioned on the birth certificate as a father and a mother; surrogate or surrogacy, neither of these words are mentioned on the certificate. Take a deep breath and head towards the surrogacy option if you were resisting yourself for surrogacy due to the above given myth.

Myth: The child born with surrogacy can’t connect to the genetic parents
Fact: In reality the meaning of the surrogacy is when a woman is getting herself pregnant through the egg or the sperm of someone else and after completing nine months. The womb of the another mothers but the child can be connected to the genetically to the intended parents through have the different kinds of surrogacy procedure like Gestational surrogacy, traditional surrogacy with donor sperm, gestational surrogacy and egg donor and the gestational surrogacy with the donor sperm. All these are the ways by which a child can connect to the biological parents.


Myth: Surrogacy is only for those who are wealthy or celebrities
Fact: This is the myth that exists because of the costly package of the surrogacy plan, but that doesn’t mean only wealthy or celebrities can avail this method to begin their parenthood, a normal class family can also plan for the surrogacy. These days almost each treatment is based on a sensible cost offering a couple reasonable treatments in order to welcome the beautiful days of their parenthood. Surrogacy offered by the team of We Care IVF Surrogacy is completely logical and within the range of couple’s pocket. If a couple is unable to pay for a one-time payment, we accept three times payment options as well. A couple can also take help by opting medical loan for their surrogacy treatment.

Myth: Woman opt surrogacy to save her figure or avoid the experience of pregnancy
Fact: Surrogacy is undeniably a long process, where the couple has to spend on many procedures such as the surrogate’s expense, the clinic’s methods (IVF) and surrogate ultrasounds through the way of her pregnancy. Those who choose surrogacy, they have severe infertility issues and also multiple IVF cycles failed to conceive and carry the baby herself. So, surrogacy is the last option for a couple, who needs baby. Having a family is the most important phase of each couple’s life and most of the women do not care about the weight gain during the pregnancy, she really wants the baby to get delivered by her own womb, hence the above statement is the myth.

Myth: May be I have to face trouble getting connected with my baby
Fact: No, it’s not like that! Initially when the baby is in the womb, there might be this thinking or concern about the attachment between the baby and the parent, but once the baby comes out from the womb of the surrogate, the bonding process begins. The moment the intended couple holds the baby in their arms, the bonding starts to take place. They are the one, who nurture the child and love selflessly and this makes a strong connection.

Myth: Surrogacy is legal in all the countries
Fact: There are few country where surrogacy is legal and providing the best performance like India (for only Indian citizens), UK, Belgium, Russia, Georgia and Russia. Countries like France, Germany, Spain, Italy and few more, prohibit surrogacy. Before selecting any country, make sure you read all the legal aspects carefully.

Myth: The surrogate may not give up the child.
Fact: Before the surrogacy there is a contract between the surrogate and the intended parents that after the birth of the child the surrogate doesn’t have any kind of right on the child she is not connected with the child after the birth. Hence, the commissioning parent needs not to get concerned about the birth process. The baby will be all yours after the delivery.

Myth: A surrogate is a poor woman for compensation
Fact: A surrogate mother could be any woman either a housewife or a lawyer there is no limitation for her social activities and the doors are always open for the both some who does this for monetary and for the social activism.

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