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At whatever point we tune in about fertility issues, what the first and viable treatment comes in our brain? IVF? Well Yes, IVF is the most functional procedure, which snares any issue of fertility in men and women. It is one of the most adequate courses of ART technique to eradicate of either male or female fertility issue. Kolkata is one of the spots, which gives unique IVF treatment all over India. Infertility, as we know, can’t be wiped out from its root yet it can manage utilizing other ART methods; one of the procedures we are going to gather is all about is In Vitro Fertilization, in short – IVF. There are five-six stage of IVF Treatment in Kolkata and is performed by We Care IVF Surrogacy crackerjack and skilled authority of fertility division.

Infertility in India has gotten a regular issue subject these days; but no matter what the type of infertility issue a couple has, IVF (basic or advanced – as per the couple’s infertility case) is the ultimate solution compared to other treatments to decode the matter of barrenness. Infertility in a brief can be described as the incapability of attaining a parenthood.When the female or man not ready to accomplish the methodology of common cycle to being pregnant then IVF is a definitive answer for dispose of this issue.

IVF treatment in Kolkata is extraordinary compared to other fertility medicines and is the most wanted course of methods accessible to decipher impotency issue. ART – Assisted Reproductive technology is the method to get rid of any issue identified with the fertility. IVF in Kolkata comes in top of the rundown to perform IVF course of medicine around the world.

IVF in Kolkata is the best fertility treatment to explain a few issue identified with common pregnancy. Fertility issues for the past few year has been increasingly in females however these days the males are additionally affected from this issue similarly. IVF represents In Vitro Fertilization; this is, where sperms and eggs are gathered from the couple and afterward subsequent to accomplishing preparation, kept in the uterus of the female for conveying the pregnancy. This treatment is the process, which happens outside the human body rather than the female uterus. Let’s gather all the relevant information associated with the IVF Treatment in Kolkata.

Brief Information about IVF Treatment in Kolkata 

IVF treatment in Kolkata isn’t that straightforward methodology to be performed however fertility specialists of the best IVF clinic in Kolkata give their 100% to make the whole process of IVF smooth and simple to perform in order to have a pleasant experience by the couple. Best IVF centres provided by the We Care IVF Surrogacy is the best centre to have a soothing experience which fulfills every patient by giving the best fertility treatment and serving the advanced amenities throughout the process of an IVF in Kolkata.

The underlying phase of IVF treatment in Kolkata is to give fertility medications and fertility related drug to the female so as to get numerous eggs at the hour of assortment of the eggs. During the step of fertilization, different eggs are required to have a decent success rate in treatment. By the method of blood hormonal tests and ultrasounds, the growth of the eggs are checked. When the development of the egg is affirmed, the step of egg-pickup process is started. With the assistance of an empty needle, (medical specialized), the eggs are pulled carefully; around the same time of egg recovery process, semen test assortment is finished. Presently, the egg and sperm are kept on the way of the culture dish so as to encourage normal fertilization. Dynamic and motile sperm penetrates with the egg and in this way insemination process is done.

After the sperm has entered into the egg, soon fertilization – means cell division takes place. Setting the best embryo (a couple) into the female uterus is the last advance of IVF in Kolkata. In the event that the embryo is effectively embedded in the lining of the uterus, at that point the chance of pregnancy is nearly expected to be there. Inside a week or within ten days of moving the embryo, pregnancy test is done, where the female has to come to the centre for the test.

Steps that are incorporated in the IVF Treatment Kolkata 

IVF in Kolkata is ordered into four simple ways. Bit by bit, the footsteps are given underneath

1) Starting of the fertility medicine

This is the initial step of IVF process in Kolkata, here fertility medication and drugs endorsed by the fertility authority. These medications are provided so as to animate the ovaries of the woman to produce multiple eggs instead of a single. This is the process, which is mandatory during the IVF treatment in Kolkata. Fertility medication and hormonal injections need to take by the female for ten to twelve days under the assistance of the fertility expert.

2) Retrieval of the eggs and collection of the semen sample

Female needs to visit center consistently for the check-up; when the specialist affirm about the development of the eggs by performing the blood hormonal test and transvaginal ultrasounds, then there the injection known as – trigger shot, is given toward the end period of retrieval of eggs. This trigger shot infusion is given to make all the eggs developed appropriately. Inside 24-34 hours of this infusion, method of egg collection is arranged by the fertility team. With the assistance of an empty needle, eggs are recovered by the team of fertility specialists. Around the same time, semen is gathered from the male accomplice by normal ejaculation.

3) Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the significant phases of IVF in Kolkata. So now once after gathering the eggs and sperms from the intended couple, the eggs and sperms are kept on the nutrient culture dish in order to accomplish the fertilization procedure. Fertilization rate depends upon the quality of the eggs and sperm motility. IVF with ICSI method is done when male accomplice sperm is unfit to penetrate into the eggs. Once, the eggs are fertilized with the sperm and cell division begins occurring then at this stage the fertilized egg is known as embryo.

4) Embryotransfer

3-4 days of the fertilization of IVF in Kolkata, embryo is put into the female uterus by utilizing a catheter under the guidance of ultrasound. This is an effortless technique and painless where no sedation is needed or given to the female; rare ladies have encountered gentle issue. Following 10-14 days of embryo transfer, pregnancy test is done by your fertility doctor.


The Success Rate of an IVF Treatment in Kolkata 

The success rate depends on certain elements like-the age of the couple (especially the woman’s age), embryo quality, eggs quality and the number of sperm count and its motility. Female’s age in IVF treatment carries a major role throughout the entire process. In the event that the age of the female is underneath 35, the success rate of the IVF Treatment in Kolkata ranges between 60-63% under the centres provided by the We Care IVF Surrogacy. Less the age of the lady in IVF, high odds of success rate in the IVF treatment in Kolkata. IVF with ICSI method is chosen by those males who are unfit to deliver sound and motile sperms during the progression of preparation – there are other advanced techniques too that has been used to resolve males’ fertility problem like IMSI, Surgical Sperm Aspiration and so on. During ICSI, single sperm (dynamic and motile) is picked by the specialists and afterward legitimately infused into the egg. ICSI treatment is likewise accomplished by IVF, ICSI has a bit higher success rate than the conventional IVF process because of soon fertilization

Closing Lines 

We understand that fertility problem is the dark spot of each childless couple’s life however IVF treatment is the ultimate ticket of your joy, getting out from this issue and playing with your own kid. You just need to make sure certain aspects such as – your fertility issue (undergoing fertility investigation), choose the clinic carefully, ask for the success rate and most important gather the info about the breakdown of the IVF cost. IVF treatment is the best way for those couples who have been trying regularly (unprotected intercourse) for twelve months.

For more info or detail about IVF Treatment in Kolkata and the Best IVF Centres in Kolkata, you can contact our support team of We Care IVF Surrogacy.

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